December 11, 2018

A Change Is Coming

Our prices will be changing with the New Year.

We wanted to give you a heads up, time to plan for price increases and to make the most of our lower prices and holiday specials through December.

It's always been important to Machaelle, and all of us here, to keep Perelandra information and products accessible to those who want to include this in their lives. We know how many of you depend on us for your health and balance, and we don't do this lightly. Our costs of bottles, droppers, other materials and typical business expenses have been steadily increasing in the last several years. It's time for us to acknowledge the practical necessity of price increases on our products.

We will continue to offer the Bottle Buyers Club, with an improvement we think you're going to love. Our chronologically gifted customers will continue to enjoy a discount. And our military and first responders discount will continue.


We won't be making any price changes until January. To help you prepare, we'll add notes to products on our website over the coming weeks so you'll know the new price to expect after January 1st. For instance, all of our Perelandra Solutions in 2-oz. bottles will be $24, and 1/2-oz. Solutions will be $10.

With our "Pollyanna glasses" on, we like to think of this heads up as a big holiday special on everything we offer.