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Excellent questions. I think it was well worth doing this forum. You didn't overly scare me, so I'll probably think about doing it again sometime.
We're going to leave the forum posted indefinitely and you'll be able to link to it from the home page.
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Well, it's a lovely Saturday here. An excellent afternoon for us to spend time together talking about soil-less gardening. By the way, if I get questions about your hydroponic tomatoes I'll know you don't understand what a soil-less garden is. So, here's the simple definition: Anything (except plant life) that is defined, initiated and tended by humans. That would include businesses, classrooms, the arts, special projects, offices, homes, highway construction . . . A co-creative soil-less garden includes working with nature intelligence in partnership. So, bring those burning soil-less garden questions on because, once again, it's time to play "Let's Try To Stump Machaelle."
Marie's Question: I have a small health care practice testing others for essences and for herbs. I would like to work with Professional MAP but am confused about which parts of my practice/business belong in Prof. MAP and which are soil-less garden?
Machaelle's Answer: Professional MAP has anything to do with the therapy. For example, a massage therapist would include the oils that are used, the kind of table that's used, the technique of the massage as it relates to individual clients, their ability to do the massage — that's all under Professional MAP. But if it's the actual structure of the business such as the money flow, the accounting, the location of the office, advertising — it's that external structure of the business that holds up the therapy that's the soil-less garden. If you have a question that falls in a gray area such as how to arrange the office, you can open either coning (Professional MAP or soil-less garden coning) and ask which coning should be used to address the gray area.

Terry Klunk's Question: So, you've done the DDP, you're going along, getting responses to your questions, feeling like you're on the right track, and everything goes awry, or feels like you're moving through mud. Any suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: Yeah! The Nature Cards. That's one thing. At this point what you need is a hint to get out of being stuck. In this situation, you've lost the string of questioning. The other thing you can do is open the coning and tell the coning exactly what you've written here and say, "I need a hint to get out of this." And then close the coning, get on with your day and expect the hint to come from any direction.

Deb's Question: Does the desire of the garden enter into the working partnership? or is it simply the desire of the gardener?
Machaelle's Answer: A garden doesn't have desire. That's not something nature is involved in. The gardener's desire can either work for her or against her. So be careful about the desires that you're introducing in the garden. Read Co-Creative Science.

Sheila Roddy's Question: Why do I need a soil balancing kit to work in a soil-less garden?
Machaelle's Answer: Because nature said so. It's the mystery of the dynamic of what you're balancing. Nature is the one that's defining what's required for balancing. I've never asked this question of nature because I figure they know what they're doing. I just stand back and enjoy the "craziness."

Michelle Ruzzo's Question: I have had all the information from Perelandra for working with Soil-less Gardens for a long time, but cannot seem to figure out the steps to begin in the proper order. Do I use the same coning as MAP/bringing Pan to the forefront or something different? HELP!
Machaelle's Answer: Do you have the video, Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens? I really go through the coning set-up carefully in the video. Is there something in the video you don't understand that I can clarify?

Linda's Question: Thank you for holding this Q&A session. As a newbie to this whole co-creative process, I get confused on which Deva's and which WB Dept to have in the coning for soil-less gardening. Is it ok to let the team decide once I clarify what I am working on or do I need to specify?
Machaelle's Answer: State "I'd like to open a coning for the following soil-less garden." Then be sure you very clearly define your soil-less garden (state your ddp). Then you can say, "I'd like to be connected to the appropriate devas for this soil-less garden." Then connect to Pan. And then state, "I'd like to be connected to the appropriate White Brotherhood members for this soil-less garden." And finally, your higher self. You're not defining who the devas and White Brotherhood are, you're calling for the appropriate ones to connect.

Sheila's Question: Hello Machaelle, I have a dear friend who can not be here in the beginning, he will join us later. But I wanted to ask if you will be submitting this forum on line to revisit later?
Machaelle's Answer: This forum will continue to be available online.

Aurora's Question: I think it will be great to have a chart for soil-less gardens that is more suitable, I know that each soil-g is defferent, but the thing is that is difficult to follow that chart for gardens, it is mind twisting
Machaelle's Answer: Put together your own chart based on the one that's suggested.

Barbara Barenburg's Question: When I open coning for my soil-less gardens, I connect to the "appropriate members of the WBH for the success of Project NAME." If am trouble shooting a subproject I may say "success of the subproject NAME in the Project NAME. " Would I be better off just saying ""the appropriate memeber of the WBH?" It occured to me that I may be limiting those who join the coning.
Machaelle's Answer: Inserting the word "success" is not only limiting those who are a part of the coning, it's also limiting your entire soil-less garden based on your definition of the word success. And to do that is controlling the soil-less garden. You may need to consider the fear you have around just letting go and allowing nature to give you your success.

Madeline T's Question: I am a new Reiki Master Teacher working with Infinite Spirit and guides and these days I am creating zero cash flow, more CC debt and abundant spiritual wealth. How could I phrase questions more clearly to the Universe to receive financial abundance as well?
Machaelle's Answer: I don't work in the way that you're working. So the only thing that I can suggest to you is that you set up a soil-less garden for your business exactly the way I have laid out in the video and books. Perhaps if you phrased questions as if you were talking to a friend sitting next to you rather than projecting them out to the universe, you'll word them more clearly. And, I find through experience, that the integrity and success of how a business operates automatically includes financial "abundance." Financial "abundance" is a byproduct of that success and not the goal of the business.

Sheila's Question: In regards to Terry's question #2, could a Calibration coning take place to help her get back on track?
Machaelle's Answer: Excellent suggestion. Glad you're here. Yes.

Lea's Question: I read Behaving and was enthralled so ordered just about everything. Am overwhelmed about the proper sequential learning and wondering what to focus on next?
Machaelle's Answer: Call our Question Line on Wednesday, they'll help you: 1-540-937-3679.

Susan Chruszcz's Question: Hi Machaelle. We live directly below the Romping Rhinos, who are noisy, and, at times scarey to be near. It sounds like violence some nights. These are inconsiderate people who were hostile to my husband when he approached them nicely. We've finally, after years of this, got superintendents and a bldg mgr who seem interested in getting rid of the tenants upstairs. So I've registered complaints to them, as they have requested, and balanced the apt. My Q: For a CCTP/Apt would I say I want to get rid ot the upstairs neighbors? At this point, they've been issued a time-limited warning, so any infraction will net an eviction. How can I inspire them to act up again in a timely fashion? I can get permission to balance further than my apt from super, if needed, but I tested to just stick to my own apt for now. Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: Sue Chruszcz I can't believe you're aiming to be this manipulative! You've already got your answer — "continue working with the balance of your own apartment" and that will encourage your neighbors to either calm down or leave. Just focus on your own space. Or move.

Cynthia's Question: Basic question: How exactly are the Soil-less and Soil ETS applied during the balancing and stabilizing processes on, say, an energy cleanse? In lieu of balancers and stabilizers? If they are in addition, then are they tested before or after the balancers and stabilizers.
Separately, in soil-less garden testing when Order, Organization, LIfe Vitality have tested individually for SOil-less ETS; do we test Soil ETS for each of the three or can we have one Soil ETS for the whole lot? Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: Question 1 – Test the ETS Plus(es) in addition to the balancers and stabilizers. After you've tested from the Balancing Kit, ask, "Is ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens needed as a balancer?" If yes, test for number of drops. Then ask if ETS Plus for Soil is needed as a balancer, and test number of drops if needed. If an ETS Plus tests positive, it will go in a different spoon than the regular balancers, but you will shift them all at the same time (you could be holding up three spoons at once). Approach the stabilizers in the same way.
Question 2 – No. It's important to follow the instructions for ETS Plus for Soil as they are given in the Soil ETS Plus brochure. There is a fine balance and rhythm that needs to be maintained.

Sheila's Question: Could I respond to #8 Aurora's question in regards to "mind twisting"? I am a major Calibration fan, like no other. I have seen magic and miracles happen in my life after applying a Calibration with Pan to help me "understand", accept, allow and become clear with. So when I hear any question regarding "Mind" or "Emotions" that's where I would take it.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey – another good suggestion. You're really into that Calibration out there! I would suggest doing the Calibration first and explain that she plans to modify the chart so that it will more clearly reflect her soil-less garden and that she wants the understanding for that. Then come out of the coning and open the soil-less garden coning to modify the chart.

Sheila Roddy's Question: Nature said so is good enough for me. So, I use the soil balancing kit when working on the foundation of the soil-less garden?
Machaelle's Answer: When working on any part of the soil-less garden. Use it whenever you test that you need to use it.

Rita's Question: Can we "die the body" differently through guidance received through Soil-less Garden inquiries or through MAP inquiries? (Though I could ask the Devic Level, the forum might like your reflection.)
Machaelle's Answer: I don't understand your question at all. I don't understand the term "die the body." Please re-word this and re-submit.

Ruthann's Question: How can I work in all the soilless gardens in my life? Is this the overall 'life group' focus with miniature parts like I do in my garden garden? Working within the conings for priority etc. Maybe I am making this harder then it is by doing the zoom in zoom out focus. Any suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: Are you wondering which one to start with? Because that's just a choice on your part. Note – I am emphasizing the word one. I think you are making it harder than it is. But just one, whichever one strikes your fancy. If I didn't answer everything you need, please try again.

Aurora's Question: In connection question # 2 & 8, calibration is where I get stack, I don't get any insight, and therefore no resolution, so I never know what to do next, become frustrated and sadly abandon the soil-less project...
Machaelle's Answer: Try the Nature Cards. You're getting in your own way.

Susan Chruszcz's Question: You're right, it's not in my nature to be manipulative. I've been balancing my own apt for years. However, with my health problems, and the addition of my not-so-low-maintenance hubby 4 years ago, and the influx of all our stuff since we closed our off-site storage unit, our apartment is crowded and stuffed. I'm working really hard to try to make this place a decent home, but hubby lags behind a bit, and the acute cycles of illness and other life curves make it so that we're continuously dealing with one crisis or another. I have been working with MAP and SLG conings to bring ease into our lifestyle, and I'm seeing what to move and where, but for the moment, it's quite the mess. Always some destruction before the construction project gets done. Any other clues?
Machaelle's Answer: You might want to ask your MAP team to help you understand why you like living in chaos and keep attracting that to your life.

Ann Brownrigg's Question: I have not yet used the Soil-less Garden, but an wondering if it is right and proper to work with Nature and Humanity for the letting go of old patterns of war and hatred? so they may replaced with new patterns of right-relationship and Brotherhood?
Machaelle's Answer: I wrote this book called The Mount Shasta Mission that can give you suggestions on how to turn these feelings around for yourself and participate in turning them around in the larger picture. What you're suggesting isn't a soil-less garden unless you come up with a specific project that relates to the area you're interested in.

Susie Wasserman's Question: Finally, is correct order writing DDP, opening coning to establish connection to appropriate devas, WB members, and then to get calibrated to the DDP?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, that order is fine. Don't forget Pan and your higher self in the coning.

vicki behrends's Question: Hi again, I'm adding in the previous question (because I couldn't fit it in--I've worked with Personal MAP for over three years, Professional map for a year and a half--have had unbelievable life changes since I've started--change in profession, personal growth, leading me to completely different avenues (I did ask in my first DDP for as much evolution as possible in the life time remaining--I haven't been disappointed). Will that help in developing more than two, or even one Soiless garden ? Thanks, VB
Machaelle's Answer: I'm glad this is working so well for you! This is the first submission we've gotten from you today. We're having difficulty with your question – could you re-word and re-submit?

Paula Davis's Question: Once you have tested yourself for essences, opened the coning, stablized & balanced the coning, stated your DDP, do you calibrate yourself to the project? (I am trying to create my chart to follow.) Would you insert the processes for "PF" after "General Bal"? Thank you Paula - Texas
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, that's the right order to begin. And after doing the Calibration you can use the Troubleshooting Chart to address the general balance of your project framework. (If that's not what you're asking, please try again.)

Ruthann's Question: I worked with a soiless garden, my counseling practice, for a number of years. Out of that I saw the benefit of working with Nature in every garden. Sometimes, like now, I get ahead of myself by thinking about the big all life gardens instead of working with the processes to clarify and act. How do you keep track of the pieces?
Machaelle's Answer: Get a notebook and dividers, and each soil-less garden has its own section. Everything you ask, all the information that you get, all the testing that you do, is recorded and dated and in the notebook.

Kate's Question: I pre-ordered the Soil-Less Gardens DVD and am waiting for it to arrive. Is there anything in your books or papers that will give me the instructions on setting up a session?
Machaelle's Answer: Right now we're working hard to get this thing transfered over to DVD. Production was a little trickier than we had originally thought. We appreciate your patience. (There might be a few half-price videos left, though!) The coning instructions are in Appendix A in the third edition of MAP. Call the Question Hot Line (540-937-3679) on Wednesday and they'll help you get started.

Cynthia's Question: This is regarding energy cleansing and other processes for a business location. It is not convenient for the business to have me there to clean during business hours and not convenient for me to work outside of business hours (before 6am or after 8pm). What are the guidelines for working remotely? Can I go there, open a coning and go elsewhere to do the actual work? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: As long as you have permission and an accurate line drawing of what you're cleansing, you can do the Energy Cleansing from home. I would choose times when nobody is in the building because some people can feel the Energy Cleansing sheet go through them and it freaks them out (even though it's perfectly safe).

vicki behrends's Question: OK, to save you time, I read the "ONE" in Ruthann's answer and that answers my question, though any thoughts that you have would be wonderful--can you do an overlap of a second garden as things get going? Thank you again, VB
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you can work with more than one garden. But you need to keep your wits about you and only activate as many gardens as are comfortable and that you can maintain properly.

Heidi MB's Question: When I use the ETS balancing solutions, impossible-to-schedule people appear at events when I need them. Obviously they retain their free will. Do you think the balancing impacts their free will by changing the environment so that they make a choice that is aligned with the project?
Machaelle's Answer: Interesting question! It is not impacting their free will in a manipulative way. It's changing the environment so that they feel comfortable to freely schedule themselves to get there on time. It's assisting their ability to arrive at an event and not manipulating them to arrive at the event. They're being drawn to the balance.

Louisa Dyer's Question: I have a soil-less garden for my work, with DDP which includes counseling, writing, teaching, recordings and ceremonies. When I am counseling I work with a Professional MAP team coning, is it wise/appropriate to also call in the Deva of my Garden, or the deva of counseling, when counseling?
Machaelle's Answer: You work with Professional MAP when you are actually doing any health therapy, or getting information about health therapy. You work in the soil-less garden coning for your writing, teaching, recordings and ceremonies, plus when addressing the supportive structure of those activities. Just to be clear — when you are counseling, you are working with your Professional MAP team (you're working with the Deva of Healing and that covers counseling).

Louisa's Question: I don't understand how to transpose all the detailed steps in the garden info to a soil-less garden, so generally I just work with the DDP and the troubleshooting sheet-- asking lots of questions based on what's up at the moment or more generally what would be helpful overall to facilitate the DDP. Any specific suggestions for how to expand what I'm doing?
Machaelle's Answer: No, I think you're doing fine. The fact that you ask questions as they come up mean you're covering all of the areas that need to be addressed. Go for it Louisa!

vicki behrends's Question: Last question: Can you do a Soiless Garden in tandem with another person--with their agreement and interest and DDP? (family member, client, friend, pet) Thanks very much, VB
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, but to keep the arguments down, only one person should be responsible for the testing. Two people coming up with different ideas on what to question is fine. Since a soil-less garden is defined, initiated and maintained by humans, then those working in tandem with you should be human. The nature element of the soil-less garden coning covers the information that an animal or pet can provide.

Caz's Question: Hi Machaelle - I have just read Q#23 - When someone asks for as much evolution as possible - what does that mean...I can't even write a simple DDP net alone anything else! Am I missing a trick here?
Machaelle's Answer: No, you keep doing what you're doing. You're not missing a trick. Personally, I would not specifically request as much evolution as possible because I think it means a major headache.

Louisa's Question: Please please please do a soil-less garden workbook, with examples for a project and a business, and whatever else most folks use this for-- it is an incredible tool and I'd like to know I'm covering all the bases&.
Machaelle's Answer: Louisa, I hear your pain. I've got a Workbook on this topic in line to be done. But I don't just pull them out of my ass. They take time. There are a number of projects ahead of this. And you're just going to have to utilize the tools and the help we have now.
And just in case anybody wants to start calling us every week and asking when I'm going to do this, my policy is that for each question, I delay working on the book by one month. So I suggest all of you not annoy me if you really want this book.

Susie Wasserman's Question: Bit confused - could you briefly list either resources to clarify or give feedback on when and what balancers, stabalizers, and solutions are to be used?
Machaelle's Answer: They're used with the processes in the Garden Workbooks and the MBP Manual. The ETS Pluses have brochures that explain how to use them. If this doesn't work for you, call the Question Hot Line (540-937-3679) on Wednesday.

Terry Klunk's Question: What do you do when the responses you've gotten have are seemingly wrong - I mean you are told something will happen, or is happening, and it's not?
Machaelle's Answer: You're asking the wrong questions. You're trying to get a prediction. Predictions only work when 6 and a half billion people do precisely what they were doing at the time that you asked for the prediction. And obviously, in a world filled with free will, that's not going to happen. You need to concentrate your questions on what you can act on and let the results fall in place in their right timing without you trying to manipulate it. I'm suspecting there's fear around trusting the process and you may need a Calibration around this.

Nancy Oden's Question: I find it challenging to create a ddp that will be in balance with the whole of life. I mean, how does one really KNOW in the beginning what the ramifications will be, of creating that ddp? What guidelines do you suggest in getting clear with nature that what you are setting up will be for the good of the whole?
Machaelle's Answer: Okay. You figured out that writing a ddp can be challenging! Here's the point of the partnership. You define, direct and give purpose to what you want to do, and nature will take that information and provide the matter, means and action in balance. Nature automatically balances it. Now, if you end up with something other that what you had wanted, you probably need to go back and rewrite your ddp. And if you forget your role in this, and also try to define the matter, means and action for achieving your ddp, you probably will experience imbalance in your project. So there are 2 things that you're looking at — One is to stay out of nature's way in the partnership. Don't do nature's job. The other is to understand that your development as a person of free will, will be constantly challenged and questioned according to whatever it is you're asking for. And you'll learn in time that sometimes what you're asking for is inappropriate. Nature is going to reflect back to you exactly what you ask for, in balance. It's your job to look at it and decide if what you ask for is a responsible thing. So when you're new to soil-less gardens, start small so that you can start your learning process without endangering the whole of your life.

Gayatri's Question: Would you please give some examples of an Elemental Annex for a soil-less garden? I have used a potted plant in my office, and included the immediatly surrounding area. I wonder, however, is part of the business itself to be designated as such? Any other examples you could offer?
Machaelle's Answer: For a soil-less garden, you don't have to use a live plant for an elemental annex. An elemental annex is a gesture on your part to nature. So, it can be a picture on a wall (that doesn't doesn't need to be watered or dusted).

Gayatri's Question: Regarding question #32 on doing a soiless garden in tandem with others, would you please give some info on doing conings with others? For example, when I do an energy cleanse of my soiless garden with others present, how/when do I include their higher selves when opening and closing the conings? And do I verbalize out loud what I am visualizing (ie, the sheet moving up, indicating where it is) during the process, so all can focus accordingly, or do it silently and let them just be energetic support?
Machaelle's Answer: Just open the coning and include just yourself, and go through the process out loud so everyone can focus accordingly along with you. They don't have to be in the coning.

Aurora's Question: Ok, I don't know if this is right: open coning, bal & sta. test myself for ess. Enter ddp, calibrate to ddp, test if ETS for soiless and ETS for soil. Test the famous chart, #5 doesn't first 8 lines doesn't apply rigth? clean and battle, soil bala and sta, and atmosphere, do applay, test those?
Machaelle's Answer: On the Troubleshooting Chart, step 5 does apply to soil-less gardens. This is where you need to create your own list of things that apply to your specific project. For a soil-less garden, that could include cleaning, organizing, rearranging office furniture, purchasing new chairs, changing the lighting, getting the synthetic carpet out, changing your brochure, upgrading your telephone system. . . . Are you getting the idea?

Machaelle's Second Answer: All of the processes in step 6 also apply to all soil-less gardens.

Peggy B's Question: RE developing and presenting workshops - is each a separate SLG even if presented at the same conference? Can I have a general SLG for "professional presntations"? Do I include the devas of the conference or just for my workshop garden - or ask to be connected with "appropriate" devas?
Machaelle's Answer: If your work is to develop and present workshops, that is the focus of your soil-less garden. Within that, you can develop and intents list with the attributes that you wish to reflect as a teacher or presenter. For each workshop, you would open the soil-less garden coning and activate that list (and you can add a couple of things to it if necessary to address the individual workshop). After activating the list, close the soil-less garden coning. The list remains activated throughout the workshop or conference, even if the workshop or conference includes more than one presentation. After the conference/workshop is concluded, you will reopen the coning and deactivate the intent list. Then close the coning again.

Aurora's Question: continuation, the lines after atmospheric balancing, from flower essence foliar to insect relataing linesl, does it apply? calibration line again? geo too?, I'm sorry, but please tell me, it doesn't make sense the insect ones...
Machaelle's Answer: ALL of the energy processes apply.

Gayatri's Question: I would love to see examples of other people's DDPs and charts they have come up with for their specific soiless gardens, and related descriptive information. Would it be possible to create a place on your website for these to be posted? Hearing of actual examples of how the information is translated into actual practice is very, very helpful to me.
Machaelle's Answer: See the blue text below.

Okay, this is what we'll do. (You are beating me down at the knees here!) I will post a generic soil-less garden troubleshooting chart on the web site that you can download sometime this coming week.
Also, if you would like to share examples of your ddps and how you translated the information for your specific soil-less garden, email this information to with the subject line "SLG Example." We'll post the helpful ddps on a page on our web site.
We will send out an announcement when this page and the troubleshooting chart are posted (and include a link on the home page). As we get new information from you, we'll keep updating the SLG Example page. (This is such a good idea, I realize I don't have to write the book. So, thanks!)

Louisa's Question: LOL! Thanks Machaelle for having the soil-less workbook planned and I promise I won't hassle you about it - and I am THRILLED to know it is coming. Bless you again and again for all you are and all you have done! It has enhanced my life tremendously and I love sharing this body of work with others and seeing their lives improve as well.
Machaelle's Answer: Oops. You'll need to read the blue text above. But thanks for the really kind words. Brown-nosing is helpful!

torourke's Question: I just recently signed on and so hoping I am not duplicating questions. This is sort of a clarification question. When doing a soil-less garden with my foundation DDP and within the foundation DDP I have several other sub-projects going on at the same time, Is it appropriate/good idea to complete DDPs for working more focused with each sub-projects?
Machaelle's Answer: It's always helpful to have that kind of clarity, even when you're working with sub-projects. You can even activate a sub-project ddp.

Susie's Question: Questions must have gotten lost - 1. if partner who is part of garden is unavailable, can, with their permission, a coning meeting occur with me calling in their higher self 2. best setup for business garden with multiple divisions - will each division have own devas and WB members - and how do you open coning with wording to address divisions?
Machaelle's Answer: 1. No. It's just whoever is present at the time. 2. I can't answer this question. You have to ask the coning for your business if something special needs to be set up for different divisions. Sometimes the answer will be yes, sometimes the answer is no.

Deb's Question: Thanks so much for Q&A 37! Could an example be that this forum is a Soil less garden and conings, and processes are taking place even as we view?
Machaelle's Answer: Of course this forum is a soil-less garden. Beyond that, I'm not sure what you're asking.

Leslie Shankman's Question: I am working with a committee of 9 to bring a Symposium to town. Three of us understand the project as a soil-less garden and open conings--to state DDP, balance the project with ETS, report in, ask questions. Is this effective/kosher to do, with not all committe included? When the 3 not available, I open a coning to balance, etc. At this time, do I include the higher selves of the other 2 who are involved but not present?
Machaelle's Answer: In this situation, what's only appropriate to work with is your role with the committee. Each of the three of you working with nature would set up your own personal soil-less garden. The intent for each of you would be to support your individual role in the committee.

You never include the higher self of someone who is not physically present and consciously participating in the coning.

Diane's Question: In the beginning of a project, I write my DDP and then with a coning, Calibrate the DDP to me. Where in the coning does the ETS plus for Soilless come in?
Machaelle's Answer: The ddp is officially activated after you've Calibrated to the ddp (Note: You are Calibrating to the ddp, rather than the other way around).
After that Calibration, you are officially open for business and then can test ETS Plus for Soil and ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens.

Martin K.'s Question: Hello again Machaelle, When working together with a friend on a co-creative project, how do we organise the conings? We did DDP and Paper 13. I.e.: Can one of us open a coning with both our higher selves to work on an issue? (YES, before you hit me we both ARE present and agree HS to be included ). If one person needs to leave, can we just disconnect that persons HS and the other can continue to work? What if the person leaving is the person who said the open coning words at the beginning - can the other person keep the coning open to work and close the coning? Basically, what are the do's and don'ts with conings when we work on a project with another person who also is into CCS? Thank you please.
Machaelle's Answer: Here's your multiple person soil-less garden protocol — One of you takes the lead and opens the coning and includes the other person's higher self. If one of you needs to leave before you're finished, that person disconnects himself from the coning. The coning is still open with the person(s) left in the room and you can continue working. It doesn't matter which person opened the coning. As long as the coning population reflects the people who's butts are in the room at the time.
The person who opens the coning is simply the spokesperson and not solely in control of the coning.

Louisa's Question: RE: # 37, I have learned the hard way to ASK my High Self FIRST -I have a Life DDP that has made it simple-- I refer to it when asking if a project is appropriate for me at this time. The best way to address what to do so that I'm not doing nature's job is to also ASK nature before doing anything! What is the one best thing to read to understand matter, means and action
Machaelle's Answer: Read Co-Creative Science to better understand the human role and the nature role in this partnership. Just be careful that you're not setting up a manipulation or abdicating your responsibility to make a decision or choice to nature in areas that are not nature's job.

Diane's Question: 1. Some projects involve both my physical health and a manual project. An example of this is a health problem where part of the answer may be detoxifying my house. Are there times when it is appropriate to join the Organizing Process (for health) and a Soil-less garden (the Gardening Troubleshooting List) as one big project?
2. I'm doing my budget as a Soil-less project. I find it hard to let go and let the coning guide me. One thing I have learned is that I am given information and that it is what it is. Information. I may have interpretted it wrong or maybe right. Time will tell. I also have to use my own brain and be responsible for myself in making decisions. In the Garden Workbook it seems easier dealing with just plants. Can you offer any suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: 1. If you test in the Organizing Process that your house needs to be detoxed, you would close the Organizing Process coning, open the coning for your home and get out a Troubleshooting Chart. The focus on Troubleshooting Chart would be to detox your home in light of the health problem.

2. I have to keep pulling you guys back to the overall concept of the i/e partnership. I have stated and written numerous times that our job as humans is to remain focused on the evolutionary side of the equation. People don't believe that's enough, and that's partly why they like to tell nature how to do something. They underestimate the importance of that evolutionary dynamic they're involved in. If you remained entirely focused for the rest of your life and for the rest of all time solely on the evolutionary part of this equation, you will have fulfilled your life's purpose. The equation seems easier in the Garden Workbook because I'm providing you with the precise questions you need to ask to fulfill your role in the partnership with nature. There's not a lot of thinking there. In soil-less gardens, because all of the SLGs are so different, I can't provide these questions. And that means your role is going to require more thought, more learning, more challenge, more chocolate, and, consequently, more opportunity for personal evolution.

Louisa's Question: RE:#41 answer - please explain "develop an intents list....after activating the list, close the garden coning....reopen the coning & deactivate the list."
Machaelle's Answer: An intents list is merely a list of qualities and attributes you would like in this particular case as a teacher to reflect to others and the specific goals and attributes you would like your class or your presentation to reflect. For example, when we used to have on-site Open Houses, I always activated an intent list that included support for the visitors, fun, education, nice weather, calm, friendliness, safety . . . and so-forth. An intents list isn't a full-blown soil-less garden ddp, but it modifies the ddp for a specific event or . . . thing.

Heidi's Question: What do you think about using the triangulation process to balance multiple soil-less garden projects? Could the soil garden also be one of the points? It seems to me that it shouldn't matter which project team one works out of because all points/lines will get balanced.
Machaelle's Answer: Whatever you test is needed, that's what you do! You'll have to ask the coning for the direction on how to set this up, including if the soil garden may be one of the points.
Also, the triangulation will be done from the perspective of whatever project coning you're working in. If you do that in one project, it doesn't mean that you've automatically covered the other projects from their perspective. You'll have to test within each project coning.

Martin K.'s Question: Last, but not least : Strangely, I never had to Balance and Stabilise a coning... ....BUT I frequently dream of Perelandra and Machaelle. Do others have these experiences too or am I alone with this? ;-)
Machaelle's Answer: You need to understand that you're the one manufacturing those. There are no gates, no doorways, no entrances that are open here. I don't allow intrusions to occur.

Gayatri's Question: An Intent list? Is this separate from the DDP, or part of the Direction? How does one activate it?
Machaelle's Answer: For the description of an intents list, read #53. How does one activate it? You simply open the project coning, read your intents list out loud and say, "I'd like to activate it." To de-active it, you open the coning, say you'd like to de-activate that list and then close the coning.

Aurora's Question: I guess what your are saying is to just go along whith the chart, even if it is absurd! I know you have said this so many times!!!
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you've got it. AND — read the blue text above and rejoice. Somebody needs to read that blue text and say "thank you" before I get my feelings hurt . . . too late!

Heidi MB's Question: Machaelle, I had to transcribe the video for my own sanity in working with my soil-less garden projects over the years. If you'd like a copy in Word format to review, edit and possibly make available to others I'd be happy to email it to you. Heidi
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, Heidi, you're a sweetheart. We sure wish you'd of let us know about that before we had it transcribed for the dvd! Right now, I think we still have a few videos left that are half price. The dvd we're hoping will be out in October. We've done the transcript for the dvd and we're discussing the possibility of making the transcript available. But really, that is an incredibly sweet offer.

Louisa's Question: #43 answer - (This is such a good idea, I realize I don't have to write the book. So, thanks!) This is funny but only if it isn't really true! It is a great idea and the book is a much better one - no pressure Machaelle, just being clear!
Machaelle's Answer: You know, really, you just lost your brown-nosing credentials! A genuine gesture of thanks for doing this would be nice before you registered your complaint.
It's getting close to the end of the day, so I'm scowling at you for this one.

Kate's Question: RE: (This is such a good idea, I realize I don't have to write the book. So, thanks!) LOL and still LOLing! Machaelle, you are a piece of work! Thank you so much for this forum!
Machaelle's Answer: Okay, that's a good response! We're giving you Louisa's brown-nosing credentials. Thank you!

Thomas Bonin's Question: One of the components of my soil-less garden is "my gardening work". Should this component really be "my garden" and not a soil-less garden? Is it helpful to have a soil-less garden called "my gardening work" and a non-soil-less garden called my garden or do I really only need "my garden" as a non-soilless garden?
Machaelle's Answer: Thomas, have you been drinking?! You say something like this to nature and I bet you'll get a great big, "Huh?" back. You do not need a soil-less garden for your gardening work. Just have a garden and a simple garden coning and enjoy.

Philip Faucher's Question: Is it acceptable to use ETS for humans in the soil-less garden process rather than doing the full flower essence test for each individual when having a meeting in a coning? Is it a problem to have pets hanging around for these meetings?
Machaelle's Answer: We're glad to see that the men have come back from Home Depot and are joining the forum!
Absolutely on ETS Plus for humans instead of the essences. Everybody gets a dropperful. If you notice your pet is getting restless, they may need to be removed to another room. Other than that, pets hanging around are fine . . . unless they fart.

Heather Witkowski's Question: In reference to question #38, Elemental Annex for Soil-Less garden - that's news to me - I don't remember reading that one was required. Are they required?
Machaelle's Answer: No, they're not required. This is something that is discussed in Workbook I (chapter 3) and people are simply applying that gesture (it's a gift to nature) to their soil-less gardens.

Jackie Haynes's Question: As a helpful suggestion, I had a very difficult time figuring out the SLG processes in reality. I got it in theory right away. I ordered ALL the past issues of "Voices" and read them over and over again. Learning how others used SLG's, their success and difficulty, certainly helped me on my merry way with SLG's. It's an endless lesson plan, and as with everything cocreative, the "garden" getting the most benefit is the gardener. Warmest regards.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, what a great way to end the time for submitting questions in this forum. Thanks for the suggestion.

We have other questions that have been submitted that we will continue answering, so continue reading. You're just not going to be able to submit any more questions.
Excellent questions. I think it was well worth doing this forum. You didn't overly scare me, so I'll probably think about doing it again sometime.
We're going to leave the forum posted indefinitely and you'll be able to link to it from the home page.

I'll be taking a 15 minute break to stretch and come back at 5:30 p.m. to continue answering your questions.

Okay — I've eaten. I've stretched. I've peed. I'll be a little less feisty and I've put my loaded gun down, just listened to 15 minutes of my Bruce Springsteen "Live in Dublin" dvd and I got my chocolate. So, my answers may be a little gentler, but probably a little more boring. Here we go.

Diane's Question: With respect to #2 and #19, when I get muddled and feel I am not communicating effectively with Nature, I take ETS plus (for humans) and the muddle goes away. Sometimes it takes a few doses but it usually works.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, another great suggestion. Everybody make note of this.

Gayatri's Question: I recently changed my business from a print magazine to going online exclusively (in progress). In some ways the online business is just an evolution and expansion of the old, and one also could say that the online business is completely new, tho certainly built on the connections, experience, cache of content, office equipment, etc. of the old. Any hints on how to shift the energy to the new, and write the DDP appropriately? Do I put the old one 'to bed' after 'harvesting' it?
Machaelle's Answer: The easiest way to do this is to deactivate the ddp for your old business and immediately turn around and activate a new ddp that reflects your new business. That'll keep everything clean. And putting together a new ddp will be helpful in clarifying your new direction with the online magazine. If you have any specific links to the old business, it'll come up as you're putting that new ddp together and you can add it to the new ddp.

torourke's Question: I know that PRACTICE makes perfect when working with kinesiology and am often confident about the results I get and, sometimes I question my self and feel that I'm not close to being on target with it working correctly. Does my attitude (confidence versus lack of confidence) play a role in the accuracy?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. Your attitude can throw a kinesiology test. Fear, lack of confidence, desire to control, doubt. . . . And if often causes you to double-check and triple-check yourself, which can really lead you into a mess. The only way to get through this when you're feeling lack of confidence is to take a moment, buck yourself up, commit to getting "the" correct answer. And just go for it. Don't re-test. Act on your answer. More often than not, you'll see that your testing was correct and that'll build your confidence even more.

Susan Chruszcz's Question: :Hi again. I calibrated for why I keep drawing chaos into my life. I can see patterns, from conception to present, but why eludes me. I've been striving for order, safety and security all my life. I'm very sensitive to my husband's energy. When he's off, I feel drained. I physically feel it when he needs to Cal or take FE. So I can kinda get what happens in nature. I get that I'm having trouble with the apt DDP. I have a picture of order and function in my head, and how to pull it all together, but I get mixed signals re how to go about it. I think my energy is mixed up with Michael's, resulting in a bigger mess. I find it very hard to proceed without considering his needs. I feel blocked by his limiting beliefs and my physical limits. Think giant 3D jigsaw puzzle in a confined space with two lab rats doing the reconstruction, one is blind, the other is lame. And, no, I don't like chaos, but I do have a knack for drawing it into my world.
Machaelle's Answer: This is really not the thing to bring to me, it's to bring to your MAP team. And it's not a soil-less garden.

Philip Faucher's Question: My wife and I have set up a DDP together for our combined efforts to create a life in the country untethered to the financial lifeline of city life. We have joint meetings to discuss financials, planning etc. We each have our seperate DDP's for our individual projects, and work on these separately. I sthat appropriate? Can I open a coning by myself for the combined project (she often does not have the time) to do the energy processes? By you previous answers I see we are controlling the financial part of this by stating our money goals. Is this ever appropriate?
Machaelle's Answer: 1. If these separate projects are related to the combined efforts to create a life in the country, etc., then you need to find out from the first coning whether you need a separate ddp for the individual projects and if so, which ones. For some of this activity, you may have a more direct relationship to the main ddp than you realize.
2. Yes, you can open a coning by yourself for the combined project to do the energy processes.
3. You have to be careful how you're stating your money goals. You've already stated your money goals with the phrase, "a life in the country untethered to the financial lifeline of city life." However, because of how you're approaching this, you may end up as a couple churning your own butter and making your own furniture in order to achieve your ddp. So you may wish to generally describe the lifestyle you wish as part of your ddp, but be general in this description.

Rita's Question: 2nd Attempt: In light of your ability to shift to the Cottage level, is there a way to work with Soil-less Gardens or MAP to find guidance to an alternative manner to transition the body to the next appropriate dimension sans the conventionally held transition route of dying i.e. through torture, trauma, etc. Can a conscious transition to the next dimension be designed in collaboration with the Devic Level?
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, Rita, Rita, Rita . . .
Trying to escape from your life, hey? One suggestion is that you could die from a means other than torture and trauma, such as a natural death while in bed reading a trash novel and eating chocolate. For any other method, if you really read Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon, you'd see that I didn't plan to do this. My life's training resulted in being able to do this. There was nothing conscious on my part except to say yes at the critical time. Others who have tried to manipulate themselves out of this level have gotten themselves in a lot of hot water. So, I suggest that you just relax and appreciate what's going on around you.

Lee's Question: Rank beginner here .... first question: Will nature come out and tell me my project is a stupid idea "...hey dummy, the division is going west, the company east, the marketplace south and you're trying to head north....get a clue"... I see where you suggest not leaving fuzziness in your purpose / direction ... but maybe its just a bad do I find out without muddying the water beforehand ?
Machaelle's Answer: LOL! Try this — Write out your ddp, activate it and then direct the following statement to your coning: "The first thing I want to know is if this project is a stupid idea and should it be scrapped right now?" Say that you are open to getting information about this from any source / any direction within the next seven days. Close the coning and return to your normal life. Don't think about this. Just make note of the different information coming from whatever direction. The collection of information that you get will give you the input so that you can decide if this is a stupid idea. By doing it this way, you are not directing your question solely to nature. If you did, nature would simply say, "Sure, you can do this." Nature's not going to make a decision on whether it's a stupid idea or not. By addressing your question to the full coning, you are opening the answer to the full range of the coning which will give you the appropriate input.
Great question for a "rank beginner."

Diane's Question: Hi again! In setting up a coning for a project, let's say my budget, I would include the Deva of Budgets, but should i also include the Deva of My Finances? I worry the Deva of Budgets only knows about Budgets but the Deva of My Finances really knows the scoop about my financial situation.
Machaelle's Answer: I would go with Deva of Finance as an umbrella that includes budget. "Budget" is a function of finance.

Susan Chruszcz's Question: Wow, a generic SLG chart sounds great. I'll send some sample SLG work for the Web Page. I'm not a total ditz with this stuff, only when I'm stuck. Some quick generic tips: Too little sun = shed some light on this project, or clean something up. Interplanting: Put something in this place or take something out. Soil Bal + Stab; Problem plant: Of the problem area in the SLG, which needs this process? FEFF, Gen Sol: for the project as a whole FEFF, Soln for specific problem: List problems, test for need, Bal and Stab. Plant Triangulation: If it's a building, the plants could be plants, or rooms or items or areas. Insect Balancing: What are the bugs or problems? Bal and Strengthen with FE. Insect Triangulation: A bug or problem with SLG, the SLG, and me, the gardener Calibration: Gardener is me, Plant is the SLG, Soil is soil supporting the SLG or some foundation of the SLG, Insect is an insect or a bug of some other sort. I hope this is helpful.
Machaelle's Answer: Here's the instructions — Put your examples in an email with the subject line of "SLG Example" and send it to
Ps. Thanks for the examples. We'll give more feedback on this when we put the page together.

Aurora's Question: Now that you mention Organizing Perelandra Chart, would you have a forum for that, some day?
Machaelle's Answer: I don't know. I'm focused on this forum right now.

torourke's Question: I have taken very good notes on your soil-less gardens video and did not see intent list at all. Is there a place to read about intent lists.
Machaelle's Answer: This is like a shell game . . . I think I actually talk about that in the Open House video. The other place you can read about intents lists is this forum. I've now told you what it is, how to start it and how to deactivate it! I'm not sure you'll need much more than that. You never know what I'm going to say where or when. This keeps you on your toes. Surprise! Thanks for keeping me on my toes, too.

barbara's Question: #37 Intent is? DDP: to be present, grounded and in my body while visiting a patient, provide support through listening and when appropiate fun....
Machaelle's Answer: You don't have to have a separate intents list for each project/ddp. In this case, it looks like you've included your intent list in your ddp.

Caz's Question: Identify/describe problem - occording to WB2 - nature explains that an Individual does not need tp identify the problem in order to problem shoot it - as our interpretation. What do I put on that line to show that I have acknowledge section 4? Thank you
Machaelle's Answer: I'm 62 years old and I don't text message. I need more words to figure out what you're asking me. But since the forum is closed, I'm going to "wing it."
Actually, for you, I think it would be best if you called the Question Hot Line (540-937-3679). We need to ask you more questions to figure out your question.

Louisa's Question: again, thanks machaelle for all you do, including the new site re: other's ddp. As for heidi's transcript, and/or one for the dvd, that would be incredibly helpful! Let me be the first to sign up for either one......
Machaelle's Answer: Okay Louisa, we get that you're "at the door panting." We'll let you know what we're making available and when through our emailing service.

torourke's Question: Machaelle, relating to your answer number 52 part 2, for a person to be in a place of greater clarity and develop more for personal evolution, would this not be a role within MAP for any mental/emotional needs/concerns along with a DDP project for personal evolution? Isnt this a place that nature can help with the whole process?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you're right. If you're struggling for clarity, taking the issue to MAP Calibration is a wise thing to do.

Gloria Cousar's Question: Greetings from an old pal. Hope you goty my earlier question. I was also wondering will the DVD on Soiless Gardens have additional information as compared with the videos?
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Gloria, long time no hear! We just checked, we did not get your earlier question. Please send it to or call the Question Line (540-937-3679). It probably dropped out of cyberspace and some guy in Duluth is trying to figure out how it ended up on his computer!
The dvd has the same information compared with the video, but it's formatted so that accessing the information is much easier.
Great hearing from you!

Mary Beth Gwynn's Question: Thanks Machaelle!! The generic trouble shooting chart will be very welcomed by me - and I will love having some examples of DDP's posted. I will learn alot from the sharing. I have also learned alot from today's forum - it's been very, very helpful. Bravo! and Kudos! (belated but nonetheless heartfelt thanks)
Machaelle's Answer: You now are sharing the brown-nosing award. You did good on this. You did really good. I like your response!

torourke's Question: Relating to soil-less gardens steps/processes, is there a place in one of your books/papers that shows one complete list of ALL POSSIBLE STEPS/PROCESSES so as if nature suggested using all of them, I would know what they were and the general order they occur? As an example, I somehow completely missed the idea of intent list and I also transcribed the soil-less gardens video. I wish to complete a general form to use when setting up new projects to include asking nature about all the appropriate steps to use. I know there are different places in your books we can find them individually and complete a list, I was just wondering if a complete list was available?
Machaelle's Answer: (read #83)

torourke's Question: Machaelle, I'm running behind, I read the blue text and THANK YOU MY DEAR
Machaelle's Answer: You're very welcome! Glad to help.

Sheila's Question: Yes, Thank you Machaelle for this forum.
Machaelle's Answer: You're welcome! Hey – all sorts of brown-nosing awards are being handed out now. You guys are terrific.

Mel's Question: Are you familiar with 'The Secret?' If so is that describing the evolutionaly process with the Nature dynamic loosely described as 'the fairies of the Universe' that fullfill?
Machaelle's Answer: I've not read the book. The only I know about it is that the principles in The Secret are not new. They're centuries old. But other than that, I don't know how you're relating nature with "the fairies of the universe."

Martin K.'s Question: Just want to say how amazingly helpful this forum is and how amazingly helpful SLG and your development of CCS is!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I do not know where I would be without it all. THANK YOU!
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for your kind words. Knowing you, I know you mean this. But, brown-nosing here is not going to get you anywhere with Jeannette and Beth and the permission you're asking for. Nice try. Just yankin' your chain Martin.

Diane's Question: With reference to #52. In your Soil-less Garden video, you tell of the woman who does not water the tree because she is hot and tired and her kinesiology reflects this. She asks the tree if it needs water and the answer comes back no when it really does need water. I am afraid that when I ask nature where to put my money in my budget I am sending my kinesiology messages I am not aware of based on my desires. I am not always sure the right answer is getting through. When you say "evolution" in #52, do you mean that my purpose is to do what I believe nature is telling me to do?
Machaelle's Answer: Evolution includes committing yourself to the truth, no matter what your personal desires are. In the case of the tree, the commitment to the truth would be that the tree needs to be watered. Had she committed to that, she may have gotten the information on how to complete this task in a comfortable manner. But she had already decided there was no way to be comfortable in this task, so she sabotaged the truth. When you ask nature for direct information, it seems to me it's a useless exercise if you don't commit to doing what nature is telling you to do. Perhaps the thing for you to do is to put aside your soil-less garden on budget and finance and activate a more simple soil-less garden so that you can work with nature and practice this give-and-take. This will result in greater confidence when you go back to your financial SLG. Working with finance and money is generally an emotional exercise. You need to learn how to put aside your emotions in order to get accurate information before you step into a "mine field" like finance and budget.

Marty's Question: I want to thank you so much for doing htis today. I am new to this soil less garden thing I am having a bit of trouble understanding it. I have several of hte books including the 2 workbooks which I just finished reading. My question is (because I think I meesed this) is our body considered a soiless garden or does that fall under another description. Sorry if htis is a silly question
Machaelle's Answer: Marty, this isn't a silly question. Particularly when you're new at this. The human body is a garden. But at Perelandra, we have a separate collection of tools for addressing the health of the human body: MAP, the Perelandra Essences, the MBP Balancing Solutions, ETS Plus for humans and the Microbial Balancing Program. You don't have to make a soil-less garden out of it.

Susie's Question: Tried to fire this off before - hope you get it. My chance to tell you personally how significant all processes have been in my life and to clients I have shared with. Fortunate enough to attend the microbial balancing and Hep C in check for number of years - made me conscious of integrity in marketing, right use of will, many things. So thank you - no buttering up just truth.
Machaelle's Answer: Cool. Thanks for the thanks. I guess the guy in Duluth got your first attempt at this, too. He must be really confused now. Glad you tried again.

Karen Newell's Question: Any information on soilless gardens, including this forum, your idea to post a generic troubleshooting chart, the suggestions and experienes from other users, the Voices newsletters, are GREATLY APPRECIATED. I eagerly await the Soilless Garden DVD and thank you for all you do.
Machaelle's Answer: Did you guys just get to the part where I yelled about thanking me? Now you're being really sweet. How am I going to continue yelling? Thanks Karen!

Sarah McKee's Question: So, Machaelle, thanks to you and to Nature for this and for all your years of research! I've already emailed the blue part to the friend in France who told me about ETS Plus (for humans - only kind I knew about until recently). Many blessings, Sarah McKee
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you, too, Sarah!

Lee's Question: Seeing as we're hitting the end... would like to thank you for the promised dvds...will make viewing so much easier....and a trying-to-get-my-head-around-this kind of question... So,1) the aim is to be as clear as possible as a questioner / ddp writer...and clear in this case being perhaps described as unattached ? 2) From nature's point of view....were folks like Buddha , Christ working with nature unconsciously ? or were they working w/ nature consciously ? (something I suspect nature can figure out) ...and 3) lastly, your books talk about various areas of (wrong word probabaly) consciousness..we have nature, souls, and then (w/o referencing book/page) it seems to talk about other intelligences...can nature / you give some hints as to what those are ? Thanks for your patience, should there be any left. MGB.
Machaelle's Answer: 1. Clarity is always a plus. And as we go on with these processes, the more clear we get (practice makes perfect)! It's important to know when you're asking a question and you are unattached and when you're asking a question and it's so emotional you're not sure you're unattached. And that's going to change as you go along.
2. I don't know, you'll have to ask Buddha and Christ.
3. I've woofed down some chocolate, so patience isn't doing too badly right now. But thanks for asking. Personally, I can only deal with the consciousness around nature and souls. I haven't asked any questions about intelligences beyond that because I don't want my head to blow up.

teri g's Question: I've been writing a novel with the assistance of a coning group. Now I' moving into the marketing phase. Do I continue working with the same group? Form a new group? Ask that the existing group reshuffle?
Machaelle's Answer: It depends on whether or not your original ddp included the activity around the marketing. If it did not, open your novel coning and ask them if they recommend that you simply amend the ddp of this coning to extend it to marketing or just do a new ddp and activate it for the marketing part.

Michaelle Carter's Question: I have a situation where a dog started living underneath my house. I was reluctant to call the pound as she is a pit bull and also shy and I was told that stray pit bulls are usually put down rather than being held for adoption. I started feeding her after time and, having gotton to know her a bit she is a terrific dog and I am trying to find her a home. I have set boundries precluding giving her the opportunity to bond with me. 1. What kind of coning work do you suggest to help me in getting clear with this situation and perhaps in facilitating finding her a home?
Machaelle's Answer: It's too late. Once you started feeding her, she bonded. She considers you home. You're making this too complex. Call your local vet and see if they know of someone who would like to give this dog a home. Look online for a pit bull rescue group and see where that leads you. But understand that this dog has already bonded with you.

amy's Question: I noticed that there is reference to including devas (plural) in a soilless garden. I might be due for another viewing of the videos because I thought that once you establish the DDP and start the garden with the initial calibration that you work with the deva of that garden when opening the coning. Please clarify deva of that SG or devas for the SG or particular issue(s).
Machaelle's Answer: Most of the time, you are working with one deva. But if you're working in a project that has different departments, it may be necessary for you to add the deva of each of those departments in. It just depends on how it tests to be set up.

Jenny's Question: Thank you for all you do, Machaelle. I've been working in a SLG to manifest a relationship. It's been an amazing process and I'm learning a lot but I have a few questions: 1) Is an SLG just a more clear and conscious way to work with the first dynamic of manifestation that you describe in Behaving and CCScience? 2) Is it "kosher" to work in a SLG to bring about a desired relationship? (I don't see many questions about relationships but it seems like they fit the criteria. 3) My team often tells me to relax and let them handle the timing, the context (matter, means, action, right?) and they also put me to sleep often so they can work on deeper levels than I'm conscious of. Based on other's answers I'm going to do a Calibration for these timing and trust issues, but it would be nice to get your input on whether these things seem normal or common in your SLG experience. Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: 1. An SLG sets up the framework for much more conscious participation with nature than the simple dynamic of manifestation. And in this age of environmental disaster, it's really good to promote the conscious relationship with nature that we have.
2. First of all, relationships do fit the criteria. So, yes, it is kosher. The best focus for that kind of soil-less garden is to prepare yourself for the relationship so that you will draw to you the right relationship in the right timing. The main thing is that you need to be prepared.
3. You can ask your SLG coning if it would be more beneficial for you to take these personal issues to MAP. Everybody's experience with soil-less gardens is different, but I think you fall within the range of normal and common with this.

Thomas Bonin's Question: I don't particularly like my job but doing soil-less garden work with it seems to make it more tolerable. One of my reasons for keeping the job, besides the money, is that I've assumed that 1) it's necessary to be flexible and 2) no matter how much I don't like the job, I should be able to make it enjoyable by working with Nature co-creatively through soil-less garden work on it. Are these assumptions correct?
Machaelle's Answer: The problem with your questions here is that I'm not the one to answer them for you. Only you can answer them. You are in charge of your own ddp. If you feel you have to stay in this job, and you're working with nature regarding that decision, you'll get from nature the matter, means and action to make staying in the job palatable. But it's your decision and your decision alone on whether you want to stay in the job or if it's right for you to stay in the job. Whatever your decision, nature will support that.
Beth says you'd make a good house elf. Of course, I've been telling her that she'd make a good house elf for years. So we're getting a plethora of candidates here.

Susie Wasserman's Question: If garden is a business with several "divisions" - how is that best set up and maintained?
Machaelle's Answer: I don't know when you submitted this question, but I feel that if you go back and read this forum, you'll get the answers to your questions.

That's all folks. We've answered all your questions. Hope you find this helpful!
~ Machaelle