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POSTED: July 13, 2016
UPDATED: July 23, 2017
Just One Bite at a Time
ETS & The Bright, Hot Days of Summer

by The QL Duo

This summer is already one for the record books in North America, with quite a few days of record-setting temperatures. And when things finally cool down for us by fall, it's going to start heating up south of the equator.

Keep these guidelines on hand and use ETS for yourself, your animals and your plants when you need it.

Remember, the day need not be sunny for overexposure to sun. When you consider heat, let your good sense tell you it's a day for ETS.

ETS Humans ETS for Humans
If you spend most of the summer months in an air-conditioned environment and your outside exposure is limited to about 15-25 minutes a day: Take 1 dose* of ETS each evening.

If you spend more than 30 minutes (at one time) in the sun, but don't exert yourself with more than sunbathing, walking or attending an outdoor show: Take 1 dose of ETS 3 to 4 times daily.

If you work, exercise or play outdoors, especially during the heat of the day, or if you are more vulnerable to sun and heat because of your age, medications that cause sensitivity or for any other reason: Take 1 dose of ETS for Humans 4 to 6 times daily.

If the sun and heat are really getting to you: Take 1 dose of ETS every 5 minutes for 20 minutes. Then take ETS 3 times throughout the remainder of the day and 3 times daily for the next 2 days. Consider also taking an ETS Bath.

* 1 Dose = A dropperful (10-12 drops)

ETS Animals ETS for Animals
If your animal is just not a hot-weather creature and generally suffers in the summer months, give them one dose of ETS for Animals (a dropperful) one time daily in the evening throughout the summer. And if they're having a particularly hard time, give them one dose of ETS for Animals two times daily for two days.

ETS Plants ETS for Plants
If you're going through an especially difficult heat spell and your outdoor plants are suffering, you may water or foliar feed them (spray them) with an ETS for Plants solution one time weekly throughout the hot period. For fields or crops, use the n.s. application to apply ETS for Plants one time weekly during the hot spell. See the ETS for Plants Brochure here for guidelines.

PIC Suggestion: Summer Season Balance
If summer weather is not your favorite time of year and the heat, bugs, sweat, long days with just too much sunshine are difficult for you, and you tend to sit around a lot with no energy waiting for the season to end, try setting up a PIC List test with "Summer Season Prep and Balance" as your focus. You'll be surprised at the test results and you'll see that your feelings and reactions to those seasons were due to something bigger going on. The testing may be done any time during the season. However, doing the List testing 1-2 months prior to the season will give you time to build up well for the season. This would be especially helpful for those who have a high degree of difficulty with the challenges summer (or winter) bring on.   Learn More