POSTED: February 29, 2008

Try This #7

Suggestions & Ideas
from Machaelle Wright

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Are you feeling frazzled or are the walls are closing in on you or you'd just like to scream? Take an Essence of Perelandra Stress Break.

Take a quick shower first. Then fill your tub (with water!). Add 1/3 cup of Essence of Perelandra (EoP). Don't add soap, shampoo, bath oil, bubble bath or chicken gizzards to the EoP bath. It's just you and your EoP. Now lie back, relax and soak for 20 minutes. Don't rinse yourself off. Just pat yourself dry (with a towel!).

Repeat this anytime you feel the world's walls start to close in on you. An EoP bath restores your sense of balance, gives you strength and helps you continue on with your life in a connected, calm and effective way.

If you hate sitting in a tub or don't have time for this, but you know you could benefit from a full immersion, put undiluted EoP in a spray bottle and spray the Solution over your whole body. (You need to be naked for this!) Then air dry. It should take just a few minutes. Pour any remaining EoP back into its dropper bottle each time you have finished spraying. Don't let it sit in the spray bottle.

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