Perelandra Forum, August 2007
As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered Perelandra's on-line forum with Machaelle. Below you'll find questions about working with the Perelandra material — and the answers. This is a terrific opportunity to see how other folks are applying the Perelandra material, see what types of questions they ask, feel more comfortable about asking your questions and learn a few things along the way.

The forum is now over. You guys did great. Stay cool out there!

OK, Gang. It's time to play "Stump the Perelandra Kid" and submit those questions. Try not to make me cry. (I'm very open to laughing.) And in the spirit of a on-site open house, I'll send you a scowl (with only the best intentions, of course) when you ask one of those really annoying questions. So the pressure is on!! Let's start "talking."
Nancy Baggett's Question: After administering an NS applicaltion (essences) for animals...can I give that solution to my dog? Should I suspect my muscle testing if I regularly test for all balancing soultions and stabalizers? Thank-you.
Machaelle's Answer: You can't reuse essences or Solutions once they've been used in an NS application. At that point, you'd just be giving your dog water and brandy preservative.
It's not unusual for people when they begin using these products to test for all (or most) of them for the first three months. Then after that, it generally levels out. Just keep going with your muscle-testing and see where it leads you, and don't get caught in the trap of over-questioning it. If by "Balancing Solutions" you mean the MBP Solutions — there's no testing required for them. Just take them once in the evening.

Diane's Question: Once you get an all clear on body soul fusion, do you ever have to check it again - as long as nothing major happens like a car accident?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. If you have experienced body/soul stress requiring a Body/Soul Fusion, it is a good idea to check periodically for needing the process. This is because you may have developed this as a mechanism for dealing with stress and you want to make sure that you re-establish the body/soul balance and you move it away from the habit of diffusing.

Diane's Question: Do I have to wait ten seconds between connecting to each member of your MAP team even though i have been a regular customer for a long time? Or can I just blurt out the whole connection statement then check? If blurting is okay, is it also okay to do that with Soilless teams that don't really know me?
Machaelle's Answer: First, connecting with your coning team members has nothing to do with being a customer for a long time. They don't take that into account. Second, is that 10-second wait really going to mess up your schedule? Third, would you enjoy being blurted at? The bottom line is — follow the instructions as written and courtesy is always a plus.

Louisa Dyer's Question: many times i've worked with nature to rid my home of ants or bees or even a rat once. Recently, however, some mice simply would not leave. I did everything I knew, using the troubleshooting sheet and working with my home as well as the mice directly, and kept getting an all clear, yet they didn't leave. I had to trap them to get them out - any suggestions, or ideas on what this could be about?
Machaelle's Answer: Here are my thoughts — They may actually be leaving, but if you don't bother to plug up the holes that they're using to come into the house, they're going to turn around and come back in the next day. So you need to follow-up the Troubleshooting work with the logical, mundane physical work which is find the entrance and plug it.

Margaret Brown's Question: Following a NS shift, is 7 days too long for the direct application? Is there a time limit? In surrogate MAP for baby, should the mother/grandmother be in touch (holding) the baby, sitting within 3 feet of the baby, or in the same room as the baby?
Machaelle's Answer: Hi Margaret. I don't know what you're asking about NS shift. Please clarify.
For the question on Surrogate MAP — pull out your trusty 3rd edition of MAP and go to page 164. The first two bullets on that page answer these questions fully.

Louisa Dyer's Question: sorry i didn't include that piece about plugging up the holes for the mice, but yes, i did that, per nature's instructions, which was great because i didn't know where they were and nature told me clearly - which is what makes it strange because i asked what the problem was and did not get clear answers - they are gone now, and haven't returned in the last week, but it took over 2 weeks to resolve and was confusing, as i kept getting from nature that the mice were gone /not coming back in, yet they were stil here. Just thought you might have some bigger picture idea or something else i didn't think of.
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, you done good Louisa! That's great!
As for it taking two weeks — just count your blessings that they're out. Sometimes it takes a little longer. Be happy. Have a celebration, it worked! I could go on . . .

Linda Morse's Question: First of all, I would like to thank you with all my heart and offer my gratitude to you and your teams for all the work you've done over the years. What a blessing to us ALL! My question: I have done the Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process for what seems like an overabundance of squirrels that have chewed through our screens to enter the house (they LOVED the nuts in the pantry!!), found out they needed a essence solution for 9 days. Do I need to open a coning to ask PAN to shift the solution to them or do I connect only with PAN and request the shift be made this way?
Machaelle's Answer: Either way is effective, so you can do whichever is most comfortable for you. Also, when you're thinking about this, remove the phrase "what seems like an overbalance." Just because they're coming through your screens to eat your nuts doesn't necessarily mean they're "overbalanced." It could just mean they're cheeky. You need to be careful about that kind of phrasing because without realizing it, you're adding your judgment and opinion into the situation. I'm pointing this out just to sharpen up your process with working with nature a little.

I just realized I forgot to say thank you for your kind comments. That's very nice to hear.

Margaret Brown's Question: In surrogate MAP for children, does mother/grandmother connect to her own team as well as the baby's, or only the baby's?.
Machaelle's Answer: Margaret I'm scowling at you. That book you have in your lap now. That chapter on Surrogate MAP for Children, you really need to read it.
But I'm going to give you a break this one time. The answer to your question is — When surrogating MAP for a child or infant, you are connecting to the child's MAP team.

Dorrie Sanders's Question: When washing a dropper after it has touchhed a body part, should it just be swilled under the tap, or washed in dish wash liquid? Does dish wash liquid affect the efficacy of the solution?
Machaelle's Answer: It depends on the body part that's touched. Sometimes just rinsing it is perfectly fine. Other times, you may want to sterilize it. If you need to use dishwashing liquid, be sure to rinse it thoroughly. You don't want the soap in your solution.

Um, are you guys all busy watching the Virtual Garden Tour Bloopers?

Joy's Question: I am learning slowly to co-create a garden with nature. I purposefully chose a small piece to start with as my confidence in kinesiology is low.Eventually, I want to expand to our whole farm and today may be too soon for this question... how do you give ETS+ or essences to farm animals that just eat grass or drink water? We have a sheep that has a sore area on one ear and I would like to do something more than just cleaning the wound.Thanks for your help.
Machaelle's Answer: You're going about this really well as a beginner and I congratulate you for not biting off more than is comfortably chewable. Many people experience low confidence with kinesiology in the beginning. Just hang in there. It gets better as you experience the results of the testing. Honest.
Now, I would recommend for the sheep with the wound — put ETS Plus for Animals in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the wound for a topical application. And in general for the future, you can use the NS application process (this is where nature helps you apply a Solution). You can use the NS process to apply essences and Solutions to animals in herds and in situations where it would be difficult to give the essences or Solutions orally.

Cecilia Ampon's Question: Can you mix a dose of ETS plus with water so that it is easier to take?
Machaelle's Answer: For adults, I do not recommend that you dilute those 10 drops. We recommend that you not dilute the ETS Plus for children either. They only need 5 or 6 drops.

Aurora's Question: I have a weed vine like co-mingiling with 3 kinds of different bushes in my back yard, it is been very frustrating. Since that is the problem plant to me, I did a troubleshooting around this plant, it check for several processes. My question is should I do a troubleshoot for the plants that are beeing invaded by the weed? I just took the idea like if the weed is a invading insect, and the insect is the one that need the balancing. So, the thing is I don't know what to do, when will this weed leave my yard...thank you for your help...
Machaelle's Answer: Aawww... Aurora, this is sad. Okay, you're going about this one backwards. All of your work with the plant that you don't wish to be there is simply strengthening that plant. In this situation, you focus on the balance of the land to support the plants that are to go there, and the balance of the three existing bushes that are there. You let their strength override the "problem" plant.

Dorrie's Question: When refilling dram essence bottles for travelling, with the essence the same, can a different preservative be used? Thank you Machaelle for your wonderful work.
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you. You can refill an empty essence bottle that had one preservative with the same essence with a different preservative. (Example: An empty bottle of Gruss an Aachen that was preserved in vinegar can be refilled with brandy-preserved Gruss an Aachen.) One concern with mixing preservatives like this is the potential for fermentation (fuzzy white things). Watch out for that. If that happens, we recommend you replace the bottle.

Linda Morse's Question: Thanks for your feedback on my wording, Machaelle. One more question: We recently moved to a home in May w/ some land and are leasing for a year or two. This place has an already in-place raised vegetable garden. I have done the Energy Processes on the land and have begun to use the Environmental Processes for the garden in a limited way, i.e., I planted seeds and transplants that were available from the nursery in mid June, checked on how many rows of each seed to be planted, and where to plant what I had, etc. I'm wondering if this is really making a difference in the balance of the garden since I haven't been able to start from scratch with nature, choosing the location of the garden, ideal shape, whats to be planted when and where, ect., or am I spinning my and natures wheels? Garden is limping along& Please comment.
Machaelle's Answer: You're not saying if you asked nature to identify the seeds and plants to go into the garden. If you just bought what was available at the nursery, and then asked questions about rows and numbers, you're not going to get as strong a balance. If you don't wish to move the location of that garden, nature will work with you to accommodate that location by adjusting the variety, the number and location of the plants in the garden. For the sake of balance from that location, you may have to, for example, put in 52 squash plants (that's probably an exaggeration on my part). If it's just limping along now, why not ask nature if you should just remove all existing plants and spend the rest of this season balancing the soil. Then next year, you'll have a better foundation for your garden and things won't be "limping."

Laurie Kim Warchol's Question: Your work on the cutting edge has absolutely changed my life and I don't know how I got by before I started doing it - thank you so much for what you do! 1. In daily essence testing, do I test for a dosage for that day? Or just take once in the a.m.? 2. In atmospheric balancing process, do I need to do two separate balancing and stabilizings at the end if I'm working with land and a home on it? Or do I just balance & stabilize the land through soil balancing and stabilizing? 3. I've been working with a home/land together - is it better to work them separately? Not clear on optimal way to do this. Thank you!!
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for your kind words about my sliding down the razor blade of life.
1. Normally, in daily testing, once-a-day does it. But if you suspect needing more, go ahead and do that daily dosage test.
2. It doesn't matter the number of things on the property, you're balancing and stabilizing one atmosphere.
3. Ask nature when you're setting up this process, "What's the best way to proceed — working with the land and home as a unit or separately?"

Laurie Kim Warchol's Question: I was wondering what cool stuff you're working on now so we can know what to look forward to down the road...any missions or ring-pass-nots or anything like that? Perhaps a Garden Workbook 3?
Machaelle's Answer: Honest to God, I really am working as fast as I can. We'll let you know what's coming out when it's ready. Actually, it does take a little time to do these things. (Scowl.)

Lisa trotter's Question: Please comment on what is under the slate slab beneath the genesea crystal
Machaelle's Answer: It's a Tensor Energy poster that was developed in the 1970s by Patrick Flanigan. It collects the same energy that in the Cheops pyramid and disperses it back out. It's an energy that nature wanted in my garden.

Sue from Florida's Question: Hi Machaelle! I've been working with MAP for about 3 years now, during my own expansion process (boy, has THAT been interesting!). Every so often, I will be told that my code has changed and that my White Brotherhood Medical Team is now "so-and-so". Is this typical, or just my MAP team's unique way of working with me? Thanks for your wonderful processes!
Machaelle's Answer: This sometimes happens. You're doing fine.

Aurora's Question: I guess I was trying to be respectfull of the 'nature' of the weed by telling Nature to help me get it out of my back yard. Just like we do not kill insects, I though we do not kill plants either! So now, I need to balance the plants that are being invaded by this weed, is this what you are saying? The bushes are bugambilias, zinnias and another native to Arizona, don't know the name, this 3 kinds of bushes are being affected by the weed, so shoul I do balancing for each in separate trobleshooting conning? My English is not perfect, but I hope you understand, thank
Machaelle's Answer: Yes to both of those questions. And you are doing just fine with your English!

Mary Fowler's Question: I was giving our dog the Immune and Lymphatic MBP solutions for flea and tick protection but he usually vomits shortly thereafter. Is he still getting their benefit? Any suggestions on how to circumvent the vomiting? Thank you for your wise council and opening up new connections with nature and the White Brotherhood for me.
Machaelle's Answer: Here are a couple suggestions. Set up a Nature Healing Coning for Animals, tell them what you just told me, then give the dog a dosage of Immune and Lymphatic. Let them watch the reaction and see if they can help the problem from that angle. You can ask the Nature Healing Coning if it would help to put the drops on tiny bits of food, or if it would be better to set up an NS application and administer each Solution separately using that method.

Margaret Brown's Question: I'm assisting a mother/grandmother whose newborn was born addicted to methadone. The hospital would not allow ETS to be put onto the baby's forehead. You answered via the Question Hotline that a Nature Spirit shift could be done until ETS can be applied directly. My question is, can the NS shift be done for several days before the actual ETS is put on or does it have be directly applied at least once daily. Is this clear? I am seeing astonishing results as I sneak a once per day ETS application but I want to start NS shifting several of the MBP Solutions as well.
Machaelle's Answer: Okay, Margaret, I'm going to repeat the text of the email I had Beth send to you to answer this — "You can set-up for a Pan shift for the baby until the Solutions or essences can be administered directly. Machaelle suggested 3 times daily. Keep in mind that there will be a 24-hour lag until the shift has fully seated in the baby. You'd open a healing coning (Deva of Healing, Pan, appropriate WB members, your higher self and the baby's higher self) in order to do the shift. Make sure that's cool with the mom. Then, of course, as I said, as soon as they can be given directly, do that."
I'm not sure you understood that I'm saying you can administer any or all Solutions to the baby through NS application for any dosage from now until you have legitimate, permitted access to the baby where you don't have to sneak.

Lorna's Question: Is it OK to simply ask for the "appropriate" devas to be in attendance during my conings? The MAP book is a bit overwhelming and I am just going by resonance, not comprehension, at this time.
Machaelle's Answer: No. If you're going to work with MAP, you have to follow the instructions as they are written. Otherwise, you're not working with MAP and can't expect the results that MAP offers. For the coning, just read the list as it's written.

Sam's Question(s):
Machaelle's Answer: Regarding Sam's questions, which totaled 6 printed pages — I decided to pass them to Jeannette, to be able to give more of my time to all of you today, and we are only posting the answers to his questions.
1A. The word coning does not accurately describe what you are doing with your system. Yes, in this case she objects. Yes, it's a trademark.
1B. No and No.
1C. MAP takes into account and can address all aspects and causes of illness. Based on the wording of your questions today, clarity could be the issue for you in MAP.
2A. No
2B. Anything Machaelle and nature determine to be appropriate according to Perelandra's ddp. Recommending supportive information and health tools is not the same as incorporating them into the research. Those researchers did their work on their own and Machaelle has not had any personal contact with them. She is simply recommending their work.
2C. No input. Where to live is a personal decision. The decision re virtual open house was based on H5N1 concerns as stated.
3. We did not receive that letter. And, no. No. No.
PS: There is no limit to the number of times you can call the question line, but we do limit the amount of time per call or per day in order to be fair to everyone who would like our help. And your questions so far have not gone beyond the limits of our ability to answer. If they do, we'll tell you.
Your prize (that you asked for): We aren't charging you for the amount of time it took to sort through your email to find the actual questions amidst the arguments and insults.

Cindy T's Question: Is it acceptable to do extra MAP sessions for myself during times of great stress, like family emergencies? I'm a little unclear because it's not exactly a physical problem, but it could lead to one. And I too thank you for your wonderful work and books that have been so helpful to me.
Machaelle's Answer: First, the easiest recommendation I can make to you is to take ETS Plus 3 to 5 times daily during the entire period of stress. Do not hesitate to include mental and emotion issues when talking to your MAP team. The MAP teams do very well with these types of issues. Once you've begun taking the ETS Plus daily, if you still feel the need for additional MAP sessions during this stressful period, go ahead and do them.
You may also want to review Health Watch 8 on Stress.

Liz K.'s Question: Machaelle, Sometimes I get overwhelmed working with Nature in reference to my marriage, apt, car, finances, rash on my body, and anything that occurs to me that I can think of to work with. It seems endless and ever-present to work on something. Any words about this?
Machaelle's Answer: Dear Liz, Pick one! Stop deliberately overwhelming yourself. Focus on what feels comfortable. Once you're through those issues, move on to the next. Don't try to focus on everything at once or we give you the newly instituted Perelandra booby prize.

Krista's Question: Hello Machaelle and thank you for being available! I just watched to the MBP video's for the first time and I have been dreaming about charts and processes for a few days now! Ha Ha! Anyway, I have a question about any balancer in PILL form.....Can I cut them in half or even quarters to stretch the supply?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you can do this as long as you use at least 1/8 of a teaspoon for each application.

Margaret Brown's Question: What I have seen so far using MAP, ETS and MBP Solutions leads me to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that these drug addicted babies can be withdrawn pain and discomfort free. What a gift to all mankind. I am in awe of what is possible with these tools.. I don't know what to say.
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for sharing that Margaret.

Machaelle's Answer: You only have to do this when you're telegraphing for something specific. But generally for ETS Plus in an emergency situation or when taking your evening dose of MBP Solutions, you do not telegraph them.

Brigitte's Question: After working in a coning, and it turns out I have to do a process with Pan, i.e., lets say Energy Process for solution for specific problem and have to do it for 3 days, once a day. Do I have to open a coning every day to connect with Pan and have the essences transferred to lets say a plant, or do I just say :" I ask Pan please appropriately shift these essences that I placed in a clean spoon to this special plant? hanks for everything you do and teach us how to do.
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks Brigitte for your kind words. Now, for the answer to your question, refer question 7 above from Linda Morse.

Brigitte's Question: Can I open my map coning only to ask a special question?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, as long as it's a health related question.

The forum is now over. You guys did great. Stay cool out there!