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June 27, 2009
As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered this online question forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

You'll find the questions and Machaelle's answers below.

That's it folks! Thanks for all the questions. It's always good to hear from you. You guys are doing good work out there and I'm thrilled. "See" you in August!

– Machaelle      

anna c.'s Question: Hi Machaelle, I am a newbie and I have been enjoying your book, Behaving.... I have started practicing manifestation, which feels so good. If I do not follow the advise I get completely, will the manifestations stop? When I am tested and fail perhaps? Thanks for your great work.
Machaelle's Answer: This is really not the best place to start your work with nature. Take a look at Getting Started on the web site and choose an area of interest. If you need some ideas for practical ways to work with nature, call our Question Hot Line.
Brian's Question: Do you have any suggestions for introducing working with nature to young kids (think kindergarten, 1st grade)? Or is that just stupid.
Machaelle's Answer: This is definitely not stupid. And kids are going to be a lot easier to work with than adults on this. This would be a great soil-less garden. If you'd like help getting started with it, call our Question Hot Line on Wednesday and we'll help you.
Lenise G.'s Question: This was awesome. Rock on :-) Thank you All at Perelandra. Of course, no response needed.
Machaelle's Answer: This is your official, "No response." Thanks!
Diana N.'s Question: I have participated in MAP sessions since Feb 2009. I have suffered from bone-breaking type of leg/ankle/knee pain and weakness in lowerback. Has affected my mobility. I have feel it to be an emotional issue and have calibrations with the MAP with little success. Any suggestions?? Diana
Machaelle's Answer: In conjunction with MAP, do essences testing to see if you can unravel the emotional issues. Also, continue MAP Calibration. It may not be emotional and you may be hanging it up because that's all you're thinking it is. So open yourself up to other possibilities, such as microbial or diet.
Louisa's Question: Thanks for the heads up about The Mount Shasta book — I've read it and don't remember "the steps on how you can work in conjunction with the Cottage Team in specific areas." Will you specify where that is in the book? Thanks again for all you and your staff and nature do. Co-creating with nature makes life so much richer!
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, Louisa, it's the second time around for this question. It's in the last chapter!
Laurie's Question: I've read the Mt. Shasta Mission and it really gives you a lot to think about and consider. I would highly recommend it. Also, I find that there are often timing issues about when I'm ready for the next Perelandra product/process. Perhaps, those overlooking the book could check on this - the timing issue for themselves - when would it be best to read?
Machaelle's Answer: Excellent point. I'm pleased to find out the book isn't invisible. You guys out there, listen to Laurie on this one.
Brian's Question: Does this gut gardening thing apply to SLG as well ? Can one switch back & forth between gut techniques & conings on a particular project?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. You can combine the two techniques and add the more precise processes along with the gut techniques as you go along.
Faith's Question: Forgot to add I use Perelandra everyday and ETS Plus, both often. Why aren't I getting better faster? I've been stuck for 3-4 months at the same sed rate. Faith
Machaelle's Answer: I hate to say this to you Faith, but you're probably not getting better faster because you're being so impatient and you're getting in your own way. You're going to have to relax and get out of your own way. Then you'll feel things moving again.
Brian's Question: Perhaps I've missed it but do y'all have 'nature' describe the Essence of Perelandra & what it does ? I've been under the impression so far that what has been written is more people describing it. Thx.
Machaelle's Answer: The description that I have in the brochure was, even though it's short, it is nature describing Essence of Perelandra: "Use Essence of Perelandra anytime and anywhere you wish to provide a unique foundation of balance, stability, strength and support." Because balance is so unique to specific situations, I've found the best way to help people understand it is by letting others describe their experiences with EoP. It's very wide-ranging and quite frankly, it's a learning process. As you use it, you begin to understand how important balance is to everything. Hope this helps.
Denise W.'s Question: Had high stress in past 2 yrs and a number of strokes end of 08. Much stronger now & back working therapeutically with some clients but when I open 'Professional Coning' feel light headed & dizzy. Kinesiology test results are close down coning. I miss work with conings specially MAP. Could it be I'm not grounded? Sorry if Forum closed — am in southern Ireland — time difference. Thank you for sharing so much. Love & Light D
Machaelle's Answer: You might be right that you're not grounded. Be sure to take ETS Plus after you open the coning, and also after you close the coning. Because you may still be a little vulnerable, rather than take the ETS Plus once after you close or open your Professional MAP coning, take the full regimen — 3 doses, 5 minutes apart after you open and 3 doses, 5 minutes apart after you close.
Wappie's Question: Hallo I wonder what is the difference between ETS for Humans and Essence of Perelandra? Both are for balancing.
Machaelle's Answer: Essence of Perelandra provides a unique balance that adds a foundation of strength, stability and support for humans, animals, environments and projects. ETS Plus for Humans is an emergency trauma solution for any sudden or long-term trauma, or even daily stress. It releases the impact of trauma on the electrical system.
If you use kinesiology, you might find that frequently you'll test the need for both.
Laurie's Question: I knew there was a reason I never got a Magic 8 Ball!!! I know I'm not alone in the public speaking challenge, but I've even had issues with the go around the room and introduce yourself stuff - and it doesn't really match up with my confidence and skills, if that makes any sense? I guess I can get a mohawk and let the hair on my legs grow out and take it from there. :-) Seriously, thanks for your input and I really do appreciate all you and your people do. I've had some great success with EOP. Cheers!
Machaelle's Answer: Okay Laurie, here's my final suggestion — stop the pain, change jobs and enjoy life!
Rose's Question: looks like my question's answer got skipped (#46) At least another chance to say "Thank You All",
Machaelle's Answer: It may have been dropped temporarily. But if you check it again, it's there!
Polly M.'s Question: I love the Frog-O-Rama! And we almost got frog sounds, as well?! Wow. I'm exiled from wetter regions (while in school) in LA where wild frogs are few and far between. What a treat. What's next for another Open House? Cat-O-Rama? Dog-O-Rama? Garden Assistant-O-Rama? (for those of us that would love to dig right alongside them, if given the chance.)
Machaelle's Answer: Garden Assistant-O-Rama — where my garden assistants stand around croaking, crying and whining?! We're going to try for the frog sounds for the August Virtual Open House. We have loads of ideas for future fun stuff for Virtual Open House days come "join" us next month!
Jen K. of California's Question: Re: Question and Answer 44 If I could hand you one of my best chocolates right now, I would. Please forgive us for seeming 'slow on the uptake' — this is deep rich stuff! Have Mt Shasta Mission, and have read it (I believe more than once). Please will you direct us to the appropriate page(s) where we can review 'how to participate'? Thank you
Machaelle's Answer: You need to eat more chocolate! ;-) It's the last chapter of The Mount Shasta Mission.
norma s.'s Question: I`m 80 & not so far from moving on to the next dimension. Will using essences regularly help smooth my transition thru the death process? It`s so exciting to be contacting you personally. Thanks for your wonderful work!
Machaelle's Answer: This is excellent of you to be thinking this way. One piece of advice I can give you is that dying is like gravity. When it comes time, relax, let go and let nature take its course. That will smooth your transition tremendously. If you have someone near you who would be willing, I recommend that you download the Post-Death Essences Process and having them help you by giving you this process. The essences will be given to you as part of this process. Let me know how it goes!
barbara s. of NYC's Question: I want to do a soiless garden on my next direction or undertaking. Is this too "airy"? I finished my big project and I am not sure where else I will go Except I want to continue loving my life and my work
Machaelle's Answer: Why don't you make your life into a "Gut Garden" and just follow your nose. See where it leads you. I suspect you'll do very well in doing things that will add love to your life and your work.
Sharon's Question: Hi Machaelle! I had the pleasure of being at one of the actual open houses and it had a profound effect on my life:) I simply want to Thank You for all your work and especially for the Essence of Perelandra! it is amazing!
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks Sharon for your kind words!
Laci's Question: I am new to your site and I LOVE Nature (as does, most likely, everyone involved in today's event.) I would like to do a Battle Energy Release Process for the land (a geopathic stress zone!) but cannot because I do not yet have the balancers and stabilizers. Is there anything I can do to to to hold good energy in place in the interim ... until I get them. I gave the garden EoP AND delivered a dose of ETS Plus for Soil (which I need to do again). WOW ... what a difference!!! (PS: LOVE your information and refined "technology".)
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. Until the balancers arrive, you can use ETS Plus for Soil as a balancer and/or stabilizer for the Battle Energy Release Process. Based on what you wrote, I have to say that you seem to be doing quite well with these processes. Carry on!
Jen K. of California's Question: Thank you for your reply that you and Katie are both awake/conscious/active simultaneously (wow). In Dancing,, page 30, it is written that "There will come a time when an individual operating on the Earth level will be consciously aware of the full scope of his refracted soul activity." Questions: a) Are you consciously aware of the full scope of your refracted soul activity? b) If so will you please describe its entire scope in 300 words or less (absolutely joking) b) To clarify, (see Dancing page 29) is it correct to say that you Machaelle and Cottage level Katie are two unique/individual Soul Rays refracted from (?) one Individuated Soul? Thank you : )
Machaelle's Answer: Jen, it's late in the day and you're giving me a headache. I cannot impress on you enough how unimportant and uninteresting these questions are to me in this process. I don't ask these kinds of things. I operate by simply doing what I'm supposed to be doing and when it becomes important to understand what it is that I'm doing, that automatically occurs. a) The full scope of a refracted soul activity takes forever to unfold. It's an ever-evolving issue. b) That is correct.
Faith's Question: Hope you got my e-mail. If not I'm using MAP, Seasonal Solution, Immune, Lymphatic, Skeletal, Cell and Endocrine and essences on occasion to cure my polymyalgia rheumatica and its gotten better in the last 18 months but isn't gone. Any suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: I would take that question to MAP. You can either test for the answer (using kinesiology & yes/no format) or you can ask them to give you the insight within 24 hours and you'll receive it.
nancy's Question: I have been testing essences daily for about a month or so. I've also been using MAP for about 2 months. Is there anything else I could be doing as I get confused where the ETS+ and Essence of Perelandra and MBP fit in. Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: Since you're working with essences and MAP currently, you may want to consider using ETS Plus next. ETS Plus is used for any kind of trauma that suddenly hits so that you can regain your balance quickly. It's also used in conjunction with MAP.
Otis W.'s Question: Hello again, Machaelle. No question, but some things to share. First, I find it quite helpful to carry the Universal Light booklets with me on my business travels. When I can't sleep or feel agitated by the intensity of a day of consulting, reading in them shifts my perception and helps me integrate the day, settle down, sleep and dream. Second, what you've written about Timing is changing the way I consult and work and relate. Lastly, your focus on developing discipline in the mundane in order to access, ground and integrate the fantastic has helped me pull my head out of the clouds, stop dithering around the edges of my life and to just get on with it. My gratitude to you, to those you work with, and to those who support you.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Otis, good to hear from you! Am really glad to know my work helps you go to sleep. You're welcome to prescribe it to anyone else who has sleep issues. ;-) No, really I understand what you're saying about that. I just want to high-5 you for getting that we need to focus on the mundane in order to move forward. I'm glad to see how this is working for you. Be sure to keep in touch.
Keith P.'s Question: Are there co-creative partnerships formed by humans and nature — between human incarnations? Is this co-creative work going on with humans and nature in other dimensions, here and elsewhere — the Cottage's planet for instance?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, of course it is. It's a natural phenomenon and was designed to be the way things work. A lot of people on the Cottage level are consciously working in this partnership and there are some on the Cottage level who choose not to.
DB N.'s Question: Have you considered shifting or molecular split of camera to cottage level & taking photos/&/or videos of your family/associates there for viewing on this level? ~Not that you need validation, but if ever such could be viewed publicly here, it would "rock our world": Hearts & minds would soar due to the sensory verification. Imagine: "David addresses world leaders". or Katie just says, "Hello: it's for real".
Machaelle's Answer: Well, it looks like you'll do just about anything to keep from taking that leap of faith yourself. Not only am I not going to be Googling the universe or taking a census, I'm also not going to be videotaping and making an MTV Cribs video of the Cottage. Honest, we just have more to do than this. You're going to have to grapple with your own faith and take your own leap. P.S. We already have cameras on the Cottage level. We don't have to split them.
Diane's Question: Machaelle, Sorry if this is a repeat..not sure what my computer is up to. Do you give private consultations? Thank you for all you do and all you share.
Machaelle's Answer: No. A thousand times no. And you're welcome.
Wappie's Question: We live (in Holland) in a rural area: lots of chickens, pigs, goats in the neighbourhood. And in summer, now f.i. we are overcome with flies in the house. I know, comes with farming, but I have to kill them. Do you know a method to get them staying out of the house? Thanks for this opportunity and I love your books. As I am the same age I recognized a lot in them. Church, Vietnam and Findhorn were also a great issue over here.
Machaelle's Answer: People have had success focusing on the Deva of Flies and saying that it's important for them to have no flies in the house. Define what you consider "your house" and let them know that you want the flies to remove themselves from that area right away. Let them know that in 24 hours you will be killing any flies that come into the house. You also might try releasing Essence of Perelandra to the house just to bring the whole level of balance in the house up a notch so that the flies don't find it friendly.
Martha B.'s Question: Hi Machaelle: I've recently begun working with the essences and MAP. My mother and uncle both have had severe strokes over the past year. They both would like to work with MAP but are having a hard time remembering the steps in setting up a coning. Also I live far away from them so I can't surrogate. Do you have suggestions? And has MAP and the essences been found helpful for repairing the brain after a stroke with others in the past?
Machaelle's Answer: Record the Opening the Coning Steps and Closing the Coning Steps and they can just hit the button. And both MAP and essences are particularly helpful for brain/electrical system repair.
Louisa's Question: No question, just a heartfelt thank you! for all these amazing products and information. I've worked with most of them since 2000 and my health is better than ever. Wanted to share that about 2 months ago, I had remodeling done and 2 or 3 other very stressful things happened simultaneously and I didn't take the MBP tonics nor my essences for about 3 weeks. I got my first cold in 10 years! Actually, I woke up with all the flu symptoms - high fever, aches and chills, sick to my stomach, very painful joints/muscles, etc. and after 6-8 hours of feeling very bad and very sorry for myself, I did essences, MAP, microbial balancing then took a nap and woke up completely better. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel good most of the time and I give Perelandra's products and information most of the credit.
Machaelle's Answer: Comment 1. Bad girl for not taking the stuff that 3 weeks. Comment 2. Good girl for remembering to take them. Good job. Glad we're able to help on your quest for health.
Barbara S.'s Question: I have just completed my Doctorate and graduated in Pastoral Counseling. I set up a soil-less garden to complete each part of this long process, my research, my talks with my advisors (who were not agreeing with each other at one point). I really went beyond myself. Thank you for these processes – I never would have done it without the support of the Deva of my Doctoral program.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey congratulations! From now on, do we call you Dr. Barbara Simpson? Glad I could help.
Chris's Question: PS love the frogs, even sans ribbbetttsssss!
Machaelle's Answer: Aw, Beth really appreciates this. It'll bring a tear to her eye.
Trella D.'s Question: Hi Machaelle &3151; I'm a newbie to Perelandra/MAP, and watched the 1st dvd of the MAP Workshop set 2nites ago. part of me has resistance in describing in detail what is ailing me because of the law of attraction – I want to focus on what i want to feel, instead of how i feel and DON'T want to feel any longer. could you shed some light as to why the WB wants to hear the less than positive in detail, instead of what we positively want to create? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: This is a perfect question for you. You explain in detail how you're feeling because that is the way to tell your team what you're willing to address in order to achieve a positive health balance. You cannot achieve that balance without first addressing what's causing the imbalance. In light of how you have worded your question, it's clear that you would prefer not to address those issues. That's going to be a block. You don't have to worry about attracting a symptom because you've already attracted it and it's sitting there. It might help you to think of these symptoms as points of information you're giving to your team rather than something negative.
Lenise G.'s Question: Hey Machaelle, you just mentioned putting ETS + and spraying it on the body. What a great idea for myself! I have 2 dogs, 4 cats can I put ETS+ for Animals, protect their eyes and spray them with it instead of giving it to them orally ? If so, could I do the same with the MBP Solutions that i give them ?
Machaelle's Answer: The spray suggestion was for someone with CP and they need it for their entire body. It is a substitute for a bath. How you intend to use it for your dogs and cats is not the same and I'm afraid both ETS+ and the MBP Solutions need to be given orally for best results. But I understand your pain.
Lea's Question: ETS for Soil has filled in areas of lawn that were bare for 3 years, thrilled with results. However, when using ETS for Plants, and my dilution is correct, it usually stops the blooming and/or kills them. What am I doing wrong?
Machaelle's Answer: I have no idea. But I can tell you that ETS+ for Plants is not killing your plants. I can only think of one thing: If your plants were fragile to begin with and aiming in the direction of dying when you add ETS+, it could be speeding up that process. But that's just a thought off the top of my head. If you kinesiology test, do a troubleshooting for the plants (Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process and Chart from Workbook II). It may be that you simply need to do something different than use ETS+ for your plants. But other than this, you've stumped me. If I were in your position, I would stop applying ETS+ for Plants and do a troubleshooting. See what this gives you.

PART 2: Here's another idea. Stop using ETS+ for Plants and try using ETS+ for Soil. The soil might be the problem, not the plants.
Marilyn S.'s Question: What are the best products to use to begin balancing my electrical system?
Machaelle's Answer: For balancing an electrical system, take a look at the MBP Balancing Solutions and the sets of essences that we offer and see what tickles your fancy.
linda's Question: Ok. Thanks for the suggestion I'm ordering new copies as a friend is loving my old ones. I just have this urge to give you a hug. So, consider it so!! :)
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, thanks for the thanks!
Nicki from Virginia's Question: Hi! I remember a Perelandra special a few years ago when the essences in the dram size were half price. Will that happen again soon? Also, how long do the vinegar preserved essences last? I got my set in 1994 and am wondering if they're still safe to use. Thx!
Machaelle's Answer: Well, we don't plan specials too far in advance. And for a dram special, you'll have to bribe Production before they'll allow us to do that again! The essences have an indefinite shelf-life. They won't lose their potency. Sometimes the rubber dropper bulbs can deteriorate and may need to be replaced, but it won't impact the essences potency either.
VB's Question: I love the ETS spraying suggestion after treatments! Also my questions go Poof very fast if I don't limit words and type quickly--this is the third try. Thanks, VB
Machaelle's Answer: You're the second person who said this. We'll get this straightened out before the next forum in August.
Chris's Question: Hi Machaelle, There is much being written about electromagnetic pollution today. Do the Perelandra processes and products deal with this as they deal with any other kind of imbalance? Since electromagnetic pollution is constant how can we protect ourselves between energy cleansing processes and the times we use essences and EOP? Thanks, Chris
Machaelle's Answer: Each situation would be different. Each person's impact from electro-magnetic pollution would be different. So, 1) you would ask nature what to do. And 2) take the full set of MBPs to keep your body systems strengthened. Ask about how often to use essences and EoP. Also, don't just think of yourself, think about your environment as well. You may need to release something for your environment's balance. If your environment's balanced you won't have to do as much to keep yourself balanced.
Evelyne T.'s Question: Dear Machaelle! First of all I would like to thank you for the exceptional contribution that you and the Perelandra staff are bringing to this world. I think it is truly revolutionary! Many doors of new understanding have opened to me as a result. I have 2 questions: my PGG (Perelandra Gut Garden) is thriving. Is it sufficient to request nature's input while I tend to the garden or is it also useful to open a 4-point coning with the Overlighting Deva of my PGG (and balancing and stabilizing it)? My next question is regarding the difference EoP between and ETS+ for SLG: I read in 'Voices' that people were using ETS+ SLG for the success of short term projects (making important phone calls, getting equipment unstuck, etc.). My sense is that EoP works in the same way. How can I keep these two solutions apart? Many thanks and greetings!
Machaelle's Answer: 1. The Gut Garden was designed for those who do not wish to work in a 4-point coning. So it's perfectly fine to request nature's input while you're tending your garden. But since you know how to work with a 4-point coning, open it and ask your question. Let nature tell you the best way you personally can go. 2. For each situation, it might be one, the other or both. All you need to do is ask nature.
Gale D.'s Question: I am so very grateful for the work that You and all the Team who gather at the Cottage are doing. I feel loving and hopeful and deep appreciation. And, that's why I'm yearning for your next book. How would the Cottage Team feel about a "Newsletter" to us Earthlings? :-)
Machaelle's Answer: This is the third time this question has been asked. I imagine the Cottage Team would say the following, "Why would we bother putting a newsletter together when you won't even read The Mount Shasta Mission?" Is there something going on here? By chance, is the The Mount Shasta Mission book invisible and I just don't know it? The book has the steps on how you can work in conjunction with the Cottage Team in specific areas. Wouldn't you rather the Cottage Team work on world peace rather than taking the time to write a newsletter? ;-)
DB N.'s Question: Hi! Thank you for all your fine work and humor. Question: How to use essences on behalf of people who, due to being on "anti-candida diet", do not want to ingest alcohol or vinegar? I do a coning/nature shift to their electrical field and simultaneously to a glass of water for them to drink. Kinesiology test says OK. What do you recommend? ~Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: We've known people that have successfully addressed candida using both vinegar and brandy preservative. The benefit outweighs the minimal amount of preservative you're ingesting. Use your NS application only as a last resort. It may be working, but it may not be your best route.
sian's Question: Hi I have a tiny terraced north facing garden overlooked by woods (in England). Shall I treat the garden as part of the natural terrain, or as part of the soil-less house garden? What would be my first steps please? many thanks Sian
Machaelle's Answer: It would be treated as its own garden and not a soil-less house garden. You can either work it as a Perelandra Gut Garden or work more precisely with nature using the Perelandra Garden Workbooks. It's relationship to the house will automatically be taken into consideration by nature.
Linda's Question: I just have to say that this is very cool! Wow!! Quick! Wonderful pictures! And great Q&A!!
Machaelle's Answer: Terrific! Glad you're enjoying it.
VB's Question: Hi, and here is my annual thank you for all of the great work — I'm using Professional MAP and have no problem switching higher selves of clients when I do, but often at the end of the day I forget to close the last person, until much later. What may be the impact of that? Thank you, VB
Machaelle's Answer: And here is my annual, You're welcome! At most, you and the person may experience being a little tired, but as soon as you close it, the energy level for both of you will come back up.
Jen K. of California's Question: Am re-reading Dancing: Read on pg. 197 that member John (at the time the book was written) quote "is still alive, well and living on our Earth level in the United States. On Earth he is not conscious of his connection with the Cottage." unquote. Do you have any insight into what percentage of, or how common or uncommon it is for born-die humans currently living on Earth to have commitments, relations or "jobs," in form, in other dimensions (similar to the commitment you have at the Cottage level)? Thank you
Machaelle's Answer: Jen, if I took time to ask all of these questions and get all the insight, I wouldn't have time to do the things I'm doing. I would just be asking the questions. I just don't have time to Google the universe and take a head count and census periodically.
Rose's Question: I have suddenly realized that, having done many SLGs – quickies, and longer term ones – that I haven't really 'closed down' a SLG – ever. Uh-oh . . . First, when I want to end a SLG do I just gather the coning and say it's over and thanks? And what about all the SLGs I have done that I don't even remember them. Is there a generic kind of apology and thanks?
Machaelle's Answer: Last year, I wrote a book on SLGs and included the closing down process (Chapter 2). You can order an e-book version of the Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion and download that information to get those steps. (A print edition is also available.) It would be best to go through the steps for each one of the SLGs you activated, even though you're not working with them now. If you can't remember what SLGs you activated over the years, go through the closing down process one additional time with the focus on those forgotten SLGs.
Lori's Question: I'd like more clarification over the Q Carolyn asked please. Since the MAP team is non physical, how can it make a difference to them what position our body is in when they work on us? It's not like they are a bunch of ghosts hovering round us, and if we are on our sides, our arm is in the way....
Machaelle's Answer: It makes a difference because you are not "non-physical." When I was developing MAP, I asked this question and this is what the teams wanted. I respected their answer and did not ask for any kind of clarification.
Jen K. of California's Question: I second Paige's sentiments, a sequel to Dancing would be most welcomed and celebrated - if and when it becomes a priority for you to produce such a thing. Honestly, I have often fantasized about being able to read a Cottage Level Newsletter monthly weekly or daily. If you can speak to this: Do you have any reason to believe that a more current report, or interaction, from the Cottage level to the Earth level, might be appropriate and beneficial in the foreseeable future?
Machaelle's Answer: I second my answer to Paige. Really, honest, my answer to Paige included a link to read the sequel to Dancing called The Mount Shasta Mission. In it, it tells you how to participate. You might want to just read that thing. (Go to my answer to Paige, her question is #13 and hit the link!)
Beth's Question: Would it be possible to have those on the networking list indicate a specialty ie: gardening, education, medical? It would be easier to decide which folks to contact. Thanks, guys, you are all greatly appreciated!!
Machaelle's Answer: Good suggestion, thanks.
Cheryl P.'s Question: Thank You to All Perelandra Staff, Clarence And Machaelle and Her Devas, et al.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, thanks back to ya!
Laurie's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have been working on a particular public speaking issue (stress, extreme nervousness) for a long time with up and down success. Use almost all of Perelandra processes (tried a MAP calibration, integrated into career success DDP, EOP, etc.). Any suggestions? (And can you ask 8 ball if this will be resolved by July 18th?!!!) :-)
Machaelle's Answer: Okay, referred your question to the 8-Ball and got, "Answer hazy, try again." So we tried it again and now it's, "Very doubtful." These answers are as good as mine. ;-) You could use the old trick of picturing your audience naked or in their underwear. That's helped a lot of people. I suffer from this myself and I just spend a couple of minutes chatting with my audience and when I feel warmed up myself, then I take the leap and go for it. A wise person once told me, "Don't ever say anything important in the first 10 minutes, they're not listening anyway, they're just checking out what you're wearing, how your hair looks, whether or not you shaved your legs.... So chat for a few minutes while they're coming to their obnoxious conclusions. Once you feel warmed up, jump in and go for it.
Marylynn H.'s Question: How are things at the Cottage? What updates can you offer about your colleagues/friends there? How is their work with our government progressing?
Machaelle's Answer: Marylynn, do I have this right? Are you actually asking me these questions so that I can answer them within 300 characters? Get a grip. Oh wait, I can answer them!
1. Fine
2. None
3. Very well, thank you.

Flor's Question: Is the ETS+ for plants equally effective sprayed on the leaves or it is preferable for it to go in the water? Thanks a lot!
Machaelle's Answer: It is equally effective either sprayed or watered. However, if you know how to kinesiology test, this is a question to ask the specific plants, "Would it be better for me to spray or would it be better for me to water with the ETS+?"
Katherine's Question: Thank you for the answer! And now that I know I got my question to fit in the box... Thank you so much for all you have gone through to make it easier for this to make sense to the rest of us. It really helps to have this stuff translated through a human perspective sometimes - THANK YOU. And thanks to your awesome staff as well.
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you back Katherine!
Bill S.'s Question: Blessings Machaelle and Staff
Do you and Nature envision a way to "flip the coin" on environmental disasters such as the Exxon Valdese and the ongoing de-forestation of the world's rainforests? Also could you energetically shift some of those chocolate chip cookies that Clarence used to hand out to us down here in Black Mountain?
Machaelle's Answer: When it comes to environmental disasters, we humans are required to embrace our responsibility for the disaster and make the changes that are needed. This will not be taken away from us. So enjoy the challenge and the journey of cleaning up our own messes.
Keith P.'s Question: Thanks, for bringing forth a most important new science. When humans do something new, whether a new science, or a new art form, is a deva born, or is that deva responsible for the idea to begin with, and just waiting to be called upon?
Machaelle's Answer: This is the old, "What comes first, the chicken or the egg?" question. Sometimes it's the chicken and sometimes it's the egg. It's the relationship and communication between human and nature that goes on in the creative process. Sometimes it's the chicken and the egg simultaneously. Thanks for the kind words.
Jania G. D.'s Question: I am a landscaper, who has recently been using some of your techniques. Upon reading about the Energy Cleansing Process, I realize I need to do one. I am concerned that I will be unable to see the colors to perform this successfully. Any tips?
Machaelle's Answer: A lot of people don't see colors. Just move through the process slowly and deliberately. Where you're supposed to see colors, just stop to give the process a minute. And then move right on to the next step. Don't let what you do and don't see stop you from doing the process. It works whether you see anything or not.
Sara W.'s Question: Ooops — just read the part about how my question should be short so your answer could be long!
Machaelle's Answer: You got my full answer. Do yourself a favor and jump into an ETS+ Bath now!!!
Diane's Question: Do you know of any one who has had a similar experience to your "cottage" experience?
Machaelle's Answer: No. Doesn't mean there isn't somebody, I just don't know them.
Sara W.'s Question: We bought a beautiful 11 acre farm parcel in North West, Oregon to find the house unlivable due to mold. We started a fast SLG re: build a home on our property. We are stressed and go into manipulation mode fast. We need a dried in house before the rain comes October 1. Do you set time frames with SLGs? Who's time frame are we on? I know whose I want to be on. We have a sordid history of manipuating an SLG in the past (selling a house). We want our new house to be in harmony with Nature here and our goals to bring an uplifting business forth through co-creating with Nature on the land. Thanks for gut gardening by the way, we moved here, rented a trailer and put in a veggie/herb garden in the first 10 days!
Machaelle's Answer: You can set a time frame with an SLG. That's part of your definition of the SLG. Way to be honest about that manipulation thing. Good for you. Recognition is 9/10 of the solution. You're tying yourself in so many knots, I recommend that you take frequent ETS+ Baths just to cool out here and stop getting in your own way. Be clear about your SLG DDP and then focus on relaxing and letting it happen. Here's where the ETS+ baths will come in particularly handy.
Caz's Question: Dear Machaelle, I felt heartened when you brought to us Essence of Perelandra, mainly because it seemed a while since I have heard from you. It was good to hear from you & that you had not forgotten us (as if you could?) & Thank You & the Perelandra team for their time today and also for keeping us updated regarding Swine Flu.
Machaelle's Answer: Okay Caz, you need to take a shot of Essence of Perelandra right now. You're whining. You're on EarthSave. You know perfectly well you hear from me rather frequently. Oh, and if you want to hear from me again directly, "come" to the next Virtual Open House in August.
Jen K. of California's Question: I'm re-reading Dancing yet again : ) On pg. 203, Hyperithon describes the relationship between the bodies of you Machaelle and Cottage level Katie, and I still seek to understand fully what I keep reading, however I'm working on it! It seems to me that dynamics between Machaelle and Katie have evolved, and continue to evolve. Which brings us to the present (well nearly): In a past Forum you stated that quote "When I'm awake at the Cottage, I'm awake at Perelandra. When I'm asleep at the Cottage, I'm asleep at Perelandra." unquote. a) It sounds to me like you might be saying that you Machaelle and you Katie are experiencing your busy waking hours simultaneously, is that correct? If that's correct b) It seems from my limited perspective that it would be extremely challenging to keep track of the PEMRS levels of these two beings simultaneously. Would you say that you are, or are not, fully present and aware so-to-speak in both awake bodies simultaneously? Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: a) Yes. b) Sometimes it's a little challenging and I'm not always aware of who I've had a conversation with about a specific subject. So, the people around me know that sometimes I will be repeating myself. And sometimes under the right circumstances I just ignore everybody.
Linda's Question: Hi Machaelle! I read your Dancing book and the Garden books pretty much cover to cover and now pretty much do things in the garden (all of them-soil and soilless) by gut. I am currently staying at a niece's (who says "feel free" to do anything you want!) It is a typical summer to fall happening here in New Mexico but we are overrun with grasshoppers-brown ones and green. I've asked the birds to please come to the banquet but........:) We also have funny little worms that live in the ground and come out at night and eat the green plants (seem to love any squash family and marigolds especially!) Any ideas? I've tested and balanced and made requests but.....they're still here. Any ideas gratefully accepted! A million thanks for all you do!
Machaelle's Answer: This may be nature's way of saying that you're ready to advance your partnership and work with the processes in the Garden Workbooks rather than just following your intuition. This way you can get the answers to your specific questions directly from nature.
Val M.'s Question: Was born with cerebral palsy affecting motor coordination-skills, balance & walking, speech. Have been undergoing successful osteopathic treatments for 3 yrs to straighten my body. Have been doing MAP combined with ETS+ for the CP, partial hearing & eyesight age degeneration. Have you any suggestions and material related to CP? Also have a severe ragweed allergy? Any recommendations? Thanks for your incredible service.
Machaelle's Answer: For the ragweed allergy, we recommend the MBP Solutions Allergy Combo. This is just an idea. Try it and if it works, great.
Normally I would recommend an ETS+ Bath but I'm not sure if you can take a bath easily. If you can pump a spray bottle, put ETS+ in a spray bottle and once or twice a day, lightly spray it on your body everywhere. Don't dry it off or dress, just stay naked until it dries. Especially, spray with ETS+ as soon as possible after each of those osteo treatments. With your MAP team, be sure you are diligent about telling them exactly how you're feeling. This lets them know what you are aware of and what they can work with. As questions arise, don't hesitate to call the Question Hot Line to bounce ideas on this.
Jett R.'s Question: My Workbooks are very old (I-1987 & II-1990). After doing the Soil Balancing Process, is it possible to now use the ETS for Soil to balance and stabilize the process, instead of the regular essences?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. Good thinking!
Lee H.'s Question: By the way, in my question about nutsedge I should have identified it as Cyperus esculentus.
Machaelle's Answer: It makes no difference. My answer still holds.
Lee H.'s Question: Every time I try to enter my question, before a minute is out the screen displays the top of this open house site and everything I have written gets deleted and I have to start all over again. Is it Possible to fix the software while the openhouse is going on? Very annoying and makes me hesitant to correct typos.
Machaelle's Answer: From the tech folks: The page automatically refreshes every-so-often. We've received a number of blank submissions from you. As of now, you seem to be the only one having the problem. It may help to type the message offline and then copy and paste it into the submission box. Sorry for the annoyance.
Glen L.'s Question: Hi Machaelle, I have a bad sunburn, with swelling in my feet, and water blisters. I took ETS+, anything else you recommend? And emotionally, any advice for me for neutralizing negativity in the moment, and ideally clearing it alltogether?
Machaelle's Answer: Take a couple of ETS Plus Baths (scroll to bottom of page) and that should help your burn and clear your head.
Barbara B.'s Question: I don't have any question. But I want to thank you for providing the information I need to improve my health and quality of life. I've been working with your essences, processes, and SLG's since 1993. In good part because of them, I keep getting healthier and happier over time! Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, that's a really neat thing to hear!
Carolyn S.'s Question: Thank you so much for your work. I am so grateful for the MAP teams. I am not comfortable lying on my back for those sessions.....can they work if I am on my side. Usually they are working on my eyes or aligning my body.
Machaelle's Answer: No, they don't want you on your side. If you can't lie on your back, sit comfortably in chair.
Marilyn S.'s Question: I've never "attended" one of these open house sessions before and had/have no idea what to expect. Except I expected more of a "live" audio and visual interaction. Wrong?
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, we're giving it our best shot here. Be happy. You almost had the frogs sounds. We try to add something new each time to make it interesting.
Pamela's Question: Thank you again Machaelle for all that you and your staff do at Perelandra with nature intelligence, that keeps us, our environment and pets healthy. When taking MBP Solutions, you take your normal dosages and then take them again for the pandemic if they are repeated, is this right?
Machaelle's Answer: Yeap, you've got it right.
Mary Ann L.'s Question: Are you currently writing another book?
Machaelle's Answer: I've been a little in a daze lately, so I have no idea whether I'm writing a book or not. But I'll let you know if I finish anything.
Lee H.'s Question: Had a coning w/ Nutsedge Deva, was told to forget having a garden in the side yard, that nutsedge wanted it all. That it would let me have a small area at the base of a climbing rose and should keep out of the front & back yards & gardens. Today I see it coming up around the climbing rose and in the back yard & front garden. What's the story? Have had successful conings previously.
Machaelle's Answer: Nature doesn't order humans around. That's the first thing to remember. Just in reading how you've set this question up, my thought is that you're being put in a position where you need to sit down in the shade with the beverage of your choice and put some thought into your partnership with nature. Think about your role in presenting definition, direction and purpose. And nature's role in supplying matter, means and action. You've got those two roles confused. Try this.
Lori's Question: I did MBP for my asthma and it got worse. So bad that I went to the doctor and got a 4 day course of steroids, what a relief. Can the microbes handle that or did I stuff up completely? Should I have just suffered longer? (I have continued with my rechecks and am having to do quite a lot each time, I hope it is all coming right in there. I now (3 weeks later) have a cold for the first time in 4 years. Something is going on!)
Machaelle's Answer: Don't suffer. I recommend adding MAP. Because, I think you would benefit from a MAP team addressing this situation. I think you are unravelling something and it's not going easily for you. But usually when this happens, the pain does mean gain. So I encourage you to keep going. I think MAP can give you insight and support and help that might make this process quicker and easier.
Robin's Question: Hi again — Thanks for all your work, Machaelle — It has meant so much to me over the years. I was wondering if you are going to write any more about your work with the cottage team. Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer:I have no idea. But you'll be one of the first among 50 thousand to know.
Katherine's Question: If I had an electrical system "hit" that seemed significant but couldn't interpret it, any suggestions on the best way to ask Nature if there was something there or if I was just being wonky? Thanks much!
Machaelle's Answer: Just ask to be connected to nature, and then ask. Request that you get an insight within 24 hours. Then get on with your day and be aware of any insights or information coming your way.
Jen K. of California's Question: Dear Machaelle, It is SO fabulous to be able to have Q&A with you - thank you for providing this! Before I ask any of the multitudes of questions I may indulge in today, I want to tell you I am tremendously grateful for you, for all you've walked (limped and crawled) through, and for your profound contributions (both past and ongoing) (many of which I feel sure we don't know the half of). Deepest thanks and love.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, thanks for the kind words!
Paige G.'s Question: Dear Machaelle: Would you please write a sequel to Dancing. How does a now fully-functioning inner life at the Cottage inform/relate to your life at Perelandra? Whatever your work is at Perelandra, does it come from a source other than Perelandra?
Machaelle's Answer: Do you know about The Mount Shasta Mission? That was the "sequel." I don't know how to answer your other questions. It's an integrated life. I don't sit here and pigeon-hole where things are coming from. So I can't even think the way you are. Now, as to the source of my work at Perelandra . . . the 8-Ball!!! (The 3 exclamation points mean that this is a joke.)
Cindy 's Question: Sometimes I find it takes a couple of days for a MAP session to fully impact a health issue. Should I be doing more sessions during those days or wait to see what happens?
Machaelle's Answer: Take ETS Plus after each MAP session and that should shorten the integration time. No matter how long your integration takes, your next MAP session will be more effective if you do it after the current session integrates.
Alyson B.'s Question: I have just found out about Perelandra. I have a garden that I planted intuitively and nature spirits from whom I take orders. Your first two books are on their way to me now and I am feasting on the website materials. I would like to get started taking the MBP preparations while I learn more. Which ones would you recommend? I live in Southern California.
Machaelle's Answer: Start on MBP Immune and Lymphatic. Then, think about what you'd like to add after that. Regarding gardening with nature, you could get started with Perelandra Gut Gardening.
Lori's Question: About 3 months ago I asked the Deva of Cockroaches to remove all cockraoches from my house. This has been partially successful, there are certainly fewer. As I sat at my desk to enter your Virtual Open Day an hour ago, a coackroach crawled out by my elbow! I squashed it! Is this against nature? Have I not got the message yet? Is the idea to not kill at all?
Machaelle's Answer: This is between you and your cockroaches! In this situation, I would ask the Deva of Cockroaches to help me understand. Then stand back and watch for the next few days for any insights into the situation. I have a feeling that since you're having partial success, that you're on a little education journey here. So don't back away. Just keep going.
Claire's Question: I have been dragging a 2-year-old itchy inner right ear. I've tried everything it seems, including ETS plus every night for weeks, MAP sessions, almon oil, cortisone prescribed by a doctor, nothing seems to get rid of the ANNOYING ITCH inside my right ear. I've even been prescribed antibiotics and drops of all kinds. I know it's probably emotional ... something I don't want to hear ... what can I try next? I have most all of your essences (Rose, Garden, Soul) ETS Plus, Essence of Perelandra ... Please advise ... MERCI BEAUCOUP!
Machaelle's Answer: Since you feel it's emotional, just focus on the essences and learn how to telegraph test the essences for that ear. (See the book, Flower Essences.) Make sure you have, along with your other sets, both Rose Sets and Nature Program. I wouldn't be surprised if Rose II and Nature Program come up a lot in your testing on this. Include the MBP Solutions for the Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Systems. In your situation take them twice daily. And continue working with MAP.
Polly M.'s Question: In a couple of places, Machaelle, you suggest reading books that might induce expansion and/or overload with chocolate on hand, and "not the crappy cheap stuff" because it helps. Do you have any suggestions on brands/makers suppliers? Do Godiva chocolates pass the "good stuff" list even though factory made?
Machaelle's Answer: Godiva's good, but if you want the very best, we're talking Fran's Chocolates of Seattle. That way, you can have your expansion experience while you are blissed. But if you want to be responsible in this recession, Hershey's kisses will do it, too.
Lenise G.'s Question: Hello, I am a chiropractor specializing in the care of pregnant women and whole beautiful birthing process. I am learning about the use of the Cauliflower Essence. Is there any other process or products to use I should look to?
Machaelle's Answer: I would recommend that you consider incorporating ETS Plus. You also might want to consider Essence of Perelandra. The MBP Solutions take more time to kick in. So, if you're considering something for the full pregnancy, I would recommend the MBP Immune, Lymphatic, Reproductive and Endocrine Systems Balancing Solutions.
Robin C.'s Question: After using various Perelandra essences for years, I have found that what I need has shifted a lot -- I use very few now. The message I get from my MAP team is that they use them as needed on an energetic level. Does this make sense to you?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, the MAP teams include the essences all the time in their work. You use the essences in conjunction with MAP to feel their impact right away. Essences from the MAP team take 24 hours before kicking in.
Marilyn P.'s Question: I take drops in the morning so I'd be balanced for the day. But when I get to work I find that I get thrown off balance quickly and need more drops. Essence of Perelandra helped me stay on balance longer one day. What would be a good way to handle this as I can't take all my bottles with me to work, Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: Take ETS Plus with you to work. When you start feeling off balance, just take a dose of that.
Suzann's Question: Thx for the opportunity to ask questions directly. I purchased Solutions (FSBS+, Seasonal, Immune and Lymph) in 1997. Are they still effective for the current pandemic, and if not, what would you specifically recommend updating?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you can still use them. The MBP Solutions for the different body systems (Immune, Lymphatic, etc.) do not expire. I'm keeping FSBS+ current. Read my Health Watch Bulletin for more information on that.
However, the Seasonal Solution is updated yearly in September and must be purchased annually.
I can't tell right now if you're signed up for EarthSave. I keep everybody up-to-date through this email service. If you're not signed up, here's the link to more information: Operation EarthSave.
Marilyn's Question: First and most important, thank you Machaelle and the Perelandra staff for your incredible work! Does the chakra system flow down into the electrical system? Can I use the "basic essence test" instructions for the chakra system, and then use telegraph testing for each individual chakra?
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, you're welcome! It's my understanding that the chakra system is part of the electrical system. Yes, you can use the essences this way.
Gale D.'s Question: How close in timing can I use the essence drops? I put one bottle's quantities under my tongue, hold it there for a few minutes, swallow, wait a few minutes, then take the next bottle. Many thanks, Machaelle! Gale
Machaelle's Answer: Are you talking about the MBP Balancing Solutions? If you are, wait 5 seconds between each. The essences (Rose, Garden, Rose II, Nature Program & Soul Ray) don't require any wait. This should speed up your testing and essence work tremendously. (Brad: We lost your answer, we're recapturing it and putting it back up.)
Brad D.'s Question: Machaelle: What is your advice when one realizes that they entered an expansion experience years ago, but failed to integrate and ground it. Now it is just one of those extraordinary experiences that I had long ago, but didn't carry forward.....
Machaelle's Answer: If it was an expansion experience and important to your life, it will come around again. And this time, you'll know to put more energy, focus and discipline into grounding and integrating the experience. If it doesn't come around again it wasn't an "expansion" experience, it was just an experience.