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Update: June 2019

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Your Dogs and Cats Want You to Know

The ticks are here! The ticks are here!

Most of you have already removed the first (and second and third . . . ) tick of the year. These days, we see ticks nearly all year here in Virginia. Winter used to be too cold for them around here. Used to be.

Now, many folks and their animals are exposed to not just ticks, but mosquitoes, flies and other "summer" insects all year 'round. If you live in a colder climate, you may not have come across a single tick yet, but your purring and wagging friends would like you to prepare.

Ticks, flease, mosquitoes, mites, flies, other insects and the parasites they can carry are sometimes just a minor irritation. And sometimes they are a big challenge for our dogs and cats. You can strengthen and support them in preparation for this exposure with these Perelandra Solutions.

Dog and Cat

For cats and kittens:

For dogs and puppies:

Each Solution comes in a 2-oz. dropper bottle, which will last one dog or cat about 3 months when taking twice daily doses.

For your friend's safety, please use a [lastic dropper to administer the Solutions. You can find them at local pharmacies and online. Don't store the plastic dropper in the Solution bottle.

More tips for giving Perelandra Solutions to your dog or cat:

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We Want You To Know

All four of the Perelandra Solutions listed above, as well as their counterparts for people, are on special this week.

Buy one at regular price ($24), and get a second of your choice for $10.

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PIC Librarian

Finicky cat? Complex dog issue?
Try PIC.

If you have an animal that's . . . Well, let's say "challenging" when it comes to administering the drops — or if they need a lot of different Solutions and you want to limit the amount of brandy or vinegar they're getting — then PIC List Testing is the way to go.

See page 23 of the PIC Brochure for more about this.

They'd Also Like You To Know About:

ETS for Animals
The emergency Solution for all animals.

The Perelandra Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals
This process, updated in 2013, gives you the steps for working with nature to support your companion animals' health.

Feline Combo The Cats and Kittens Combo
This discounted combo includes the Nature Healing Process instructions and four Perelandra Solutions: ETS for Animals, Feline Internal Parasites, Feline External Parasites and Feline Joint Health.

Canine Combo The Dogs and Puppies Combo
This discounted combo includes the Nature Healing Process instructions and four Perelandra Solutions: ETS for Animals, Canine Internal Parasites, Canine External Parasites and Canine Joint Health.