Microbial Balancing Program

I would like to purchase the components of the Expanded Balancing Process Kit from my local health food store. What are the guidelines for types of vitamins, minerals and supplements to be used in the Microbial Balancing Program? Do I need to purchase a specific brand name?
Purchase quality products that are as clean and natural as possible, without a lot of additives. You do not need a specific number of milligrams, what is generally available is fine. For the Microbial Balancing Program, you will need to have the balancers in their individual form. For example, you will need vitamins B and C and niacin. Do not try to use a combination of vitamins B and C. Niacin needs to be made available separate from Vitamin B. You cannot use a multi-vitamin in place of individual balancers.

Why can only Perelandra Essences be used in the Microbial Balancing Program?
For the steps in the process where you are testing (see Kinesiology Testing) yourself for essences, you may use any other essences you wish to include. However, the issues with microbes are intricate and complex. A full range of essences is needed to address microbial issues. Using Perelandra Essences assures that a specific criterion is met and the range of essences needed for microbial balance is available.