POSTED: April 14, 2012

Just One Bite at a Time
Tick Season, MBP Solutions & Animals

by The Mighty QL Duo

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We know a lot of the humans out there are spending this weekend working on U.S. tax returns. So this is going out to the lucky ducks who filed early and the lucky dogs, cats, rabbits and goats . . . who don't have to pay taxes.

Our special on the Animal Care Combo this week prompted a lot of questions from folks who were surprised to learn that the very same MBP Balancing Solutions humans use, can also be given to our animals. And we just read another article predicting a particularly awful tick season (well, not necessarily awful for the ticks, but no fun for us or our outdoor animals). All leading us to this 'One Bite at a Time.'

~ What do we do about ticks? ~
Our answer comes straight out of Machaelle's Health Watch protocol for flea and tick resistance and the guidelines are simple:

Throughout the year: Give your animals the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Systems Balancing Solutions one time daily in the evening. They get the regular adult human dosage no matter what size or age your animals are. If your animals are finicky, you can dilute each dosage with one teaspoon of water or put the drops over a half teaspoon of their favorite food. Remember to not mix the two Solutions together in one serving. You must give your animal one Solution, wait 5-10 seconds and give them the other Solution.

During flea and tick season: Switch to the twice daily dosages (morning and evening) as soon as flea and tick season starts [for most of us in the U.S., that's now!] and continue this dosage until you are completely out of the season. Then go back to giving your companion animals Immune and Lymphatic Solutions once daily until next flea and tick season.

Read the full article here: Health Watch: Flea and Tick Resistance

Flea routines are similar to that of ticks. So if ticks are going to be extra-enthusiastic this year, you can expect fleas will be too.

Dear Fido: If your human wants to know what to do about the ticks that are out there waiting to latch on to him — he gets the same advice. Keeping your immune and lymphatic systems balanced whether you are human or animal, makes you less inviting to ticks, fleas and other assorted creatures waiting to take advantage of that big walking dinner. And when your systems are strong and in good working order, you can more easily fend off the illnesses that ticks carry.

~ MBP Immune System & Lymphatic System Balancing Solutions ~
These two Solutions are given orally to animals (and humans). Taken daily, they support the balance and strength of the immune and lymphatic systems and the beneficial protective microbes that are part of those systems. And they give the body the ability to repair and protect itself.

All of the MBP Balancing Solutions can be used for any animal, regardless of size or species, no matter how uncommon or unique your animal friend may be. These are just some of the animals we've heard are taking the MBP Balancing Solutions with great results: Kittens and cats, dogs (from tiny Yorkie puppies to aged Great Danes), canaries, cockatoos, parakeets, rabbits, horses, turtles, chickens and turkeys, sheep, cows, fish, and iguanas. Whether you have a barnyard, farm or a flock, or just one animal in your apartment, the MBP Solutions are a great support for animal health and well-being.

~ Not Just for Fleas & Ticks ~
In addition to flea and tick resistance, we have received reports of dogs, horses and other animals becoming less enticing to other critters — getting fewer mosquito bites and having less trouble with mites when they take the Solutions.

If you have a different health concern, after starting your animal on Immune and Lymphatic Solutions, you can add in MBP Balancing Solutions for any body systems related to a weakness, injury or illness. Some examples:

  • If your dog is having rashy hot-spots that didn't clear up entirely with the Immune and Lymphatic Solutions, add in the Integumentary System Balancing Solution.

  • For kidney trouble, include the Urinary System Balancing Solution.

  • For seizures, add the Nervous System Balancing Solution.

  • If your animal is coughing, wheezing or sneezing, add the Respiratory System Balancing Solution (like they did for Shakey Jake below).

  • Or if your animal just can't keep his food in (like "King Upchuck" below), add the Digestive System Balancing Solution.

. . . I bought a bottle of your MBP Respiratory System Balancing Solution for my asthma. I gave Shakey three doses; that's right, just three doses. He rarely coughs now. This was a cat that sounded like a 90-year-old man who had smoked three packs of cigarettes a day and was in end-stage emphysema. And now . . . he rarely coughs.
— S.M., Simpsonville, KY
Read more about Shakey Jake here.

. . . When Milo came to live with me, he was just a kitten. He had been abused . . . was hungry if not starving. . . . During the early days he couldn't eat anything. If I fed him it would throw him back into a cycle of vomiting. . . . Gradually he became a healthy cat except for occasional cycles of throwing up. Since a few days after he began taking the Digestive System Balancing Solution, this cycle has completely changed. His digestion and elimination are both working much better. Milo and I both want you all to know how much we appreciate the Solution and his new health. He is happier, more feisty, and more "mean," chasing his mate, attacking my feet, chasing the animals outside and in general having a wonderful time.
— S.F., Arkansas
Read more about Milo here.

~ No Way My Dog Will Take Those ~
Is your dog finicky? Or is your cat feisty? Or are you looking at that turtle thinking, "How in the world?!" All is not lost. This is do-able. The key is working with them. Here are some tips:

  • When you first get the MBP Solutions, let your animal sniff them, or set them down in a spot where you know they'll see and smell them. Then, have a seat, open one of the bottles and just hold it. Let the animal smell the Solution while it's open. (Take care to not contaminate the Solution.) If there isn't any emergency health concern to address, it will help to give them a day or so to get comfortable with this new thing.

  • Some animals will lick the Solutions right out of your hand. Seriously. (Like Toby, Machaelle's happy dog to the left!) You'll need to put the drops for each Solution onto your hand one at a time (5 drops for Lymphatic, 6 drops for Immune), and make sure no Solution is left on your hand before giving the next one.

  • If your animal lets you squeeze the Solution directly into his mouth, USE PLASTIC, not the glass droppers. You can purchase plastic droppers at most pharmacies. Just don't store the plastic dropper in the bottle with the Solution. And don't use the same plastic dropper in different Solutions. It will compromise the Solutions. Lastly, be sure to rinse off the dropper should it touch any part of an animal's mouth before using it again. IMPORTANT: Don't put a glass dropper in or near any animal's mouth.

  • With the plastic dropper, you can either count out the drops one at a time as you administer them, or make sure there is at least the number of drops needed in the dropper and squeeze the whole thing into your animal's mouth in one shot. (Some of us have also used the little plastic syringes you can get from your vet, but just like with the droppers, make sure it's cleaned well between uses and keep a separate syringe for each Solution.)

  • If bribery is needed, add the correct number of drops of a Solution to half a teaspoon of food or one teaspoon of broth and give to the animal at "bedtime." Most cats love tuna juice. Or there's beef broth, chicken broth . . . Remember, you must not mix the Solutions when you are administering more than one. That means that if you're giving them Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous as part of their seizure prevention, they have to be given on three separate bits of food or in separate spoonfuls of broth. We've also found that a schmear of butter on a plate or your palm can be just the thing to make those Solutions irresistible.

  • Cats hate to have wet stuff on their paws — try squirting the Solution onto your cat's paws, or dipping their paw in the Solution and they will likely lick it right off.

Turtles, birds, snakes, iguanas, fish and other unique animal companions require a little more creativity. If you have an animal that really is a challenge, and you are asking — "Am I really going to squirt the Immune Solution down my snake's throat?" Or, if you have a flock or a herd of animals, call our Question Line and we can help you.

~ Additional Animal Care Options ~
Many of the Perelandra health tools used for humans can be used for strengthening and supporting your animal's health and balance, and we have a number of options designed just for animals. For more, see our web page on Animal Care for Beginners.

Read more inspiring stories from folks using Perelandra tools with their animal friends here.

In honor of all our animals who make life better just by being here,
Jeannette and Beth

"Perelandra's Mighty QL Duo"
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Informative article about this year's tick season:
Bracing for a Hungry Tick Season

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