Perelandra Question Forum
August 2, 2008
As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered this online question forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

You'll find the questions and Machaelle's answers below.

Susan in Ontario's Question: Yikes myself! My last post went out accidentally before I was done and I've no idea where I left off - LOL! Time to shut it down and just enjoy everyone else's posts. Thanks for these forums, Machaelle; they're fun and full of useful information. I enjoy them immensely.
Machaelle's Answer: Great, I'm glad you enjoyed this. I agree with you, it's time to shut down. Let's plan to meet again Saturday, September 6th!

Anneli's Question: Thank you so much! Regarding my previous question about the Secret - when I read your answer "truth clicked" inside me, and I felt relief. I have seen that things tend to appear when we think of them, but not including everything I know now about nature intelligence into this have not made any clear sense to me. Now I have a firm place to start from! Gratitude from me :o)
Machaelle's Answer: Terrific. Glad I helped!

Juliette's Question: If I count time according to the sun time, what is the best time to collect flowers for making essences, knowing that you said "between 8 am and 10:30 am" p 19 of "FE, Reordering..." book? Thank you..
Machaelle's Answer: The time to collect the flowers is between 8 am and 10:30 am as listed. You will need to be the one to accurately convert this to "sun time."

Carolyn's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have a request & it's for a new Chart for using the Perelandra processes on our boroughs/communities our home/room/car environment. Also when it comes to point No: 4 on the Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process Chart (Identify/describe problem) would it be correct to write "As nature identifies it"? Perelandra Garden Workbook II – PG: 142 – Point 4.
Machaelle's Answer: This is the kind of thing you don't suggest to me directly. It only annoys me and makes me crabby. This is something that you would call and talk to the Question Hot Line about it. They keep a record of suggestions to consider.
You identify/describe the problem as you identify it. You set the parameters if you're using it for home, car, room, etc. If it's a garden problem such as a distressed plant, you describe what you see, list anything you know about the problem and nature takes it from there.

Barbara's Question: Should I give my house plants ETS Plus for Plants every week when I water them? Or only if they test for it?
Machaelle's Answer: You can ask the question, "How often should I water with ETS Plus for Plants?" That way, you'll know what pattern ahead of time. (Once every 2 weeks? Once every 3 weeks? Once a month? Etc.)

lc's Question: Agree with your comments on The Secret. Regarding Law of Attraction...positive thinking getting positive results...your opinion? I was brought up in metaphysics since age of 2, yet have been thru multiple traumas (rivaling Behaving) and since age 50 have had multiple health challenges. Ate organic and thought positive, so what's the deal? Any of your other books that could help me? Can tend to feel guilty that I'm creating all this! and guilt prevents healing!
Machaelle's Answer: I have no idea how to unravel you from all of this. My only thought is that, coming from a Jewish heritage myself, you might consider converting to Judaism since they really know how to make guilt work for them. That's the only thing that comes to mind. It's the end of the day. Take that into consideration when you're reading this answer.

Laurie's Question: Any thoughts on the Genotype Diet? (I hope this only went through once!) Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, it only came through once.
No thoughts on this diet, although I've heard of it.

Lee's Question: If I get my kinesiology wait time wrong when activating my DDP,(I think it is 2 days but is only supposed to be 1), does the entire thing collapse, silently and completely? If so, when I reopen the coning to work on the project, do the devas, pan and the boys just sit around playing cards and ignore me, or worse yet, do they conspire to do damage "heh heh heh... that'll teach him to get not to get those timings wrong...heh heh heh.".
By the way, Thank you for your extraordinary patience.
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, I like your Soil-less Garden team. Your intent when you tested for timing was to get the correct answer. If you got that test wrong, you will most likely get a feeling that the test was wrong. That's your team alerting you. But, if they can't get through to you because you're playing cards and ignoring them, they will acknowledge your intent to do the right thing, put the process on hold and wait for you to reopen the coning according to the timing that you wrote down. Your intent to do the right thing and your willingness to act on the timing that you tested for holds a lot of weight with your project team.
And actually, they have more patience than I do!

Nancy O's Question: Will the MAP workshop on DVD format be available very soon, or?
Machaelle's Answer: It's looking like the MAP DVD will be ready before October, but we're not making an "official" announcement just yet.

Carol's Question: Is a hummingbird feeder that uses sugar water harmful for the birds?
Machaelle's Answer: I've never seen other birds feeding out of our hummingbird feeder. So, I don't know if the question even applies. If your other birds are feeding from your hummingbird feeder, you'll need to ask nature if that's okay. I suspect it's not a problem, but I don't know for sure.

Lee's Question: Given that the project doesn't 'spoil', why are there time limits like needing to resume work within 24/36 hours after this wait? Something more than 'the rhythm has been disrupted' would be appreciated. I missed a limit by 3 hours ... now I've got start from scratch .... . ?
Machaelle's Answer: There's a difference between moving with nature through a process in a particular rhythm and timing and a project and/or DDP spoiling. When I work with nature to set up these processes, I include the timing and pattern that nature gives me. After all, it is nature's process. And to be honest with you, I don't bother to ask them why they choose 3 hours over 2 hours or 1 hour over 30 seconds. I just do it. I've learned over my 35 years that nature has a reason and I don't need to know it. If you missed the time limit in the processes that you're working with by 3 hours and it says in the instruction that you need to start over, then you need to start over. By missing the time limit, you have altered the pattern of how the process was progressing and you need to start over the set up the new pattern.

deb's Question: Thank you for today. I learned something new :) and consolidated something old.
Machaelle's Answer: Terrific. That's what this forum is all about. Remember, we're doing this again in on September 6th!

Ruth's Question: Hi questions - just a big hello! This is the first time my computer has been "beefy" enough to do this! I really enjoy this Open House format. Kudos!
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Ruth! Great to hear from you. How are things in the Quad Cities? Glad you could join us.

Paula's Question: When doing Basic Essence Testing, I have been in a pattern of testing positive for entire rows of essences at a time. One to four rows, sometimes in a peeling process (which then is row after row). I'm frustrated about maybe not gaining insight about what it is that's being cleared. I mean, so many essences, I can't make sense of it sometimes. It seems to work better when I don't put as much thought into it. Any comments?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, stop thinking. Keep going through the process. Once you complete the process, you'll have more clarity as to what the issue has been. Because you're using essences, you don't need to understand the issue in order to get through the process. But the completion of the process will lead you to the understanding.

Brigitte's Question: Hi Machaelle. It's been over 8 years that I do MAP, essences, MBP program, SLG. SLG's are really functioning. That I am sure. Conings concerning animals too. But I find frustrating not feeling really anything when I do MAP and even often feel a little 'nuts' when doing it even though when I ask questions to my team it is really clear. Why do you think they don't give me a sign. or something??? Thanks for everything. I feel this work is one of the most important thing in my life.
Machaelle's Answer: Because of the deep levels that MAP works on, it's not at all unusual to not be able to discern how your team is working. As for asking your team questions, make sure they are simple questions and just test the yes/no answer. This way you will be in direct communication. I encourage you to continue with this work even though you find it frustrating. Things will even out for you in good time.

Paula's Question: I'm having awesome peeling off of layers when using essences &150; sometimes 15 or 17 layers. ( Feeling like the Quantity Queen of Essences) Recently I've tested positive for all 51 essences 4 times within a few days.
How do I know whether I'm moving through/clearing issues as opposed to the same issues/essences coming up again and again? Intuitively it feels like I'm making progress. But with so many essences, I'm wondering . . .
Machaelle's Answer: Usually when someone tells me about experiences similar to yours with the essences, I just encourage them to keep testing and take whatever essences you test positive for. Sometimes such an extensive process as this may not show signs of improvement for 3 months. But after 3 months, you could see quick and startling changes in your essence needs and that will tell you that you're moving through it. Keep testing until you test you no longer need essences for this problem. That will tell you that you have completed the process. It's not unusual for a person to need all 51 essences, particularly when they're beginning a major process.

Lee's Question: If, when calibrating one's self to a project, one ends up with a large number of the troubleshooting processes to perform, and with perhaps concomitant 2 to 4 day waits indicated between steps - is this indicative that, in some sense, this project is either not a good idea, or perhaps the ddp is 'incorrect'?
Machaelle's Answer: Activate your coning for a session and ask directly if, as you have described it, it is a good thing for you to do. If yes, ask if the DDP needs to be clarified. If yes, and you don't have an idea of how to clarify it, ask the coning to give you some help. Whatever pops into your mind first would be the direction you need to think about.

Nancy O's Question: I was greatly inspired reading your book The Mount Shasta Mission several years ago. I have always wondered: after that book came out, did you ever hear back from any of those "meadow muffins" who realized that you had written about them in your book?
Machaelle's Answer: Not a word. They're staying true to form.

Nobuko's Question: I'm now learning how to communicate with animals telepathically. When I open a coning to ask for help in such a session of animal communication, shall I include the appropriate members of White Brotherhood? Or should they rather be not included like in a Nature Healing Coning, because it's a matter of animals? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: Work within the Nature Healing Coning. Use that coning set up and tell them (the coning) that you want to set up to communicate telepathically with the animal you are working with.

Carolyn's Question: I feel cheeky for asking this because I know that you are very busy. I was wondering if you could do a kind of Newsletter or a page online about once a year leading on from any of the following- Overlighting Deva of Planet Earth, Pan, Deva & Nature spirits, Universal Light etc. Our last update was 1993 from your Garden Workbook II. While waiting to come on here I re-read the session you had from the Overlighting Deva of Planet Earth and it just warmed my heart that you brought this information out to us  would you have a think about updating us - Thank you Machaelle
Machaelle's Answer: I update whenever it's appropriate. And I don't think that the information from the Overlighting Deva of Planet Earth needs updating. As for the rest of this, I hardly know what to say. Just try to remember that I'm one person. Be happy with what I've given you. And try not to get spoiled.

Carolyn's Question: The Calibration process steps (MAP 3rd edition), PG 127 "a link with the White Brotherhood (state that you would like the appropriate link with the White Brotherhood for a calibration process) — If my current WBH name is daisy would I be calling in a different WBH team for my calibration?
Machaelle's Answer: No. You maintain Daisy throughout any MAP process. It's your code name.

Rose's Question: 1. could genesa/quartz/slate center be appropriate for any garden? and poster? 2. if so, what is poster used under slate? we have a genesa crystal in the house. thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: 1. Hello?! This is something you would ask nature. The garden center, if a garden even has a center, reflects the different variables of where each garden is located.
2. The poster is a tensor energy poster and I don't know if they even make them any more. My staff is chiming in to say that they have searched for it repeatedly over the years and have not found it.
Also, just from the way you have worded these questions, it sounds as though you are attempting to copy the Perelandra garden center. Again, you need to find what is appropriate for your garden.

Lee's Question: When setting up / activating an SLG, what is being 'created'? Does it dissipate over time? If I activate an an SLG this week, and then the project gets put on hold for many months - does it 'go bad' and have to be redone?
Machaelle's Answer: Unlike tomatoes in your refrigerator, an SLG coning does not go bad. If you have put an SLG on the back-burner for a time, the best thing to do is for you to review the DDP and make sure it still applies to your project. If it does, simply commence where you left off. If it doesn't, you'll have to reactivate the SLG project and coning. Instructions are in the Soil-less Garden Companion e-book.

Anneli's Question: Being someone who patted the chairs in our home as a child and talking to "anyone" in an empty room for as long as I can remember. I really find it liberating to read about your structural and clear ways of dealing with nature intelligence. :o) Could I ask a deva to hand over a kiss on your cheek from me to you to Thank You from the deepest place in my heart? For making my world real?
Machaelle's Answer: Awwww. Thank you.
I think you've already successfully given me your sentiment. I'm glad I've helped you with your world. I know how you feel.

Elizabeth's Question: RE: lc's ques. #5: As one who has had to take copious amounts of narcotics, opiates, muscles relaxers, etc. for my spinal and nerve problems, I take ETS Plus immediately after swallowing any pills — even OTC pills, because it really works for me. I also do Essence Telegraph Testing for side effects and symptoms and telegraph MBP Solutions as well. And of course, MAP!!! They are awesome.
Recent wonderful miracle: in just one session, they reduced the level 9 pain in one hip by half! They even help with diet changes to address every side effect. The Perelandra processes work better than anything, esp. when Docs say there's nothing left to do but things like morphine pump implants, etc. Together I fully expect us to completely heal my extensive spinal/skeletal/peripheral nerve issues. Many, many thanks Machaelle for all these tools. Couldn't live without them!
Machaelle's Answer: Great Elizabeth. Thanks for the further information. I'm sure this will be helpful to many people. (I'd like to point out that I didn't pay Elizabeth to say this!!)

lc's Question: My periodontist found a large brown patch in my mouth this week and has scheduled a biopsy in less than 2 weeks. Should I start taking MBP Solutions of Integ. and Cell now, or wait until biopsy results?
Machaelle's Answer: Start taking the MBP Solutions immediately: Immune, Lymphatic, Digestive, Cell. I'm not sure if Integumentary is needed, but if you feel so inclined, you're not going to lose anything by taking it.
Also, see Health Watch 14: Cancer Protocols.
Don't wait for the biopsy results to begin following the appropriate regimen from the Cancer Health Watch, do it now.

Laurie's Question: Re: Rebecca-Lynne MacDonald-May's question (2nd from bottom): I don't know if it's just our Northwest fleas or the fact that I live by a lake, but I had to Troubleshoot and found out that in addition to the Immune and Lymphatic drops - I have to put Cedarwood and Pennyroyal essential oils on my dog twice a day to get 100% flea prevention. Not only does it keep away the fleas - she's the best smelling dog around. :-)
Machaelle's Answer: Excellent. Good troubleshooting. This is a good illustration of how what works for one dog may not work for another. Thanks for the suggestion.

Nancy O's Question: I miss coming to visit Perelandra. Will the Avian Flu threat AND the global warming problem need to be resolved before Perelandra opens its gates again to the public?
Machaelle's Answer: As long as the Avian Flu is a serious threat and a Perelandra Open House adds to the global warming problem, our Open House will be virtual only. For global warming, I think it's very important for all of us to consider how we add to the problem and adjust our lives accordingly.

Ellie's Question: Am taking Tomato Essence for HBP and hypothyroidism, Dill for ending financial victim mentality. Are those the right choices for these conditions, are there any other products you would recommend?
Machaelle's Answer: The proper use of essences requires kinesiology testing them. What one person needs for HBP is not the same as what another person would need for their HBP, etc. So, all I can do is encourage you to kinesiology test the essences for these three situations. If you have any questions about the testing, call us on the Question Hot Line on Wednesdays at 1-540-937-3679. In fact, it would be good to call and give us more details so that we can help you which products would be most helpful to you.

Stephanie's Question: I don't have a question right now- I just wanted to share with you how udderly blissful the virtual open house tour has made me- I just finished it; i feel REALLY happy. Thanks. Stephanie
Machaelle's Answer: Cheers! Thanks for letting us know.

Barbara's Question: My nephew (23 yrs old) was just diagnosed with mono. Which MBP Solutions would be best to suggest he take?
Machaelle's Answer: MBP Immune, Lymphatic, Nervous, Endocrine and Cardiovascular Solutions. Also, surrogate testing him for the Microbial Balancing Program would be helpful, but I don't know if you already are set up for that.

Rose's Question: re: The Secret and manipulation. Please explain i.e. nature being manipulated? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: Manipulation of nature occurs any time humans beings decide they know better than nature and act on that. It's when humans get into the mode of demanding rather than requesting; of putting themselves first rather than thinking of themselves in a larger context. Manipulation of nature is what we call environmental disaster.

Rose's Question: Friend tried MBP - next day got first ever kidney stone. I know stone didn't form overnight. Explanation to help her understand and try MBP again?
Machaelle's Answer: One MBP did not cause the kidney stone or create the kidney stone. But it could have highlighted the kidney-stone problem and started the kidney processing it through. She needs to feel confident on her own to try MBP again, and not be pushed into it. But you can let her know how I answered your question.

Laurie's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have been wondering for years, what is higher vibrational soul damage (that the Comfrey Essence addresses)?
Machaelle's Answer: It's usually past-life damage that has been carried forward on the soul level.

Mary's Question: HELP! I'm peri-menopausal and have developed HiBP that's relatively controlled (due to great stress that I'm working on embracing). I currently do MBS's as does my 2 year old. I own Rose, Nature, Rose II, Garden and Soul Ray Essences and have hit a block with how to use them for us.
Machaelle's Answer: You know what, how about calling the Question Hot Line at 1-540-937-3679 this Wednesday (any time between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., eastern time). I think talking to you directly and getting more detail will allow us to help you better in this.
In the meantime, look at the Green Level options given in Health Watch 8: Stress.
We'll be very happy to help you carve a path through this.

pat dyson's Question: Want to be able to do kinesiology. Would ETS's help me? Had worked with it for about 3 years with a doctor he moved away. so it has been 5 years now I have tried to bo it. I am and have been depressed for several years. have been doing MAP and calibration 6 months now. Suggestion please.
Machaelle's Answer: First I recommend you add the MBP Solutions for the Immune, Lymphatic, Nervous and Endocrine Systems to your daily regimen. Tell your MAP team that you would like to use kinesiology and that you would like their assistance in working with it accurately. The easiest way to learn is to practice by using kinesiology often. So consider getting a one set of essences (whichever set attracts you most). Practice testing which bottles you need each day and take those essences each day. This will serve to give you confidence about using kinesiology as well as strengthening and supporting your system regarding the depression. If you're still having trouble with kinesiology, don't hesitate to call the Question Hot Line.

lc's Question: There have been 2 occasions where I could still feel MAP team working on me when 40 minute timer went off. I did not close until I felt that completed. Is that 40 minute time set in stone?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. What you're feeling is the continuation of the body adjusting to the work done in the MAP session.

Anneli's Question: Our bodies must be inhabitated by nature spirits, if I get this right. So could we invite "more life" into our bodies, as when you invited nature spirits to the seeds you had planted and they grew twice as fast as usual? (Not meaning to grow twice as fast myself, but would naturally be happy for that kind of "energy infusion" :ob)
Machaelle's Answer: If you haven't already started the program, start MAP and tell your team that you would like to concentrate on more energy.

lc's Question: MAP has helped a lot but had to have another back surgery. Although I expect narcotics are not the best thing for my health I have to take to function. Question is: Would taking ETS Plus after pill dosage help to negate effects?
Machaelle's Answer: I don't know. But it's worth a try. Also, try talking to your MAP team about the best way to balance the negative effects of the medication. I imagine your team will take care of this for you as much as they can. You may need to adjust your diet, so consider this as well. I would concentrate on talking to my MAP team about this issue.

Lea's Question: I have MBPs in both vinegar and brandy. Is it okay to take them following one another? I seem to prefer brandy at night (helps me sleep), and vinegar in am, but am out of some, so am mixing.
Machaelle's Answer: It doesn't matter what preservative you're taking. But I'm impressed with your flexibility on the brandy and vinegar.

Susan in Ontario's Question: Just a note, no need to post: I've read and re-read everything you've written, and want to tell you how inspiring and encouraging it is to know that this kind of collaboration with nature is possible. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
Machaelle's Answer: Yikes! We posted this before reading "no need to post." But it gives me a chance to thank you for your kind words and support. Glad to be of help.

Anneli's Question: Regarding the movie/book The Secret that is sold in millions of copies all over the world - does people do this in a manipulating way every time the use "the Law of Attraction" without realizing they are actually employing devas and nature spirits? Or is it okay to "manifest" without knowing the whole truth behind it?
Machaelle's Answer: Personally, I think that is a process that uses a high degree of manipulation. Consequently, I don't recommend, The Secret.

Losha's Question: I am realizing that, except on rare occasions, I have been subtley fighting with nature my entire life instead of enhancing and improving what is already there (inside and out). Any suggestions on changing the flow?
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, there's good news in this: Obviously you're very capable of being honest. And that's a good thing, especially when working with nature. Maybe a good place to start is to read Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered. It starts you exactly where I started and describes the early journey that I took. I suspect once you've finished reading the story, your understanding of nature will have improved considerably. You can build from there. But three cheers for your honesty!

Nobuko Asanuma's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have two questions: 1. Can a Nature Healing Coning be opened remotely? For example, in the emergent cases where one cannot rush to one's animals in distress. 2. Which MBP solutions are recommendable for neurotic gastritis? Thank you for your help.
Machaelle's Answer: 1. If you own the animal(s) and are responsible for their care, and there has been an emergency, go ahead and open the Nature Healing Coning. Once you are physically present with the animal, make sure you refocus on the coning and inform the team that you are there and ready to help the animal if needed.
2. MBP Immune, Lymphatic, Digestive and Nervous Solutions. If the neurotic gastritis is a symptom of stress, see Health Watch 8: Stress.

Deborah's Question: Do you ever use sound to break up old energy on property?
Machaelle's Answer: No. I work with nature. And nature has never recommended to me that I use sound in this way. But that doesn't mean that nature would not recommend it to you. Different locations require different responses.

Susan from Ontario's Question: I have osteoporosis, and am unable to take any of the meds prescribed for me. Is this the kind of issue I could take to MAP for assistance - if not in healing me, then at least in working to make my body stronger? I thought that working with the Microbial Balancing Program would be good too. I've finally got all the Perelandra tools I need, and am ready to begin. Am I on the right track?
Machaelle's Answer: Absolutely, you're on the right track.
Definitely take osteoporosis to MAP. Give your team a full read-out of your condition and your symptoms.
Working with the Microbial Balancing Program would be terrific. If jumping into the full program is daunting right now, just focus on the MBP Phase 1 Testing Process. It's simple, it's easy, and it will help you learn the program while addressing the osteoporosis.
If you have any questions, call our Question Hot Line on any Wednesday at 1-540-937-3679.

Marijane's Question: Is it alright to take all of the MBP Solutions every night, or should I test for the ones that are most necessary at this time of my life? And if that turns out to be a lesser number, should I then take those twice a day?
Machaelle's Answer: It's best to take all of them every night. If you feel you need additional support because of something specific happening, test to see what you need to take in the morning as well.

Jorge Luis Vargas's Question: Hi Machaelle, it is good to see you - by internet at least. Nowadays my vision and ear are diminished. What flower essences would be good for them? Thank you and Congratulations
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Jorge! It's good to hear from you.
I can't believe you're asking me what essences you need to use. You need to test that, my man. Don't forget to take MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Solutions twice daily as well. Telegraph them for your vision and ear issues specifically. You know where that telegraphing process is written, so go for it!
If you can't find it, the MBP Solution Telegraph Test Process is also online.

Rose's Question: re: Anneli's ? you replied "It is still fully connected to its nature intelligence, which would include the nature spirit level." I have understood that when something "dies" the spirit or essence is removed sometimes even before the actual death i.e. in the cutting of a tree or death of animal. Please explain.
Machaelle's Answer: When an animal dies, the element of the intelligence that most closely resembles our soul level releases, but the body continues to rot. As long as it is going through that deterioration process, nature intelligence remains connected. The rotting process is a well-coordinated process.
When you remove a tree, you are eliminating the form. You can work with nature to shift the energy of the tree you're removing to another tree as a special process when working with nature (see Workbook I).

Mary Sage's Question: Last month's 8 oz. Respiratory offer was a great idea. Are you planning to offer Digestive in an 8 oz. size in the future? That's my favorite! Thanks, Mary Sage
Machaelle's Answer: That's not my decision to make. You'll have to send flowers, chocolate and $1,000,000 to our Production Department!
But seriously, there is no intention at this time to put any of the other MBP Balancing Solutions into 8-oz. refill bottles. We made the Respiratory Solution available in this size because the staff had noticed that the Respiratory Solution is the most frequently recommended of all of the MBP Solutions, after Immune and Lymphatic. If any MBP Solutions are made available in 8-oz. refill bottles, we'll announce it through Operation EarthSave and on our web site right away.

vb's Question: PS. Am doing acupuncture and cranial work as well, trying to rest more etc., have uncoupled this from other similar injuries over the years, ... vb--not necessary to post this one, just extra info, thanks
Machaelle's Answer: Actually, this is worth posting so I can remind you to open a MAP session during your acupuncture and cranial work so that your MAP team can support you while that work is being done.

vb's Question: Having trouble with thinking clearly since a whiplash on 7/22--am doing MAP, essences, some MBS--which specific microbials might be best please, and should I have a specific DDP in MAP for this concern--the clarity of thought that is? Thanks very much.
Machaelle's Answer: For the whiplash: MBP Immune, Lymphatic, Nervous, Muscular, Endocrine and Skeletal Balancing Solutions would be most helpful to you. Each time you have a MAP session, include the difficulties you're having with clarity of thought. That's directly related to the whiplash and you don't need a separate DDP. Consider it a symptom of the whiplash. Keep your MAP team informed of the state of all of your whiplash symptoms, including clarity of thought, every time you have a session. Be sure to let them know those times when your thought is more clear along with the times when it's less clear.

Phyllis Gordon's Question: How does one learn to "set" a solstice table and know the exact time of the solstice? I haven't read all of the books yet.
Machaelle's Answer: We post the solstice and equinox times on our web site.
The Winter Solstice table is a celebration of nature, harvest and form. So we have different objects that represent those elements. It's really a simple thing and more of a human gift back to nature. So for this Winter Solstice, just think about what you'd like to celebrate regarding nature and design something that reflects each of those elements.

Clint's Question: I've always wondered why no tree fruits are grown at Perelandra. Is this solely the choice of the gardener or would it be a really big deal to balance them with the rest of the garden, such as having a separate orchard area?
Machaelle's Answer: Actually, it's the choice of nature. I'm perfectly open to having fruit trees, and nut trees ... and palm trees! But, in nature's evolving balance at Perelandra, apparently fruit trees haven't been included yet.

Anneli's Question: Where is the limit for thoughts that are absorbed by the environment, and thoughts that are halfway manifested but return to a dematerialised state? Can we feel when a thought/visualisation go to one of these two states?
Machaelle's Answer: These are the kinds of questions that I don't bother with because the answers don't give me anything useful to work with. But if this information is important to you, why not set up a 4-point nature coning including the Deva of Thoughts and ask the question yourself? As I said to Elizabeth in the previous answer, let us know what answer you got at the next forum. Maybe others would find this information useful.

Elizabeth's Question: RE: last month's question on where nature and God integrate. Begs question: Is nature God or only a part of God?
Machaelle's Answer: Elizabeth, I know who you are and you're perfectly capable of asking nature this question yourself. So, that's your assignment. Tell us what your answer is in the next forum. I'm not going to answer this kind of question for you, and you know that girl!

Stefanie's Question: I find it difficult to give MBP Solutions to my cats. The butter trick you recommended to me before doesn't work (they don't care about butter), and anything mixed with brandy they despise. From the vinegar they throw up. So I mix it with a bit of water and pour it down one cat's throat. But more than one a day he won't accept. Also, I'm worried about how much alcohol a cat can handle. They can't metabolize it. (Dogs don't have this problem). Any new hints?
Machaelle's Answer: Switch over from the MBP Solutions to the Nature Healing Coning for Animals.
Let your Nature Healing Coning team know that you're having a lot of trouble getting drops to your cats and they'll work around the problem. (You'll work with each cat separately.)

Debbie's Question: I have an inspiration about being of assistance to the land by clearing I guess what would be called old programing. Do you do processes like that? Do you have programs that teach it?
Machaelle's Answer: I can tell from your question that you're really brand new to Perelandra! Look at Workbooks I & II. Workbook I lays a good foundation for how to work with nature. Workbook II gives you the step-by-step processes for accomplishing what you would like to do. It includes a Troubleshooting Process that will tell you exactly what your property needs.

Phyllis Gordon's Question: I got my complete kit in June and am working through learning to use each and every piece. Thanks for what I consider to be the final piece of my search in the quest to stand up and interact in a viable way with what is going on in the world. I signed up via email for interaction with people in the New Mexico area and have not received any info. I could use some help looking into that. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: We're looking into options for completely revamping our networking system to make it easier for folks to connect with others currently using the Perelandra tools.
Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have them. Our Question Hot Line is open every Wednesday. We want you to have the support you need while you're going through your journey with the Perelandra work.
And congratulations to your on your courage to jump in to the middle of a "One of Everything" Kit!

Elizabeth's Question: My health issues make kinesiology and pendulum use difficult so I rely on intuition for much essence, MAP, SLG testing and feel the results are worth the effort. I'd like to use MBP program. Is it possible to achieve worthwhile results w/intuition only?
Machaelle's Answer: Of course. The testing for the Microbial Balancing Program isn't any different than what you've already been doing. Intuition requires a much cleaner focus, thus making it a more difficult testing process. But if you have no other choice, this is the way for you to go. Just remember to be careful and make sure that you are well rested and able to hold a clean focus. Then just go for it!

Anneli, Sweden's Question: Is there such a thing as dead matter, where no nature spirits any longer inhabit the object? Or is it always some presence of nature spirits there? I was thinking this while reading about your manifestation experience in Behaving, and also in general.
Machaelle's Answer: There's no such thing as static existence. Whether we perceive something as dead or alive, the fact is that thing is still evolving through its process. It is still fully connected to its nature intelligence, which would include the nature spirit level.

Elizabeth's Question: I have numerous spinal/nerve conditions. Using P. processes to heal. My shoulder/arm pain makes lifting a spoon for a N.S. application exceedingly difficult. Is there an alternative?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. Put what's needed in the spoon, keep the spoon on the table and just rest your hand gently on the handle and then set up for the N.S. application. No lifting needed.

Barbara's Question: When I get a migraine at work, theres no private place to go. I could go into a bathroom stall but is it ok to kick off a MAP without speaking outloud?
Machaelle's Answer: It's easier to keep your focus when you say something out loud. But you don't need to speak out loud to do MAP. All you have to do is think what you need to say and work a little harder to keep your focus on what you're saying.

Sandy Bull's Question: Can you please give me some of nature's feelings (or give me references) about "global warming."
Machaelle's Answer: Nature's feelings? Global warming really isn't a good thing. It does bad stuff.
There really isn't anything specific I can say about nature's feelings except that it's pretty clear to me that nature thinks this is a "no brainer." We need to address global warming now. Beyond that, there really isn't any more to say.

Barbara's Question: Do you sell funnels or huge droppers to refill bottles from the 8oz size? My free pouring technique is very messy! And if you don't sell these things what type do you recommend? Thx
Machaelle's Answer: You can pick up any funnel at a local store. Remember to wash the funnel thoroughly for each essence or Solution you're refilling.

criss's Question: I had read the post death process and am afraid that with a loved one I would not have clarity in testing. Is it harmful to offer the wrong essences? Would ETS Plus work? If so how many drops, how often? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, when you're actually working this process with a loved one, you'll be surprised with the strength & clarity you do feel when you start. So, go into the process with the idea that you will test. And, if you feel a little unsure, go ahead and give the person a dose of ETS Plus in place of the essences. It definitely will be helpful.
See Try This 5: Post-Death Essence Process & ETS Plus for Humans.

Barbara's Question: I take several MBP at night before bed. Is there a certain amount I should wait between each solution?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, 5 seconds between each one.

Rebecca-Lynne MacDonald-May's Question: What's the best treatment for flea allergies & worms in cats & dogs?
Machaelle's Answer: The best that we have found is giving the cats and dogs a daily dose of MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions. It's extremely effective with fleas and helpful with worms.

11/14/13 Update: Try the new Perelandra Solutions for dogs and cats. They include Canine: External Parasites, Canine: Internal Parasites, Feline: External Parasites and Feline: Internal Parasites.

Barbara's Question: When does the new Seasonal Solution come out?
Machaelle's Answer: That will be ready in September. We'll send an announcement when it's available. (You're welcome to preorder it now, and we'll send it when it's ready.)

Barbara's Question: Hi Machaelle! I've read all your books and just admire your persistence and fearlessness. Also a big thank you for MAP, it's made a huge difference in my everyday life. Will you be coming out with any other books?
Machaelle's Answer: When I'm ready to announce any new books, you'll be among the first 20,000 to know!
Thanks for the kind words. It's always nice to hear. And I appreciate your support.