Navigating Our Web Site

  • Easier navigation through each subject and direct links to related articles: We have set up the site so you can explore Perelandra through the door of your choice. Start with the tabs at the top of the page. If your main interest is gardening, click on "Gardening & Environment." You’ll find an introduction to that topic and our suggestions for how to get started in that area. From that intro, you can link right to the products recommended or link to related information and articles. By just staying with one topic/tab at a time, you can learn about what we offer in stages.

  • Relief for the overwhelmed: Go to the General & Introductory tab (found at the top left of every page directly under the Perelandra logo). We give you suggestions for how to begin your exploration of Perelandra. This is helpful if you are new to our site and for those old-timers who have gotten stuck and just need to get restarted.

   Easy, interactive eCatalog (PDF) with the basics.

  • A road map for getting started: Another great place to go for a simple outline and step by step approach is Machaelle’s Getting Started page.

  • Decoder Ring: This is a special page we’ve added a for all those folks who are new to Perelandra and find themselves completely confused and confounded by the unusual terms and abbreviations that appear all over our pages. Some of you old-timers might find this page helpful too.

  • Enhanced search ability: When you use the search box (at the top right corner of every page) you will get two sets of results: a list of products and a list of web pages with information about your requested subject.

  • Updated and even more secure ordering: With our new programming, the ordering process on our site exceeds industry standards for safe shopping.And the process for ordering is simpler. As you order items you will be able to see what’s in your shopping cart to the right, along with your discount and subtotal. And you can get a shipping estimate as you load your cart.

  • Easy reordering from your account: When you sign in (that "sign in" link is at the very top of every page, in the center), you can click on "my account" (after you sign in, "my account" will appear about where you found "sign in") and then click the "Reorder Your Products From Your Purchasing History" button and then add the items you wish to reorder to your shopping chart.

  • Easily and securely send any product page to a friend. We know many of you send recommendations of our products to others and we thought this would make that a breeze to do. When you put in your friend’s email address, type the verification code shown, and hit send, your friend will receive an email that says:

    Subject: [Your Name] wants you to see this item at Perelandra, Ltd.
    I found this at Perelandra, Ltd. and thought you might find it of interest.
    [Name of Product and Link to Item on the Page]
    [Your Name]
    [Your Email Address] requested that we send this e-mail.
    Perelandra, Ltd.
    P.O. Box 3603
    WARRENTON, VA 20188
  • And for those of you who Twitter, use MySpace and Facebook, there are quick links on all of the product pages to share Perelandra through any of those media.

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Connecting with Other Perelandra Folks
New and long-time customers always appreciate connecting with other folks who are working with the Perelandra tools. And we offer many ways for you to connect with one other. Whether your preference is an anonymous comment or a direct Facebook connection, by sharing your struggles, suggestions and experiences, you help one another not feel so alone out there as you integrate these new tools into your life. We hope you will participate in sharing your experiences. See all of your options here:

  • Customer Comments
    If you have been using any of the Perelandra processes or products, please take a moment to send in a brief comment about your experience. While on an ordering page for any product, just click the tab that says "Customer Comments." Then click on “ Review and Rate this Item,” fill in the form and submit. It’s that easy.

  • Perelandra Voices
    If you have a story to tell about an experience with any of the Perelandra tools, your struggles, your successes in applying co-creative science to your health, your garden, your soil-less garden, your life — we’d like to post it on our Perelandra Voices newsletter pages. Submit your article by sending an email to:

  • EoP Experiences
    We have included this special page on our web site for posting any interesting or unusual experiences folks have had when using Essence of Perelandra. We feel these postings will give others new ideas for when to use Essence of Perelandra (EoP). You can easily submit your EoP Experience using the form here.

  • Networking through Facebook
    If you were listed on our old dinosaur of a networking list — the printed version — that list has been discontinued. And in place of the email networking list found on our old web site, we are now linking you to Facebook for discussions with others about your experiences with the Perelandra tools.

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We’re not finished — our site will continue to be tweaked, added to and improved. This site is for you. We want your visit to the Perelandra web site to be an enjoyable experience. It was your helpful suggestions and requests last year that gave us a framework for improvements and we want to know what you think of the new site. If you find anything that doesn’t work as it should, or something about the site and how it works is confusing, or if you can’t find what you are looking for — be sure to tell us right away: