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The Co-Creative Gardener's Kit (and Gardener's Kit 2.0) were introduced in the 2012 Garden Workbook.

Each co-creative gardener puts together his/her gardening kit. The following are important and helpful items for "Gut Gardening" and "Gardening 2.0." Machaelle explains how to use the Solutions for your garden in The Perelandra Garden Workbook:

ETS for Atmosphere, Water, Soil, Plants and Animals are five liquid solutions that were developed at Perelandra. They contain electric patterns to be used in any environment for repairing damage experienced by water, atmosphere, soil, plants and/or animals. (If you already have Essence of Perelandra and ETS for Humans, you can get just the five ETS together in the ETS Garden Collection.)

Essence of Perelandra (EoP) provides a stabilizing, supportive and balancing strength to your garden and/or your property. We refer to EoP as "balance in a bottle." It contains the electric pattern that captures all of the elements within each of the levels to create the unique balance called "the Perelandra garden." By including EoP in your garden, you are adding a deep foundation of balance from Perelandra. Your garden's progression will take a giant leap forward, and its production will take another leap forward in quantity and quality.

ETS for Humans is for those times we gardeners encounter any sudden or "unscheduled" physical, emotional or mental situation that can be large or small, serious or passing.

Perelandra Nature Cards
As co-creative gardeners, there are times when we get backed into a corner and we don't know what questions to ask nature. Or we become frustrated and feel limited with the PKTT format. Or we just want more information. This is where the Perelandra Nature Cards come in. The set of twenty-two cards was put together by nature to be used as another communication tool by us. Machaelle asked nature, "If you [nature] could make available a list of words and phrases that would help us humans move through those times when we feel dense, like we're running around in circles and haven't a clue as to where to move next, what would it be?" The result was this deck of twenty-two key phrases. We can ask any question or state a situation and then request nature's input through the use of the cards. So now, instead of nature "talking" to us through our electrical system and PKTT, it is speaking to us through the cards. Use the cards anytime you feel they will help you.

Bottle Sizes

Dram (1/8-oz.) = appr. 75 drops

1/2-oz. = approx. 300 drops

2-oz. = approx. 1200 drops

Perelandra Essences

    • A dram essences set usually lasts one person about one year.

    • A 1/2-oz. essences set often lasts many years (see notes about droppers below).

  • You may go through a few essences more quickly and can order 1/2-oz. individual replacement essences that will refill your dram bottle 4 times.


Perelandra Solutions

    • A 2-oz. MBP Balancing Solution lasts about 3 to 6 months (1/2-oz. about 3 to 6 weeks), depending on if you're taking the Solutions once or twice daily.

    • A 2-oz. Virus or Bacteria Solution is 10 drops per dose and lasts about 2 to 4 months (1/2-oz. about 2 to 4 weeks) depending on if you're taking the Solution once or twice daily.

    • A 2-oz. bottle of Natural Aging should last one person about 3 months.

  • A 2-oz. bottle of any of the other Perelandra Solutions usually last about 1 to 3 months.

† † †

Preservative Options
If you are sensitive to brandy, you may order your Essences and Solutions preserved in distilled white vinegar. The prices are the same.

Whether preserved in brandy or distilled white vinegar, the Essences and Solutions are equally as potent and effective.

Essences and Solutions preserved in vinegar will freeze if left long enough in frigid temperatures. If frozen, they lose 20% of their efficacy and should be replaced.

† † †

Essences & Solutions Guarantee
The Perelandra Essences and Solutions are natural and will not interfere with any medications you may be taking. However, they are not a substitute for needed medical care.

We guarantee the integrity and potency of the Perelandra Essences and Perelandra Solutions. They have an indefinite shelf-life and we preserve them in a brandy or vinegar base to ensure that shelf-life. Sometimes, after a period of time, the rubber bulb on the dropper may show signs of deterioration — softening, collapsing, cracking. When this occurs, we recommend you replace your droppers. To facilitate this, we offer packages of replacement droppers. Of course, we can't guarantee against mishaps that occur due to "user carelessness," such as replacing a dropper before washing it off after it has touched your mouth or having several bottles open at one time and forgetting which dropper went into which bottle. But we certainly back the integrity of the essences in the areas that we here at Perelandra can control.

SUGGESTION: We recommend storing your sets of essences with the bottles standing upright. This keeps the essence from coming in contact with the rubber dropper bulb and eliminates the rubber taste the essences can get over time. For convenient, easy essences testing and upright storage, use our Essences Testing Box for dram-size (1/8-oz.) essences.


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