Perelandra Question Forum
September 7, 2008

As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered this online question forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

You'll find the questions and Machaelle's answers below.


Hey, this closes out our Virtual Open Houses for the summer. I can honestly say that this was a lot of fun. Hope it was the same for you. The questions were good today. I hope you feel the answers were helpful. Have a terrific fall and: Vote Obama. Vote Obama. Vote Obama. Vote Obama. Vote Obama. Vote Obama. (Can you tell I'm just slightly obsessed?)

– Machaelle      

EG's Question: Re climate change -- I couldn't agree more that individual action is what's needed, not sitting on a sofa and hoping angels will take care of things. For this reason I'm doing all the good things you cite and a few more (geothermal, solar, etc.). I was just wondering if there was any way to amplify these kinds of efforts (though energy processes, for example?). Sounds like a no. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: You can do a soil-less garden with the focus on all the changes you could make in your life that would reverse climate change. In that way, how you respond would be guaranteed to be in balance and that alone will enhance anything you do.

Katherine's Question: Thanks for being gentle with the "yes, this is obvious" answer on the SLG thing. Those of us who have worked way too many days in a row appreciate it. Going to go find some chocolate now... And, as this is a chance to say it, thanks so much for taking the time and energy to publish what you've learned for the rest of us. It really, really, REALLY helps a lot.
Machaelle's Answer: You have my undying good wishes for a fellow chocolate lover. I'm glad you asked the question because "SLG" isn't obvious to some and we need to be reminded when we're not being obvious in these forums.

Isabelle's Question: As I realize what you've done, I'm breathtaken. No words can really describe what you really bring into that world. I read in English with a lot of joy all about you're work, and it's not my mothertongue ! I found The purpose of ray essence fascinating as the human evolution goes towards multidimensional or even multiplexing with other soul ray. I find the essence very helpful to be more balanced. I was wondering why we call the healing deva in the coning, and not the deva of the human kind ? Is there a deva for each part of the body ?
Machaelle's Answer: There is a deva of each person's body, but there's also a healing deva. A deva of each person's body would include all of the body parts. A Deva of Healing includes different healing dynamics. The Deva of Human Kind doesn't necessarily include the dynamics of healing and it's important to include the full healing range when working with your health.

Aurora's Question: To help keeping balance in the election wouldn't you say stay away from the news as much as possible will be key? Thank you so much for helping us.....
Machaelle's Answer: No. I wouldn't say this. I am not a believer that avoiding information enhances balance. It only enhances ignorance. Our challenge is to process information properly, while maintaining balance. We're not nearly as weak as we'd like to think we are.

Maryann's Question: Thanks for having this Open House. I actually have been to Virginia and visited your Garden many years ago. It was an experience I will never forget. What struck me the most, was that as I was getting out of my car I was overwhelmed with the vibration of the garden. Nothing will ever have a greater impact. I have since been fascinated with the "vibration" of plants. But I do not think the vibration of the plant and the flower are the same, and when the plant goes into bloom it is almost like the flower is singing. I just want to make sure that you agree that each plant has a vibration specific to that plant, and the vibration is not necessarily related to the flower of that plant.
Machaelle's Answer: You're welcome! That's why each essence is created from a different flower and plant. Each have a different electrical circuit vibration.

Lee's Question: If the MAP team folk could give instructions to allow one to be moving during a MAP session, it would be appreciated. I'd dearly love to be able to combine my hour run with a MAP session. I'm fairly sure I can talk to myself and run at the same time. While I suspect this gets a "follow the directions" response, I still wanted to make the request. (And hey, if I get a heart attack during the run, they're right there :-) Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: (A side note from Beth the typist: Be sooo glad you're not sitting in an audience 5 feet in front of Machaelle right now. You'd probably need your MAP team. ;)
Response from Machaelle: I thought a comprehensive medical program that is free and can be accessed day or night, in the convenience of your bed, would be enough. They'd really like it if you're not jogging around the neighborhood in case they have to do open-heart surgery on you. What you don't seem to be getting is that you're not just talking to yourself. There is work being done, and they'd like your body parts to not be moving up and down while they're trying to work on you!

Theresa's Question: Thank you for sharing your knowledge & products with us. What do you recommend for insomnia or sleep problems? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: Don't drink coffee at midnight. Daily exercise is recommend, but not before you go to bed. The easiest tool to start with would be the MBP Balancing Solutions for the Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Systems twice daily. If you use flower essences, telegraph test for insomnia. If you use MAP, throw the problem in your MAP team's lap.

Katherine's Question: I've read several of your books, and I apologize if the problem is simply that I haven't had enough coffee yet here on the west coast. But, re: Rose's first question - can you spell out what "SLG" stand for? I can't place it. Thanks much!
Machaelle's Answer: Aw. You have my sympathy. And oops. SLG stands for Soil-less Garden. Also, I'm on my 4th cup of coffee and my 2nd piece of chocolate cake. It's helping tremendously.

Pamela's Question: Thank you sooo much for the answer to Rose's question about balance in this election. I will pass this on to my neighbor. She and I were wondering how to help and remain balanced. This chaos and imbalance was keeping us awake at night. You are the BEST! And your sense of humor is wonderful.
Machaelle's Answer: Awesome. Once again, just in case you missed it, in our shallow attempt at non-partisanship . . . Vote Obama. Vote Obama. Vote Obama. Vote Obama.

Barbara's Question: In June we had bed bugs in the building and as suggested I did the energy cleansing and balancing. They have not come to our apartment. They may still be in the building. Thank you for the support.
Machaelle's Answer: I'm glad the Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process & chart came through for you!

Linda's Question: Just read how you can use ETS Plus topically on bites and it got me to wondering if it could be used topically to either prevent (in the early warning stages) or ease herpes symptoms.
Machaelle's Answer: You don't lose anything by trying. And it's probably going to be very helpful. So give it a shot. Let us know how it works.

Otis Woodard's Question: Thank you, Machaelle. It is exciting to hear about where you are headed with the online networking. I feel very strongly about both the potential and the pressing need for applying this body of knowledge in business. It is the needed third leg on the wobbling two-legged stool called business. In my clients, I can see the window of opportunity opening up. Even in large corporations, leaders are sensing something is amiss, that they are contributing to imbalance, and they are not clear about what to do about it. Anyway, if I can be of assistance in helping with the business-related facet of the Perelandra Networking Community, I'm at the ready. My best, Otis
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, Otis. That was sweet. And I have taken note that you're willing to help. You may be in trouble! As we expand in this direction, we will certainly keep you in mind. I agree that working with nature in the world of business is a no brainer. And I can see the benefits of using it with my own business arm of Perelandra.

Laurie's Question: Am really enjoying this forum! Thank you. As a big fan of Dr. D'Adamo's blood type diet, I am curious as to why you haven't promoted the genotype diet (Dr. D'Adamo's latest work) yet. Is it not speaking to you? Timing issue? I ask because I have read the new book (genotype diet) and am conflicted.
Machaelle's Answer: So far it's not "speaking to me." I haven't put a lot of thought into it and it's not "hitting me over the head." That's about all I can say.

EC's Question: Is there anything we can do to amplify our efforts as individuals to avert catastrophic climate change?
Machaelle's Answer: So often when someone asks me this question it means that what they'd like to do is sit on a sofa and wish this problem away with the angels. But really, there is a lot we can do as individuals, such as change light bulbs, use less gas by driving more efficiently and consolidating your trips, decreasing the amount of energy you use in your house, making sure your house is well insulated so you need less heat and less air conditioning . . .
People tend to shy away from these kinds of solutions because they think the solutions are not big enough. But these are the kinds of things that have gotten us into the problem. There are many things we can do as individuals and here is a good link:

Susan Hay's Question: This is a resubmission: Machaelle, can you suggest what I should do to prevent myself from taking on "less-than-light" energies ( I'm very sensitive to emotions and energies, and getting more so all the time). This is becoming a serious problem for me. I use the MBP, ETS Plus and essences, but perhaps not often enough.
Machaelle's Answer: When you say, "not often enough," that's telling me that you're probably not using the tools to your best advantage. Take the MBP Solutions daily. Test yourself for an essence solution that you are to take on days when you are doing your work. Test how many times a day you are to take it. Take ETS Plus after each session and at the end of the day. Wash your hands after each session, even if you're not touching the person.

Martin's Question: I, like most, are affected by the oil price (heating, petrol, food prices). A little while ago I started SLG Troubleshooting addressing the issue that my life in a certain way is "controlled by oil" and what certain cartels decide... Good things happened as a result e.g. increased personal income (also the price is down again at present, allowing me to stock-up). How do you suggest we address this potentially very challenging situation for our life?
Machaelle's Answer: Looks like you're doing fine.

Susan Hay's Question: With reference to seeing a chiropractor trained in cranio-sacral therapy, would it amount to the same thing to see a cranio-sacral therapist? Thanks so much for opening these forums to your customers - they are so useful!
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. And you're welcome. We like it too!

Jorge's Question: And can we open a MAP coning after our own death to help us in the death transition? Machaelle's
Machaelle's Answer: As a person feels they are moving into the death process, they can open their MAP coning and request that the team assist them during the death process. They would just keep the coning open all the way through. When the death process is completed, they would then close the coning. They may have the coning open for a week or for several months. Most people know when they are entering that process when it's not caused by an accident.

Dianna Visek's Question: Is it still advisable to take FSBS+?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, absolutely. I'm still taking it twice daily. Here is a link to my most recent Bulletin on FSBS+:
H5N1 & FSBS+ UPDATE: Seasonal Flu Exchange Offer (posted 8/21/08)

Rose's Question: Thank you for your response re: the election: "the important thing is to not participate in, support and energize the chaos and imbalance that's being presented in the campaign" is a good reminder and plenty to work with. Thanks for that, and for all you have made available to me and to the Earth to help in creating balance.
Machaelle's Answer: Good for you Rose. Thanks for that. In our attempt to be non-partisan: Vote Obama. Vote Obama. Vote Obama.

Susan's Question: Re Martin's question: Whoa, I've missed something here. I thought I'd read all of Perelandra's information, but obviously I've missed or forgotten something! What is the body/soul fusion process and where can I find out more about it?
Machaelle's Answer: Here's a link to the Body/Soul Fusion Process paper.

Pam's Question: Thank you Machaelle for these virtual open houses and everything you do. I just discovered the essences telegraph test checklist, do you test it the same as the mbp telegraph test checklist?
Machaelle's Answer: It's slightly different. Do you have the instruction paper that came with it? If not, here is a link to ordering a copy of the paper online: Perelandra Essences Telegraph Test Checklist Process. Or you can call the Question Hot Line.

Jorge's Question: Hi Machaelle, many people is talking that in about 80 years Earth will go into the 4th. dimension,. Is that the planet where the Cottage level is? Are there many contacts from other planets like Venus now days? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: Jorge, for asking this kind of question, you better be happy we know you! I don't know how to answer your questions. This isn't the kind of thing I ask about. Because I don't care. You should know that by now. But glad to hear from you! Hope things are going well in sunny, sultry Mexico.

Caz's Question: Hi, I just wanted to say "Thank You" to your team especially Beth. I came out of hospital last week from having a Fibroid removal operation and Beth helped me to get back on track using my essences & MBP and to prepare using the Microbial BP. I also had my MAP team coning open during my hospital stay. Since coming home I have experienced some side effects from the tablets that I was given but my MAP are an absolute god send. Thank you Beth, Perelandra Team and your goodself Machaelle.
Machaelle's Answer: We're really glad that this worked out so well for you! Thanks for getting back to us about this. Make sure you keep up with everything throughout your entire recuperation period.

Susan's Question: Can you suggest the best way(s) to protect myself from "less-than-light" energies when I'm doing energy work with clients? I have a feeling I've been taking on these kinds of energies recently, more than my normally-healthy energy body can handle. Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: The easiest way to handle this is to change your attitude. You need to stop feeling that you are required to be sympathetic to another's pain and struggle. That's leaving the door open for you to take on their experience. You can do your work effectively and compassionately while at the same time keeping that door closed. If you're working with MAP, I suggest addressing this with your MAP team.

Lee's Question: From one of your tapes I recall something that one of the reasons not to dump all the essences in a vat and mix 'em is that one gets useful information from the definition of the essence that is needed. However, for many (eg SR3 'Bal & stabilize.....pertinent levels of the CNS") it means nothing to me. I understand the words, however I find no useful meaning or insight communicated as a result of them. Hints or suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: If the definitions don't strike a chord in you, don't worry about it. Whatever you test for, that's what you take. At some point, you'll get some kind of insight about these essences that's going to be important to you. It's the testing results that are essential. Often I'm tempted to toss out the definitions because people get too wrapped up in them. But at critical times, the definitions can give important insight.

Otis Woodard's Question: Hello, Machaelle. I help leaders improve results by increasing their emotional intelligence and their capacity to collaborate and cooperate. After reading Dancing and Mt. Shasta, so much of what I have sensed but could not articulate about the direction of leadership was validated. Your paper, "Getting Functional", alone, has profound implications if applied in business and the development of leaders. Are you aware of a group of people using what you have brought forth through your work in business who are sharing knowledge and experience? Are there any other sources of info you'd recommend? Thank you. Otis
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Otis! Thank you for your permission to use your quote.
I am really grateful that you're using my work in this expanded way. We know of people using the processes in businesses. You can find them through the Networking List. We'll be expanding in the coming months to an online Perelandra Networking Community which will make it even easier to do this.

gill AlChalabi's Question: How to get purpose for garden? half an acre plus outhouse. 1. a sanctuary for wildlife plus humans, plus for veg and native fruit. Or somehow to involve local community- a community garden. Problem is of being under-resourced at all levels. What help can you suggest, I have Workbook that is all.
Machaelle's Answer: We're not charging you per character. Could you please re-word in full sentences and we'll try this again? There is a 300 character minimum, but you'll be okay. Trust me.

Kimberly King's Question: I get migraines around my period for 2-3 days in bed dizzy, nausea, can't move. I started taking Immune and Lymph 2 weeks now 2xday. Got all essences and just ordered all MBP. Shall I take them all? My diet is mostly very good. I live pretty much by the Eat Right for Your Type book (for many yrs now), first got migraines after car accident. but now every period and sometimes more often is radical pain. plz help thank you
Machaelle's Answer: The best suggestion I have for you is to diligently follow the blood type diet. Because of your car accident, I suggest seeing a chiropractor who is trained in cranio-sacral adjustments. It certainly wouldn't hurt to take all of the MBP Balancing Solutions. And then pray for old age and menopause.

Peter Cudhea's Question: You always advise us to "do the program the way it is written, without additions and alterations". Yet I often receive guidance (confirmed many times by testing) to add new entities to the coning, to use essences in new ways, to do work for different times or in different ways than is standard, etc. What are some of the signs you look for, when confronted with new guidance, to confirm whether you are genuinely being led in a new way, versus kidding yourself? (Note: I am definitely aware I forfeit the "right to the results of the standard program" if I am substituting my own. I am asking about when if ever you would trust the new guidance over the standard.)
Machaelle's Answer: I hate to sound snotty, and this is going to sound snotty, but my relationship with nature after 35 years is such that I don't have the kinds of questions about the information I get that you are asking about. I get a process, I work it through with nature directly and then I work it out in the garden or on myself directly depending on the process we're talking about. It's the results of the testing that tell me if I have any holes in the process. And then I work with nature to plug up the holes. When nature designs a process with me, they're designing a dance that everybody can use under all circumstances that apply to that process. Generally, when someone feels inclined to change the process, they'll tell me later that the results were either lessened or they saw no results at all and they go back to the original process. What I can say is that if you feel strongly about your guidance, my suggestion is that you proceed carefully.
The programs that are especially important that you not change are MAP and Microbial Balancing. Call the Question Hot Line and go over the changes. If it's off base, they'll let you know.

Martin Kutternik's Question: Can the Body/Soul Fusion Process also be done with just ETS Plus for Humans?? (You mentioned in the last open house forum that the Post Death Process can be done with using ETS+ only). Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: Because of the nature of the process, I recommend that it be done with essences as written.

Rose's Question: Any suggestions for an SLG to support a presidential candidate and request a fair/legal election? Or is that outside providence of an SLG?
Machaelle's Answer: Trust me, I've been thinking about this a lot too. The only thing that I can come up with that does not fall in the category of manipulation (which in this case I'm really tempted to give in to but resist), is focusing on balance. This campaign cycle is an excellent demonstration of the power of balance as opposed to the chaos and weakness of imbalance. You can do an SLG to support your participation in the balance of this presidential election. I know this may not seem like enough, but the important thing is to not participate in, support and energize the chaos and imbalance that's being presented in the campaign. My practical suggestion is to make sure that everybody around you is registered to vote, and then follow it up on election day and make sure they get to the polls.

Mercy Anderson's Question: I'm not sure if you're getting this twice, but here goes: Thank you for all you do. I have followed your work since Behaving came out. This year, I have been going through an expansion, and, on the days when I think I'm making it all up and cracking up for sure, Dancing and the Rose II essences are a big reassurance.
Here is my question: I think of your work as practical and active spirituality. As you go through the day's work, how do you stay in touch with Spirit? Are you able to maintain an awareness of spirit at all times? Do you stop and touch base with your higher self periodically? Any suggestions for those of us who find it hard to stay aware/loving/compassionate 24/7 . . . or for longer than 15 minutes some days? Mercy
Machaelle's Answer: You are implying that there is a spiritual separation and there isn't. Go back to Dancing and read the words of the dead nun in Chapter 5. In short, there's nothing special I do. All I did was change how I perceive my reality.
P.S. Thank you for your kind words also.

Helka's Question: Hi Machaelle, First of all, thank you for all the wonderful energy processes that you have helped and are helping us to learn! They certainly have changed my life for the better, and that's putting it very mildly! I'm wondering now how long to keep doing MB TT Troubleshooting rechecks for my slightly stiff finger joints before changing over to the Miasm Process. I've been doing TT troubleshooting since mid-July (that's when the problem started). The Miasm Process proved to be very efficient when I used it for another physical problem about two years ago, so I'm thinking about trying it this time as well. Thanks! - Helka from Finland
Machaelle's Answer: Hi Helka! I remember you from other forums. Glad to hear from you. And thank you so much for your very kind words. Keep doing the MBP TT Checklist until you test clear. But you can do the Miasm Process at any time. The impact of the miasm work will show up on your next troubleshooting recheck.

Dawn Marie Ford's Question: I imagine there are regional, country, continental, and global energies or issues that Nature speaks to you about. Could you share some of these insights with us? Do you only make Essences when Nature suggests you do so?
Machaelle's Answer: In answer to your first question, I feel the energies telling me that the question is insane! You may need to step back and look at what you're really asking. So we'll just ignore that question. . . . I actually give you the guidelines for how to get this type of information for yourself in my books.
In answer to your second question — yes.

Anouchka's Question: I can work in a MAP Coning and an Professional Coning just fine, but when I work in an Garden Coning I get so tired! I asked my MAP team to work with me (about 5 months ago). Until now it stays the same, I don't understand why I get so tired in an Garden coning. Do you have any suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: That's interesting. Normally, people are quite energized in a garden coning. Test essences after you open the garden coning to make sure you're balanced and stabilized within that coning. Make sure you're not hungry when you open the coning. And when you feel a dip in energy, eat some protein like nuts. Try these clues. And if you're still having difficulty, call the Question Hot Line and let us figure this out together.
The only other thing I can think of ... If you're just sitting there getting information but you're not acting on the information, you could be "jamming things up." You need to move the coning information out of you into action.

Nancy's Question: In a 2 point coning with pan, deva of my body, testing for supplements to take for the day...then I ask for those that test + for amounts to take for that day. Im getting outlandish 8ounces of a substance that on bottle reads suggested dose is 1/2 ounce. What is skewing my testing and what do you suggest? Expanding coning to include map /higher self? Taking the amount that tests yes and hope I don't puke?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. Expand your coning. You need to make this a four-point coning with your MAP team. If you're still getting outlandish answers, call the Question Hot Line before you continue taking 8 ounces of any more "stuff" so we can help keep you alive. Any person that uses the word "puke" with me, I want to keep alive!

Julia Singletary's Question: Does Ike and boyz have an influence on the pentagon in 3rd dimension? I hope! Do they fell good about out world? Do u garden in 5th yet?
Machaelle's Answer: I have no clue what you're asking. You'll need to re-word in English. Check those typos too!

Dawn's Question: What's the best thing to do to prevent mosquito bites and control mosquitoes around the yard and garden?
Machaelle's Answer: Don't go outside! Get six trained bats! Wear a beekeeper's suit! Invite some Purple Martins in. Get rid of the standing water in your backyard. Encourage your neighbors to get rid of the standing water in their backyard. Don't wear perfume. Try not to say "Here, skeety skeety skeety." Take the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions twice daily. And apply ETS Plus topically on any mosquito bites you might get to control itching and promote healing.

Betsy Spannbauer's Question: (RETRY) While working away from home for two months, I was instructed not to take all flower essences..that ETS would suffice for my personal use. I used huge amounts, 32 oz.. was balanced and productive. Is this unusual? Am experiencing lots of cranial adjustments, and painful headaches through this time and more ETS is suggested. I'm concerned that there might be another method to deal with all the changes. Thanks for all that you do!
Machaelle's Answer: This is the answer to your second question. If you're using MAP, let your MAP team help you through this. But since you only have the ETS Plus with you, that's what you need to continue to take.
You could also go to a chiropractor who is trained in cranio-sacral adjustments.

Laurie's Question: I know you can do general bal in addition to addressing specific issues with MBP process - could you also do preventative issues (e.g. breast cancer prevention)? Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. You would use the MBP Telegraph Testing Checklist process. Dr. Peter D'Adamo, the author of Eat Right for Your Type has written a book on diet especially around the issue of cancer. Here's a link to more info on his web site:
Also, taking the the MBP Immune, Lymphatic, Cell and Endocrine Solutions daily would be helpful.
UPDATE: Also include the MBP Solution Reproductive – Female.

Julia Hood's Question: Hi M, I have. this year, gotten OsteoArthritas, fibromylgia and seem to be getting more autoimmune diseases as we speak. Im 57. Been in alternative health care my whole life and suddenly from fine to this. Do you think the FE, MPB, etc will help me and can u offer clues to why this would happen suddenly?
Machaelle's Answer: Definitely FEs, MBPs and the Microbial Balancing Program will help. Also, MAP (Medical Assistance Program). I had arthritis as a kid and I got rid of all dairy products. That was really helpful for me. You might try coming off of dairy. I didn't have this as a kid, but if I had, I would have followed the Eat Right for Your Type diet (which, by the way, would have taken me off dairy since I'm blood type O). That's the only personal hint I could give you in addition to my products and programs.
Also, the only thing I can think of as to why this happened so suddenly to you is that you may be experiencing a greater level of stress.

Ruth's Question: Hi Machaelle - question: I don't have any private space carved out to do the MBP processes, working on it though. Will MAP work with me in healing sessions to work through a cold?
Machaelle's Answer: Hi Ruth! Yes. Also, are you taking the MBP Solutions? You could take Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory twice daily (once in the morning and once in the evening) while you're working through the cold and that will help too.

Betsy Spannbauer's Question: While spending 2 months at another site, with clients, I was instructed not to bring all flower essences for my personal use...that ETS would be sufficient. I used 32 ounces over that period and felt balanced and productive. Is that unusual and appropriate? Tks! Betsy
Machaelle's Answer: Sounds perfectly fine to me.

criss's Question: I test for essences each day. First for general balancing, then for several other issues, taking what's needed for each issue. OK to do one issue right after other? If same essence comes up for several issues, take again each time?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes and yes. Perfectly fine to take the essences one right after another and definitely take all the essences that are tested each time, even if they're repeats.