Flower Essences
by Jeannette Edwards,
Perelandra Staff

I would like to share an experience I had using a process described to me by Machaelle, to assist some dead people who were "stuck" in a house where I lived.

In November of 1993, I moved into a large, moderately old house. I was renting one of the rooms in the house and sharing the rest of the house with the owner who lived there part-time. A friend rented another room there.

Most of the time, I was alone in the house. One thing that I found to be unusual about the place is that often, when I was in the basement, I would hear muffled voices of people talking. It sounded to me like there were people upstairs having a conversation. Sometimes I would think a radio had been left on somewhere, sometimes I would decide that it must be the water running under the floor. (A natural spring ran under the basement, feeding the well for the house. It was simply a large covered hole in the basement floor.)

Another strange thing about the house was the difficulty we had building fires without creating an enormous amount of smoke that would fill the house. The house was heated by two woodstoves. For over five years, I had lived in houses heated by woodstoves and never had any problems starting fires in them and keeping them burning without creating a lot of smoke. I felt confident that the problems I was having with fires in this house were not due to my fire building abilities.

Whenever I had extreme difficulties with the fires, I would work with nature and ask for assistance in getting the fire started. This always helped.

I didn't really put any thought into either of these issues until . . . . One morning, in January, my friend drove up with a load of firewood. He got out of his truck, carrying his coffee mug and several area newspapers and put them on the window ledge while we unloaded the firewood onto the porch. We carried some of the firewood into the house and down to the basement. When we finished, my friend asked where I put the newspapers. I told him I didn't see or touch any newspapers. We looked everywhere inside and outside, on the porch, in the yard . . . . There were no newspapers to be found anywhere. Weird.

That evening, my friend and I were in the living room watching television. From where we sat, we both faced the TV and had a full view of the adjoining room and the front door of the house. This other room was dimly lit by the light in the living room. Suddenly, my friend turned to me with a ghostly look on his face and said "Did you see that?!" I was watching the television at the time and innocently asked, "See what?" My friend was quite discombobulated. "I swear I just saw someone come through the front door and walk across the room." I thought to myself, 'Oh no, let's s just pretend it was something perfectly explainable.'

Later, I walked into the kitchen for something. I found one of the burners lit on the gas stove. Neither my friend nor I had been in the kitchen and neither of us had used the stove recently. Now we started to get very nervous.

We confirmed the strangeness of the day's events with one another. The stove burner lit was a bit too much. It scared us. It was then that I thought about the voices I would hear while in the basement. My friend knew exactly what I was talking about when I brought it up. We both knew we had to do something, but we were also frightened.

If you think that experiencing physical evidence of unseen forces is exciting and wonderful, I bet you've never been totally surprised by some completely unfamiliar, unexplainable occurrence in familiar territory. And you might think that working at Perelandra, a person would have to be completely comfortable with the unseen and with strange unexplainable occurrences. But, I've got all those memories of scary ghost stories and movies, just like you. Those fears don't just disappear when you learn more about reality from hearing or reading about it. It's the actual experiences that bring about serious changes in your perceptions.

So, after discussing that we were both completely uncomfortable, we decided to call Machaelle for help. We knew that doing this committed us to actually acting on her suggestions. Machaelle reassured us and gave us instructions on what to do. She reminded us of her experience at the Caddy's home (referred to in Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon) and convinced us that this was going to be a positive experience. She pointed out that our having Perelandra essences could have been a trigger for motivating this "ghost" to contact us. I had also used the energy processes on the house and property and regularly worked with nature on different projects while at home. This "ghost" was probably somehow aware that we could assist him in moving on. It can be difficult and frustrating for a dead person to contact the living people around him. He will often have to try a number of ways to get their attention. This guy finally got our attention! So, based on the information Machaelle gave us, here is what we did.

We took our essences into the living room, along with pen and notepaper, and got comfortable. We decided who would do the essence testing and who would take notes. We then tested ourselves for essences and took the essences we needed. We opened a coning by connecting with the following:

The Overlighting Deva of the House
The White Brotherhood "Ghostbusters" (or the appropriate
     members of the White Brotherhood for this issue)
My higher self
My friend's higher self
The higher selves of all other people present in the house

We again tested ourselves for essences and tested to see if the coning needed to be balanced and stabilized. We were able to feel the presence of others in the room. I asked how many people were there. There were five. I explained what flower essences were and that they were something that could assist them in releasing from this level and moving on to their next appropriate level. I talked out loud just as if I could see the five people in the room with us. I asked if they would like to receive the flower essences. A definite "yes." I then explained the procedure we would follow. I asked them to line up and approach me one at a time. When I asked them to, each was to sit next to me on the sofa and put his hand on my left knee to be tested for the essences. I asked the first person to come and sit down. I asked to be connected to his electrical system and then I surrogate tested him for essences using the same procedure I would for a person that I could see sitting next to me. I asked which essences were needed to assist this person to move to his next appropriate level. I put one drop of each of the essences that tested positive on a spoon and asked Pan to assist by shifting the essences to the person. I then verified the shift using kinesiology. (As I could neither see nor hear anything, I used kinesiology for all testing and to get all information.) I then asked if any other essences were needed and if the person's shift was completed. I tested each of the five souls in this manner. For one of the people, I had a sense that he wanted the essences put directly in his mouth, so I asked and got a "yes." I told the person that I could not see him and asked him to help me with this. I just held the droppers where I thought his mouth might be, asked if this was where I should hold it and dropped the drops.

My friend and I were both very calm during the entire process. Once we had the coning open, we felt very safe, protected and sure that this was the right thing to do. We both felt a deep sense of gratitude from each of the souls, particularly from the fifth one. The entire process was extremely touching. When the essence testing was complete, we discussed how each of us experienced the process and what we sensed about these souls. We confirmed each other's perceptions.

We both had the sense that this was a family we were assisting. There didn't seem to be a mother or father present. Each of the souls had a distinct and different personality and emotional feel about them. We were able to get a sense of age and sex of each. My friend had a sense that the first in line was frightened by one of our dogs being in the room. Soon after we started the process, the dog left the room. He felt the soul calm down. My friend saw a flash of something shiny when the second soul sat down. The third soul seemed to be very excited about participating in this. I was able to feel the touch of her hand on my knee when she sat down. The fourth soul felt very afraid and alone. As the last soul came to me, my friend held a question in his mind about the shiny flash he had seen. He told me later he received a very clear answer to his question from the last soul, confirming that the flash was from a pin that the young girl was wearing. The ghost who made the connection with us seemed to be the "head of the family," an older brother. He was the last to receive the essences. As he approached, tears welled up in my eyes. I felt a very strong sense of gratitude from him for helping his family.

After completing the flower essence testing, we asked, "Is there anything else that we need to do for anyone else before we balance and stabilize the house?" We got a "no." We then used the troubleshooting chart and tested to see which energy processes were needed so that the house would not continue to attract other souls. (We didn't want to open up a soul releasing shop on the premises.) A Soil Balancing and Stabilizing Process was needed. We completed that process, then closed the coning.

A few days later, I was describing the results of the process to Machaelle. She asked if we had checked to be sure that all of the souls had released. No, we hadn't actually asked this question. I opened the coning again and asked if any souls were still present and connected with the house and found that one of the souls was still present. I knew immediately which soul it was. It was the fourth one tested. She had been very frightened and nervous. Machaelle suggested that I wait until the soul contacted me in some way and then ask her direct questions. I was to ask if she understood that she was dead. If she did not know, I would need to explain this fact to her and then offer my assistance. It wasn't long before she did contact me. I felt that she had been severely traumatized and it seemed that fire was involved. I spoke with her on two successive nights, tested her for essences several times and asked if she needed a MAP team (she did not). She did not release completely after all of the flower essence testing that we did, but her connection to me shifted and I tested that there was nothing more for me to do. I felt that I had done as much as was appropriate for me to do, and that she would be assisted further by someone else. She did not contact me again.

While writing this story, I realized something that I hadn't considered earlier. Each of the strange occurrences were connected with fire in some way. When I would hear voices in the basement, it was always while I was loading the woodstove or building the fire. I don't recall ever hearing the voices while in the basement to do laundry. The soul who had remained after the others had released, contacted me while I was building a fire in the living room woodstove. Putting this together helped to validate the experiences I had while working with the soul who remained in the house. While I worked with her in my bedroom I had visions of the room being immersed in flames. I experienced a real sense of trauma, fear and anguish. Although I was never able to find out about the history of the property, I have speculated that there may have been a fire on this land in which a family died. Regardless, it was certainly an unusual experience.

After completing these processes, I no longer felt any fearfulness. I was extremely grateful for the tools and the process that allowed us to help these souls. I received gifts of understanding and compassion in doing this process. I was in awe. It was an honor to have been part of the process.