Perelandra Forum, July 2007
As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered Perelandra's on-line forum with Machaelle. Below you'll find questions about working with the Perelandra material — and the answers. This is a terrific opportunity to see how other folks are applying the Perelandra material, see what types of questions they ask, feel more comfortable about asking your questions and learn a few things along the way.

That's it! Thanks to everyone who participated. And I congratulate some of you on your spooky coordination. We'll do this again for our August Virtual Open House.

Tulis McCall
Question: Definition, Direction and Purpose for a Soil-Less Garden - please define Direction. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: Webster's definition 3: "The point toward which something faces." Glad to help!

Louisa Dyer
Question: I would like a lot more info on soil-less gardens. Would you please write a book specifically addressing it? I personally use this process for almost everything, and with others as part of my counsulting work-more info about the entire process would be most helpful. Transposing step by step from the Garden Workbook has never worked well, and I hear the same from many others, so we wing it from all the info available. I love cocreating and would like it to be much easier. Thanks so much for all you do and all you are.
Machaelle's Answer: Well, you never know what I'm going to do and when, but if there's ever anything specific you need help with, don't hesitate to call the Question Hot Line.

Nancy Boyer
Question: Do you cope with Japanese beatles?? the rose garden is a virtual buffet. Thank You.
Machaelle's Answer: My goal is to work in balance with nature, so the word "cope" is an odd word to even consider. If things are in balance, the Japanese beetles are in balance. They do happen to be a part of the Perelandra garden biosphere, but they don't destroy anything. In balance, they have an interesting timing when it comes to their impact on the garden.

Question: had vertigo (severe x 3 1/2 months) this winter, with unbelievable MBP work to do (ongoing). My BPPV turned into and/led to an infection. There have been a lot of cases of inner ear problems in SW Ontario lately. Have you heard anything about these problems?
Machaelle's Answer: Haven't heard a word about it. This is something that you can take to MAP, the Microbial Balancing Program (as you have), or the Perelandra Organizing Process.

Martin Kutternik
Question: How would you use the Perelandra processes for personal relationships? Which processes would you use? eg. Troubleshooting?
Machaelle's Answer: First call a lawyer. (Kidding.) My focus would be not the relationship, but my role in the relationship. If you're using the Perelandra processes around relationship issues, they have to be set up from your perspective only. You have to be careful about not manipulating and focus on your part of the relationship. I would take this to the Perelandra Organizing Process. Every person starts at a different point and the Organizing Process tells you where to start.

Krista Little
Question: I am a newbe, will be doing soil balancing etc. in very near future. Writing from Cottonwood AZ , Have observed VERY strange behavior from the ants in area. Ants harvesting whole plants they normally wouldn't touch, or building hills out of twigs. Any experience or NEW info not in books regarding ants or insects?
Machaelle's Answer: Any time there's an insect issue, it's reflecting back to you the balance of the biosphere the insects are a part of. My whole approach is to affect the interaction of insects in a biosphere by balancing the whole biosphere. That may include releasing ETS Plus for Animals to the insects. The process for doing that is in Perelandra Garden Workbook II.

Kathy Monaghan
Question: Many outside wood roaches coming inside now. Need help communicating to them their own place in the woods. Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: See my answer to Krista Little's question (above).

Cindy T
Question: Termites are eating the wood in one part of my house. How do I best get them to stop, without using toxic pesticides?
Machaelle's Answer: Okay, it looks like everybody's going nuts with insects out there. I'm going to just keep referring you back to my answer to Krista Little (above) because in my experience, the most effective and long-term solution for living with insects is to work on the balance of the biosphere, which in this case would include your home.
One important key to working with insects is to educate yourself about the insect(s) in question so that you'll understand why they're doing what they're doing or what is causing it. This education allows you to ask better questions and work more deeply with nature to address the problem.

Mary Fowler
Question: When I open a coning, I am supposed to wait 10 seconds after calling in each member of the coning and 10-15 seconds additionally at the end. When I close a coning, am I supposed to follow this same procedure or doesn't it matter to wait the 10 seconds after I disconnect from each member?
Machaelle's Answer: No, you don't need to wait the 10 seconds. It's the difference in the dynamic of closing a coning and the 10 seconds aren't needed.

Diveena and Marcus
Question: We have finally started using the balancing process with our new garden for the first time. Yet our little ones are taking a long time to grow. We live in Hawaii, what can we do with perhaps the environment here on the Big Island?
Machaelle's Answer: Your concern isn't the environment on the big island, instead your concern is just the land that you either own or rent. Don't under-estimate the power of balance. Just apply the Perelandra processes to your land and your garden and watch the changes occur.

Dorrie Sanders
Question: When taking the MBP Solutions, is it better to visually direct the solutions to the specific areas?
Machaelle's Answer: Only when you're telegraphing the MBP Solutions. When taking them daily for general balance, you don't have to do any visual direction. Just take them. The patterns of each Solution are different and will only interact with the system it is set up for.

Question: Can I bring my MAP team to the grocery store or should I develop a "grocery shopping team"?
Machaelle's Answer: We've had people do that, but those MAP teams love the HoHo's and they love the beer, so it might be a bit embarrassing. Why do you need a team for going to the grocery store? Are you making a soil-less garden out of going to the grocery store?

Dorrie Sanders
Question: What is the best way to recycle the MBP Solution and Flower Essence bottles?
Machaelle's Answer: Recycle the bottles and the glass pipette with your local recycling service. That's what we do.

Question: Regarding Using M.A.P. with Calibration / Working with MAP along with Calibration: Is it possible to work with MAP alone, or MAP with Calibration; to activate and assimilate the increase of DNA strands as we move forward in the Aquarian Dispensation?
Machaelle's Answer: I have no idea. You're going to have to ask your MAP team this question. I'm not even sure what you're asking.

Question:Doing energy cleansing away from home - no essences to bal/stabilize - use ets+ ?
Machaelle's Answer: If that's what you've got with you, go ahead and test ETS Plus for Soil and/or ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens. If it tests positive, use it. If you only have ETS Plus for Humans, that's not going to apply.

Question: Can I help a brother, (sell 2 lots) with a soil-less garden even though he leves in Mexico and I in AZ? if so, how would you recomend it is done?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you can use a soil-less garden, it doesn't matter where your brother is. For setting this up, watch the video, Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens. Remember to call the Question Hot Line as you have specific questions.

Terry Holman
Question: Hi Machaelle, First I'd like to say how grateful I am to you for your body of work. I've been working with Map, a garden and a soilless garden for my work and, I can only say...I've learned a lot. I was wondering if you could say anything about how your work is going with the cottage team.
Machaelle's Answer: Very well, thank you. We're rather busy.

Question: I followed instructions from Nature for my garden. Some seeds didn't sprout at all, some grew a few inches? I asked about ETS and MBP but told no?
Machaelle's Answer: Ask if there is a problem with your seeds. Sometimes you can get bad batches of seeds. If the seeds aren't the problem, ask if you need to not plant those areas at all (where the seeds didn't come up) and do something different with fertilizing to prepare the soil for next year. The soil may be especially damaged there. One other thing: Check your garden for Geopathic Zone Balancing (see Garden Workbook II).

Question: I've just finished reading the MAP book. I was wondering if we can work with our professional team for long distance healings? (I use Reiki & other modalities). Also can we work with a group coning for two on relationship issues and work with the Deva of the relationship? Thank you :-)
Machaelle's Answer: First, you must work with MAP personally for at least 6 months before beginning to work with Professional MAP. Second, you cannot surrogate with MAP professionally or personally long distance. You may want to reread the chapter on Professional MAP. Also, watch the video, MAP: The Workshop — I talk a fair amount about using Professional MAP.
Also, MAP for individuals. There is no such thing as a group coning in MAP. Based on these questions, you may need to read the book again. You're missing some really critical points about MAP. It's a program that is set up to be used personally, not in a group format.

Barbara Barenburg
Question: I often do Energy Cleansing processes, Battle Energy Release Proc. and Soil B&S for friends and relatives. Sometimes they offer to pay me for the work. I typically say no but sometimes they send me a check. Do you have objections to my accepting money for doing the processes?
Machaelle's Answer: I have no trouble at all with your accepting payment from your friends as long as you make it clear that you're not working for Perelandra. These are pretty easy processes, you might want to just teach them how to do it themselves.

Question: May a mother test her unborn child for essences & take them orally or shift them?. .ask for MAP scanning and get symbol?. .do MAP for unborn child? May a surrogate tester?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, she can test and telegraph the essences to the fetus. You would surrogate test essences for a fetus exactly as you would surrogate test anyone else.
As for MAP — MAP will focus on the pregnant mother, so it is the mother's MAP team that will be working with the mother and the child prior to birth. Once the child is born, he or she may get their own MAP team and the mother would surrogate MAP for them.

Question: I want to know if it is a good idea to test my flower essences with the bottles mixed up and the labels turned in? Often I pick the same ones or i think i am skewing them. Is my body connecting me to the name of the flower essence, or does my body really know what is inside? Usually I say the name of the essence and not touch the bottle. Early on, I felt the kinesiology was too difficult sometimes and I held the boxes up to my stomach and I felt pain from the needed bottles. My brain gets in the way of testing and blind testing may help!
Machaelle's Answer: A lot of people turn their bottles around, and mix them up in the box. It's an often-used trick to get your mind out of the testing. Your electrical system is picking up and reading the electrical pattern on the inside of the bottle.

Question: Do you foresee a time in NEAR future when you will return to the on-site Open House day at Perelandra? The virtual tour is very nice, but not the same as being there.
Machaelle's Answer: As long as avian flu is a concern, I feel I can't, in all conscience, hold an open house that would encourage international travel. We have a number people who fly in specifically for our open house and I don't think it's fair to say it's for Americans only. We have gotten used to sitting in our air-conditioned offices to pull off these open houses and we probably will be announcing that you're going to have to bribe us big time to stand out in the heat and humidity. But the short answer is — yes there will be open houses again, but I don't know when.

Question: I followed your work from the beginning but I could never successfully "peform" kinesiology so I'm stumped. Can't do it with the hand movements you've described nor with a pendulum. Any suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: People do have trouble with kinesiology. The easiest thing to do is to take the problem to your MAP team. Ask them to move you through the blocks and help you learn kinesiology. Sometimes it can also help to call the Question Hot Line and have them talk you through it.

Question: My dog has a chronic cough. I want to give her ETS for animals after she has a bad session but it makes her cough more. Is there a way to give it to her not orally?
Machaelle's Answer: You can put a dose of ETS Plus for Animals on the smallest amount of irresistible food (about 1/2 a teaspoon). That will probably take the edge off just enough to stop her from coughing.
I would recommend MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory on a daily basis to build up her system to address the chronic cough.

Question: When giving Immune and Lymphatic Balancing solutions to a dog for fleas in 1/2 teaspoon of food, do you still use the dosage on the bottle? And what about ETS for animals if you need a little food also.
Machaelle's Answer: Wow, are you people coordinating yourselves out there? Two dog questions in a row!
Yes, you do use the same dosage as on the bottle with a 1/2 teaspoon of food. For ETS Plus, refer to Diane's answer above.

Catherine in Ireland
Question: Is it ever appropriate to include any of the ETS+ (Animals?) as bal. or stab. in MBP processes? (Above you suggest using them for WkBk II Insect Bal. processes.)
Machaelle's Answer: Hi! It never hurts to test. Just put the bottles in for testing, and if it comes up, apply it. As long as you're kinesiology testing, you don't lose anything by testing it. But, for Microbial Balancing, you do not leave out testing all five essences sets and the Expanded Balancing Kit.

Catherine in Ireland
Question: What's correct order & wait time when taking MBP solutions for general and for specific problem, and also taking Seasonal and FSBS+?
Machaelle's Answer: There's no wait time between taking the MBP Solutions for general balance and a telegraph test, just be sure you shift your focus.
In the evenings, you take Seasonal and FSBS+ first, then the MBP Solutions. In the morning, you take the MBPs first and then Seasonal and FSBS+. There's no wait time for that.

Mercy Anderson
Question: What is the difference between order and organization? Life vitality I get. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: According to Webster's dictionary, "Organization = What is required to create a systemized whole. Order = The sequence or arrangement of things or events, series or succession; a state or condition in which everything is in its right place and functioning properly."
Another way of saying what nature is responsible for is "matter, means and action." Does this help?

Question: Hi Machaelle! So great that you have offered your time today!
Say, this is regarding Soil-less garden work. Do you have definitions for Order, Organization and Life Vitality or would you elaborate on what your understanding of the three are? I mean, while I have a dictionary (and a reasonable command of the English langauge), I'd love to hear your perspective. Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: You guys are getting with the coordination out there! Does "matter, means and action" help as an alternative way of saying "order, organization and life vitality?"

Question: :I have two somewhat related questions about using kinesiology and its accuracy: (a) Do you know if mischievous spirits can affect the results of kinesiology? (b) If a schizophrenic patient tried using kinesiology, would results still be accurate? Thanks in advance!!!
Machaelle's Answer: A) I doubt it, but your mischievous mind may affect the results.
B) I don't recommend Perelandra processes for someone suffering with schizophrenia because they most likely will not be able to discern accurate information from schizophrenic information.

Rachel Nelson
Question: 2 Qs on animals and flower essences: -can one ask Pan to shift essences to an animal too sick to take them? -when surrogate testing, is it imperative to physically touch the animal, or can one also link with their higher self in a MAP coning to test for essences needed?
Machaelle's Answer: 1) Yes. 2) You do not need to touch the animal. You never use MAP for animal healing, you use the Nature Healing Coning. MAP is for humans only. And you don't need to touch the animal during coning work either.

Gayatri Erlandson
Question: I also request that you write about working in soilless gardens. Relatedly, what do you suggest for me to have a clearer communication with the white brotherhood? Any guided visualization that might help?
Machaelle's Answer: If you want clear communication, it depends on the range of your sensory system. You'll need to work with your MAP team for this, but understand that they will not expand your sensory system beyond the point that is appropriate for you.

Dana Goroth
Question: When and how are your Soul Ray Essences used? I've been working with nature in my gardens for several years and we are all enjoying the results! Thank you for all you do.
Machaelle's Answer: You're welcome. You use your Soul Ray Essences when you test you need them, and you take them (use them) as you would any other Perelandra Essences.

Ruth UK
Question: Do our earth moon cycles, eg. new, full moon have any significance regards our MAP sessions? Thank you for all you share.
Machaelle's Answer: Not for the MAP session, but it may have significance regarding your health. Your body is impacted by earth cycles and new/full moon cycles. But the MAP session and team is not affected. The team adjusts for variables such as this. This is another reason why it's important that nature be a part of your MAP coning.

Catherine in Ireland
Question: About MBP Solution order — I'm referring to the MBP Solutions (Lymphatic, Resp, etc.), and tel. testing them, and also taking the 2 flu ones. Not clear about order & wait times.
Machaelle's Answer: I'm having trouble with your question. Let me take a stab at it this way. If it still doesn't answer your question, please try again.
It doesn't matter in what order you take the MBP Solutions (Immune, Lymph, Respiratory, etc.), and you need only wait 5 seconds between taking each.

Question: In response to your answer above. I meant to ask about using a Group Calibration process (not a coning, oops) with two people in relationship, to have a discussion or planning meeting with a clear intent just like a group would do. Can this work? I understand about not doing surrogate work with the professional MAP team. After the 6 months of personal MAP sessions, can the professional team just work with me when I give long distance healings? Can they also just work with me in my profession of Occupational Therapy? Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, the Group Calibration Process can be used with two (or more) people as you've described here.
Yes, Professional MAP can work with you in your profession of Occupational Therapy. For anything beyond this, you will have to ask your Professional MAP team if it's appropriate to extend Professional MAP in these areas.

Question: Is kinesiology more accurate than using a pendulum?
Machaelle's Answer: In my experience, pendulum testing can break down over time and kinesiology testing does not. Also, in my experience, kinesiology testing is more accurate for most people, but some people are really good with pendulum testing and their results are accurate.

Catherine in Ireland
Question: I, too, find the distinction between Direction and Purpose not obvious in soil-less gardens. Webster definition does not help in this context. Does Direction refer to the qualities and preferences discussed on the Soil-Less Garden video, or something else?
Machaelle's Answer: Go to your MAP team and ask to get insight on the differences between definition, direction and purpose. You can also do this for the differences between order, organization and life vitality.

Sally Jo
Question: As a group of us were learning Microbial Balancing we sat around a table and took turns watching and learning. Most of us felt we were all benefitting from the healing that was going on to the one person at a time doing the processes. What can you share any insights with us about this? The group was so helpful and supportive.
Machaelle's Answer: It's quite conceivable that your body and your microbes are "eavesdropping" and making adjustments while you're focused on the other person's process. Just be sure you don't substitute that experience for doing a Microbial Balancing for yourself.

Question: Catherine in Ireland said there was no wait time for taking MBP, Seasonal, and FSBS+ -- I was told by you office to take them as I would homeopathics, which I understood to mean with 10-15 minutes in between... Will you please clarify this?
Machaelle's Answer: Sorry for the confusion — the MBP Solutions are not homeopathic. Neither are any of the other Perelandra products. What I said to Catherine is accurate.

Kathleen Porter
Question: I've been learning from soil-less gardens for a few years now with some happy surprises. Recently I've been attracted to David Allen's productivity approaches in Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything as material to consider incorporating. Here's the thing: the processes (like much of life) seem complex and overwhelming until I get good at them, and sometimes this barrier stops me from getting started. For example, the opportunity that is Microbial Balancing. Feels like a MAP Calibration might help. What do you suggest for coming to peace with one's timing, with the eyes-bigger-than-the-stomach effect of exposure to your work? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: Specifically to answer Microbial Balancing — a lot of people felt overwhelmed when getting started. That's why I developed MBP Phase 1 Testing. This makes getting into the Program simple now.
Regarding overwhelm with my work in general — I recommend to people that they use common sense, patience and make sure they work with only the programs that are comfortable for them. You'd be surprised how much further down the road you get when you just concentrate on one or two things rather than try to juggle everything all at once. And I tell people to relax. It took me years to learn all the processes in order to write the books, so it's okay if it takes you more than a minute to learn it.

Question: Regarding using flower essences, isn't it just as effective to ask Pan to do a ns shift, as it is to take them orally - even though it may take 24 hours to be complete? And to ask Pan to please NOT deplete the quality & quantity within the bottles?
Machaelle's Answer: The flower essences, and any other product or process we have, are most effective when used as instructed. It's most efficient when you're working with a physical body to take the physical essences and not to Pan shift them. You would Pan shift in exceptional circumstances only.
Nature really doesn't participate in poverty consciousness. As far as nature is concerned, if a pattern is used, it's used. It's not a magic trick.

Patricia Woodburn
Question: ETS humans – Is it always recommended to wait 10 minutes after taking ETS?
Machaelle's Answer: Wait 10 minutes for what? You wait 5 minutes between each dosage when taking a series of 3 to 4 doses (for example: immediately after an accident), but other than this there's no reason to wait.

Question: Any insight of how to start clearing the body from plastic molecules ingested via food or water stored in plastic containers? Thanks always for all the help you share with us all.
Machaelle's Answer: My suggestion is that you take this situation to your MAP team and let them advise you on the best way of dealing with this, with their assistance. Every person's solution to this is going to be different, which is why you would need personalized MAP input.

Catherine in Ireland
Question: request--larger refill bottles of ETS+ & request--refill bottles of Seasonal
Machaelle's Answer: We will be sending your request to our production department. Don't hold it against us if they put out a hit on you!

Krista Little
Question: Thank you for your presence! I answer questions daily for hours at a time;) I appreciate this! Q: In Arizona, as elsewhere, the essence of the water is suffering. any sug. for working with nature on waters vitality? I have a well.
Machaelle's Answer: I feel your pain Krista. We're in the midst of a severe drought that is effecting water level as well. In fact, we often have droughts in the summer. I work with nature to come up with solutions and ideas for getting my biosphere through a drought and conserving water. For example, mulching the garden. I never approach this problem by asking nature to alter the rainfall. So my suggestions are to work with nature to learn to work with a drought, not against it.

Catherine in Arkansas
Question: I've been using the Perelandra Essences to create solutions for the Perelandra processes for many years. Now I'm using ETS+ for MAP. Is there an advantage to use of the appropriate ETS+ for the other processes over use of the individual essences identified by kinesiology?
Hi to Catherine in Ireland!
Machaelle's Answer: There is no harm in testing ETS Plus with other processes, along with testing the individual essences. By including ETS Plus, you may not need any of the other essences, or you may need fewer. That would be the advantage of including ETS Plus.

Catherine in Arkansas
Question: I've been using Perelandra essences since 1990, ordering replacement bottles as they are used up. I have no idea how old some of the essences are. Is there a problem with taking the older essences through airline security x-ray? If there isn't any evidence of contamination do the essences ever go bad?
Machaelle's Answer: The Perelandra Essences have an indefinite shelf-life. They can no longer be damaged by x-ray whether they're old or new.
Read the updated information about the Essences Restabilizing Process.

Catherine in Ireland
Question: Re: group calibration (relationship, soil-less garden, etc.) is the coning the coning of the particular group/garden? (e.g., not O.D. of Healing) If it's a relationship calibration process (as described by Clarence), then is that D. of the relationship, or or there circumstances when it would be or include OD of Healing?
Machaelle's Answer: You would not include the Overlighting Deva of Healing in a Group Calibration process. You would connect to the "Deva of This Relationship Group."

Beth in Kansas City
Question: Faced with this wonderful opportunity all I can think to do since I know my teams and the" question line lovlies" are always there ...Just thank you with all my heart to you and those you have introduced me to. You have quite literally provided the means by which I have been able to continue in this life. I do so appreciate it!!
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks for the kind words. Glad we could help.

Question: I have a multi-faceted business, and have been working with soil-less gardens for different parts of the business. Does it matter whether I have one overall soil-less garden or one for each facet or both?
Machaelle's Answer: If by "multi-faceted" you mean different departments in one business, you're working with one soil-less garden and different departments. But if "multi-faceted" means you're working with separate businesses, with separate names, even if they are related, you're working with them as individual soil-less gardens because they are separate entities.

Catherine in Ireland
Question: Any suggestions on what kind of coning to use for participation in Solstice or Equinox when aligning various cycles (business, personal, our property)? E.g., D. of the Solstice? All the Devas of the main "gardens"? All of the abovel? None of the above? Just ask Pan to include whatever Deva or Devas are relevant?
Machaelle's Answer: Open your regular 4-point coning, add the deva of the specific solstice or equinox and then tell them what you want to align.

Question: Does making our symptom list and then addressing each one, as guided, increase our overall vibration, or integrity of vibration, such that our sensory system might be better able to expand?
Machaelle's Answer: You're just trying like hell to expand that sensory system, aren't you? This is like trying to get pregnant, it doesn't work the harder you try. But once you relax and stop trying, boom, you're pregnant. Relax. Let nature take its course and let your sensory system expand in the timing it wishes.

Sarah Stanke
Question: I just was writing my question, & it suddenly disappeared,don't know if it was sent or deleted. So once again: would it be OK to open a coning for my cat, who has lymphoma, & leave it open while I am out of town? I did this recently, for 1 week, also during that time I made direct contact with him 3 times/day, the suggestion I received when I'd set up the coning. I set it up to close soon after I returned home.
Machaelle's Answer: This was fine. It sounds like you're working responsibly with the Nature Healing Coning under unusual and difficult circumstances.

To the order and organization people:
Clarence has come up with an idea. Organization is how all of the elements fit together, how they connect one to the other. Order is the sequence in which the different elements play out.

Question: Year of Planet Earth, addressing environmental challenges. Wouldn't it be most effective if all of us using these processes consciously linked our "gardens" with the same focus and intent? Would Perelandra be willing to facilitate this?
Machaelle's Answer: No. This would be superfluous. It's more important that everybody focus on their little piece of the planet to establish balance. Refer to the message from the Deva of Planet Earth in the Perelandra Garden Workbook, chapter 20.

Juliette, from France
Question: hello Machaelle, and blessings for all your wonderful work!!! I read in one of your books, or heard in one of your tapes, before you created ETS+ for Soil, that if you would start it all again, you would spend a whole year working on the soil . your first directions of work would be?THX
Machaelle's Answer: I would work with the Deva of Soil and say right up top that I'd like to work just with balancing the soil before asking anything else of it and that I plan to give it a year. Then, get a fertilizer read-out. Then do a Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process (from Workbook II) and test the list to find out if anything else should be done. And then I'd just let the land sit and "cook" for a year.
Thank you for your kind words. Paris is my favorite city!

Caz - UK
Question: Hi Machaelle - I wanna say a Huge "Thank You" for your contribution to Nature , us humans and in turn the planet. I would love & appreciate it if you would consider doing a 2nd dvd on flower essences - advance processes. On the current VT a lady request that you show how to demonstrate Surrogate testing, which I have to tell you made a bid impact seeing it. To see the telegraph testing, peeling process etc would help all round. Also - I would take a guess that nearly all your customers have somewere they call "home" would you consider doing a Perelandra Home Balance book. Multiply this buy you number of customers and I can feel the planet breathing more easily already - this could be done like the MBP book which is an excellent tool Machaelle, I can't say how much I love ya for it Thank you
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks, Caz, for all your suggestions. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, there are still only 24 hours in a day. A "Perelandra Home Balance" book is not necessary, as the Perelandra Garden Workbooks cover this. If you would like assistance on this, call our Question Hot Line. We provide the Question Hot Line to help people individually with the more advanced processes, so if you have problems, again — give us a call.

Question: About nature healing coning, I have read your books but I don't recaled that coning done for sick pets, specially those who are too sick to take ETS for animals. What book is the info. about conings for pets? Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: The Nature Healing Coning is explained in chapter 11 of MAP (2nd or 3rd edition). It's also available as its own paper. The third edition of MAP offers the most up-to-date instruction, including ETS Plus for Animals.

Question: 1) When I am working with MAP I have a code, that I use to open this team coning . Is this code specifically for the members of the White Brotherhood within this context or is it for the collective MAP team (Overhealing Deva, Pan, my higher self)?
Machaelle's Answer: The code is what is used to connect you to the members of your White Brotherhood MAP team. This is so you don't get Joe Blow from down the road's MAP team.

Question: I notice some medical professionals are recommending 3-4 months worth of personal preparation with regard to the avian flu pandemic. Can you share any info as to the expected severity, i.e., rate of infection and % of those expected to die?
Machaelle's Answer: No one can predict the severity. H5N1 is a virus with a "mind of its own." Right now the rate of death is between 58% and 65% depending on the country. Click here for more information: Pandemic Preparedness.

That's it! Thanks to everyone who participated. And I congratulate some of you on your spooky coordination. We'll do this again for our August Virtual Open House.