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The Perelandra Essences
are oral solutions that are taken to balance,
stabilize and repair the body’s electric system and
its circuits during times of illness, injury and stress.
They also are taken for maintaining the overall
strength and balance in the electric system.

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The human electric system is a vast network of circuits that runs through and around the body. Every element, every organ, every system in the human body has its electric circuits. Every molecule, every cell, every aspect of the body has its circuits. And every level of being (physical, emotional, mental and soul) has its own electric circuits. The most extensive and complex system in the human body is its electric system. If we could stretch an average adult’s electric system out in a straight line, it would be about forty-seven miles long.

The Perelandra Essences are water-based solutions holding electrical patterns derived from the different kingdoms and elements of nature. Each electrical Essence pattern balances, stabilizes and repairs the body’s electric circuits in two ways: (1) They address weakened or damaged circuits in targeted areas of the body that have been hit by illness or injury, and (2) They also provide the needed balancing for specific mechanical functions and properties that are contained in and are part of biological electric circuits no matter where the circuits are located in the body.

And why, you ask, do we need to focus so much attention on the body’s electric system? Surely something this massive and complex ought to be able to take care of itself? Well, we focus on our electric system because it is the key to healing. The underlying foundation for the body’s healing process is its electric system. The healing process is activated and driven by the electric system. If circuits are damaged, the healing process foundation weakens and the process itself is compromised and weakened. If damaged circuits are repaired, the healing-process foundation strengthens and the body’s healing process becomes fully functional. I don’t just mean healing little things like sore muscles or the common cold when I refer to injury or illness. I mean healing the full range of conditions we categorize as injury, from minor to critical. And I mean the full range of conditions we categorize as illness, from sniffles to chronic and life threatening. It’s everything. No matter what health problem we might experience, it includes electric circuits in need of repair and balancing. We cannot experience an illness or injury without also experiencing corresponding problems in the electric circuits connected with that illness or injury. The underlying cause of a health issue can be found in the body’s electric system. In short, every health issue we experience includes an underlying electric-circuit problem.

Whether for illness or injury, the electrical patterns from the correct Perelandra Essences, when administered orally, immediately shift to the electric system and are drawn to and fuse with the damaged circuits, thus providing the balancing elements needed for their repair. Now you have a strong electric foundation again and the body’s healing process is no longer compromised. That allows the electric system and the body to focus directly on the illness or injury and to set up the appropriate immune system and healing responses. In short, you have a fully functioning healing process going on, and you will experience a quick recovery that defies all expectation. We tend to grossly underestimate how powerful our body’s natural healing process is. Mostly this is because we have no need to pay attention to it until we get in trouble and we’re hurting or not feeling well. When uncompromised and fully functioning, it is remarkably powerful and efficient.

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There are five different sets of Perelandra Essences that work in combination with one another and cover the full range of what’s needed to balance, stabilize and repair an electric system: Rose, Garden, Rose II, Soul Ray and Nature Program. Each set is produced from electrical patterns derived from the Perelandra garden and the nature kingdoms that are part of Perelandra’s seventy-seven acres. The electrical patterns contained in each bottle are set in a water-based solution that is preserved with brandy or white vinegar for safety and longevity. The pattern held in each bottle addresses different circuitry in your electric system and different kinds of circuit damage. The Essences are bottled in concentrate form in pharmaceutical dropper bottles that make it easy for you to place one drop of a needed Essence on your tongue or several drops of the Essence in a glass of water to be sipped throughout the day. Because they are used one drop at a time and because they are well-preserved, each bottle has an indefinite shelf-life. You’ll be keeping and using these sets for many years.

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Start by reading the first eight chapters of The Perelandra Essences: A Revolution in Our Understanding and Approach to Illness and Health. That will get you started with Beginner's Testing. This book is your owner's manual for the Perelandra Essences. It includes updated and expanded information about the human electric system and Essences, and important new Essences processes not included anywhere else. The book also has expanded information for using ETS Plus with Essences.

Another way to begin is to watch Perelandra DVD 2: The Human Electric System and the Perelandra Essences. In this DVD, Machaelle explains how the Essences work, why they work, when and how to use them. Also, she gives step-by-step demonstrations on kinesiology testing, and how to test and administer essences. The DVD is an excellent and easy way to learn about essences and how to use them. (If you start with the DVD, keep in mind the book is much more current. You'll want that too when you start using Essences. In the book, she expands on the information in the DVD and details essential processes for getting the most from your Essences.

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If you feel strongly about the Essences and you want to make the leap to include them in your health regimen, I suggest that you get the Perelandra All Essences Set. It includes each of the five sets and it’s the most cost-effective way to go. If you’d like to take advantage of the All Essences Set savings but the idea of working with all those bottles in the beginning overwhelms you, all you have to do is choose just one set to start and put the other four sets aside. As you feel more confident, add each of the other four sets to your testing, one set at a time. It won’t take long for you to be testing all five sets.

I do not recommend that you purchase one bottle at a time. It’s the least economical way to go and you won’t have what you need on hand to effectively monitor your electric system when needed. But you can purchase one of the five sets at a time. However, to ensure that you provide complete coverage for your electric system, your goal will be to have all five sets available eventually. If you can’t purchase the five sets up front, the best way for you to get started right away may be to purchase one set at a time. Working with one set now is much better than waiting to buy the five sets later.

Unfortunately I can’t recommend the best “starter set” for you. Based on the condition of each person’s electric system, different people will need to start with different sets. One way to determine your starter set is to notice which one you are most drawn to as you read the list of the five sets. Or, if you already know PKTT (Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique), you can set up a PKTT test by asking the question (aloud):

Which Perelandra Essences set would be my best starter set?
Then ask,
Is the Rose Essences set my starter set? (Test the question.)

If you get a positive response, this is your starter set. But don’t stop there. Ask the same question for each of the other four sets. Be sure your testing includes all five sets. You may need more than one starter set and the test results will indicate what else is needed. If you still want to begin with just one set, pick the one that attracts you most out of the group that tested positive. Just keep in mind the eventual and ultimate goal: The most comprehensive way to monitor and repair electric circuits is to work with all five sets.

Another point about the five sets: Once you start using the Essences and experience what they can do, you will want to test your family members and the people close to you. Actually, once people around you see your changes, they’ll be asking you to test them. The issues they want to address and the Essences they need may be quite different from the ones you need. This is another instance where working with all five sets is important.

When purchasing the Perelandra Essences you will need to make two additional decisions.

1. Do you want your Essences preserved in brandy or distilled white vinegar?
There is no quality difference between these two preservatives. It’s a matter of personal taste — literally. Some people love the brandy-preserved drops and other people love that Italian salad taste. Besides giving your Essences a long shelf-life, the preservative protects the Essence pattern from damage caused by temperature extremes and eliminates the need for refrigerating them. This means you can take your Essences along when you go on a winter hike across the Himalayas or leave them in the car when you drive across the Gobi Desert. The patterns will be unharmed. And since you’ll be taking the Essences one drop at a time, the preservative extends their shelf-life indefinitely.

2. When purchasing multiple sets, what size bottles do you want to get? Half-ounce or dram (1/8 ounce)?
We offer several combinations of sets, including the Perelandra All Essences in two bottle sizes: half-ounce and dram (1/8 ounce). By offering the smaller bottles when purchasing multiple sets, we’re able to extend lower prices to you. (The dram size is not available when purchasing just one set alone.) Here are the pros and cons of each size:


PROS: They are smaller; more portable; fit in a drawer, gym bag or briefcase more easily; and they’re less expensive.

CONS: The smaller bottle means there’s a smaller volume of Essence. You’ll need to refill them more often. Some people feel their hands are too big and make for clumsy bottle handling.


PROS: Some people prefer working with the larger bottles. The larger Essence volume per bottle lasts longer and, over the long run, is more cost-effective. There is less refilling: a half-ounce bottle holds four times more volume than a dram bottle.

CONS: Although portable, they are bulkier when fitting into different nooks and crannies at home or at the office. The initial cost is greater than the dram combination sets.

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I’ve always been a little uncomfortable suggesting that people purchase all five sets of the Perelandra Essences right away. I’m sensitive to the fact that I’m talking about money, and as the developer, producer and distributor of the Perelandra Essences, there is an obvious conflict of interest. But I feel urged to take a firm stand about this suggestion for three reasons:

  1. The five Perelandra Essence sets work in combination with one another and cover a full range of an individual’s electric circuit needs.

  2. I’ve noticed over the years that most people who initially ordered a single set eventually end up ordering all five sets. They came to the conclusion on their own that to get the full range of support and effectiveness, they need to have on hand the full range provided by the five sets.

  3. Because of this, we decided to help out and put together the All Essences Set as well as the other set combinations with discounts so that as many people as possible could take the full leap right away.

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The more I use the knowledge in The Perelandra Essences, the more I appreciate it. Since I have been using this system in my medical practice and personally, my patients and I have been achieving more healing much faster than I had ever seen before or believed possible.
~ Otis Woodard, M.D.

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If you wish to read more, see:
A Revolution in Our Understanding and Approach to Illness and Health

Book Excerpt

Focus and Its Relationship to the Human Electric System (40 kb PDF)

Importance of the Biological Electric System in Repair, Balancing & Health (45 kb PDF)

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Try This 9. A New Testing Tip for Essences

Perelandra Essences Brochure (600 kb PDF)

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