June 16, 2018

Summer Break Specials

This week only. Don't miss it!

The Perelandra offices are closed through next week to give Machaelle and her staff a much needed, much appreciated short break with our families. We hope you enjoy these fantastic special offers while we're away.

Shipping Boxes

$5 U.S. Shipping
Select "$5 U.S. Shipping!" at checkout. (We choose UPS Ground/US Mail.)
Offer does not apply to priority methods such as 2-day Air.
Bottle Buyers Club members get free shipping.

$10 Off International Shipping
Enter coupon code VW10SH during checkout.
Orders with multiple boxes are $10 off per box.
Bottle Buyers Club members get $15 off shipping.

MBP Solutions

Any 2 for $30
Choose from all 14 MBP Solutions in 2-oz. bottles.

This is the special offer many of you have been hoping for! Get your choice of any two MBP Balancing Solutions in 2-oz. bottles for just $30. You save $14 on every two bottles!

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40% Off eBooks
Take your favorite Perelandra ebook with you.

Get one (or all!) of Machaelle Wright's ebooks for just $5.76 each. Even if you have the printed edition, ebooks are portable, and they make searches and note-taking so easy.

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Audio Downloads

40% Off Audio Downloads
Take your favorite workshop with you, too.

This offer includes all of Machaelle's audio recordings — timeless workshops on MAP and working with nature, plus the exercises from Behaving. Get them all and save a ton.

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Three Special Gifts

When we return, we will collect the names of everyone who ordered while we were away. Then we'll come up with a clever way to randomly choose three names. Those folks will get one of these marvelous free gifts: an ETS for Humans Gift Pack, an Essence of Perelandra (EoP) Gift Pack or a $100 Perelandra Gift Certificate!

Just for Bottle Buyers
You didn't think we forgot about you, did you?!

Members of the Bottle Buyers Club automatically get 10% off the regular price of individual bottles and free U.S. shipping (or $15 off international shipping) for any order that includes bottled products.

While these summer break offers are available, you're going to get more. It's our special thank you for your loyalty and support — we know you talk Perelandra up to your friends and family all the time! And, it's a pat on the back for your commitment to using these tools in your daily life.

All Bottle Buyers will receive a free 5-pack of your choice with orders of $120 or more. (That's $120 afterall of your discounts are applied.) If your order qualifies, enter the coupon code below to tell us which 5-pack you want:

  • Essence of Perelandra (EoP) use code: EOP5P

  • ETS for Humans use code: EHU5P

  • ETS for Animals use code: EAN5P

  • EoP Infusion Pump use code: EIP5P

From the Dept. of "We Won't Leave You Hanging"
You might already be aware of recent glitches some folks have experienced with ordering from our website. We're making progress on the problem, but we're not quite out of the woods. If you aren't able to complete your order during our summer break — let us know right away. Send an email or give us a call and leave a message on our voicemail system.

When we return from our break, we'll contact you to help you complete your order, and give you any of the special offers that were available while we were away. To get these special discounts, make sure you send an email describing the trouble you're having, or give us a call and leave a message before Monday, June 25th.

Vacation Week specials end at 9 AM ET on Monday, June 25, 2018. Retail only. No additional discounts. No substitutions.
All orders placed while we're on break will begin to ship out in the order they were received on Monday, June 25, 2018.