Perelandra Operation EarthSave
Our Free E-Mail Service

Through Perelandra EarthSave you'll receive vital messages from Machaelle and new information about how to use the Perelandra tools as soon as it is published, announcements about sales and new products or notices about special events. This immediate connection can make all the difference to those who wish to stay informed and in touch with Perelandra. We offer this service to replace paper mailings — and email is far faster than the month needed to prepare a paper mail out, not to mention more environmentally friendly.


EarthSavers typically receive 5 to 10 emails per month, depending on which service you request. We've included links to a few examples of articles and notices recently announced through Perelandra EarthSave to give you an idea of what you'll receive:

  • Perelandra eCatalog
    View our streamlined and interactive eCatalog online now.

  • Perelandra Virtual Open House Series
    Receive advanced notice of our Virtual Open House days — including question forums with Machaelle, featured topics and discussions, themed photo galleries, gifts and some great specials.

  • PIC: Perelandra Information Center
    PIC is a specialized "library and classroom in the sky" that holds the complete body of information about our four groups of Perelandra bottled products and can be accessed by anyone, anytime.

  • Health Watch: Economic Crisis
    How to use the Perelandra tools to solve the challenges of this crisis.

  • Workbook Classroom
    The Perelandra Garden Workbook is your entry into a classroom, which Machaelle has expanded beyond the book to include Workbook Tips, suggestions and more.

  • Product Specials
    We offer special product sales regularly.


You can sign up for Operation EarthSave A, C or D, and add option G.
This is a free information service from Perelandra.

EarthSave A: All messages, except the Workbook Classroom
You receive all email announcements and bulletins, plus information about sales and new products.
To also receive Workbook Classroom emails, selection option "G" below as well.

EarthSave C: Messages from Machaelle
You receive emails and updates from Machaelle about using the Perelandra programs and processes.
You do not receive messages about sales or new products.

EarthSave D: "No government" messages.
You will receive email notices included with option "AB" except any "expanded" health information or government information.
You would not receive any outside information that is relevant to Machaelle's work, such as: health information from the CDC (it's a government agency), the WHO, and any U.S. government alerts and information regarding any pertinent health or environmental issues.

EarthSave G: Workbook Classroom
You receive all Workbook Classroom emails.
If you want this information, select this option in addition to any of the other EarthSave options or this option alone.

Your email address is safe with us. We will not sell it, and we will use it only for Perelandra announcements.


    View our streamlined, interactive eCatalog (PDF) now.