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Last Update: February 2021

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MBP Balancing Solutions

Everyone can benefit from the MBP Balancing Solutions without any learning curve or use of other Perelandra health processes. Many of you begin simply because you're struck by a gut instinct and wish to include this support in your daily routine. For those of you who are curious and wish to learn more, here are answers to the questions most often asked about the MBP Solutions, how to use them and how they differ from other Perelandra health tools like the Microbial Balancing Program and essences.

What are they, what do they do and can anybody take them?

Each MBP Balancing Solution addresses the balance and function of a body system and the microbes that work in conjunction with that system.

The MBP Balancing Solutions are safe and natural. They are oral solutions that may be taken by adults, pregnant women, children and animals.

What do I take for   (specific issue)   ?

Usually, the answer to that question is to start with the Immune and Lymphatic Systems Balancing Solutions. Then add the Solutions needed for any systems involved in a particular health issue.

Right now, we suggest that you start with the Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory Solutions, along with the daily support of the Perelandra Virus Solution. (Learn More)

What's the difference between the MBP Solutions and the Microbial Balancing Program?

The Solutions provide an overall strengthening and balancing effect for your systems, while the Microbial Balancing Program works with pinpoint accuracy on specific health issues within your unique body system. Also, the Solutions have a gradual, building effect on the body that is the result of taking them daily. The Program, because of the precision of its focus, can have an immediate effect.

Do the MBP Solutions replace the balancers (or essences) used in the Microbial Balancing Program?


Can I start taking all of the Solutions at once?

Yes. However, we recommend you begin with the Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory, then add two to three new Solutions every two weeks.

"Should I keep taking Virus, Bacteria and my MBP Solutions if I get a vaccination?"

Yes. Take all of your recommended twice-daily Perelandra Solutions, even after vaccination. As the situation has evolved, our knowledge about the challenges we face has expanded. (Learn More)

Do I ever stop taking the Solutions?

Yes and no. It depends. Solutions needed for a specific problem can be discontinued once you are completely out of the problem. However, if the problem tends to recur, that's an indication to you that the systems related to the problem need regular assistance and you should continue these Solutions.

Those systems that you already know are compromised (for example, you have been diagnosed with a digestive problem) would benefit from long-term daily dosages of that system's Solution. If there is a family history of illness (for example, heart problems tend to run in your family), then this is an indication that there's a weakness that runs in the family that might be affecting your body. Taking the Solution that strengthens the system involved throughout your lifetime would be a good idea.

The MBP Balancing Solutions are constantly supplying and replenishing the body systems each day with what is needed for optimal function. As with taking a daily vitamin, at what point is that supplement or these Solutions no longer needed or useful? In short, you'll probably want to take some of the Solutions throughout your life.

What if I stop taking the Solutions?

Simple. Then you're no longer receiving the support that the Solutions offer.

How do I tell if they're "working"?

Some people will experience immediate improvements in health once they begin taking the Solutions. Most people — with or without a serious condition — tell us that they can see and feel differences in their health within two to three months.

However, there are those who say they experience no changes within those first few months. Their systems are most likely going through a building and strengthening process that isn't immediately discernible. But if they continue to let the systems go through that process, these people eventually notice changes.

What happens if I miss a day?

The Solutions are to be taken daily, and you need to be consistent to build the strength and balance of each system. If you miss a dose, you'll notice a lack of support the next day, and you'll be sure to remember to take them that night.

Do I test the number of drops needed?

No. Absolutely not. Never. Take the number of drops listed on the label.

Can I brush my teeth afterward? Drink water? Eat?

The Solutions should be taken last — after eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, taking essences, taking medications, etc. Wait 15 minutes, then take the Solutions. If you wake up in the middle of the night, it's okay to eat or drink.

Can I dilute the Solution?

Yes, but only if you absolutely need to. Follow the instructions for diluting the Solutions that are given in the MBP Balancing Solutions Brochure (the booklet that comes with your first order).

Can I combine all of the Solutions I'm taking into one glass?

No. You have to take them separately.

Do the Solutions replace using essences?

No. The Perelandra Essences balance, stabilize and repair a person's electrical system. The MBP Balancing Solutions function as a comprehensive "tonic" for a particular body system and the microbes connected with that system. By using the essences, you can address a health issue as it is uniquely manifesting in you. And by taking the Solutions, you'll find you test for fewer essences.

Can I use the Solutions topically?

To benefit from the Solutions, you must take them orally.

Can I give these Solutions to my animals?


How on earth am I going to get my cat to take these?

For a finicky animal, try bribery. Add the correct number of drops of a Solution to a small amount of food or broth (1 Tbl.) and give to the animal at "bedtime." Remember, you must not mix the Solutions when you are administering more than one. (Learn More)