Perelandra Question Forum
September 12, 2009
As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered this online question forum with Machaelle answering your questions!
You'll find the questions and Machaelle's answers below.

That's it folks! Thanks for all the questions. It's always good to hear from you. See you at the next one. This year, we're doing something special and having another Virtual Open House in December.

– Machaelle      

Eileen's Question: Hi Machaelle, After 4++ long years of house-hunting, I have finally won a bidding war and entered into escrow on a wonderful house. However, it's on a hill and may -- or may not -- have potentially deal-killing structural and dry-rot problems. I will of course have professional pest, home, mold & structural-engineer inspections done, but might not be allowed to do invasive procedures like drilling test holes that could tell me whether a lot of the walls are rotted inside the stucco or are fine. Is it alright for me to connecting to the devas of the house and the lot for guidance & advice, to show me where to look in, under & around the house and on the land for potential problems, so I can make a wise decision about whether to go through with the purdhase or run screaming away?

Machaelle's Answer: Let me save you some time - run screaming away! I would not trust the testing on this because you're so emotionally invested in the house that you will throw the test(s).
Lynn's Question: I'm still new to this, but yesterday I was drawn to study the Energy Cleansing Process, and I wonder at this time when there is so much raw ungrounded emotional energy being expressed by so many in this country, whether there is a way for us who are learners to help support the shift and nature as it absorbs this energy? You have talked about reflecting back to the universe, and focus is action. Is it important for us to imagine and focus on a balanced healthcare system (leaving what that is open)?
Machaelle's Answer: Don't focus on Energy Cleansing the entire country. Concentrate on Energy Cleansing your personal home and land. The result of this will be a more balanced environment that will support your thinking about what you personally can do to help bring about a balanced health care system. If you want to get into the specifics of this, it would be helpful for you to call the Question Hot Line.
DB's Question: My 'significant other' is incredibly busy right now, so it is difficult for him to find any time to let me do Microbial Balancing processes for him. I am a Radionics practitioner, and with that practice, I can do analysis and treatment, using what is referred to as a "witness", hair or blood sample. I have a Professional MAP team, to whom I have posed the question, "Would it be 100% effective for me to surrogate test and treat (him), without his being physically present and using his 'witness' sample in his stead?". The answer was yes. I am wondering if you agree with this, as well. I realize that it does not correspond with the guidelines that you, with nature, have set up, so I have a certain lack of confidence to diverge from what has so generously and brilliantly been designed, due to the intent to follow protocol as exactly as possible. Thank you for your accessibility
Machaelle's Answer: No, I do not agree with this. And my suspicion is that in your zeal to help your significant other, you would like this to be the case so you're throwing the test. I would really encourage you to stick to the protocol as written. My other suspicion is that if your significant other really wanted the benefits of this kind of work, he would make himself available and he would find time. This might be his way to say, "I really don't want this work." And in that case, just step back.
Jackie's Question: I finally had a garden this summer, and the bugs are in balance - except occasionally one travels in with the produce. Any suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: Just pick up the bug and put it back in your garden. And be sure you're not equating the word "balance" with the notion of eliminating all insects from a natural environment. From the way you worded your question, I have a feeling you are confusing the two. Natural balance does not exclude insects.
Jackie's Question: Hi Machaelle! I have been using Perelandra processes for quite a while. A BIG thank you for the Soil-less Garden Companion, and especially for EoP. I took it with me to a conference, and used it with a woman whose cat had euthanasia - It helped immensely - cat and human. I gave her the bottle and she has been praising it to everyone!
Machaelle's Answer: Fantastic. Glad it helped!
Judith's Question: Machaelle, thanks for all your work - made huge difference! Working with naturopath/counselor to clear childhood trauma on all PEMS levels. Have a MAP team and love the physical/energetic results, but don't see how (communicate only by finger-testing) to fully resolve mental level this way. What am I missing?
Machaelle's Answer: Probably patience. Whatever questions you have about the mental level issues, you need to address more fully with your MAP team. Try a MAP Calibration as well. I'm glad the work is making a huge difference for you.
trudy pal's Question: thanks a lot for all what you are giving us and the support from your staff this instead of a question from holland
Machaelle's Answer: Aw, that was really nice. Thank you.
lynn letourneau's Question: I am going through a re-birth process and my parietal bones in my head keep on moving around. I understand you have gone through a similar process. Any suggestions to which solutions are best for this process?
Machaelle's Answer: I've never gone through a "re-birth process." But for the parietal "slippage," I did not have any Solutions or even my own essences at the time. I went to a chiropractor with cranio-sacral training. You could try taking ETS Plus for Humans after each session. And MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous to support and strengthen the whole process.
Julie's Question: Thanks Machaelle! It's helpful to know that even you feel frustrated sometimes! ;-) I'm going to take your response and Otis' profound words and pull myself up from what can sometimes be an airy-fairy, laissez-faire "everything is unfolding as it should" attitude and re-energize myself to 'stand in my own power' and make sure I'm doing my part, all the while remembering that there are larger forces supporting the shift and it's not all on my shoulders, because that's where the overwhelm and despair set in. Thanks so much for all you do and all the tools you offer us!
Machaelle's Answer: Kudos!
Anneli's Question: Hi, I've just rushed indoors to take part of today's question forum & all - I come from the garage where I've finished a can-air-heater-system that nature showed me how to do. Two weeks ago a dear relative passed away, & this has brought me to let nature in full time in my life - and what a change that decision has meant for me! I've had nature communication with me for about a year until this happened, but I can tell the huge difference now from then, because I'm now patient (mostly), happy, calm inside and eager to live every day together with nature in any aspect. It's meant to live for me, instead of waiting to live. You did the hard work for us, thank you thank you thank you! Oh, and a question: My fiancé is very ill (ear tumour) but has a very hard time lying down for even 40 min. (sleeps very little hours) due to dizzyness. Can he still benefit from MAP while moving around a bit? I get yes, but I can be wrong due to personal involvement.
Machaelle's Answer: He can sit in a chair for his MAP session. If he needs to move around, he can tell his MAP team he needs to take a break and move around for no more than one minute. Then get back into the chair and let them know he's ready to begin again. And thanks for your kind words.
Gael's Question: Machaelle- Your work takes you interdimensionally a lot of the time. What continues to have you come back to this dimension? Thank you so much for all the information and products you've given us. They have helped with my evolution immensely! My best to you-Gael
Machaelle's Answer: My job and purpose is to balance the two dimensions at this time. When I no longer need to be here, I'll be out of here.
Carolyn's Question: Where can I find the Restablizing and Rebalancing Coning Process for the Flower Essences? And also the H5N1 Virus Process? Thank You!
Machaelle's Answer: See my answer in question 46 for the Restabilizing Process link.
The H5N1 no longer applies at at this time. But if H5N1 becomes an issue again, we will re-post that information.
Martin's Question: When I started working with your material and developed a relationship with nature some years ago I learned a hell of a lot!!! And it had a DEEP positive impact! For a while now I run many projects with nature with positive results but feel like I am not learning anything new — I feel I am not getting deeper, just doing chart after chart... . But I notice how I would like to have a more direct/deeper relationship with nature. In a way I feel a bit stuck/stagnant.
Any suggestions to bring back that spark??? Thanks for everything, Machaelle!
Machaelle's Answer: Go out and get a nice bottle of wine, get a bouquet of flowers, take all your clothes off, wrap yourself in Saran wrap and greet nature at the door with a big smile on your face. This is bound to reignite that spark! Okay, once nature stops laughing, ask nature, "Where has it all gone? What's happened to us?" I guarantee you, the spark will come back.
Lila's Question: I'm using tiny puppy biscuits as a vehicle for the MBP Solutions for my dogs. They get one biscuit for Immune, one for Lymphatic, one for Digestive.... I'm trying to use as little food as possible, but the biscuits do make it fun for them rather than me trying to put the drops down them and having a tongue slobber all over the dropper. I have four dogs so this is a lot of dropper washing X number of MBPs. The only problem I have with using the biscuits is the drops don't totally soak in, they run off onto my hand. Are the dogs still getting the benefit of all the drops?
Machaelle's Answer: They need the minimum number of drops. Try something other than the biscuits. Like a tiny piece of bread that would absorb the drops.
Jane Dunne-Brady's Question: Thank you for the virtual open house - this is the first one I've been able to go to, and I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful pictures. Do you have any suggestions about what to do if one's house is overrun with mice - as ours presently is?
Machaelle's Answer: Glad to hear you enjoyed the Virtual Open House! Now, plug up the holes in your house and put out a bunch of "have-a-heart" traps with peanut butter in them. A mouse can get through a 1/4-inch square hole. You can work with nature to address the balance of your home. Call the Question Hot Line if you're new and don't know where to start.
Kathryne's Question: Not really looking for magic bullets, just a new perspective and a protocol of essences to evolve my electrical system consciously to maintain my WB connection with this body and not have two I bounce back and forth in was the reason I asked. With ask again in MAP. Thanks, for supplying the pandemic Solutions. All the best this winter.
Machaelle's Answer: Man, I hope you're talking to your MAP team more clearly than you're talking to me! I still don't know what you're talking about, but I don't think this needs to go any further with me. Just keep talking to your MAP team
Denise's Question: Since I started working with your processes I have faithfully participated in the equinoxes and solstices at their exact times. I will not be able to that on Sept 22. I will be at work and that particular time is very busy for us. Would it be better to do this in the morning before going to work or the evening when I get home, or can it only be at the exact time. Thank you for all that you do.
Machaelle's Answer: Open the coning in the evening and ask nature to move the new equinox energy for you and your next cycle.
Jeanne's Question: I've had chronic itchy ears for 3 years which often leads to infection. I do MAP sessions, take MBP Solutions (Immune, Lymphatic) nightly, and on Sept 6 I started a MBP specifically for this issue. Right now it has gotten worse. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: I would recommend that you add the MBP Integumentary and Nervous Solutions, and take all four of them twice daily. And, add in diet changes according to the blood type diet. But also, the "getting worse" may be good news. It may be a sign that the things that you're doing are working this problem out quickly. So, talk to your MAP team and tell them precisely about what's going on. Other than that, you may need to just hang on and let this thing work itself out, while supporting yourself doing the processes that you're already doing.
Peggy's Question: My brother has just been diagnosed with advanced rectal cancer — if he is willing to take them, what essences would you recommend I send him?
Machaelle's Answer: I have outlined which MBP Solutions are needed during each stage of cancer in my Health Watch: Health Watch 14: Cancer Protocols. Go over this with him and see what he's willing to do. But I don't advocate that anything be forced on him. I wish you and your brother well.
Anna Mae's Question: Am I correct that the FSBS+ changes as needed, so I don't need to repurchase a Pandemic Preparedness kit? Thanks for continuing to learn and share with us.
Machaelle's Answer: You're absolutely right about the FSBS+ and aren't I terrific?! And thanks for the thanks.
Cyndi's Question: Thanks Machaelle for all your wonderful information and products to help us. Related to question 1 and gingivitis, I have a young cat that has it bad, but her teeth are fine. I've also been told some of it could possibly be from a lot of allergies triggering it. Can a cat take the same remedies for this problem?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, it would be the same MBP Solutions, but also I would work in a Nature Healing Coning for the cat.
Marge Johnson's Question: Giving Lymphatic & Immune Balancing Solutions to my 2 dogs for ticks works beautifully! Can you suggest a Solution for lick granuloma (excessive licking)? What do you suggest for protecting my cherry tree & apricot tree from late season frosts? I live at 7000' altitude. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: For the excessive licking, try a Nature Healing Coning for Animals. On protecting your trees at that altitude — move to a lower altitude if you want those kinds of trees. And you may need to take on a very serious move if you're into planting mango and banana trees! Or, if you actually want a real answer to that question, you'll need to ask nature (because it's obvious I don't know what I'm talking about) and apply the Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process from Workbook II.
(You can tell it's nearing the end of the day because I'm getting cheekier.)
Shirley's Question: After a relative borrowed my essences I learned that she couldn't tell if the dropper was touching her tongue. Apparently she doesn't have much feeling there. Is there a way to ask a deva of my essences if they were contaminated and, if so, which ones?
Machaelle's Answer: I would assume that they're contaminated and have your relative replace the set for you. By the way, I never loan my essences for someone else to use.
Brian's Question: Is nature providing any input that the h1n1 will be particularly bad ? Or is this mostly a better-safe-than-dead approach being suggested ?
Machaelle's Answer: Nature is providing for the full range of H1N1 impact in FSBS+ — mild, medium or serious. But one thing I want to point out (and I'll be sending an EarthSave out shortly about this) is our attitude about this mild/medium pandemic virus. If we are healthy and have no conditions that would put us in the at-risk category, H1N1 will probably be a mild/moderate experience should we get sick. However, and this is what I want to remind people, it's not just about "me" (about just you). The information coming out from WHO and the CDC indicates that those who are dying are children or people with pre-existing conditions that put them at risk. Trust me, there are a lot of people with pre-existing conditions out there. So, if we are healthy, our responsibility is not just to ourselves but to everyone around us. In short, do we conduct ourselves and go through our lives in ways that ignore this pandemic, knowing that we will get a mild/moderate flu should we become infected, and risk infecting those around us who are not so lucky and aren't as healthy? The big question for us then is how many other people do we want to put at risk and potentially kill by passing an infection on to them? So to answer your question, (1) the future has already been taken care of by nature in FSBS+, and (2) we need to conduct ourselves responsibly and apply the "better safe than dead" pandemic rules not just for ourselves personally but for the sake of the many at-risk people around us. H1N1 is a HIGHLY contagious virus. It may be mild/moderate for the healthy but it has left absolutely no wiggle room for any of us as to its infection rate.
Peggy's Question: We have two dogs that like to roam and explore around our farm. There are also coyote, bear, and copperhead snakes that live on or pass through the land. How can I best work with nature to promote balance for us all being there together and particularly safety for the dogs?
Machaelle's Answer: Balance on your farm obviously includes all of these creatures. I also have an interesting wildlife / companion-life mix, so I just keep my vet's phone number close to the phone and ETS Plus for Animals on the counter. And sometimes I hold my breath but I'm not sure that adds to the balance of the situation.
Linda's Question: A comment on Eve's question regarding exercise. Before I begin my yoga session I connect with the Deva of Yoga and have always gotten the best input as to pacing and sequence of poses, and, it's a much more enjoyable session.
Machaelle's Answer: One of the things that's fun for me on the forum is to hear how you guys are applying the partnership with nature to your life. I hope the examples you share encourage others who read this forum.
KJ's Question: I have had an amazing 2 year journey co-creating a garden, a 26' Medicine Wheel (along with the tipi and trampoline, there are crop circles everywhere!) It seems as if even the perfect summer weather deva conspired to create all the medicine/healing of this garden. I am grateful. Can I send you photos of this lovely process?
Machaelle's Answer: Sure.
Carolyn's Question: Machaelle, in my hast to ask my question I forgot to say Thank You for all that you and the staff do and for this wonderful open house. Yes, I did receive the instructions with my order, but just wanted to clarify about taking the Seasonal Solution and FBSB+ away from food, because I quite frequently have a piece of fruit before I go to bed. I don't want to do anything that will interfere with the solutions.
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for the thank you. And, have your final piece of fruit 20 minutes prior to taking the evening Solutions.
Merci Midori's Question: Hello, why does the book "Perelandra Soil-less Garden" have the word "Companion" after it? Is it supposed to accompany another Soil-less Garden book? Thank you, Merci
Machaelle's Answer: It's a companion to the DVD, Working with Nature in Soil-less Gardens.
Julie's Question: I'd like to wash out and reuse my 2008-2009 Seasonal Solution bottles to refill w/ this season's Solution (love those 8 oz. bottles!). Do I need to do anything special to clear them, or just plain old wash them out?
Machaelle's Answer: They need to be washed three times thoroughly, then they should be fine.
Sherry Z's Question: Where do I read re: making peace with mosquitoes and fleas? They love me, but not so much the other way around. I do take immune and lymphatic daily.
Machaelle's Answer: This was a prevailing theme in last month's Question Forum. Slog your way through and find the answer: August Question Forum.
vb's Question: Will toddlers benefit somewhat at least from the microbials if they are given irregularly by my daughter who often forgets to give them?
Machaelle's Answer: The MBP Solutions are designed to be given daily. Your question is like, "Will my toddler benefit somewhat if I feed her irregularly because I keep forgetting to fix meals?" Your daughter is simply going to have to work on memory for that. Write a few notes and stick them around the house for reminders. Your daughter's going to have to commit to this, and if forgetting is her way of saying she doesn't want to do this for her toddler, then that decision has to be respected.
Chris A.'s Question: Hi Machaelle, I am brand new to this, and would like to know what you recommend for Type 1 diabetes. Also, I have a cousin with Lyme disease, what do you recommend for her? Thank you ;-)
Machaelle's Answer: Hi back to you Chris! Glad to hear from you. For the Lyme disease, see my answer in #22. For the Type 1 diabetes, the easy, no-test approach is the MBP Balancing Solutions for the Immune, Lymphatic, Digestive, Endocrine and Cardiovascular Systems. You would need to take them all twice daily. The underlying causes of disease and illness are different from person to person. So, to find out what processes and programs are best for you and what you're willing to learn, I suggest you call the Question Hot Line. They answer the line on Wednesdays.
KJ's Question: Thanks for the Org. Process Chart. I use continually for the cancer symptoms in my body. Sometimes the rhythm between the 1-2-3s of the steps involved stretch longer than the 24 hour window. I check in with the coning each delay & am instructed to continue on. Is the coning personalizing my treatment?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, the coning is personalizing your treatment. You're doing fine. Do you know about my Health Watch on cancer protocols? Here is a link: Health Watch 14: Cancer Protocols
JulieAnn's Question: Just found your website--cool! I am new to your work, and want to start somewhere. I am currently out of work, so finances are limited right now. This may be a tough question, but can you recommend one item from you I should start with to begin working with Nature? Obviously, I have financial areas to address (soil less garden?), but I began my search looking to heal multiple chemical sensitivities and corresponding environmental/allergy health issues. I want to embrace my world instead of being afraid of it. Should I start with one of your books or an essence? Thank you!!!!
Machaelle's Answer: If you want one thing to start, how about Essence of Perelandra. It'll give you the strength and support for all of the other issues you've brought up. I hope you find a job soon. And I hope your search is an exciting one, and pain free. For my suggestions on using Essence of Perelandra to help address the economic crisis, here's another link for you:
Health Watch 15: Economic Crisis.
Best of luck, JulieAnn
P.S. If you can possibly swing it, get a bottle of MBP Immune Solution and a bottle of MBP Lymphatic Solution and just see how much that gives you. But if you can only get one thing first, get Essence of Perelandra because it supports such a wide range of issues.
Jett's Question: I have never heard of the restabilizing process for flower essences that Chris was asking about. Where can I find the information about this process?
Machaelle's Answer: Here's the link!
Flower Essences Restabilizing Process
vb's Question: I've worked with MAP since '04 and I'm so relieved to know from one of today's questions and response that the NAP is still as effective--the only thing that worries me is that I often turn on my side as I fall asleep in a MAP session---does that invalidate the work? I still seem to receive insights and resolved problems and do take the ETS before and after. Thanks for the great work, VB
Machaelle's Answer: It doesn't invalidate the work, but it can limit the work. They need you on your back. Also, don't cross your arms and/or legs.
Brian's Question: Apparently nature doesn't have small children. I have 2 about 5yrs. I've tried ETS+ with them. At this point they start to scream/run if I bring out the bottle. I expect similar for the flu items. I'm trying to make this easier. The nose thing isn't doing it. 1) Can your solutions/essences be put in water or juice ? 2) Can multiple solutions be mixed in a single 'dose' of water / juice ? 3) along the lines of Q#6 - nature should consider m&m's (call it M&MBP). Any other ideas appreciated.
Machaelle's Answer: I am assuming your first sentence is a joke since nature creates the form and systems for small children. You cannot mix the Solutions. You can put them each in a little bit of water (about 1 tsp.). You cannot make a cocktail out of them. You cannot put them in juice. Another thing nature gave us was the framework for creativity. You're just going to have to think, "How in the world am I going to creatively get these kids to take Solutions?" One thing I might caution is that if you have any stress, anger or other counter-productive feelings around trying to get these kids to take their Solutions, being kids they're just going to pick up on this and multiply it ten-fold. Somehow you have to be calm and easy in order for them to be calm and easy. Usually when parents are in this kind of situation, we tell them to make it a game and make it fun. In light of that, see question number 38 in this forum for an idea. See the MBP Balancing Solutions Brochure.
Lila's Question: 1) In the MBP, I tested for a personal essence solution 3X daily for 30 days (this was for cats). Do I need to open a coning each time or can I just administer the dosage? 2) Nature tells me the energy saving light bulbs are good for me to use; my nephew feels the mercury in them is incredibly dangerous for the environment especially for klutzes who drop and break them or when they are broken in a landfill. I'm going with nature here, but wish I had a better answer for my nephew on why it is okay other than I'm not one of those klutzes and they won't go into the landfill for some time. I'm not yet ready to share this journey into co-creative science with him just yet. 3) Alas, I have all your books, but no signed copies. They are getting dog earred now so maybe I'll need to replace them soon.. Please, don't stop the signings before I do. 4) With deepest gratitude, thank you to you, your incredible staff and nature for all you do for us.
Machaelle's Answer: 1) Open the coning each time.
2) Nature and your nephew are correct. I've changed all of my lightbulbs. I am suspecting that when everybody's light bulbs give out in 10 or 15 years, there's going to be an answer for safely disposing of them.
3) I won't stop signing. If you'd like to send your books back, I'll be happy to sign the books you already have. Just make sure we have your address to return them. Oh, and include a little note on why you're sending them.
4) Thank you. I'll pass your gratitude on to staff. Hope to hear from you on our next forum.
Margaret Dash's Question: My 11 year old dog is having problems with allergies, watering right eye and also his skin is red from itching. I have been using Lymph. Immun. Resp. and animal essences twice a day. Can you give any other suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: Add the Integumentary Solution for the skin and the Nervous Solution for the eye. Also, consider adding a canine oil supplement that will reduce itching and redness and improve his coat. Any pet supply or animal supply store carries this. It's not an unusual problem.
Rose's Question: Your suggestion of maintaining balance re: politics and the insanity around it has been helpful -- though a very big challenge. And of course taking physical action. Is there anything else we can do in a Perelandra process, i.e. SLG to support our President. He is my President as it is my garden, my house, my relationship, etc.
Machaelle's Answer: In a sense you've answered your own question here. In your garden, your house and your relationship, it is implied that you have a connection in all of this. And that's what you are supporting — your interaction in this. It is not appropriate to project a Perelandra product or any process to the President alone. At that point, you are focused on the individual and he has not given any of us that right. But what you can focus on is your relationship with the President. And that is the focus of your SLG — your support for the President, your relationship, how you act in a way that is supportive to what he is attempting to do. That would be a very interesting SLG. And probably kind of exciting. So go for it! But make sure you keep your focus clean. It's on you and not on him.
Mary Jane Heinrich's Question: I would like to know if there are any MBP products to help improve my taste and smell? Or is this common among the over 65 year olds?
Machaelle's Answer: You can help strengthen your ability to taste and smell by taking MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Solutions. This is the easy thing you can do. If you're interested in doing more for this using the Perelandra material, call our Question Hot Line any Wednesday and they'll help you determine which processes you are most interested using.
Brian's Question: Interesting question about the Crohn's disease - we have a friend whose daugher was diagnosed recently. Can one just suggest (without MAP, ETS+) that set of MPB Solutions as an aid? Are there others who have had success with such an approach? All your stuff would be rather foreign to them so my interest is in making it as 'normal' as possible.
Machaelle's Answer: Okay Brian, good luck on making my work "normal"! Yes, definitely suggest those four MBP Solutions as an aid (Immune, Lymphatic, Nervous and Digestive). They will strengthen and stabilize the body systems that are involved in the Crohn's disease and help the body work itself out of the disease. If the person is taking other conventional medication, I am not suggesting that they stop taking that medication. Taking these four MBP Solutions are in addition to that medication and add an additional strengthening element. They'll work in conjunction with one another.
Kit Maloney's Question: Every night at bedtime my husband and our 5 yr. old boys lay with their heads together on the pillows and I hover over them like mama bird dropping balancing solutions into each of their open mouths. I used to ponder whether giving a small dose of brandy to the kids each night is "ok" but I figure, hey, they don't get sick and they sleep really well! My question is about intention: I say the names of each solution as I drop it in their mouths and focus on "sending it to that system" for them. Is it helpful that they say the name as well or is my intention for them "enough"? When they are not too tired we say little cheers like "Yay Immune system!" or "Go Lymphatic!" Also, a special thank you to everyone at Perelandra for the care and attention given when explaining processes and products. "Go team Perelandra!"
Machaelle's Answer: The visual on this is very funny. And, I think your approach is really creative. I hope other people will make this a creative, fun time for their family. I think it would be best to keep everyone engaged in the process and not just let them drift off and think about work and computer games while you're administering the MBPs. So, I think keeping up the little cheers is excellent. And, "Go team Maloney!" This was great.
Rose's Question: What MBPs or other processes would you suggest for someone with dementia. She does do MAP when talked through the coning and is taking all the MBPs. Wondering which ones to double up on and what else if anything?
Machaelle's Answer: She would double up on in Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous. If she is having an unusually difficult episode, give her ETS Plus for Humans right away. And do the full process of 3 to 4 doses, 5 minutes apart. Try to keep in mind that dementia may be part of her dying process. Therefore, you're not going to "cure" her. Your goal would be to soften the effects of dementia and make it comfortable for her. And what may be important is for you to look at and/or address your feelings about her dementia and her dying process. This by itself may soften her dementia experience. It sounds like you're doing okay with this, but just in case.
Minne Kansman's Question: How do I work with an imbalance of one type of insect in the perennial garden? The Green Lined bugs literally take over in June, leaving many holes in leaves and stunting growth. I have tried talking with them and creating balance by introducing beneficial insects. Is there another way?
Machaelle's Answer: Everybody's environment is different, so there's no one answer I can give you. You're going to have to ask nature directly what to do here. And I recommend using the Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process in Perelandra Garden Workbook II as your guideline.
Laighne Fanney's Question: About Animals and After Death Essence Process. I have used this often when humans transition. Can it be used with Animals?
Machaelle's Answer: There is instruction on using the essences to assist an animal during the death process in the book, Flower Essences. The post-death process isn't needed for animals. They can take it from there.
Julie's Question: I've been doing pretty well the past year or two trusting that all that we see happening politically is part of the Aquarian shift, including the rancor of what I hope to be the dying gasps of Piscean institutions and mentalities. Indeed I've felt hopeful and confident. But lately the news and tone of the "debate" has affected me to the point of despair. Can your Cottage-level insight provide any consolation?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. I know exactly what you're talking about. And whenever I bring this up, usually in some kind of an accusatory way, the Cottage Team always says, "We warned you this shift wasn't going to be pretty." So I pull myself together and I take on a new determination to keep marching forward. I'm just not going to let the ugliness get me down. I also take a lot of ETS Plus for Humans and Essence of Perelandra to keep me moving forward.

Elizabeth's Question: Thanks for the Summer Harvest 2009 pictures of the roses. Could you tell us the names of these roses? Also, the rose nets are a fab idea. I've googled various garden/netting options but haven't succeeded in finding a similar product. Please advise how to find them? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: The garden assistants put the rose pictures up and they'll have to identify them for you. Also, I'm going to have to get with my garden assistants on the garden netting. We'll get this information back to you by email as soon as we can. When we get the answer, we'll also post it here on the forum.
You might find what you're looking for at either of these supply companies.
      • Gardener's Supply Company (winter weight fabric for covering plants)
You could do an online search as well and perhaps find other options. Test with nature from whatever options you have to determine what's appropriate for use in your garden.
Also, the garden assistants may not be able to go back and name every rose, but at some point before the end of the year, they'll go in there and do their best. Check for updates during the December Virtual Open House.
Marilyn's Question: Thanks Machaelle, that answer helped me a lot. I have read pages 32-39 of the Guide many times and I still scratch my head. So I tried to ask the question that way, rather than saying give me the Soul Ray Essences Guide for Dummies.
Machaelle's Answer: I like the idea of a Soul Ray Essences Guide for Dummies. This really gave me a good laugh. Mostly, because I could use it myself. If you work with a MAP team, ask them to help you understand what the Soul Ray Essences are all about. I think that's your best "Soul Ray Essences Guide for Dummies." In a very real sense, you'll be getting the insight from the horse's mouth.
Lori's Question: Hi from New Zealand where working with your processes and essences has taken over a chunk of my life and time! THANK YOU. It's all amazing, mundane and fantastic. Question: Can I do a MAP session on myself and open a coning for animal healing for my companion animal at the same time and let the 40 mins and the 30 mins run concomitantly?
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, hi back New Zealand! Glad to hear from you! No, you need to not mix these two conings. I can tell you're trying to save time, but it's important to keep these things really clean.
Sherry Z's Question: I can't tell you how many times I look at something that could be a crisis or a problem and realize that 25 years ago, nature had already put that into the mix and moved me right into the position where I have already addressed the crisis. This is part of the magic of working with nature. Well that's a powerful perspective re: working with nature and our human need to control :-)) Do the work, and go about our day! Thanks for that!
Machaelle's Answer: You're welcome!
Otis's Question: Hi Machaelle. :) It was great to get your email regarding your position on taking a position on health care reform. It seems ever more clear to me that until each American individually takes a stand (pro or con) and tells their representative how they feel (and therefore the representatives feel like there are consequences), the same system operating in the same way is going to produce more of the same results. So what is fascinating to me is that for all the emotion on both sides, this really is an opportunity for the citizens to shape the system and the people in the system. And not just on this issue, but all the daunting issues we face. Here's to the power of the individual, and to each standing up for what they believe in. Thanks for what you continue to do to en-courage all of us to find our own feet, and to stand in our own power.
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, Otis. I'm sending you a big fat, juicy kiss! You are the man! And for all you reading this and wondering who it's from, Otis is a real-ive M.D. Otis, you have made me a happy camper.
Beth Ree's Question: 1. Are there specific instructions for the FE and MBP surrogate telegraphing process in your materials? I'd like to use them to help my dog, Hurley. 2. I'm looking forward to the MBP DVD. Do you have an approximate completion date? 3. I highly recommend the Perelandra Garden DVD. It felt like a homecoming to me. As I'm learning the processes, I'm beginning to realize the depth of commitment it takes to be in partnership with Nature. And how grateful I am that you had the courage to chart this course so all of us may benefit. Beth-Carmichael, CA
Machaelle's Answer: 1. Specific instructions on testing essences for animals are in the book, Flower Essences. For telegraphing the MBP Solutions for animals, just open a Nature Healing Coning and tell them you'd like to set up to telegraph test your animal for the MBP Solutions. Then follow the instructions for a Solutions Telegraph Test in the MBP Balancing Solutions Guide.
2. Yes, we are all looking forward to that, too. It's a long, long DVD. We're trying to put in all the bells and whistles that are needed to make this as helpful and practical DVD as possible. Preparing for and addressing the pandemic crunch has slowed us down a bit. We're considering coming out with an interim DVD with minor bells and whistles just to get it on DVD. But we haven't had time to sit down and think about that yet. So when we can think about sitting down to think about that, we'll think about telling you! Just know that we're thinking about it and we're giving it our best shot here!
3. Thanks for the kind words on this. This is an example of the "interim" DVD that I've been talking about. The Perelandra Garden was relatively easy to get out on DVD in a decent, interim form. So, I'm glad to know that it is giving people a connection to Perelandra and to nature.
Diane Mizel's Question: I know we use the restabilizing and rebalancing coning for flower essences after they have been exposed to airport x-rays. Does this also apply to the microbial balancing solutions? Thanks for all that you do.
Machaelle's Answer: See my answer in Question 13. I'm really glad you guys are being diligent about restabilizing your essences.
Mary Sage's Question: Thanks so much for all you do for us! In February through June, 2006 I did the H5N1 Virus process on myself, property and animals. Am I still good for the H1N1 Virus or should I do the processes again? Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: For H1N1, you don't need to prepare in the same way. So you're fine. Just continue taking FSBS+. And I'm glad to hear you're following this so carefully. You have not lost anything with your preparation for H5N1 in case H5N1 also flares up and becomes a problem.
Sherry Z's Question: Sorry for the confusion -- Any recommendations in dealing with my human need to control when it comes to working with nature and SLGs?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, stop it! But seriously, try to remember that when dealing in those areas that nature knows about, you are working with an expert that is so beyond your level of understanding that to even consider trying to control this expert is stupid at best and arrogant at worst. Keep that in mind. Put the notion of respect into your dealing with nature, as you would respect any human expert who was trying to help you.
Kathryne's Question: Any clue as to how to reprogram and strengthen my electrical system to mind it's own business and be neutral to earth shifts, human fear shifting and thought projections. Balancing my house and 55x110 lot and garden works great, it's stepping outside my own space that is cramping my adventuring, working out of home, and happy gentle demeanor. Seeking to maintain my WB vibration.
Machaelle's Answer: Ah Kathryne, you're trying to get through a little life process the lazy way. You want a magic bullet. This is an issue you need to take to your MAP team. I'm plum outta bullets!
eve's Question: Before I do my daily physiotherapy exercises (for joint issues) I call on the Deva of Healing to monitor the amount and order of exercises to do. I have always received sound advice to my changing situation and feel very grateful for such support. Have you heard of other people doing this and do you think it is a good idea?
Machaelle's Answer: I think it's a great idea. And one of the creative things people can do with a co-creative process is combine it with conventional processes to make it all work better. I recommend that people to do this all the time and many people do.
Mary's Question: Do you have anything for Lyme disease? What might you suggest for someone who has experienced a state of shock, has post traumatic stress syndrome (abuse in childhood and later years) and needs to improve their boundaries?
Machaelle's Answer: I take it that you're new and you don't know much about my work yet. For shock and post-traumatic stress from childhood abuse, check out the Body/Soul Fusion Process and ETS Plus for Humans. For Lyme disease, you'll probably need an antibiotic. So, for building your microbial population back, check out the MBP Microbial Balancing Solutions.
Cindy's Question: How much can one really expect to connect with and co create with nature the way you have? I am so inspired by your story.
Machaelle's Answer: Well, quite frankly, it depends on how much a person is willing to put the effort into connecting and co-creating with nature. If a person chooses to half-ass that connection, they get a half-ass experience. If they put in an honest effort to create and forge that partnership, they get a very different experience. I've written all of the books to give you the steps for creating this partnership. And to make it easier.
Sherry Z's Question: Would you please say more about ==> "My approach for using my tools is very integrated" thx
Machaelle's Answer: I have all my tools at hand and I utilize any of them that test for addressing any specific thing.
Carolyn Richardson's Question: When taking the 2009-2010 [Seasonal Balancing] and the FSBS+ is it necessary to avoid food or drink, etc. before and after taking them, as with homeopathics?
Machaelle's Answer: Did you receive the instructions with your order? Take them first thing in the morning before ingesting anything and take the last thing at night before going to bed. Here is a link to the MBP Solutions Brochure.
eve's Question: I read in Voices that people connected to the Deva of Squirrels in a camp ground to establish the distance they should keep to respect each other's living space. I was looking after a dog of some friends and was getting frustrated with the dog continuously walking between my feet. When I connected to the deva of the dog to request some space to move around nothing whatsoever happened. I ended up putting it into another room. Any suggestions why this did not work?
Machaelle's Answer: The dog may have been trying to tell you that it was stressed about the separation from its owner and you needed to pay attention to it. It was a moment of communication that you weren't picking up on.
Chris's Question: My MAP sessions are most often NAP sessions. Even when I'm not tired. I have a great gift to be able to sleep easily, and that includes when I'm horizontal doing MAPs. Are the sessions as effective as when awake?
Machaelle's Answer: Absolutely. Tell your MAP team that if they need you to be awake, just wake you up. If you would like to stay awake so that you can perhaps sense your MAP team working and add input that might be crossing your mind at the time, you can sit in a chair.
eve's Question: I have started to eat according to my blood type. I have muscle tested (and confirmed with my MAP team) that I should ingest some apple cider for joint issues but I saw that apple cider is on my list of items to avoid. Which indications do I follow, the list or my electrical system? Also, being an O- type I am supposed to eat meat. Have you heard how people reconcile this advice with the Buddhist precept of refraining from taking lives?
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, a fellow O type! When I get a positive for an avoid, I follow my testing. And as to the Buddhist preset to refrain from taking lives: I don't distinguish between the life of a steer and the life of a broccoli. They each have lives and each need to be respected. And I am grateful that they each help me survive.
Stephanie Smith's Question: I use your co-creative processes because they work and I understand its scientific focus. At the same time, I'm drawn, from the heart, toward earth-based spirituality, such as Wiccanism, and spell-casting. Have you, or has anyone you know, given any thought to how the two systems of thought can be related to each other? They seem like two different frameworks, two different perspectives, for the same thing, but I can't get it right in my head.
Machaelle's Answer: I have no idea how they would possibly weave. But one thing I would say to you on spellcasting is to watch out for manipulation. It's not a good thing to do.
Rose's Question: If someone was not taking FSBS+ etc. and did get the H1N1, would it help them survive/recover to take it after coming down with it?
Machaelle's Answer: Ah, somebody noticed the pandemic! Yes. It would help their body respond better and move them into recovery more easily. They need to take it twice a day while they're dealing with H1N1. And just to be safe, continue to take FSBS+ until the entire pandemic is over.
Chris's Question: I travel often with the flower essences and do the restabilizing process after each trip. Is there a limit to how many times they can be effectively re-stabilitzed? Also, does the x-ray machine harm the mbps or ets or eop and if so, re-stabilize them too? Thank you so much for being there to assist us along this path.
Machaelle's Answer: There's no limit to restabilizing the essences. The MBPs, ETS Plus and EoP were all created to withstand the effects of x-ray and will not need to be restabilized.
Marin's Question: Your 'Perelandra Organizing Process' has been very helpful to me in the past. You never mention it these days... Why not?
Machaelle's Answer: Hi Martin. Generally, we mention the Perelandra Organizing Process to people who are learning to do the testing. It's not a beginner's process.
therese wilson's Question: My 25 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I've sent her MAP and ETS+. When she is ready which MBP Solutions would you suggest for this condition?
Machaelle's Answer: MBP Immune, Lymphatic, Nervous and Digestive Solutions. And take them twice daily.
Liz's Question: Thank you and the Perelandra gang for the open house. & for the Health Care Bill information. My ? is do/did you use Steiner's biodynamics as any part of the foundation for Perelandra?
Machaelle's Answer: I don't know much about Steiner's biodynamics. But I have had Steiner experts here about 20 years ago. They did a bunch of testing and discovered that the processes nature was giving me achieved the same thing as Steiner's biodynamics and in some cases achieved even more. At that point, I tipped my hat, said, "Thank you very much," and never looked back, so I have no other way of answering this question.
Cecilia Stecher's Question: What does "God" mean to you? or has your relationship to Devas, Nature Spirits and White Brotherhood, etc. replaced the need for god? sorry to bring this into discourse and I don't mean to be too personal, but I can't help to wonder...Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: I think this is a personal question and I leave the definition of "God" up to the individual. I don't want to sway the individual's thinking by giving my opinion.
Astrid's Question: I'm taking a class about the sustainability crisis (global heating caused by over population) and would like to know what nature suggests we do to prepare for the future. Also, if you'd suggest some books to use to be able to write a paper which gives a view point that traditionally isn't heard, namely nature's -- it would be helpful, too. Thanks!!!
Machaelle's Answer: I've been working with nature for 33 years now and I have found that if I just pay attention to each of the areas in my life that I am currently facing and work with nature in a partnership to address those areas, I not only achieve success in the now, but that's automatically preparing me for the future. I can't tell you how many times I look at something that could be a crisis or a problem and realize that 25 years ago, nature had already put that into the mix and moved me right into the position where I have already addressed the crisis. This is part of the magic of working with nature. And as to books I might suggest — I guarantee any of my books on working with nature in any environmental situations would give you "a viewpoint that traditionally isn't heard, namely nature's.
Sherry Z's Question: FIRST: A big THANK YOU to you and nature! :-)) I wrestle with "trying to control" when working wth nature in a SLG. My cats and nature are teaching me valuable lessons re: that. QUESTION: My SLGs seem to be going fine, sometimes "too slow" for me (control issue) and I am challenged to just trust, and it always turns out in other areas where I work with nature. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS to help when it comes to my biz SLG?
Machaelle's Answer: I can't figure out what you're really asking here. Would you re-word and re-submit? Sorry.
Thanks for the kind words. And keep wrestling that control issue!
Carol's Question: Machelle — thank you for everything you've created at Perelandra and for making this question/answer forum available. Question: Will you consider using a vegetable based glycerin preservative with the MBP Solutions? The number of Solutions and number of drops of each that I take create problems with the alcohol preservatives (sensitive to alcohol — get headaches) Vinegar is unpleasant - I did read your hold the nose trick recently so the vinegar wouldn't be so pungent, but the amount of time involved (extra minute per bottle times multiple bottles) stretches the dosing time. I like the sweetness of glycerin and would be willing to pay extra if needed to obtain this preservative.
Machaelle's Answer: No. The preservative has nothing to do with cost or anyone's preference. You can join a long line of others who have tried to beg me to change. However, the preservatives we use are what nature has told me to use. They are the only preservatives that do not compromise the electrical healing patterns.
Marilyn's Question: Machaelle, Would you tell us a bit about the last time you took Soul Ray Essences for an extended period, and what they taught you? Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: That's a weird question. My approach for using my tools is very integrated and there's not a time when I'm just taking Soul Ray Essences. But just from developing and producing the Soul Ray Essences, I can say that they showed me that our day-to-day existence is much more complex than people realize. That's the big thing Soul Ray Essences taught me.
Kate's Question: The soil in the yard of the house we moved into this year is all clay; good for making bricks. Where would be a good place to start w/re planting things in it? I have never encountered such a yard before and have begun by using ETS for soil but am boggled by all the other possible options to test for...
Machaelle's Answer: I agree, there are a lot of options that can be overwhelming, but the Co-creative Troubleshooting Chart in Workbook II was designed to give you the roadmap through all of those processes in a step by step manner. Or, start a brick-making business!
Ginny's Question: Are all of your products safe for those with severe allergies to peanuts, eggs, trees nut? Including free from cross contamination?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. We have not had any reports indicating the contrary.
Mim's Question: My daughter has ulcerative colitis & takes an immune suppressant drug. Can you recommend something other then 6 boxes of essences & learning kinesiology, so she won't be overwhelmed.
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, the MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Digestive Solutions. There's no testing involved.
Martha Evans's Question: Suggestions for helping with gum disease, gingivitis, etc. Thankyou
Machaelle's Answer: If you're new to Perelandra, start with MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Digestive Solutions, taking those twice daily. Many folks have successfully worked with the Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program to address gingivitis as well.
And from the department of "Can we be any more practical than this?" — Get a Waterpik with a deep pocket tip for cleaning around your gums and into the deep pockets.