POSTED: January 18, 2017
Just One Bite at a Time, Part 3
What to do now.
Your ideas and goals for responding to changes in the U.S. government.
from the Perelandra Question Line Duo

Now it's time to hash out the details, to share our ideas with each other and set about our individual goals. A lot of you have come up with some pretty noble-minded goals, which is great, but what we each need to do now is pick one small thing to focus and act on. This will get the ball rolling and help you to work toward one of those "big" goals. That's what the leylines established through the work of the Mount Shasta Mission can help you do.

We encourage you to keep this simple. Take one step and let your actions build toward those broader goals. To help with this, we have grouped your responses into three categories: Expanding How You Think, Small Daily Actions and Long-Term Goals.

Expanding How You Think & Changing Your Approach
For those who want to start by changing your own thought patterns in order to move yourself in the direction of taking positive action, here are suggestions some of you made.

⇒ I went out on Wednesday, 11/9, to find a book I'd heard about: Strangers In Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right — A journey to the heart of our political divide by Arlie Russell Hochschild. I started into it right away, hoping to get some insight into a way of thinking that has always baffled me.
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Small Daily Actions & Things You Can Do Right Now
Simple daily actions can add up and have a big impact! We aren't made up of the choices we made one day 10 years ago. We're made up of the choices we make every day.

⇒ Something I started doing: When I talk to someone from other parts of the country to place an order or do business, I ask about their weather and everyone is having weirdo weather. We commiserate and then I say, "No one could tell me we aren't having a climate change!" It gets silent for a second and then they totally agree!
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Long-Term Goals & Big Ideas To Inspire You
Many of these are really fantastic ideas. But ideas need someone to take action. We hope you'll read through them and be inspired. If something here lights a fire in you, connect with the leylines and think about what you would do to make this happen, think about what you would put into action to take the first step.

⇒ I think what I would like to do is to form some sort of a group, probably online, to get people together to focus on what we would like to accomplish in the coming months/years. I'm hoping to connect with like-minded people to work with to improve the world.
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Add to the conversation!
This is an ongoing project. We welcome your responses and additional ideas. And we would certainly enjoy hearing of your successes along the way! (But we may not be able to respond to each email personally.)

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