October 12, 2018

ETS & EoP: Helpful to everyone, everywhere, all the time . . . especially these days.

Now through Monday, we'll include a free EoP Infusion Pump with every 2-oz. bottle of ETS for Humans you purchase.

We all manage various types of stress and anxiety every day. Sometimes though, for any number of legitimate reasons, it can get unmanageable or feel unbearable. And when something disastrous happens — like a hurricane blowing through your home town, or your house, or your loved one's town — it adds significantly more pressure and anxiety.

ETS for Humans is the first, most important, most helpful Perelandra Solution to have on hand during emergencies and the aftermath. And the EoP Infusion Pump is an easy way to help you maintain your equilibrium as you navigate your way through a challenging day. (You can learn more about using ETS, EoP and other Perelandra options when addressing anxiety here.)

You won't need to do anything special to get your free EoP Infusion Pump. Just add your 2-oz. bottle(s) of ETS for Humans to your shopping cart, and we'll send one free Pump for every 2-oz. ETS you buy.

Also, we know some of you may not need the extra EoP Pump, but you probably have a friend or two who could use the support. If you plan on giving the Pump as a gift, let us know and we'll include a nice, simple gift card explaining the EoP Infusion Pump for you to include.

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Offer available through 11:59 PM ET on Monday, October 15, 2018. Retail only. No substitutions.