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Machaelle has written a very big new book!

Pre-order your copy now.

Books ship in late October.

This is a beautiful memoir. Certainly one of a kind. It inspires me to continue to allow life to unfold and surprise me. It makes me think more about what I need to be doing to carve my own way.
— Maggie Neiss, South Chester, PA

From Jeannette and Beth, the QL Duo:

We've been lucky enough to be among the few who have read Pivot. It opened our minds and hearts to a better understanding and appreciation of our lives, our world and the universe beyond.

We have worked at Perelandra for over 25 years, and have read all of Machaelle's books multiple times. Still, we found this book riveting and new. Whether you've also read them all or haven't read any yet, you'll find Pivot to be an experience unlike any other.

Machaelle takes us on a deeply personal and insightful journey from her beginnings through to what she's doing and thinking now, over 70 years later and after having founded Perelandra nearly 40 years ago. She looks ahead to her pivot-woven future, and reveals what's in store for her, and for Perelandra.

If you have been looking back and thinking about your life lived so far, Pivot will give you a fresh perspective, a way to find new meaning and understanding in your own journey. If you are looking ahead to life in front of you, Pivot will inspire you to make the most of your adventures, opportunities and choices.

Pivot is more than a memoir about an extraordinary life. It's about life at its largest and what can happen when we recognize the unique possibilities in our own journey — our own life at its largest.

With this memoir, Machaelle pulls back the curtain, giving a unique look behind the scenes of an expanded view of the bigger picture.
— Emily Dobson, Decorah, IA

Think you know what the word "pivot" means? Think again!

A pivot occurs when a person who has been traveling on a familiar, well-defined life path makes a sudden voluntary or involuntary turn that untethers the individual from that path and propels him or her onto a new and often unrelated path that uproots the individual from his or her previous world.

Pivot is all about having the courage and confidence to meet life on its own terms.
— Michael T., Canton, OH

Are you ready? Wish you already had this book in your hands?!

Well, you can pre-order it now. You’ll get a special price and be among the first to receive a copy as soon as it’s "hot off the press." It's currently being printed, so we're only offering this pre-order discount until the big truck drops off pallets of the new book this October.

Now, when we say "very big" book, we aren't kidding around. It's 848 pages. It's a rather thick 6x9 inch softcover book. It's as rich and inspiring as it is hefty.

The regular retail price for Pivot will be $24.

Until the books land in the Perelandra drive-way,
you can pre-order Pivot for just $18!

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