Holiday Virtual Open House

Machaelle - Beth

Online Question Forum with Machaelle Wright!
During the forum, Machaelle answered questions about Perelandra, working with nature intelligence and using the products and materials.

Garden Gallery Features
About the Garden Gallery: We post new garden photos every week. It's our way of sharing the experience of being in the Perelandra garden as it goes through its cycles and seasons. Visit the Perelandra garden through our growing Photo Gallery and get inspired to work with nature in your own co-creative garden.

Perelandra Garden Slide Show!
Machaelle's Garden Assistants are bringing back an old favorite so we can all take a moment to enjoy a little Vivaldi and the calm balance of the Perelandra Garden in winter. Watch it now »

Extra Encouragement for New Folks
If you're new to Perelandra and ordering for the first time, you'll get an extra gift with your shipped order. No matter how much you spend, or when you place your order, you will get a coupon for $5 off your next order! It can be used along with any other Perelandra coupons or gift certificates. It's our way of saying, "Congratulations. You're starting the season off right!" When placing your order, let us know who told you about Perelandra. We'd like to send them a thank you gift too.