Virtual Open House

Perelandra Virtual Open House Days

Virtual Open House days are a chance for all of us to step out of the usual 9-5, work-a-day routine. It's when Machaelle and her staff get to take time on an easy-going Saturday afternoon and welcome you into the world of co-creative science — a world where working in partnership with nature isn't just a great idea, it's an enriching way of life. We're here to help you learn about, enjoy and flourish from your partnership with nature for your health and environment, as well as your personal, professional and work lives. We hope you'll be part of our next virtual event.

Online Question Forum with Machaelle Wright

As part of our Virtual Open House, Machaelle was available to answer your questions about all things "Perelandra" during her Online Question & Answer Forum. You'll find questions about gardening, soil-less gardening, Perelandra Essences, PIC, the Microbial Balancing Program and MAP. You can find out how to better use the Perelandra Solutions you have, or are thinking about getting. Everything "Perelandra" was on the table in this forum. If you didn't have any questions of your own, you can read the questions from others and Machaelle's witty, insightful answers.

Read the most recent forum from November 23, 2019.

Read all of Machaelle's past forums.

Encouragement for Newcomers
If you're new to Perelandra and ordering for the first time, you'll get an extra gift with your shipped order. No matter how much you spend, or when you place your order, you will get a coupon for $5 off your next order! It can be used along with any other Perelandra coupons or gift certificates. It's our way of saying, "Congratulations. You're starting the season off right!" When placing your order, let us know who told you about Perelandra. We'd like to send them a thank you gift too.

Why we have "virtual" open houses.