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Just One Bite at a Time, Part 15
Pan on Planet Earth

from The Mighty QL Duo


Earth Plant Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22nd. As we head into this week, with environmental issues often taking a back seat to so many other human crises, we offer you a perspective from nature and a different way to think about what's happening around us. It will help you to step out of the forest for a moment and consider more broadly the choices we face when relating to nature. And it reminds us of our place in the universe.

For our co-creative gardeners out there: You already know, "it is not enough to move about the planet in a state of benevolent love for it." This message Machaelle shares from nature will give you a solid hold on why you are taking the time to choose differently and learn this new way to garden.

For those who think they just don't have a green thumb, or don't have enough time or space to garden: These words just might give you the push needed to try a partnership with nature, with one small pot of flowers or a single potted plant.

Page 244 Each of our co-creative gardens, no matter the size, gives us a concrete way to participate in "deep planetary change and universal movement." Read and share this message with someone you know who would appreciate a new way to connect with nature.

From The Perelandra Garden Workbook by Machaelle Wright, pages 244 – 248:

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