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Update: May 8, 2018

Did You Know
Did you know?!
A series from the Question Line Duo



Beyond Lyme: New Tick-Borne Diseases On The Rise In U.S. »
[NPR, March 2017]

Most tick-borne diseases are from bacteria.

More Than Half Your Body Is Not Human »
[BBC News, April 2018]

The human microbiome: Why our microbes could be key to our health »
[The Guardian, March 2018]

Your Gut's Gone Viral, And That Might Be Good For Your Health »
[NPR, August 2016]

Bacteria Use Brainlike Bursts of Electricity to Communicate »
[Scientific American, September 2017]

When Yogurt Affects the Brain:
Gut bacteria play a role in mood and emotion. »

[The Atlantic, September 2014]

Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood? »
[The New York Times Magazine, June 2015]

Mouthwash may kill beneficial bacteria in mouth and trigger diabetes »
[The Telegraph, November 2017]

In the Flu Battle, Hydration and Elevation May Be Your Best Weapons »
[The New York Times, January 2018]

Plus, two informative links to help you navigate the season:
      • CDC's Weekly US Map: Influenza Update »
      • WHO's International Influenza Update »

'Australian flu': spread prompts handshake ban in Northern Ireland churches »
[The Guardian, January 2018]

Immune boosting virus could be used to treat brain tumors »
[Reuters, January 2018]

This year's flu season looks like a bad one — and it could be coming early »
[Popular Science, December 2017]

The Ground Beneath Our Feet »
[The1A.org, December 2017]

December 5th is "World Soil Day."

Flu season is here, and experts are already concerned »
[CNN, November 2017]

Ancient Viruses Are Buried in Your DNA »
[The New York Times, October 2017]

From Blue Cheese To Dirt, How Beautiful Bacteria Can Be »
[WBUR.org, October 2017]

Find Out What New Viruses Are Emerging In Your Backyard »
[NPR, February 2017]

A preemptive note: We aren't trying to scare you! This article is simply
an excellent example of the way things are changing globally.

Why You Should Eat Your Halloween Candy All at Once »
[TIME, October 2017]

Gut Bacteria Can Fluctuate With the Seasons »
[The New York Times, August 2017]

Washing Hands for Full 20 Seconds Will Kill Germs and Cut Need for Antibiotics »
[The Guardian, September 2017]

Gum Infections Linked to Several Cancers in Women »
[Reuters, August 2017]

Gut Bacteria's Belch May Play A Role In Heart Disease »
[NPR, August 2013]