UPDATED: September 2017


Dear Folks,

I have always offered discounts because it's my way of making a tangible gesture of thanks for your interest in Perelandra and for your order. In addition to the discounts listed below, we also offer combinations of our products because it's important that you see what the full packages of information on specific topics contain and what can help you the most. These combinations are discounted. (Some exceptions apply and are noted with the product descriptions.)
With best wishes,

Perelandra Bottle Buyers Club
The Perelandra Bottle Buyers Club is a yearly subscription service that offers:

  • A 10% discount on individual bottles of Perelandra Essences and Solutions
  • Free shipping within the U.S. for orders that include bottled products
  • $15 off international shipping for orders that include bottled products

By becoming a club member, you can always save on the Solutions or Essences you need, when you need them. [ Learn More ]

Oskar the Discount owl Combination Discounts
Meet Oskar, our very wise and encouraging owl friend. As you travel our website, you will see Oskar appear with certain combinations of products and special kits. When you see him, you'll know that Oskar is calling to your intellect and common sense, pointing out a helpful combination that will also save you money — a wise combination for sure!

New Customer Welcome
All new customers will receive coupon with their first shipped order for $5 off their next order.

Chronologically Gifted Discount
For all folks over 65, we offer 10% off the subtotal of your order. Not combined with sales.

We occasionally offer special discounts. When a special is available, it will be posted to our website. We also send email announcing the special to folks who are signed up for our EarthSave email list, and post a note on our Perelandra Facebook page.

Perelandra Virtual Open Houses
These events often include a bunch of great specials and free gifts. They are announced on our home page, on Facebook and through our EarthSave email. Learn more about our Virtual Open Houses here.
Perelandra Responds to Disasters & War
In support of your service, we offer a 25% discount on Perelandra Essences and Solutions for all military and emergency personnel, as well as to those folks working in ongoing relief efforts at home and abroad. To request this special discount, please add a note to your order telling us your service position.

Note: We also offer discounts and additional considerations to those folks directly impacted by the devastation of a natural disaster such as fire, earthquake or flood. If you have been hit by a natural disaster — just call or email and we will help.

Thank you for Spreading the Word!
We are deeply appreciative when you feel strongly about what we have to offer and pass the word along to family and friends. As a thank you, we send you a gift when your friends make their first order with us: a 1/2-oz. bottle of ETS for Humans. If you're submitting your first order online, be sure to add a note to your order letting us know who told you about Perelandra!

"I just received a little complimentary bottle of ETS for Humans and wanted to thank you. I've sent many folks to Perelandra and it is so nice that you noticed! And even nicer that more and more folks are using Perelandra's products!" — L.A.D., email

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The ongoing discount offers listed here cannot be combined with special offers.
For sale items, you get the better of the qualifying discounts.