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POSTED: May 21, 2016
UPDATED: January 13, 2018

One Bite at a Time, Part 2
Your PIC List Retest Made Easy
from the Perelandra Question Line Duo

In Part 1 of this series, we explained in easy steps how to do a PIC test. Now we're back to walk you through what comes next:

Your Retest!

On our sample chart last week, you can see that our retest date tested to be Sunday, 5/22/16. That's tomorrow. If you did your own PIC List test with us last week, apply these instructions to your retest date.

For any PIC List test, you take your PIC unit of Solutions and Essences twice daily beginning the day after your test (or, if you had to order some bottles, beginning the day you have all of your bottles in that unit together). Stop taking that PIC unit the day before your retest date. With PIC, that day that you're not taking the unit is clearing out the body in order to get an accurate testing for the retest.

In our example, the twice daily PIC unit drops started on Monday, 5/16. The retest is tomorrow (Sunday, 5/22), so the last day to take the PIC unit drops was Friday, 5/20. No drops would be taken today, 5/21 (the day before the retest).

On the retest day, here's what you do:

Download another blank PIC List for Testing chart here. (You can print it or fill it in on your computer if you like.) Then, sit down at a table or your desk in a quiet room, with your chart, a pen/pencil/computer and no distractions.

1. State: "I'd like to activate PIC." The connection will occur instantly. No waiting, no testing and no drops are needed.

2. On the first line of the PIC List chart (Focus of Test) copy your focus from your first chart. In this case: "My daily general health." If you'd like to keep track, you might add "Retest #1."

Then write today's date on the second line of the chart.

3. Test the List. Remember, you must test every bottle on the list. You are doing a completely new test so forget about what tested positive the first time around.

Again, you have two ways to test: The easy way using PKTT (the Perelandra muscle testing technique) or using your PIC-assisted intuition.
  • For each product name on the list, ask: "Do I need _______ for this issue?"
  • Then muscle test or feel/sense/hear the yes or no.
  • If it's yes, put a check mark next to the name on the List.
  • Move to the next name on the List and repeat the question.
Trust the first hit you get after asking the question. Don't waste time and energy second guessing yourself.

PIC List Test - Retest Sample Chart

4. Congratulations!

You have now completed your first PIC List retest. The number of bottles in this new unit might be more or less than your previous test, and it may include some of the same bottles that were in your first unit.

Here's what our sample chart looks like (at right). This is a sample. You will have different bottles checked!

Click on the image to view a full-size version of the sample chart.

5. Continue with Step 5 from last week's PIC List testing message here.

You will repeat the retesting cycle until you no longer need any bottles when you test the PIC List.

A note about PIC List retests:
The time frame between retests can be short (days) or long (weeks and months), depending on the situation you are addressing and your rhythm for moving through it. It is important when working with PIC units to take the drops daily until the day before the next retest. Do not cut the retest periods short, no matter what. The unit is still doing its job and the depth of resolution that you seek depends on this timing.

See how easy PIC is? Now you're ready to do a PIC List test for any issue that pops up! If you are in good health, we encourage you to do this PIC testing for daily health now. That way, if you get sick, you won't have to go through a learning curve. You'll know exactly what to do and will be able to do a PIC List test in 5 to 10 minutes. The support you'll get from your PIC unit will help you move in the right direction quickly.

If you still haven't read that PIC Brochure, now is a good time to curl up with Machaelle's helpful, very short booklet and get up to speed. Reading it will fill in the gaps, answer your questions and improve your overall understanding and use of PIC.
Enjoy your stronger health and balance!

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