Holiday Virtual Open House

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Saturday!

Virtual Open House days are a chance for all of us to step out of the usual 9-5, work-a-day routine. It's when we get to take time on an easy-going Saturday afternoon and welcome you into the world of co-creative science. It's a world where working in partnership with nature isn't just a great idea, it's an enriching way of life.

Whether you just discovered Perelandra and are wondering where to start, or you are ready to choose what you might try next, this weekend is your chance to take that leap — with a little extra boost from us, and some pretty spectacular savings as well.

Online Question Forum with Machaelle Wright!
Machaelle was available today to answer questions about Perelandra, working with nature intelligence and using the products and materials. Machaelle - Beth

There were questions about gardening, soil-less gardening, Perelandra Essences, PIC, the Microbial Balancing Program and MAP. Plus how to better use the Perelandra Solutions. Everything "Perelandra" was on the table.

Garden Gallery Features
About the Garden Gallery: We post new garden photos every week. It's our way of sharing the experience of being in the Perelandra garden as it goes through its cycles and seasons. Visit the Perelandra garden through our growing Photo Gallery today and get inspired to work with nature in your own co-creative garden.

New Slide Show!
Today, Machaelle's Garden Assistants are sharing a "day in the life" here at Perelandra, through each department and (of course) around the garden. Watch "A Day in the Life at Perelandra" here »

Special Offers

Congratulations to these 5 lucky recipients of Holiday Survival Kits during today's Virtual Open House: Elizabeth G. in Idaho, Alasdair C. in California, Kristan H. in Hawaii, Joann B.P. from Colorado and Karin G. from Indiana.

The Virtual Open House specials ended on Sunday, December 3rd. Our holiday specials are still available: