POSTED: June 14, 2016

Perelandra Spotlight
(aka: The antidote to overwhelm.)
It's time to celebrate simplicity. If you're overwhelmed by all of the changes we've announced lately, or you're new to Perelandra and our website put you on information overload, or the Bottle Buyers Cub Membership went over your head, or you looked at the Perelandra Information Center (PIC) and tried not to faint — this new feature is for you.

Now and then, we're going to take a moment to spotlight one Perelandra product (or maybe two if they go together). We'll give you an idea of when to use it and how it can be helpful to you. Then you can decide if you want to learn more.
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ETS for Humans
Spotlight: ETS for Humans

If ever there was a week when ETS for Humans is needed, this is the week.

ETS is for any sudden or jarring situation, large or small, serious or passing. It's for those events that can occur throughout our day that we don't plan for, would have appreciated not happening, and that cause anger, frustration, confusion, pain, panic, irritation, prolonged tension and fear. When these kinds of "intrusions" occur, we immediately reach for and take ETS for Humans. For example:

  • The Bottle Buyers Club announcement and the changes that came with it totally freaked you out.
  • Orlando depressed and scared the s#*! out of you.
  • Trump scares the s#*! out of you.
  • The kids are on summer vacation scaring the s#*! out of you.
  • The news is so bad you're afraid to turn on the TV.
  • You finally did turn on the news, and now wind and beach umbrellas scare the s#*! out of you too!
  • You decided that the only way to deal with the chaos of summer is to lay outside in a chaise lounge the entire day with a gin and tonic, and now you're sunburned and hungover.

ETS for Humans is available in 1/2-oz. and 2-oz. dropper bottles, and 8-oz. refill bottles. A 2-oz. bottle contains about 100 doses (10-12 drops per dose).


Regular retail price for a 2-oz. bottle: $22

Bottle Buyers Club price: $19.80 + reduced shipping! 



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