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July 6, 2018

End Of Season
50% Off 2017-2018
Virus Solution & Bacteria Solution

We can't emphasize enough how important these two Solutions are and why you'll want to take both daily, year-round. We know that many of you in past years would stop taking the old 'Seasonal Balancing Solution' in the summer, though we always recommended otherwise.

When it comes to Virus and Bacteria, it is even more critical to continue providing your body the support these two Solutions offer. To encourage you to keep these Solutions in your routine, and to encourage those who haven't yet included them, we are cutting the price of the 2017-18 Bacteria and Virus Solutions for the remainder of this season.

Now through August 31st, all sizes of the 2017-18 Virus and Bacteria Solutions are 50% off the regular price.

This season ends August 31st, so make sure you have enough to carry you through that month. We will be sending instructions sometime in August for the new season.

• Includes 1/2-oz., 2-oz. and 8-oz. bottles.
• The 1/2-oz. and 8-oz. size available while supplies last.
• No additional discounts.
• Half price ends August 31st, 2018.

Broad support for health in this new world.

Climate change has changed the world's health. The global microbial population is adjusting and migrating to new areas, causing new and more difficult problems for humans. Unfamiliar microbial patterns are flying around the globe and modifying rapidly as humans pass things around. The bottom line: We truly are in a new world.

Taking all of this into consideration, the Seasonal Balancing Solution pattern just got knocked over the top. Machaelle and nature have answered the challenge, and we have an extraordinary development.

To explain this well, we need to give you a little history:
If you have been taking the Seasonal Balancing Solution during the past 20 years, you know the pattern was different when we started, and the name was different too. After many years of offering the annual solution, the FDA required us to stop using its original name.

But it wasn't just the name that changed. With the introduction of the annual Seasonal Balancing Solution, Machaelle and her team had expanded the pattern to address various annual seasonal situations that were above and beyond the scope of the original pattern. Now the pattern has expanded again, in a remarkable way.

This is a big deal, folks. It's a significant shift to how we approach annual seasonal microbial activity, and . . . So. Much. More.

Virus Bacteria Brochure

With the changes required to take into account all of that climate change activity, what used to be the Seasonal Balancing Solution has been replaced with two different and separate patterns with separate focuses:

  • Virus Solution
  • Bacteria Solution

Each pattern is working from the perspective of a different group of microbes (hence the distinguishing "virus" and "bacteria" in the names). So break out of your notion of what the old "Seasonal Balancing Solution" could do. That's still in there, but these two Solutions provide much broader, deeper and different coverage. This is a whole new ball game!

The Virus and Bacteria Solutions completely replace the old Seasonal Balancing Solution.
They are for humans only. They are not to be given to animals or plants. These Solutions do not contain any virus or bacteria. They contain an electric pattern infused in water and preserved with either brandy or distilled white vinegar. Also, if you too are friends with your microbes and protective of the little buggers, you'll be happy to know: No viruses or bacteria were harmed in the making of these Solutions!


  • Take one time daily.

  • When addressing a specific issue or heightened activity in your area, take twice daily until the issue is fully addressed or activity has passed.

The annual Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution are unlike any other Perelandra Solution! To address the full onslaught and uptick of out-of-control microbial activity, and a range of issues that science is beginning to attribute to microbes, Machaelle recommends that a dose of each of these two Solutions be taken daily. And when addressing a specific issue or heightened activity of any concern in your area, take the corresponding Solution twice daily until your issue is fully addressed or until regional activity has passed.

How they're to be administered is also different. They are oral solutions. That hasn't changed. Here's what else you'll need to know:

  • Adult dosage for each Solution is 10 drops.
  • Children up to 12 years old take 5 drops per dose.
  • Don't take them at the same time as other Perelandra Solutions or Essences (except when they're part of a PIC Unit).
  • Don't eat or drink anything 10 minutes before, or 10 minutes after.
  • If you're taking both of them, you can take them at the same time, just wait 10 seconds between each dose. Don't mix them together.
  • If you're on the once-daily dosage track, you can take your dose(s) any time of day.
  • If you're taking your dose(s) twice daily, you'll take your first dose in the morning and the second dose in the evening.

How long one bottle will last:
A 2-oz. bottle will last one adult about 4 months when taking it once daily. Taken twice daily, a 2-oz. bottle will last an adult about 2 months. If either Solution is also part of a PIC unit, you'll finish a 2-oz. bottle faster.

Can a dose be diluted?
If you're an adult or teenager (13 years old and up) — no, you cannot dilute these Solutions. For children 12 years old and younger, each dose can be diluted and administered separately. The ratio is 15 drops of Virus or Bacteria Solution into 2-oz. (or less) of tepid water. The child must drink all of the water.

Which Solution replaces the old, annual Seasonal Solution?
Ideally, both of them: Virus and Bacteria. But if you choose to take only one at this time, start by taking the Virus Solution.

Is there any overlap between the Nature Program V1, V2, B1 and B2 Essences and the Virus Solution or Bacteria Solution?
No.The Solutions are doing something completely different than the Essences.

Is there any problem with taking the Bacteria Solution when I'm also taking an antibiotic?
No. The Solution is doing something completely different than the antibiotic.

Would the Virus Solution help with _______?
Yes. If you're considering this question, give the Solution a try.

Would the Bacteria Solution help with _______?
Yes. If you're considering this question, give the Solution a try.

Other important notes that bear repeating:

  1. The Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution completely replace the old Seasonal Balancing Solution.

  2. These Solutions do not contain any virus or bacteria.

  3. They are for humans only.

  4. They are not to be given to animals or plants.

Learn more about what to expect from this "One Bite" article:
A Heads Up About the Bacteria Solution and Virus Solution »

Now, we'd love to explain in great detail. Unfortunately, we have to dance around this information because we need to accommodate FDA guidelines. (And if you think reading this description is difficult, you should have been at the meeting where we had to figure out how to explain these unique Perelandra Solutions to you!)

We are determined to get across to you how important these two Solutions are, and why you'll want to take both daily. And we're going to attempt to do that without saying any of those specific things we'd love to explain.

In the Microbial Balancing Program Workshop, Machaelle presented extensive facts and references about how microbes are affecting our global health. She commented then that she wouldn't be surprised if scientists started linking all kinds of illnesses to microbes. That was in 1999. Since then, scientists' understanding of microbes has grown. We're reading new articles regularly about microbes and how they link to common illnesses. The health impacts we described above have blown up exponentially. Machaelle has understood for a long time that most health issues, serious or not, are likely activated by microbes.

The patterns of these two Solutions zero in where things first go off the rails. They provide a targeted monitoring, and they disrupt and eliminate "microbial misbehavior."

To address the full onslaught and uptick of out-of-control microbial activity, and a range of issues that science is beginning to attribute to microbes, Machaelle recommends that a dose of each of these two Solutions be taken daily.

Some general examples and reasons why you'd want to take the 2017-18 Virus and 2017-18 Bacteria Solutions:

  • Something (anything) has SNAFU'd health-wise. Take both Solutions, twice daily.
  • Something has SNAFU'd health-wise, you know it's microbial and you know it's a certain group of microbes. Take the one that applies twice daily.
  • You're surrounded by people who are going down before your very eyes, you know it's microbial and it's spreading. Take the specific related Solution, or both if you're not sure, twice daily.
  • If you have a kid going to school (a.k.a. germ factory), once daily doses of each Solution will serve you and your children well.
  • If you're looking for full seasonal coverage, take both.
  • You shop in notably crowded or popular stores, or malls (yes, they still exist).
  • You work or spend time in an environment where you come in close contact with a lot of people daily (school, dentist office, auto shop, massage centers, health practices, airport, train station, grocery store, restaurant, yoga or exercise class, etc.
  • You are visiting a friend in the hospital.
  • You or your kids spend time in a gym, locker rooms, community swimming pool, etc.
  • You or a parent live in a poly-amorous senior retirement community. Take both daily.
  • You travel outside of your usual environment. Take both daily.
  • You use public transportation (bus, train, taxi, Uber). Take both.
  • You are traveling by plane or meeting friends or business associates in airports.
  • You stay in hotels when traveling.
  • You are a socialite, visit bars or clubs, or you frequently attend concerts or parties. (Or you're not a socialite, but you attend every big movie "opening night" at the cineplex!)
  • You're having surgery or just had surgery, or you receive regular medical treatments.
  • There's an outbreak of _____ [insert the name of the pathogen or disease galloping your way] and you would like to strengthen and prepare for possible exposure.

And finally, it bears repeating . . .

  • If something (anything) has SNAFU'd health-wise for you, take both of these Solutions twice daily.

Getting the idea? Like we said, the Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution each have remarkably expanded patterns.

PIC Librarian

PIC Hints & Tips
Be sure to include these two Solutions in your PIC List testing. We've updated the PIC checklist, to download and copy for free as needed, here.

More good news: There is a good chance that taking these two Solutions daily will simplify your PIC List testing results.

This is different: If you are doing a PIC test for your animals, the environment or a soil-less garden, these two Solutions should NOT be included in the testing. Skip them on the checklist.

Read more about the microbial impact on health and the environment.

And check out our "Did You Know?!" Series here »



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