POSTED: May 2, 2012
UPDATED: October 2014

Just One Bite at a Time
An Introduction to Perelandra Essences

by The Mighty QL Duo

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The human electric system is a vast network of circuits that runs through and around the body. Every element, every organ, every system in the human body has its electric circuits. And every level of being (physical, emotional, mental and soul) has its own electric circuits. The most extensive and complex system in the body is its electric system.

The Perelandra Essences are water-based solutions holding electrical patterns derived from nature that balance, stabilize and repair the weakened or damaged circuits in your electric system.

We focus on our electric system because it is the key to healing. The underlying foundation for the body's healing process is its electric system. If circuits are damaged, the healing process is compromised and weakened. If damaged circuits are repaired, the body's healing process becomes fully functional.

Whether for illness or injury, the electrical patterns from the correct Perelandra Essences immediately fuse with the damaged circuits, thus providing the balancing elements needed for their repair. That allows the electric system and the body to set up the appropriate healing responses. In short, you have a fully functioning healing process, and you will experience a quick recovery that defies all expectation.


There are five different sets of Perelandra Essences that work in combination with one another and cover the full range of what's needed to balance, stabilize and repair an electric system: Rose, Garden, Rose II, Soul Ray and Nature Program. The electrical patterns contained in each bottle are set in a water-based solution that is preserved with brandy or white vinegar for safety and longevity. These patterns address different circuitry in your electric system and different kinds of circuit damage. The Essences are bottled in concentrate form in pharmaceutical dropper bottles that make it easy for you to place one drop of a needed Essence on your tongue. Because they are used one drop at a time and because they are well-preserved, each bottle has an indefinite shelf-life. You'll be keeping and using these sets for many years.

The Rose I Essences balance, stabilize and repair the circuits that support us and the mechanisms within us that are set in motion to facilitate our periods of mental, emotional, physical and experiential growth. (8 bottles)

The Garden Essences balance and restore the electric circuits that are needed to address physical, emotional, mental and soul issues that we face in our day-to-day life. (18 bottles)

Rose Essences II address the electric circuits connected with our central nervous system circuits and supports the functions within the central nervous system that are activated when we face an expansion requiring us to process changes and challenges in new ways. (8 bottles)

These Essences strengthen the system so that the body can address viral, fungal or bacterial imbalance and reestablish its proper microbial balance. They also address the balance of the electric system and the body's balance in light of its relationship to the larger environmental picture. (9 bottles)

The Soul Ray Essences balance, stabilize and repair the electric circuits that are connected with and support an individual's soul-level activity. They also address the circuits that support an individual's development towards conscious awareness of this activity, as well as the circuits that support the integration of the soul-level activity with the physical, emotions and mental levels. (8 bottles)

If you feel strongly about the Essences and you want to make the leap to include them in your health regimen, we suggest that you get the All Essences Set for the best price break. (51 bottles)

As we've pointed out, the All Essences Set is the most cost-effective way to go. But if you would prefer to start with one set or two sets — an easy way to determine which are your starter sets is to just notice which sets you're most drawn to as you read the list above. Or, if you know PKTT (Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique), you can ask yourself, "Which Perelandra Essences set would be my best starter set?" Then test each set separately. The set (or sets) that tests positive is your starter set.


Once you start using Essences, you will find yourself reaching for them daily for yourself, your animals, your family and friends.

To learn and get comfortable with the testing technique, we recommend you start by testing daily to maintain your overall health and balance. Then anytime you feel a bit out of sorts, it will become natural to reach for your essences. If your co-workers or family are all coming down with the latest bug, you'll test essences to shore yourself up so that you don't also get sick. If you feel allergy symptoms coming on, test essences. If you have a stressful, challenging or nerve-wracking meeting coming up, you definitely want to test essences that morning. If you suffer from any of the long list of anxiety disorders advertised regularly, are depressed, or just need a little extra mental health support, essences are going to help you stabilize and move forward. You will want to use your essences to heal from surgery, to address side effects of medications and medical treatments, for healing scars, for old emotional wounds you can't seem to get rid of, for newly diagnosed illnesses and for mystery ailments that the doctors can't identify. And if you have been dealing with any chronic health problem that you just feel stuck in, you'll test essences.

Along with your order, you'll receive an introductory brochure with beginner's directions. It gives you the basic testing steps for general daily use. You can also read the full brochure online:
Perelandra Essences Brochure


THE BOOK: THE PERELANDRA ESSENCES This book is your owner's manual for the Perelandra Essences and includes all the information you'll need for using the Essences for all situations. It also has expanded information for using ETS Plus with Essences.

To go beyond the basic testing steps, you'll need the book (The Perelandra Essences). It's presented so simply, building one block of information at a time, that it makes it easy for folks who had never heard of the Perelandra Essences before to jump right in and begin getting results immediately. And for those of you who've used essences before and think you know everything there is to know — relearning essences through this book will open your eyes, and help you use essences in a broader, more comprehensive way.

If you are interested in learning more about the body's electric system and why the Perelandra Essences are so effective when addressing any health issue, we encourage you to read the first two chapters of The Perelandra Essences available free on our web site:
The Perelandra Essences Book Excerpt


WORKSHOP DVD: The Human Electric System & Perelandra Essences
Some folks have an easier time learning PKTT (kinesiology testing) and the essence testing steps when they see someone else do it. This workshop DVD is a great way to learn the basics about the human electric system and essence testing directly from Machaelle.


Our Question Hot Line is open every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. eastern time at 1-540-937-3679.

If you're intrigued, but still unclear about how essences work or how to get started, we can help you with that! All you need to do is give us a call and ask.


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