POSTED: March 18, 2017

Muscular Solution
Perelandra MBP
Muscular System
Balancing Solution

There are 14 different MBP Balancing Solutions, each addressing the balance and function of a single body system, and the microbes that support that system. When folks think about which MBP Solutions they might need, the MBP Muscular System Balancing Solution is often overlooked.

Perhaps we underestimate the things that impact the health of our muscles? Or we dismiss the importance of the job our muscles do? Or we think that stiff, uncomfortable burning or weakness is just how muscles feel?!

Here are a few scenarios to get you thinking about when the support of the Muscular Solution would be helpful for you:
  • You haven't gone skiing in, oh, 14 years, and you decided this was the weekend to take it up again. Now you're feeling the burn in muscles you forgot you had!
  • Your New Year's resolution was to start going to the gym in January, and after your usual 2 month stint you're so sore you can't stand it. (And you never want to see a gym again . . . until next year!)
  • You work a desk job and sitting still at your desk for hours at a time comes with the gig. It's important not to ignore the impact of being sedentary.
  • Speaking of sedentary, you've been holed up indoors all winter and now that spring is arriving you'll be spending more time outdoors.
  • Or, your kids have been inside playing video games all winter and now they're about to start their spring sports.
  • You've been planning your garden, and pretty soon you'll be out there every weekend, but your body doesn't know it yet!
  • You generally find it difficult to get moving.
The effect of an MBP Solution builds over time, by taking it consistently. When you know there are challenges around the corner, begin taking the Solution 2 to 4 weeks ahead to prepare. You'll have better results.

The MBP Muscular System Balancing Solution is available in 2-oz. or 1/2-oz. dropper bottles. The 2-oz. bottle contains about 250 doses and will last one person about 4 months when taking it twice daily. (The 1/2-oz. bottle last about 4 weeks.)
Regular retail price: $22 
Bottle Buyers Club price: $19.80 + Free U.S. shipping ($15 off int'l shipping)

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A Few More Tips
If you're dealing with a chronic issue, it would be helpful to include the additional support of the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions. Take them twice daily along with the MBP Digestive Solution.

Or take the issue to PIC (Perelandra Information Center) and use PIC List testing to get a personalized and comprehensive read-out of what you need to address the problem.


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