Update: April 9, 2018

Bites and Stings

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Bites & Stings

It's not too soon to talk about this, whether you're already seeing those ominous gnat and mosquito clouds above your head at dusk or you're in an area that's still getting snow.

As temperatures go up this spring, so will the number of insects buzzing and crawling about. With this increased insect activity comes an increase in irritating and sometimes serious challenges for us. Each passing year seems to offer a new challenge, and we're all going to have to get smarter about how we address these issues. Now's your chance to "get out in front of it" for the coming season.

Unless you live in a bubble, the uptick (pun intended!) of insect life will directly affect you. If you enjoy camping, hiking, gardening, playing sports, biking, birdwatching, walking the dog, simply relaxing in your yard or anything else that takes you outside, add the support provided by Bites & Stings. The sooner you get started, the more effective it can be.

Here are a few more reasons for Bites & Stings that may be all-too-familiar:

  • You're the one that everyone likes to sit by at the family picnic because they know with you around, they won't have to worry about mosquitoes.

  • When an insect does get you, your reaction seems like a larger-than-life caricature of what "normal" people experience.

  • You volunteer at the local shelter and often head home wondering why you're now scratching like that dog you were just playing with.

The Bites & Stings Solution is for humans only. It comes in a 2-oz. dropper bottle, which will last one person a little more than 2 months when taking it twice daily. It's most helpful to start taking it one month prior to insect season, but if the season has already begun in your area, that's okay. You can start anytime.

If you have allergic reactions to insects that require allergy medicine, keep that medicine on hand until you are absolutely sure you don't need it.

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Suprised Dinosaur and a Big Mosquito

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Hah! Now we've got your brain gears turning! Biting and stinging insects carry and transmit bacteria. If you're thinking, "But the Bacteria Solution replaces the old Seasonal Solution, what does it have to do with a tick?" Well, here's our first chance this spring to point out to you that the annual Bacteria Solution does so much more. The pattern is working from the perspective of that group of microbes (hence the distinguishing "bacteria" in the name). So break out of your notion of what the old "Seasonal Balancing Solution" could do. That's still in there, but the Bacteria Solution (and the Virus Solution) provide much broader, deeper and different coverage.