UPDATED: September 14, 2017

Disaster Response and Relief

The damage from Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, and from devastating wildfires in the west, will be felt for years to come. Our thoughts are with the many thousands affected in the U.S., Canada and island countries in the Caribbean.

The support given to those devastated by this series of disasters has been remarkable. First responders, volunteers and neighbors . . . truly remarkable. More will be needed in the months and years to come. There are many ways we can all contribute — from giving blood locally to making a donation for food, diapers, animal rescue, shelter. There are even ways to volunteer your time.

These articles and organizations offer ways you can contribute:


For Anyone In The Thick Of It
Whether you're from the area and dealing with the aftermath, or you've traveled there as part of recovery and disaster response: Take ETS for Humans 3 to 5 times daily.

An adult dose is a dropperful. Children 10 years old and younger get 6 drops per dose.

For animal flood victims and rescue dogs who are now being taken into the area: Give them one dose (10-12 drops) of ETS for Animals once daily.

Learn more: Use ETS for Support During and After Severe Weather and Disasters

If you need to replace your Perelandra materials that were lost or damaged, or need us to ship something quickly to you at a different address, please send an email or call our order line (1-800-960-8806 or 1-540-937-2153) and we will work with you to help you get whatever you need from Perelandra as quickly as possible.

Perelandra Responds

While it's likely that those directly affected are not reading this message — you may know them. Or you may know those who are working in aid, rescue and recovery efforts.

If you would like to keep them supplied with the essentials during times like these (such as ETS), we would like to remind you of the Perelandra Responds discount available to those directly affected by the disaster, as well as to emergency personnel working in affected areas. It's 25% off the Perelandra Solutions and Essences.