POSTED: April 25, 2017

Perelandra's 2017 Earth Day Challenge

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We can already guess what you're thinking. Isn't "Earth Day" over? Not for us, and not for you either if we can help it!

Machaelle issued an inspiring Earth Day challenge to all of us back in 2014, motivated by the power of each individual and the choices we make in our daily lives. Many of you rose to that challenge each year, and encouraged your friends and family as well.

The ante has been upped. In the last few months, there have been significant changes to U.S. policy with dangerous and extraordinarily damaging set-backs to environmental protection programs. And now, there are remarkably destructive health and environmental proposals on the table.

Our 2017 Challenge expands on the same principle of how we each choose to participate as individuals. We need to respond in new ways this year, go beyond our private lives and take responsibility for our governing and for the decisions made by the lawmakers we elect.

The links and specific suggestions below are geared toward U.S. citizens, but we hope our Perelandra folks around the world will be motivated, and find ways to apply these same ideas to each country you call home.

Our 2017 Challenge:

Speak up. Make your voice count.

Congress is back in session, frantically working on a budget, making decisions on where our money will be spent and which programs will be slashed. This is an important time to let your representatives know where you stand.

Contact your local, state and federal government representatives. Tell them what you're concerned about, what you support and what you would like them to support. It need not to be complicated. The simpler and more direct you are, the more effective your comments can be.

We don't each have to take on every issue. But we each need to speak up. Choose one issue that is dearest to you, the one that ticks you off the most or the one that makes your heart ache every time you hear about what's happening.

Plant Earth

Some of what's already in progress:

  • The defunding and dismantling of the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Roll back and removal of Clean Air and Clean Water regulations

  • Renewable energy and investing in renewables are no longer a priority.

  • Our investments will go to gas, oil and coal. Protections from pollution caused by these industries will be weakened.

  • Abolishment of protections on national parks and public lands.

  • Abolishment of protections for land belonging to or impacting indigenous tribes.

Learn specifically what's at stake.
These articles will help to get you up to speed:

How to contact your representatives.
Your representatives need to know what you support in order to represent you. This website will help you find your local, state and federal elected officials:

Try "ResistBot."
If you have a cell phone, this is a quick and easy way to send messages to your congressmen!

How it works: You text "Resist" to 50409 and ResistBot walks you through the rest. What's your name? Your zipcode? Okay, these are your senators. What do you want to say to them? Then the ResistBot faxes your message to your senators and gets back to you later for a few more details to help you also send the message to your House Representative.

Note: This only works with text messaging on cell phones. If you pay by the text, you're going to have 10 to 12 texts per issue you wish to address.

What to say.
This "ResistBot" is really on to something. It doesn't tell you what to say. It's not a mass petition or form letter that often gets overlooked. They just don't have the same impact as a personal message, from a constituent — a voter — in your own words. Don't worry about not sounding official or formal. State your views quickly and clearly. Be concise, but don't be rude. That'll get their attention!

What's on the docket. lists all of the bills on the docket for the Senate and the House. There is a lot to pay attention to. But this site makes it as simple as can be to follow what congress is proposing and voting on. You can search for specific bills, or search by subject area. And you can sign up to receive alerts on bills with subject matter important to you.

Here are links to lists of bills involving specific environmental protections. From there, click on individual bills to read a summary.

Remember, just start with one issue close to your heart.

Earth Day really does need to be every single day. And we need to always be advocating for the environment and for nature.

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Resistance School

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