Reliable scientific information concerning public health and environmental risks of sludge.
Be sure to check this site's list of additional reports and supporting documents.

Excellent links to recent letters and articles that are critical information for fighting sludge.
Organic Consumers – Toxic Sludge

July 2002 National Academy of Sciences Report

Main page for the EPA information on 'biosolids'

Cornell Waste Management Institute

Cornell University Study: Health and Environmental Impacts of Application of Sewage Sludges to Agricultural Land

July 2002 British Medical Journal article (David Lewis et al.)

Toxic Sludge Is Good for You, Chapter 8

CDC Guidance for Controlling Potential Risks to Workers Exposed to Sludge (Class B Biosolids)

List and links to many articles and reports about sludge, especially in Pennsylvania

Citizen Petition to the City of San Francisco & Suspend the Sewage Sludge Giveaway

Targeted National Sewage Sludge Survey Report

Perelandra, Center for Nature Research


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