Update: February 2019

  The Environment Series

from the Perelandra Question Line Duo

Garden Moth

Machaelle's work, Perelandra, started with her caring about the environment. Beginning in 1975, while quietly working in her home garden she encountered problems, the kind we all encounter. She looked for help. The gardening solutions others were offering just didn't cut it as far as Machaelle was concerned. The answers provided by "garden experts" often waged war on nature. Even the "organic" solutions pitted man against nature. Finding no satisfactory help from humans on the subject, in 1977, Machaelle turned to nature for answers. That was over 40 years ago.

Today, the driving engine at Perelandra is still Machaelle's partnership with nature, and her research garden.

What drives the Perelandra business is you — your desire to stop waging war on nature and find a better way. You're the people who care about the environment and its impact on your health, your family's health and the quality of the food you're eating, the water you're drinking and the air you're breathing.

This is what Perelandra is about. Perelandra is not about simply enjoying nature. Perelandra is about how to work with nature to solve problems. This includes how to solve the enormous environmental problems we humans have created. And boy, do we have some problems. In this series, we are going to present just one simple thing you can do with each post, one action to address the problems in your environment.

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