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Posted: October 9, 2017
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A Perelandra Tip
Help for Our Heath, Anytime We Need
. . . and Boy, Do We Need It Now

We want to tell you about MAP. It's a Medical Assistance Program that offers physical, emotional and mental support that's easy, inexpensive and effective. It's personalized and private, and has helped folks around the world for nearly thirty years. It's comprehensive health care, available to you on your schedule.

Before we go further, we want to address something that can be a big hurdle for many of you. Especially these days.

MAP is the acronym we use for the Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program. Did you trip on the hurdle? Let us clarify. (Brace yourself, we're going to be blunt.)

The White Brotherhood is not some white supremacist or sexist organization. (And while we're at it . . . Screw all the racist d*#^h#@&$ out there who co-opted those words for their twisted cause!) The White Brotherhood is a group of highly evolved souls and intelligences dedicated to supporting and facilitating forward evolutionary movement. And as nature is part of the White Brotherhood, that forward evolutionary movement includes balance. This was a term coined centuries ago. "White" signifies the reflection of all rays of the light spectrum and "Brotherhood" is for the family of all life. (About That White Brotherhood [Machaelle Wright])

Through the Medical Assistance Program, the medical department of the White Brotherhood has the opportunity to help you and your health. Whatever your issue with your health and balance, you can talk to your MAP team about it.

Now let's get to why this is an important time to make sure you know about MAP.

We have all seen, and many of you have experienced first-hand, more than our share of disaster, tragedy and sadness in recent months. Daily news keeps us on edge, with threats of war, general hatred and divisiveness. This extreme, non-stop stress takes a toll on our health. (Anxiety and Physical Illness [Harvard Women's Health Watch])

Add to that, the significant "roll back" of important environmental protections here in the U.S. (52 Environmental Rules on the Way Out [NY Times])

Clean air, clean water and healthy soil are necessary for good health. When the environment is compromised, we are all compromised. There's no way to negotiate around this. We have to be prepared to deal with the health effects of this further environmental destruction.

So what can we do about it? How do we shore ourselves up and address what's already eating at us? If ever there was a time to include MAP in your life, this is it.


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