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The definitive workshop on MAP given by Machaelle Wright, the developer of this groundbreaking health program and the author of MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program. With a delightful sense of humor, wry wit and creativity, she gives new information about MAP and the many ways you can work with this wonderful program.


  • How to get started and how to do the program well
  • The MAP steps
  • Working with MAP in conjunction with other health treatments
  • Working with MAP in conjunction with the Perelandra Essences
  • MAP and the Calibration Process
  • MAP and the Body/Soul Fusion Process
  • Emergency MAP and using Emergency MAP for others
  • Kinesiology: How it works, how to use it for essence testing, helpful hints, pitfalls to avoid, how to do kinesiology and a demonstration of the technique by Machaelle.
  • Children's MAP: How and when to use it, a demonstration of scanning a child and what to be prepared for
  • Professional MAP: Updated information for health-care practitioners and how MAP works with you to expand your practice
  • Sharing MAP information with others
  • Answers to the 30 most frequently asked MAP questions from our Question Hot Line, along with new questions from the workshop audience

This workshop was designed to augment the information included in the book, MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program by Machaelle Small Wright. To use the program well, you will need both the book and this workshop.


Note: This DVD is from a workshop recorded in 1998. It is different from the 1993 workshop that is available as an audio download.


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by Catherine
on 10/5/2014
Getting more out of my MAP sessions
A couple months ago I watched the MAP workshop DVD all the way through. I had watched it years ago in the videotape version. I learned a LOT from watching this again, even though I had read the 3rd version of the MAP book and had been working fairly regularly with MAP since 1990. In particular, I learned that MAP can be particularly effective when a SERIES of MAP sessions at regular intervals is devoted to a particular problem or issue. I asked my MAP team how to put this information to use. They proposed a schedule of twice-a-week sessions dealing a complex situation that had come up in the previous months, on which I still felt stuck. They also suggested that a number of other topics could be dealt with using a less-frequent "rotation". (E.g., topic A; then after several days topic B; then after several days topic C). Previously I'd had more "general" MAP sessions and wasn't systematic. Working with my MAP team this way made a huge difference--all thanks to the Workshop DVD!
on 2/21/2012
Great way to really "get it"
The MAP book is as wonderful as can be. I encourage everyone I know to buy it, actually. This workshop, though, takes the whole thing deeper. I love watching it. Hearing Machaelle tell her stories and seeing the charts she puts up really clarifies every aspect of the MAP program, and makes it seem easier.
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