Perelandra's Operation EarthSave
Our Free eMail Service

Through Perelandra EarthSave you'll receive vital messages from Machaelle and new information about how to use the Perelandra tools as soon as it is published, announcements about new products or notices about special events, and the occasional sale. This immediate connection can make all the difference to those who wish to stay informed and in touch with Perelandra. EarthSavers typically receive about 3 emails per week, depending on which service you request. We call our email service "Operation EarthSave" because of all of the time and resources we save when getting the information to you quickly via email.

Sign up for EarthSave Option A, C, D or G!
If you're asking yourself, "Hey, where did 'Option B' go?" and wondering how we came up with the lettering on these email options . . . our answer is simple: Have you got an hour?!

EarthSave A: All messages.
You receive all email announcements. This includes bulletins, tips on using the products and processes, information on new products and the occasional sale.

EarthSave C: Messages from Machaelle & the Question Line Duo
You receive emails and updates about using the Perelandra programs and processes. You do not receive messages about special offers or new products.

EarthSave D: "No government" messages.
You receive all email notices except any "expanded" health information or government information. You would not receive any outside information that is relevant to Machaelle's work, such as: health information from the CDC (it's a government agency), the WHO, and any government alerts or information regarding health or environmental issues.

EarthSave G: Garden Workbook Classroom
You receive all Workbook Classroom emails. Select this option if you would prefer to only get messages related to using and applying The Perelandra Garden Workbook.


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Your email address is safe with us. We will not sell it. We will use it only for the Perelandra announcements you have requested.