POSTED: September 9, 2017

Shipping Update:
Bacteria & Virus Solutions

Shipping boxes We have been sooo excited about these new Bacteria and Virus Solutions. And you have too! Unfortunately, our preparations for getting the Solutions to you in our usually quick, before-promised time, was just not enough this year for your overwhelming response. The number of bottles requested this year quadrupled! We are thrilled that you "got" the importance of these new Solutions and happy to know you are just as excited and impatient as we were to get them in hand and start taking them.

We've been bottling and labeling our little hearts out since early August. For some reason every day of these few weeks brought new challenges requiring new plans, and new solutions to the weirdest problems. And we have rearranged ourselves in every possible staffing configuration you can imagine to get these Solutions shipped to you as quickly as we can. That said, we are grateful to have only such tiny little hiccups here!

While this was our story at Perelandra, so many of you were and are having your lives upended by terrible disasters. The hurricanes, flooding, fires, earthquakes and now a tsunami, have all been tragically overwhelming. Our hearts have gone out to all of you in the midst of the disasters.

So let's get to some good news, 'cause every bit of that helps.

Most preorders of the Virus and Bacteria Solutions have been shipped as of noon today, Saturday, September 9th!

Oh, how we'd love to tell you ALL of them had shipped. . . . Instead, we will try to give you enough information here to decide when to go out on your doorstep to anxiously wait for the mailman.

For our brandy-preferring folks:

  • Orders of brandy-preserved Virus and Bacteria Solutions, placed from July 28th through September 2nd have shipped.

  • Orders placed after September 2nd that included brandy-preserved Virus and Bacteria Solutions alone, and those Solutions in addition to other items, will ship on Monday, September 11th.

For our vinegar-preferring folks:

We had a major glitch that held up your Virus and Bacteria preorders. As we were bottling and labeling, we discovered our supply of the high-quality, organic vinegar we use to preserve, was just not up to our standards. We had to stop production, pull everything we had bottled in vinegar and start over. Unfortunately after buying every bottle in every grocery store in four counties, our supply of vinegar still ran out before we could fill enough bottles to complete all of the orders. The vinegar shipment we need is expected to arrive on Monday. Our fingers are crossed. As soon as we have it, we're going to fill the rest of your orders for the Virus and Bacteria Solutions.

  • Orders of vinegar-preserved Solutions that were placed before August 21st were shipped on September 7th, 8th and 9th.

Please check your email for shipping notification from us. We are doing our best to make sure we can, at minimum, ship all bottles of 2-oz. Bacteria and Virus Solutions to you before the end of the coming week. If you had other items in your orders, we won't hold those up. If we have to back-order the vinegar-preserved 8-oz. refill bottles, we'll notify you of that.

A note to those who are dealing with natural disasters:

We are carefully checking the zip codes of those who are in the path of disasters and as some of you know, making phone calls to find out if you are able to receive packages. Rest assured. If your package is held by us until the all-clear is given, or if we missed the mark and your package is lost during a disaster, or if you had to temporarily relocate and would like your package to be rerouted or reshipped, we will work with you and do all we can to help you get what's needed during this time. Crisis ETS

If you lose any Perelandra supplies in a disaster, don't worry. We'll work with you when you are ready to get it all replaced.

And if you need ETS to help you through or know someone who needs it, just call or send an email. We have our Crisis ETS Service, and we are happy to send what's needed to help you, your friends, family and neighbors through these difficult times.

We also have a program set up for first responders. Don't hesitate to call or ask for what you need.