Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House Days
Years ago Machaelle cancelled our annual on-site open houses "until further notice" because of a global health concern. When the information about global warming and "carbon footprints" exploded into the public consciousness, a few of us did the carbon footprint math for one of our on-site open houses. We averaged the number of people who attend and the distance traveled (by car and plane, domestic and international). Well, the carbon footprint for just ONE on-site open house at Perelandra is this: If you drive a Hummer that gets 12 mpg around the planet's equator FIVE times, you'd get the equivalent release of carbon into the atmosphere as one of our open houses.

In order to turn this warming problem around for our planet, we each have to make a difference. So, Machaelle cancelled our on-site open houses and officially started a new tradition. We now offer occasional Virtual Open Houses and "open" Perelandra up in a different way. Virtual Open Houses are a big deal for us.

Online Question Forum with Machaelle Wright
During our most recent forum in December, 2018, Machaelle answered your questions about Perelandra, working with nature intelligence and using the products and materials. Machaelle - Beth

The forum is open to everyone. You can ask about gardening or soil-less gardening, Perelandra Essences, PIC, the Microbial Balancing Program and MAP. You can find out how to better use the Perelandra Solutions you have, or are thinking about getting. Everything "Perelandra" is on the table.

Garden Gallery Features
Machaelle's Garden Assistants have put together countless feature galleries, slideshows and videos over the years that will bring you closer what it's like in the Perelandra garden, such as the Perelandra Garden Revisited or the Pond Fish Dinner Dance.

About the Garden Gallery: We post new garden photos every week. It's our way of sharing the experience of being in the Perelandra garden as it goes through its cycles and seasons. Visit the Perelandra garden through our growing Photo Gallery today and get inspired to work with nature in your own co-creative garden.