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POSTED: May 15, 2016
UPDATED: January 13, 2018

One Bite at a Time, Part 1
PIC List Testing Made Even Easier (Really!)
Or, "What to do for the best results and easy scheduling
of your Perelandra Solutions and Essences."

from the Perelandra Question Line Duo

PIC List Testing will forever change the way you work with the Perelandra Solutions and Essences, and improve your results. If you still haven't tried it, we are here to help you get over your hesitation and fears. (This article is a little long, but if you stick with it you won't regret it!)

PIC mouse 
PIC = Perelandra Information Center. Think of PIC as a specialized "library and classroom in the sky" that holds the complete body of information and understanding connected with the Perelandra bottled products. PIC allows you to combine the Perelandra bottles in a way that will give you broad, effective results when addressing an issue or for your general daily health.

With PIC, you don't have to use PKTT (kinesiology). So if that was holding you back, we give you a very simple alternative to get your information. Anyone can do this with ease and confidence.

You do not have to buy all of the Perelandra Solutions and Essences in order to use PIC. Quite the opposite. You just buy the bottles you need. No guesswork. PIC simplifies your use of the bottles by zeroing in on just what you need for daily health or specific issues. The dosages are simple. You take your drops twice daily and can easily work it into your schedule. Also, there is only a 10 second wait time when it comes to eating, drinking, etc. All those things about choosing and taking different types of Perelandra Solutions and Essences that created a scheduling nightmare for you are eliminated by PIC. What's not to love?!

PIC can be used for your health, for any mental or emotional challenges, for supporting changes, for your environment, plants, animals, gardens and soil-less gardens. PIC will give you direct insights and understanding about how the Perelandra Essences and Solutions can help you personally.

What's keeping you from trying it? Reading the free brochure? We're not going to let that be your excuse any longer. We're going to do a PIC List test with you now. In less than 15 minutes, you will have completed your first PIC List test! No sweat.

Let's get started.

First, download the PIC List for Testing chart here. You can print it or fill it in on your computer if you like. Your preference.

Next, BREATHE. Yes, all eighty-eight Perelandra bottled products are listed on this chart. You DO NOT have to buy them all.

Sit down at a table or your desk in a quiet room, with no distractions, with your chart and a pen/pencil/computer.

1. All you need to do is state: "I'd like to activate PIC." The connection will occur instantly. No waiting, no testing and no drops are needed.

2. We're all going to start with the same focus today. This will change when you're ready to test specific issues.

On the first line of the PIC List chart (Focus of Test) write: "My daily general health." Then write today's date on the second line of the chart.

Sample Top of PIC List

Test the list. You must test every bottle on the list, including the MBP Reproductive Male Solution even if you are female (or vice-versa), the cats and dogs Solutions and ALL of the ETS options. There are two ways to do this.
3A. Use PKTT (the Perelandra muscle testing technique) to test the PIC List and identify which bottles are needed for the focus. Be sure you test every line on the List, one name at a time.

3B. If you are new to Perelandra or don't know how to work with PKTT yet, PIC will work with your unique package of tools that naturally kick in when you seek information and understanding, especially your intuition.

The key here is clarity in focus. You can't let your mind wander and you can't think about dinner. And it definitely doesn't help if you can hear a bunch of noise in the background.

First relax and quiet/settle your mind. When you're ready, read each name on the PIC Testing List slowly, one name at a time. Allow yourself the calm, quiet and space to feel your intuition working as it indicates the "yes" for the bottles that are needed and "no" for the bottles you won't need. Don't second guess yourself. Trust your PIC-assisted intuition. Place a check mark next to the name of each bottle that jumps out and feels like a "yes."

After reading through the entire List, you'll have a check next to the names of the bottles you need for this focus. Your biggest challenge is to stay out of your own way and let your PIC-assisted intuition do its job.

Ready to test?
  • For each product name on the list, ask: "Do I need ________ for this issue?"
  • Then feel, sense or hear the yes or no (or kinesiology test).
  • If it's yes, put a check mark next to the name on the List.
  • Move to the next name on the List and repeat the question.
Remember: Trust the first hit you get after asking the question. Don't waste time and energy second guessing yourself.

Sample Chart - PIC List Testing
4. Congratulations! You have now completed your PIC test and you know exactly which group of Perelandra Solutions and Essences will support your daily health. This group is what we call a "PIC Unit." The number of bottles needed will vary from person to person, depending on your current health condition and the factors in your life impacting your daily health.

Here's what our sample chart looks like (at right). This is a sample. You will have different bottles checked!

Click on the image to view a full-size version.

5. If you happen to already have every single bottle that you checked on the chart, get those bottles out now.

If you are missing just one or two, don't have any of the bottles you need or if you have some, but not all, skip to step #9.

6. When you have all of the bottles needed for your PIC Unit in front of you, take the usual recommended dosage from each bottle. Take the drops orally. You don't have to wait any amount of time between taking each bottle, but don't mix them together in one cocktail.

Guidelines for number of drops:
  • Perelandra Essences (Rose, Garden, Rose II, Nature Program and Soul Ray): Take 1 drop from each bottle needed.
  • ETS: Take one dropperful (10-12 drops). This applies to all types of ETS.
  • MBP Balancing Solutions and Perelandra Solutions: Take the number of drops listed on each label.


7. After you have taken your first dose of each bottle needed, ask, "Will a retest be needed?"

If the answer you feel or test is yes, there are two ways to get the retest date.

Using PKTT: Test a calendar week by week, asking the question, "Is this the week for the retest?" The positive response indicates the correct week. Then test each day of that week to determine the date for your retest.

Using intuition: Move through a calendar focusing on each week, one week at a time, and ask, "Is this the week for the retest?" Once you determine the week, then focus on each day of that week one day at a time to get the retest date.

8. Write the retest date in the space at the top of the PIC List.

9. State (aloud or to yourself): "I'd like to close PIC now."
The PIC session closes immediately.

If you did not have all of the bottles you needed after testing the list, order the bottles you need to complete the unit.

When your bottles arrive, get out your PIC chart and say "I'd like to activate PIC."

Next, read your focus, "This is for my daily general health."
Then do Step 6 through 9 above.

Important: You must have ALL of the bottles tested before taking them as a PIC Unit. You can't take what you have, then take the rest when they arrive. Always take them as a unit.

10. The bottles that tested positive on your List contain the electric patterns that you need for your daily general health. They are your "PIC Unit" for this issue/focus. Take the drops needed for this unit twice daily; once in the morning and once in the evening. You are taking these drops orally, one bottle after the next, until you've taken the drops needed from each bottle. You only have to wait 10 seconds before and after taking the unit of drops for eating and drinking.

There you have it! You're off to a great start supporting your health using the Perelandra Solutions and Essences.

Did you notice the retest date in the sample? That's because we will walk you through the retest (here)!

Now that you see how NOT scary it is, read the PIC Brochure. It will fill in the gaps and improve your understanding and use of PIC. One night this week, take a break from Facebook, texting, web-surfing or staring at the TV and read PIC instead. You'll have the whole brochure read in no time and be ready to take on whatever health challenge comes your way next.

Did we lose or confuse you?
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