ETS Baths
The Full-Immersion Experience.

An ETS bath works wonders for everything from physical and emotional stress, over-doing outdoor or sports activities, or just recovering from life . . .

For an ETS bath, put 1/4 cup (two ounces) of ETS for Humans in a full bath and soak for twenty minutes. Do not add any other bath ingredients such as bubble baths, salts, oils, etc. If you use PKTT, you can test for how many nights you would benefit from an ETS bath. Everyone who has tried the bath swears by it!

If you hate sitting in a tub or don't have time for this, but you know you could benefit from a full immersion, put undiluted ETS for Humans in a spray bottle and spray the Solution over your whole body. (You need to be naked for this!) Then air dry. It should take just a few minutes. Pour any remaining ETS back into its dropper bottle each time you have finished spraying. Don't let it sit in the spray bottle.

IMPORTANT: Don't give up the other processes you need to help, too. The ETS bath just may make healing and recovery simpler for you.

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