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POSTED: January 14, 2017
Weight and Energy Balance

With the beginning of a new year often comes sincere hope and effort . . .

  • "This year's going to be better."

  • "I'm going to pace myself and accomplish more."

  • "This is my year. I will only eat healthy foods."

  • "I'm finally going to stop being so frantic during the week and exhausted on the weekend."

Whatever your goal, chances are your weight and energy level are involved. We would like to see you succeed. So before you try to force yourself to instantly transform into a lofty notion of "what should be," we suggest you try building up your foundation with these two easy-to-use Perelandra Solutions. They will help you get started right and sustain your goals over the long term.

Energy Balancing & Stabilizing (EB&S)
This Solution provides support for achieving and maintaining your ideal level of physical activity, whether you are underactive or overactive. It can be useful for adults and children who are over-energized or suffer from low energy or cannot concentrate.

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Weight Balancing

This Solution provides support for achieving and maintaining your body's ideal weight range. It gently shifts all of your body's related elements and systems so that as you move toward and then reach your ideal weight, your body will support that weight level and not fight it.

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Now on Amazon.com!
We are happy to announce that the Weight Balancing Solution and Energy Balancing & Stabilizing Solution are also available to order through Amazon.

Since so many of you already shop on Amazon, we thought you would enjoy the convenience of ordering them while you're "wandering the aisles" of Amazon.com. Now you can quickly toss these 2-oz. Perelandra Solutions into your cart:

  • ETS for Humans

  • ETS for Animals

  • Energy Balancing & Stabilizing

  • Weight Balancing

The order will still be packed and shipped by us, so your box will be full of that same Perelandra sparkle.

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Good, Better & Best: Tips on Weight Balancing
If your primary concern is your weight, you may also find the "Good, Better & Best" suggestions for this goal that we posted over the holidays quite helpful. It includes tips on the Weight and Energy Solutions, as well as the Natural Aging Solution, the Medical Assistance Program and PIC (the Perelandra Information Center).

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