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July 5, 2008

That's it folks! Thanks for all the questions. It's always good to hear from you. You guys are doing good work out there and I'm thrilled. We'll see you next month (August 2) for the next Virtual Open House Online Question Forum. (Nobody is allowed to ask the same question next month, so you have a month to come up with new ones!) Stay out of the poison ivy.

~ Machaelle


Tammy R's Question: I am preparing for a joyful and pleasurable homebirth. I will certainly use your birth essense process, but I'm wondering what other processes would be useful in preparation — set up a soiless garden? or just work with my MAP team?
Machaelle's Answer: Work with your MAP team. And good luck with your joyous adventure!

Judith Schwanda's Question: As recommended in the Health Watch 14 Cancer Protocols, I have been following the Blood Type Diet. The author's new book, The Genotype Diet (which takes into account your blood type), lists some foods that were "highly beneficial" to me as toxins and foods to avoid now. Can Nature help me out with deciding what's best to follow? Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. Are you working with MAP? If so, you would do this type of testing within a MAP coning. If you're not working with MAP, open to the deva of your body and Pan and state that you wish to test a diet list to determine which foods would be beneficial for you now (as opposed to which foods to avoid). When you're finished with the testing, remember to dismantle the 2-point coning.

Kathleen's Question: Hello, and thanks, Machaelle. I'm looking for some assurance and feedback on my next steps. I wrote a DDP today for my next (sole, not yet activated) SLG. The Intents List won't fit in its entirety, but I'd love input from you or a team member, so I'll email it and hope that one of you can get back to me. I took ETS+ after hearing your last answers to Samir, and tested positive for some Rose II essences and all the Soul Ray essences after a MAP Calibration ealier today. Apparently I'm finally ready to read about your work on The Mount Shasta Mission — I blew out the first time. Thank you so much! -K
DDP: I want to convey on all PEMS levels the reality that I am, lightening and strengthening my body, enhancing my body/soul fusion and attuning to the heart and soul impulses of the Earth.
Machaelle's Answer: See my reply to Louisa's question below (about 4 answers down). Go ahead and send your DDP and Beth will get back to you about it.

Essie's Question: My brother has been diagnosed with a serious brain aneurysm and is preparing for surgery. He as been taking ETS & all 15 MBP solutions for 2 months in preparation. He also has been doing 2-3 MAP sessions per week for about 6 months now. Any other recommendations for him?
Machaelle's Answer: Remind him to set up MAP for surgery so that the team is present during and after the surgery. (See pp. 150, MAP, Third Edition.) But other than this, it sounds like he's doing just fine with the Perelandra processes. What he's doing will surely help stabilize and support him for the surgery and after.

Jackie's Question: I live in an apartment where there are wasps. When I lived on a farm, the wasps and I worked peacefully together. Now, the apartment managers spray them. I have talked to them in a coning, and I balance my own apartment. I welcome any suggestions.
Machaelle's Answer: Move! But if that's not an option, you can:
Do a Troubleshooting Process for the wasps in light of the spraying in the building, but focusing on your apartment. Be careful how you approach this so that you don't end up with all of the wasps in the building hanging out in your living room. I lived with wasps in the cabin for a number of years and found that they really like a little dollop of fruit spread in the mornings. Just something to share while you're having breakfast.

Louisa's Question: Is it advisable or desirable for someone to pursue a connection on the Cottage Level, similar or different from the one you write about? The Dancing book changed my life in profound ways & I'm beyond grateful. I work with MAP but have never asked this question - is that where I would take it? The evolution of myself and all humanity is my primary interest in life, and I've just wondered if I/We can take it to a whole new level by consciously connecting with that particular level of reality, or does it simply happen without conscious thought when the time is right?
Machaelle's Answer: Most of the time, when I'm asked this kind of question, it's because the person truly wishes to avoid the responsibilities of their own life, and assisting all of mankind in these mundane kind of ways. They tend to resist or ignore the importance of what we call the mundane level of life. It's from the quality of how one lives this mundane level that we are able to reach out automatically to other levels. So if you really want to help mankind, go wash the dishes or mow the lawn, and tell the nearest child you know that you love them.

Essie's Question: M, In The Mt. Shasta Mission you briefly talk about the ley lines that were established prior to that mission (in 40's or 50's?). Is there more information available about the purpose of those and how we can use them?
Machaelle's Answer: Those were the ley-lines that were shifted in The Mount Shasta Mission. They've been shifted. They no longer exist in the original configuration. That's all I know about it.

Rose's Question: I don't have confidence that my testing would be accurate in a post death process for a loved one. Would ETS+ be helpful on its own? If so, is it offered thru Pan in a n.s. application/shift or placed on their forehead or put in their mouth? Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: Go ahead and apply the ETS+ dosage of 12 drops in place of each essences test as outlined in the Post-Death Essences Process Paper.
The thing about using the essences is that the essences address the person's death process more specifically. But just using ETS+ will definitely be helpful.

Ann Harvie's Question: In the past, I have apparently been successful at persuading both a very persistent groundhog and a nest of bees to take up residence elsewhere. But, with the ants, it's a different story! There are several nests – and more in the works! Several discussions/requests in conings have produced no results. I don't want to use the RAID! solution. Any suggestions? It's come to desperate times!
Machaelle's Answer: You did not say that you used a Troubleshooting Process (Workbook II) specifically for this issue. If you have not, be sure to use it. The focus would be the ants in question.
If you are using MAP, have a session specifically about the ants and your reactions to them and feelings about them. Your sense of desperation may be complicating the problem. Don't go the RAID! way - that will only complicate it that much more. And then you're going to get into an even more fierce battle situation with the ants.

Samir's Question: Great, thank you also for sharing the Cottage experience! About essences and their definitions, when Soul Ray Essences come up a lot, can it mean any interaction between different levels of reality of the same soul? Is it possible to meet a different refraction from the same soul on our Earth level? As in meeting the other in person?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, yes and yes. Thanks for the thanks on sharing the Cottage experience.

Linda's Question: Thank you for holding another virtual open house! Question: What to do with a mate that is chemically-happy and sprays all the weeds and poison ivy on our land? He is not into the 'Perelandra Way' and poo-poos my request to leave them be. Any suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: What are you doing with a mate who is chemically happy and sprays all the weeds on your land, and who poo-poos what you believe?! But hey, that is a marriage/mate question and I'm not goin' there! I think you're reduced to sluggin' him. Other than that, haven't a clue what to suggest to you.

V's Question: In relation to my hospital question (thanks your the response), I had intended to use Professional MAP, but I'm wondering if surrogate MAP for my client might be better (she will be under anesthesia). Any thoughts on this? Thanks for all you do! V
Machaelle's Answer: If you're in Professional MAP, ask your Professional MAP team. But my other thought is a question: Why would you be doing surrogate MAP for an adult who's capable of doing it for themselves? Even if they are going to be under anesthesia, they would follow the instruction in the MAP book for working with personal MAP during surgery. It sounds like you're making your clients overly needy regarding your help, and not empowering them to help themselves.

Sheila's Question: are you still having ongoing experiences with David and the guys? I loved your books, and thank you for sharing your experience so that when others start explore other realms of experiences, it doesn't feel so insane.
Machaelle's Answer: Of course! Do you think I went through all that for nothing?! Glad I could help.

RBK's Question: NOT A QUESTION: Thanks for answering my question about my Maltese. That was really good advice. Thanks again.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey! You're more than welcome. Glad I could help.

Carolyn Hall's Question: My son's 110 lb chocolate lab has seizures. I sent him ETS for animals, Microbial balancing solutions for immune, lymphatic and nervous...what dose should he receive and how often?
Machaelle's Answer: Take the ETS+ whenever the dog starts having seizures, preferably (if you can catch it) before the dog has the seizure. Give him ETS+ for Animals after the seizure. And give the dog the MBP Balancing Solutions twice daily as directed in the brochure.
For an additional suggestion, check out this Perelandra Voices article: The Strider Story.

Shirley's Question: I'm on a homeopathic constitutional (high dosage of a homeopathic remedy which acts long term for months). Do you know if the MBP Solutions would interfere with the constitutional or vice versa? I don't know if I need to choose between homeopathy and MBP.
Machaelle's Answer: The MBPs are compatible with both alternative and conventional medications, so you don't need to choose. I should think that the "homeopathic constitutional" is not being interfered with as long as you are taking the MBP Solutions as directed by Perelandra and the homeopathic constitutional as directed.

Louisa's Question: For Anne Walters - taking nutritional yeast makes you (& your animals) taste nasty to mosquitoes - and to fleas - i use this in conjunction with the MBP Solutions & have very very few fleas on my cat or dog. Also, after doing an energy cleanse, battle energy release, soil B&S, & atmospheric balancing on my property, & connecting with the deva of mosquitoes and making a request, the biting became much much less. I only figured this out because I can no longer take the yeast.
Machaelle's Answer: The energy processes that Louisa listed may not be as effective for your property. It's best to work with the Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process & Chart in Workbook II with the stated intent of balancing mosquito activity on your property.

Rose's Question: My sister is going through a divorce and very difficult time. I have supplied her with LOTS of ETS+ . Can she take it too often or become 'immuned' to the benefits from taking it often?
Machaelle's Answer: No, she can take it as often as you need. If she takes ETS+ when it's not needed, it will not do any harm. It simply won't have any effect for that time.

Yvette Page's Question: Thanks so much. I've used RoundUp (ugh) on some of the poison ivy but when I saw how it killed everything a foot out from the plants, I threw it away. I'm hoping that as I learn about balance with Nature, the poison ivy will begin to recede. I'll be using this property for my shop and am putting in a labyrinth and medicine wheel - I don't want my visitors to leave with more than they expected. Any thoughts about the compacted clay? Thanks again.
Machaelle's Answer: Let me see if I have this straight. You wanted a place for your business that would attract visitors and you bought a piece of property that's loaded with poison ivy?! Well, one thing you can do is give classes to your visitors on how not to get poison ivy. Along with a list of benefits to poison ivy so that they walk away with a better understanding of poison ivy. Have little spray-bottles of ETS+ available. At the Perelandra on-site Open Houses, we roped off all areas that had the poison ivy. Regarding your clay soil: I don't know how to keep telling you this, but you're going to have to ask nature, not me.

Sootara's Question: How to cease interfering while muscle testing and getting whatever answer I want or expect, or contradictory answers. How to move from muscle testing to hearing or knowing the answer. What is the best mind set and attitude for starting a soil-less garden? Blessings Machaelle!
Machaelle's Answer: Based on how you've worded this, you may need to work on how to ask a question. That could be interfering with your muscle testing. Hearing and knowing the answer develop naturally from the skills you learn in muscle testing. There is no short-cut for this. I don't know how to answer your last question except to say that you just need to want to do it.

Theresa's Question: My most tended soil-less garden is My Job as a bookkeeper for a small general contractor. My coning is The Deva of My Job, Pan, the appropriate members of the WB for My Job, and my H.S. My DDP is simple and reflects My Perspective. For those days when the boss is in a bad mood and giving me mixed signals on the definition of My Job, may I ask the coning to check with him for clarity or does all clarity have to come from me? Maybe I should adjust my DDP to allow for his occasional drop in blood sugar? Or is it as simple as telegraph testing ETS+ for Soil-less to how I handle the mixed signals?
Machaelle's Answer: No, you can't connect to your boss's higher self in your SLG coning. But you can turn to him and ask him directly for clarity. You can also work with your SLG coning to help you develop the skills to better communicate with your boss (tip: use the SLG Troubleshooting Process).

Mary Sage's Question: Thank you Machaelle for all that you do for us - much appreciated. Question: I have dial up and am waiting for your Soil-less Garden book. How soon will it be available? Also, can we still receive Voices by mail? Thanks, Mary
Machaelle's Answer: Actually, on dail-up the Soil-less Garden Companion takes about 45 minutes to download, which isn't too bad. We don't have a scheduled release date for a bound edition, except to say "some time in 2008."
There are still print editions of most issues of Perelandra Voices. They will be available for purchase as supplies last.

M. Khanna's Question: Any advice to facilitate healing for a family member with a below the knee amputation? Family member is taking MBPs and I am working with MBP surrogate telegraph testing already in the rehab hospital &#150 I appreciate previous about discretion in hospital settings.
Machaelle's Answer: First, let me recommend a suggestion I have posted on the web site, Try This #6: Phantom Limb Pain.
And I highly recommend that you add regular essences testing.

Viviani P.'s Question: I have a cell phone tower about 300 ft from my house. Anything you can suggest to neutralize the radiation? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey! The good news is that you must have awesome cell reception. We, on the other hand, have to roam around the fields looking for the connection. I would suggest taking all of the MBP Balancing Solutions twice daily to maintain a high level of strength and balance in your body.

Trish's Question: Hi! This is my first time on your site. Since recovering from breast cancer in 2006, I have been working on strengthening my connection to spirit and higher consciousness. I would like to use your oils to foster connection to spirit and perhaps channeling. What do you recommend?
Machaelle's Answer: Welcome to the Perelandra site! Glad to see you found us.
I don't offer anything specific for what you are requesting, but it is an old axiom that as you strengthen on all of your levels (physical, emotional, mental and soul), you automatically strengthen your soul connection. I recommend that you spend a little time looking around the web site (particularly at the MBP Balancing Solutions, essences and MAP), and see if any of these strike your fancy.

Paul Steinbach's Question: I've used flower essences and Microbial Balancing for several years, with the full set of Perelandra essences and the expanded balancing kit. I've noticed that, for years at a time, most of my testing comes up with the same tiny subset of essences or balancers. 98% of the time, all I need is one or more of those few essences or balancers, and I rarely even touch the other essences and balancers in the boxes. It's an adventure when I do! Is this a common experience, or could I be doing something wrong? I suppose I ought to ask my MAP team.
Machaelle's Answer: It happens to all of us. We each fall into our own patterns. However, when we go nutty and just leap out of those patterns, it's critical to have the full set available to us to address the "nutty" times.

Samir's Question: Last question about dosage. When one chooses to do daily testing for a specific period, no dosage testing is needed? Can we choose to do this for like one week, one month, etc, based on personal intuition?
Machaelle's Answer: Daily testing requires no dosage testing. And you can do daily testing for as long as you want. It's actually a good thing to do, and it does avoid the dosage testing.

Zoe's Question: Would you comment on the speculation that the world is going to end in 2012?
Machaelle's Answer: No. But if you were asking me this at an on-site Open House, I'd also say: I think you're slightly nuts to even listen to any of this crap.

Elizabeth's Question: Whenever I take meds, I follow up with ETS+/Digestive/Endocrine/Nervous to reduce side effects. Is this helpful?
Machaelle's Answer: No. You just need to take ETS+. Continue taking the MBPs twice daily.

Samir's Question: Also, is it ok when doing telegraph testing, to do separate dosage testing, and come up with different dosage times and frequencies for the different symptoms/elements? That means that follow-up happens on different moment?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, each telegraph test for each system requires a different dosage, and may require a different timing. That's part of the precision that we receive in telegraph testing.

Samir's Question: Thank you for these tools! I started using essences after reading Dancing, only have been doing so for a couple of weeks, but some questions came up: When to test for dosage? In Flower Essences you say after taking essences and checking for clear ; in the basic testing leaflet you say before taking the essences. Does it matter?
Machaelle's Answer: Sorry for the confusion. You need to test for dosage after you take that first dose. Thanks for giving us the "heads up" on the leaflet - we'll check the wording on that.

Elizabeth's Question: I take the MBP solutions 2x daily and pain meds every 3 hours. Am I negating the benefit of the MBPs?
Machaelle's Answer: No, you're not. But as your system strengthens from the MBP Solutions, you may need to lessen the dosage of the pain medication.

RBK's Question: When I go away on business or take a vacation, I leave my 7-year old Maltese, with a friend who owns 2 Bichons. The dogs get along fine, but my dog, who wants to be with me all the time, stops eating, gets stomach cramps, diarrhea, and general separation anxiety. What do you recommend?
Machaelle's Answer: Stop going away. But in lieu of that:
A. Give the dog a Nature Healing Coning to prepare for you to leave.
B. Give your friend a bottle of ETS+ for Animals to give drops to your dog whenever your dog becomes anxious or experiences other symptoms.
C. Once you get back, give your dog another Nature Healing session for good measure.

Nancy Kida's Question: I have a gluten-sensitive dog and would like to use the Immune System and Lymphatic System Balancing Solutions for flea control. Is there gluten of any kind in the brandy or vinegar that you use as preservatives in any of your products?
Machaelle's Answer: The brandy is made from grapes, and as far as our research has shown does not contain gluten.

Louisa's Question: I work with all the Perelandra processes, including the organizing process and soil-less gardens for myself and for clients. Often I am amazed with the results. Sometimes however, the health issue isn't resolved or the SLG DDP never gets fulfilled - what we want doesn't happen - & tho i use the troubleshooting sheets & ask many questions about appropriateness & timing & anything else I can think of - including "is there anything blocking this?" & testing reveals that there isn't - yet the results are not satisfactory. As far as I know, I'm following all the protocols given, & sometimes it all works rather miraculously. Any thoughts on what's going on when it doesn't?
Machaelle's Answer: Nature works in balance. And it will respond in balance. And sometimes a goal or a DDP, to be established in balance, doesn't always relate to our arbitrary timing. Sometimes you are just going to have to realize you don't know what's going on and be patient, stand back, and let nature do its work.

Elizabeth's Question: The Cancer Protocol instructions for opening Emergency MAP conings contradict the MAP book instructions (i.e. only when speed is needed). Why the change? Machaelle's Answer: Because nature told me to make that change.

Rita Moore's Question: I was diagnosed with HIV in 1994. Allopathic medicine has run out of protocols. Found you in April and have read the helthwatch for infectious diseases. Have the MBP Manual and MAP book. Working on my conings. Any other suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: I recommend the Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet for strengthening your system. And take ETS+ the moment you see a "negative" change in how you're feeling, or get hit with an unusual concern or worry about your condition. The ETS+ will help you maintain equilibrium, which will be important. Continue working closely with your MAP team. If you have not yet started working with the Microbial Balancing Program, it will be important for you to make that leap. If you have any other questions about this or just want a sounding board to go over what you're doing, call the Question Hot Line. (If you have another question about this today, just resubmit it to the forum.)

Anne Walters's Question: Mosquitos in Virginia. All times of day they are present and biting. Any ideas? Soil balancing is in process today here. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: My first thought is to test your diet and see if you need to add or remove something that will stop attracting the mosquitos to you. And bring more bats and purple martins into your area.

V.'s Question: I'm asking if I may quote from you books, or give the website information in the Works Cited? Thanks, V
Machaelle's Answer: Please send your request to attention Beth.

Maggie's Question: After a trip to India, 20 years ago, my husband started using auto-urine therapy (his own urine) quite successfully on cuts, bruises, infections. What are your thoughts on auto-urine therapy?
Machaelle's Answer: I've never been attracted to the whole auto-urine world, but I'm not opposed to whatever works for someone.

Sheila's Question: Can you please give me a clear understanding where, Nature and God (Source of all) interface. Thank you
Machaelle's Answer: They interface differently for each person. It's up to each person to determine where nature and their God interface.

V.'s Question: I'll be going to a client's surgery this coming Tuesday — I have her permission to use ETS and MBS there in the hospital when she comes out of recovery — if there is a problem with medical personnel (I am there as a "friend," with no authority) can I in some way have nature shift any of these? Thanks very much.
Machaelle's Answer: Hospital personnel are very alert to these kinds of things and will stop you. What I have done is put just ETS+ in my hand and gently massage it into the person's forehead. That way, it looks to observers like you're just being kind, but actually you're giving them a dose of ETS+. Skip the MBPs until they can take them for themselves because of the time of day that they have to take them.

D's Question: I have been using the cleansing process for year on our property. Yesterday I wanted to cleanse, balance and stabilize a natural stone necklace. When I started the process I couldn't figure out whether I needed to cleanse a 5 ft. area around the necklace or just the necklace. I did use the 5 ft area because the tiny 1 inch white sheet was too funny and distracting for me. I just found it too hilarious . Yes I should have asked the coning but it was too funny so I didn't. What is the area to be cleansed on a small object?
Machaelle's Answer: I'm laughing too. The visual is extremely distracting. Go ahead and cleanse the 5 foot area because of the impact the object is having on that 5 foot area around it.

Louisa's Question: First – thank you so much for all these tools. I use them all, for almost everything, and I'm healthier than I've ever been. And I too take the FSBS+ once per day – is it doing me any good like that? Also, a suggestion for the poison ivy sufferer – I used to get it regularly & 3 years ago started taking ETS+ for it, and also putting the ets+ directly on my skin where it was breaking out. Every time it cleared up within a few hours, even the time when I'd let it get very bad before treating. Then last year I did the same, & noticed that I got it much less frequently. This year I haven't gotten it at all, tho I still live in the woods and my animals do too. I'm thinking the ets+ has helped clear my reaction to it - do you think that could happen Machaelle?
Machaelle's Answer: You guys are depressing me. It says right on the bottle label, "two times a day." If you don't start taking this properly, I'm going come find each and every one of you and hit you.
Also, I absolutely agree with your suggestion on poison ivy. I also use ETS+. I keep it in a spray bottle and I spray it directly on any poison ivy exposure or outbreaks. I also take it orally during those times. And I have to say my reaction has decreased, which is something for someone who has been hospitalized with poison ivy outbreaks before. Hint on the spray bottle: If the pump tube is plastic, you're only allowed to expose the ETS+ to it for no longer than 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, you'll have to change out the ETS+.

Nobuko Asanuma's Question: I'm going to entrust a pet hotel with my budgie for 4 days. Is it all right to keep a nature healing coning open during her stay? Or is it rather too draining for my bird (and me as well, since I include my higher self in the coning) to have such a long-time coning?
Machaelle's Answer: Unless your budgie is ill, she really doesn't need the Nature Healing Coning open for this. And it would be a bit draining for you. You can do a Nature Healing Coning specifically to prepare your bird before you leave. It would be one session and that would be it. And then, when you come back, you could do another Nature Healing Coning to help "unruffle her feathers."

Holly B.'s Question: I have been a Perelandra follower since 1992 and have learned so much, that I can't remember what I know. But mostly it is the "not knowing" that has been the most helpful in approaching my work with Nature. I had always hoped to one day visit Perelandra's Open House events. Will you ever resume the on-site Open House format? (Please?!)
Machaelle's Answer: As soon as you get your neighbors, your town, your state and hopefully your country to significantly reduce the CO2 level, we'll be opening up again. So good luck, and get out there and start working on people!

Robert Krell's Question: Here are my garden issues: Grapes – They get a brown spot on them and then they are shriveling up. It's probably a fungus. I was planning to use a Bordeaux spray (combination of copper sulfate and and hydrated lime). Is that okay?
Blueberries – Birds eat them. I told the birds to eat only the ones that fall to the ground as they are sweet. They're not listening; they eat them from the branches. Is it okay to cover the blueberries with deer netting?
Machaelle's Answer: I can't answer these questions for you. The problem when humans try to answer these questions is that sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. And that's because one answer does not address the variables in each location. I have to keep referring you back to nature to get the information you need for your situation, in your location, directly from the source. A note on blueberries and the birds: The birds aren't stupid. They know the blueberries are fresher on the bush. You may offer to plant more blueberry bushes so you and the birds can share them. Other than this, you'll simply need to ask nature what to do.

Yvette Page's Question: Just rec'd the Workbooks. I've leased property that is overrun with poison ivy and heavily compacted clay soil. I'm on my 4th case of PI [poison ivy]. I know there are no quick fixes but do you have any suggestions on how I can work with the land? Thanks so much.
Machaelle's Answer: I truly feel your pain. I am extremely allergic to poison ivy and the preferred ground cover here at Perelandra is poison ivy. So I've had to make peace with it because it's ridiculous to even consider pulling it out or trying to eradicate it. Here is a positive about poison ivy: It's berries are an important source of food for birds. Also, poison ivy increases as the CO2 level in the atmosphere increases. Consequently, because of global warming, poison ivy will only increase in amount and vibrancy. So, my approach has been to not disturb the poison ivy on 95% of my land and to keep the areas that I interface with well mowed. I also find the neighbor who isn't allergic to poison ivy to come pull it out of that 5% when needed.

Maureen Shepard's Question: My husband and I have been taking Lymphatic and Immune drops nightly for months and have recently added FSBS+. We find it's hard to remember to take the new drops in the morning as well. Will FSBS+ taken once a day be effective at all? Or is all benefit lost when we only take it once a day?
Machaelle's Answer: FSBS+ is really designed for a two-time-a-day dosage. Possibly getting a second bottle and putting it in an obvious place that you nearly have to trip over in the morning might do the trick. Once you do this for about 2 or 3 weeks then you've got the pattern set in and you won't have to keep tripping over the bottle to remember. Kudos for keeping up with FSBS+ - it's really still needed.

Elizabeth Ferrall's Question: Last summer I read "Dancing..". It was such an unusual experience because I got woozy and all shaken up feeling while reading it. I started using ETS- and chocolate :-), but in the end just had to do a full MAP session after every few pages. SO, what happened? and now I want to read "Mt Shasta", but not go through that again. Have you heard of this before? I have a full set of essences, and some I have made myself. Thanks, Elizabeth
Machaelle's Answer: You didn't eat enough chocolate, or enough good chocolate! ... Before you start reading, have a full MAP session and ask them to prepare you to read the book.

V.'s Question: May I have "official" information to refer to Perelandra's nature work and my own with Nature, in an herb booklet, maybe book that I'm preparing? Is there any new or developing information on babies and little ones? Thank you for everything!
Machaelle's Answer: What exactly are you asking? I don't understand your question.

Robert Krell's Question: My Stanley plum fruit tree sets fruits but they are starting to fall? Any idea what the problem may be?
Machaelle's Answer: It can be any number of reasons. I recommend working with the nature intelligence of the plum tree directly and set up and put it through a troubleshooting process (see Workbook II). This way, you not only find out what's needed, but you'll find out the order and rhythm work in in order to turn the problem around.

Carol Lankfer's Question: I have a small spot on my nose that looks suspicious, could be skin cancer. It is about one week old. I will make an appointment with my dermatologist on Monday but wondered whether the MBS would be of any benefit? I took the immune and integumentary for about one month, about one month ago.
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, they would help you tremendously. Guidelines on how to use the Perelandra tools, including the MBP Solutions, are in Health Watch #14: Cancer Protocols. The MBPs that are listed in this Health Watch would definitely help strengthen your system and you don't lose anything by taking them while you are waiting for a diagnosis. Also, the MBP Solutions really work best when they're taken consistently on a daily basis.

That's it folks! Thanks for all the questions. It's always good to hear from you. You guys are doing good work out there and I'm thrilled. We'll see you next month (August 2) for the next Virtual Open House Online Question Forum. (Nobody is allowed to ask the same question next month, so you have a month to come up with new ones!) Stay out of the poison ivy.

~ Machaelle