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Post: October 30, 2016
Update: March 10, 2018

Perelandra Spotlight:
MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution

Digestive Solution

Halloween — and the weeks of inescapable, tempting bite-sized candies — originally inspired this post. But it's not just Halloween. Food that's just not good for us is readily available year-round. It's easy, tempting and often difficult to resist. And it's one among many challenges that got us thinking about the MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution.

Each MBP Balancing Solution addresses the balance and function of a specific body system and the microbes that work in conjunction with that system.

If you're familiar with our "Perelandra Spotlight" articles, then you've heard that before. But take a moment to think about what that means for your digestion. This MBP Solution is supporting your overall digestive system and the many millions of microbes connected with your digestive system.

If any of the following sounds familiar, we recommend taking the MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution twice daily:

  • I don't have to wonder when I'm stressed or anxious, my intestines always let me know!

  • People cringe and back away when I open my mouth to speak. They like what they hear, but not how it smells.

  • That medication I take every day that is doing a number on my number twos!

  • I have to be careful about what I eat, and when I eat it, because I just never know what will happen.

  • It's hard to find organic food around here and I'm concerned about the effect pesticides and GMOs might have on my system.

  • I just can't resist! I've got a sweet tooth.

  • With all the traveling I've been doing, fast food and the airport food court have been my staples.

Remind you of anyone? Also, it's important to note that the digestive system isn't just your stomach. Digestion starts in your mouth and moves all the way through to the other end.

The effect of an MBP Solution builds over time, by taking it consistently. When you know there are challenges around the corner, begin taking the Solution 2 to 4 weeks ahead to prepare. You'll have better results.

The MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution is available in 2-oz. or 1/2-oz. dropper bottles, and a capped 8-oz. refill bottle. The 2-oz. bottle contains about 160 doses and will last one person a little over 2 months when taking it twice daily. The 1/2-oz. bottle will last approximately 3 weeks.

Immune Lymphatic Combo

A few more tips.

If you're dealing with a chronic or serious issue, it would be helpful to include the additional support of the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions. Take them twice daily along with the MBP Digestive Solution.

Even better, take any issue to PIC (Perelandra Information Center) and use PIC List testing to get a personalized read-out of what you need to address the problem.