Perelandra Question Forum
December 5, 2009
As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered this online question forum with Machaelle answering your questions!
You'll find the questions and Machaelle's answers below.

Kit's Question: Ack! Fun-jEE or Fun-jEYE ?!?!?!?! Thank you Machaelle + crew!!!!! Have a great holiday...

Machaelle's Answer: Okay! That's Fun-jEYE!.
A great holiday back atcha and to everyone who participated in today's forum!     ~ Machaelle
Martin's Question: Hello Machaelle, You did recently make some suggestions somewhere regarding this, but how can we be as effective as possible in all those not so obvious environments we are part off? E.g., what happens politically in our Town, economically in our country, in our world... get the drift??? Thank you so much!
Machaelle's Answer: Usually when someone asks me these kinds of questions, they actually mean, "How can I sit on my sofa and project good thoughts that will bring perfection without having to lift a finger or get involved?" And usually what I say is, "Get your keister up off the sofa and get involved. In your town, and in your country, and in your world. Pick something and do it. And while you're at it, try to be co-creative. Get the drift?

Antje's Question: Hi, Have you got any suggestions on how to address a soil-less garden where the problems seem to be going round in circles (recurring) even though I do troubleshooting, etc. Thanks a lot!!!
Machaelle's Answer: This requires a conversation. I encourage you to call the Question Hot Line.
Cinda's Question: The impact of your research and essences on my life has been so significant the it almost seems insufficient to say that I am grateful. I am sooooooooo grateful. AND Having had the joy and rewards of working with Nature, I have wanted the benefits of that in all areas of my life. Though I recall that you suggested that we start with one small SLG project, I have wanted to have one going in so many areas of my life. However, this is overwhelming and I have not been so disciplined in follow up with the SLGs that I have started. Any suggestions about beginning again and prioritizing? Is this a MAP with calibration issue?
Machaelle's Answer: You don't have to go to MAP with this. I already told you — stop overwhelming yourself. Make a list of all the different areas you want to address, pick the first one that you feel is the most important and make that your current SLG. Then either wait until this SLG is completed, or once it has been operating for a while and is running smoothly and you feel comfortable, open a second SLG. If you're doing more than three SLGs at one time, you need your head examined. If you are doing more than three SLGs simultaneously, you're probably half-assing each of them because of the work required for each of them.
Lee's Question: It seems as tho whenever I open an SLG coning prior to a meeting, hoping for support / inspiration / input of any sort - it always seems as tho I get no input. I guess I'm hoping for some sort of intuitive hit so as to avoid the "Have you ever noticed Lee's strange hand twitches whenever we're in a meeting? - Yep, I've guessed it some sort of neurological problem" kinds of observations. Any suggestions or should I just claim tourette's syndrome?
Machaelle's Answer: Generally, you don't get intuition before you start a meeting, you usually get it as the meeting is in progress, right in the moment. So my first suggestion to you is to relax and trust that this is going to happen. You're probably blocking yourself. I don't see any problem with claiming Tourette's Syndrome to help your coworkers get over it. Or, you could do what this woman who had a bunch of nosy neighbors did. She built a cave out of straw bales and whenever she had to do any testing for her garden, she went in there for privacy. And if they still look at you funny, just say you're from California. They'll just assume you're crazy and that'll be the end of it.
Anneli's Question: One more question, as you are making yourself available these hours in such an appreciated way :o) : I received an email about the big Climate Conference in Denmark (our neighbors in Scandinavia). It was a call to engage on a "higher level" to support all the members of this conference emotionally/telepathically in our own ways. I did get those goose bumps that usually mean I sit in front of a truth of some kind, but I can't help but think about the time you describe people who tried to looove some health back into a plant. Would this kind of "positive, mental/emotional/telepathical supportive focus" be a waste of time, or will it actually do something that is good for the outcome of this climate conference, perhaps because we are addressing the humans and not nature specifically? We are asked to let this be for the higher good of all parties, so it will probably not hurt anyone or anything, at least :ob Please give your point of view, it is much appreciated!
Machaelle's Answer: Doing this kind of thing is very tricky. You cannot control or guarantee the quality of positive thinking from individuals. So it is erroneous to think that kind of activity will not manipulate or negatively impact the participants in the conference. On the one hand, there may be an inflow of positive, supportive energy and at the same time there may be an inflow of wonky, weird, skewed and stupid energy that will cause these people to have to work harder to achieve the goals of the climate conference. People think that if they say "for the higher good" that they are covering their asses and making everything perfect. This is nothing more than a band-aid to make people feel good about what they're asking. It has nothing to do with the actual input of energy. If you're not going to the conference as a participant, I think it's inappropriate to interject yourself even on an energetic level. Let the participants do their job and then work to support the outcome in practical and effective ways.
Anne's Question: Re: MBPs and middle of the night — in this case, pain pills. Sometimes I need to take a pain pill between night and morning dosages of MBPs and with less than 5 hrs between, sometimes just with water, sometimes with a bit of food. Does this nullify/severely weaken benefit of the MBP dosages?
Machaelle's Answer: If you can take your MBPs a little earlier in the evening to give you more time before you might have to take your pain pill, that would be good. Other than this, you really don't have a choice, so definitely do not back off the MBP dosages and know that you may not be getting 100% benefit, but you should be getting a considerable percentage of benefit. In this case, something is better than nothing. Hopefully in time, you won't have to take the pain medication.
Veronica's Question: Hi Machaelle. Would appreciate some direction with this ... I am a garden designer and have recently started to incorporate some of the co-creative energy and gardening processes in my work for clients. I submitted a planting plan which was designed with Nature, to a client, who has since returned with requests for changes to the plan, i.e., removing certain plants, adding others. Obviously this is going to effect the balance of the original plan. Do I go back to Nature and start the whole process again given the new information - and does this have to keep happening every time the client decides they want something different? Many thanks from sunny! New Zealand.
Machaelle's Answer: You probably do need to go back and adjust the original plan to re-establish balance in light of the changes. So that you don't lose your sanity, I would suggest talking to your clients who might be open to this co-creative process. Explain what you would be doing and what it would mean in terms of layout/design/plants and get their permission for you to do this. Emphasize the value of balance for them. And explain that this would be a little bit of an adventure because the final product may be different than their vision. Then get a list of the plants that they absolutely want and any design elements that they absolutely want. Present those to nature and then you work with nature to balance all of that in. In essence, you're offering a special service to them. Wow, sunny New Zealand! Hope you're having a great summer!
Marian's Question: If it is ok with you to submit a second question, here it is: What can I do about chronic sleep disturbances (this insomnia includes difficulty in going to sleep, waking say after two hours for another two hours, and then waking early)?
Machaelle's Answer: This is where "everybody's different" especially comes into play. Try taking an ETS Plus for Humans bath one night, and a couple of nights later, take an EoP bath and see which one gives you the best results. See if this helps!

Lee's Question: For a dog diagnosed with deteriorating covering on the nerves ( this is not a trauma per se but a continuing/developing condition ) is ETS+ for Animals the place to start? For whatever might be suggested, is there a time frame within which one should be able to observe improvement?
Machaelle's Answer: ETS Plus for Animals is a good place to start, but what you really need to work with is the Nature Healing Coning for Animals. I do look for signs of improvement and report those improvements back to the Nature Healing Coning, and I also report distress and deterioration to the coning. But I stay away from time frames. There are too many variables to take into consideration for every second of the day for this to be reasonable. Hope this helps.
Peggy's Question: Hi Machaelle I appreciate you're offering another open house and offering this question forum. My question relates to mountain top removal of coal. I feel deep grief when I pass by MT removal sites and do my best to send healing energy to the land. Are there Perelandra processes that I can do (even though the removal sites do not "belong" to me)? There is a lot of logging going on in my area and I have similar feelings when I am behind a logging truck.
Machaelle's Answer: In this situation, when you are unable to have a direct effect on situations like mountain top removal and logging, the most effective thing you can do is refocus on your feelings and how you're responding. Concentrate on balancing yourself in these situations, remaining calm and clear. This alone will release healing energy. You don't have to do anything special. And you can stop being a victim to those things that are going on around you over which you have no control. This is the kind of situation you would take to MAP.
Susan's Question: Hi Machaelle, We're been dealing with my husband's unemployment for a year and a half. There are many issues to address in addition to the obvious. I could write a book. We've used the entire gamut of Perelandra products and processes. I've asked the teams to know what to do, to see what is needed, and have been given clarity at the most stressful of times. You've said to use a daily dose of ETS+ for the economic crisis. We've done that and expanded on the concept by taking daily doses of ETS+ or EoP or FE for several specific issues each, e.g., overwhelm, depression, career, ADD symptoms, all tested for priority with our MAP and SLG teams. This has us addressing a lot of issues daily and reduces the overall workload. Thanks so much for this marvelous tool kit. P.S. It's sunny and clear and fresh in Southern Ontario.
Machaelle's Answer: I really congratulate you on your fine use of the tools to help you get through this. And it will be interesting to see what job your husband finally gets to take on. I have a feeling after this process, his job is going to be a surprise to the two of you.
P.S. For once we're getting the rocky weather, and you're getting the clear and fresh weather — that's great!
Esther's Question: Dr. Bach was adamant that practitioners using his system not use muscle testing when choosing remedies. His theory was that if you get to the core issue too quickly you may throw the whole system into a state of shock. Rather, he suggested that it is better to "peel the onion," — treat the surface layer, let it resolve and then treat the layer that shows up after the initial resolution and so on. In this way, you get a very gentle healing process without the risk of worsening symptoms. I'm studying with the International Bach Foundation at the moment and one of the requirements of registration with the foundation is an agreement to refrain from muscle testing. I'm curious about your response to Bach's theory. Cheers and thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: What's interesting in this is that if you read the very early works by Dr. Bach, when he describes using essences, he would get a tingle in the back of his neck for a positive essence and that's a form of muscle testing. I agree with the foundation that the "onion process" is a good approach and we have our own peeling process that we encourage people to use. However, it is not always needed. All electrical issues are not caused always by onions. I am assuming that if you must refrain from muscle testing you are diagnosing according to definition and although I am a strong supporter of Dr. Bach and his work, regarding the testing is where I separate myself from the foundation. I believe muscle testing is superior to definitions because definitions require that the person doing the testing understand the definitions fully and completely, and the person that is being tested know how to describe their issues fully and completely. This lends itself to too many holes and human error. I don't wish to come between you and the Bach Foundation, but you've asked for my response and I've given it to you.

Divana's Question: thanx for another great virtual open house. I have been using MAP since Feb 09 and the Rose Essences since July. I am on the blood type-O diet since summer I have severe joint-knee/hip pain, difficulty walking and as I call it -an electrical grid of piercing pain running from my knee into my ankle and foot on one side: 2 years with it along with sciatica. I use the microbial solutions-lymphatic and immune-would another MPB solution be helpful with this condition-or any other suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, another four would be helpful — muscular, nervous, skeletal and endocrine. All taken twice daily. And if anyone ever sounded like they could use frequent and regular ETS Plus baths, I think it's you. On the blood-type diet (hey, nice to meet a fellow type O!), you need to concentrate on highly beneficial foods. Because you have such a serious situation going, you may consider expanding to include the other four essence sets if you can.
Linda's Question: Thank you truly. My question is about the seedling 'tubs' seen in the greenhouse on your website. Would like to know where to purchase them and how are the seedlings then transplanted into the garden.
Machaelle's Answer: Linda, I'm sending this question on to Jeannette. She's the one who runs the greenhouse. You'll be getting an email in the next few days. . . . We hope. That is, unless she's restoring an old farmhouse in the south of France.
Helen's Question: In the book The Explorer Race by Zoosh through Robert Shapiro, it says that much of the White Brotherhood's knowledge is rooted within a core of a prediction for the future based on an evolution of this planet and its culture that was aligned and associated with a past probability. That is, it is not aligned with the future that you have begun to develop as a collective soul unconscious, which will take you to that fourth-dimensional aspect of self. If this is true then when working with the White Brotherhood on our 3rd dimensional reality, who will we work with when we have all made our transition onto the 4th?'
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, this is easy . . . Henry IV! Seriously, dear Helen, I haven't a clue what you're talking about. But more importantly, I actually don't have an interest in this kind of information. So I'm afraid you're going to have to go elsewhere with this question. Actually, I don't even understand what you're asking. But I'm thinking Henry IV might be the one you need to go to! But if that doesn't work, he's got a brother, Gregory IV. And if that doesn't work, try Alf VI!
Douglas S.'s Question: A guy question. I never seem to hear much about Clarence. Wonder if he's ever thought about writing a book about what it's like to live with a hyper expanded scientist and thinking back about his seminary days if religious interests have resurfaced with becoming chronologically gifted/challenged?
Machaelle's Answer: Oh good, I was wondering if there was a guy out there. It's hard to get Clarence to write a postcard, so the chances of him writing a book are going to be really slim. And what the hell do you mean living with a "hyper-expanded scientist"?! It's wonderful!! :) I think I can honestly say for him that with age, the old seminary / Catholic religious interests have not resurfaced. I'll let him know you asked about him.
Helen's Question: I am new to all this and have been just ingesting information you have put out as if there was no tomorrow. For health issues and concerns, do we need to do MAP and/or MBP? Why can't we just hold and test for the essences we need and just drop them on our tongue?
Machaelle's Answer: Glad to hear that Perelandra is helpful for you. One warning I give to new people is don't over-do it. You'll overwhelm yourself. For health issues and concerns, it's not a matter of what you NEED to do, but rather what piques your interest. That generally gives you your best starting point. As for that last question, I don't understand what you're asking. So I am suggesting to you (as I have been with so many today) that you call the Question Line and ask them this question. It looks like it needs more of a conversation than I can give in this forum.
Karen's Question: Do you have anyone that does consultations? I need to discuss the baltic ivy situation in my yard (my mistake to have planted). My yard is a wildlife sanctuary and God willing I would like it not to destroy all the other vegetation incl. trees.
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. This one's easy. Just call the Question Hot Line any Wednesday!
Deborah's Question: I am an enthused newbie, and loving your stuff, and recommending it to friends. Can I use the coning process to resolve family conflict and do I call in the higher self of other family parties or just my higher self? Thanks, Deborah
Machaelle's Answer: Ooh, you're stepping in some deep doo-doo here Deborah. When it comes to family conflict, just focus on how you play into it, with the goal of making any necessary changes. To include other family members is manipulation and unethical. I'm glad you asked this question before you went any further. If you need help, clarification and ideas on how to set up the focus for yourself, don't hesitate to call the Question Hot Line.
Eva's Question: 1. Do I need to think about the specific body systems when I take my regular morning/evening doses of the MBP solutions? 2. In an MBP chart when doing an NS application for the microbes that needs to be done over a period of time, do I need to open the entire coning each time or is it sufficient to state, I wish to open an NS application and then focus on the issue and the microbes? I have tested that the latter is sufficient although I have done both versions. Thank you for the clarifications.
Machaelle's Answer: 1. No. 2. For your stronger, best results, open the full coning. But it sounds like you're doing really well with the Microbial Balancing Program!
Shirley's Question: I go regularly to a nutritionist who kinesiology tests for food allergies, supplements, dosage, and any question at all. I had my essences and MBP Solutions with me and he asked to test them. Several tested negative. MAP says I am to respect the test results and that it is temporary. Is MAP my final authority on this?
Machaelle's Answer: Your final authority is whosever you wish it to be. :) In your situation, I would accept MAP as my final authority.
Gerriiana K.'s Question: Dear Machaelle, Thanks so much for this great open house. On September 1st, I had a complete hip replacement. It has been a long and difficult recovery. I was in the hospital and the rehab hospital for 15 days and now have home nursing and PT. I have been using the ETS Plus from the beginning but could not use the MBPs until I came home. I finally had presence of mind enough to realize I also needed to get back on the essences including the EOP. It seems like my recovery is better since I got on the essences but I am wondering if you may have other suggestions that may be helpful? Thanks, Gerriiana Koeniger
Machaelle's Answer: So far, you're doing good thinking as far as the Perelandra material and how it can help. I would say, take this to the next step and add flower essence telegraph testing with the focus on your back surgery area. Take 2 or 3 doses of ETS Plus after each PT session. And regular, frequent ETS Plus baths might be helpful. If you need some further help or clarification on this, don't hesitate to call the Question Hot Line.
Glad you're enjoying this Virtual Open House.
Malika's Question: Hello there, that is the first time that I am using the virtual house so hope to do well! Have a question, Have been using Essence of Perelandra for a while and I would like to know what a telegraph testing within a telegraph is and how to get about doing it when I use EOP — thanks for responding to my question. Malika
Machaelle's Answer: Okay, I'm a little lost on what you're referring to, so I'm going to ask you to either call Jeannette on the Question Hot Line before 5 p.m., eastern, today (unless she's left to visit that rural farmhouse in France!) or call on any Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (eastern).
Meredith S.'s Question: Machaelle, thank you for your wonderful work!! I have a challenge w/consistency. Do I need to do a MAP CALIBRATION to work w/that?
Machaelle's Answer: That would certainly help. But it's probably going to take more than a one-time shot, so good luck with that consistency thing! Call the Question Hot Line if you run into a wall or get cornered.
Adriana's Question: Thank you soooooo much for the EOP and ETS. I use them often and share them with other nurses in the labor and delivery department. They are happy to use it as well.
Machaelle's Answer: Cool! You're sooooo very welcome. I'm pleased that you are sharing the information in this way.
Mary S.'s Question: My Perelandra Study Group has done a few heal the ocean processes, using ocean water as our focus. Someone suggested including tap water, representing fresh water. The input from the ocean, when it was asked, is that it is mixing apples and oranges and should be done as a separate process. Do you have any input on this matter? Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: Unless you have a well with untreated water, do not use tap water to represent fresh water. My suggestion is that your study group consider changing the focus of their work from the ocean in general to what each of them do in their lives that exacerbates the ocean problems. This group refocus would be more effective as far as the ocean is concerned. Or, as a group you could take up the cause of land-applied sewage sludge and its impact on our freshwater supply and the oceans.
Anneli's Question: Hi, thank you so much for this extra open house! I am wondering whether it is considered manipulation of nature intelligence if I clearly tell them that I use affirmations solely for my own mind direction training? As in "I receive plenty of support in appropriate ways for this project" and similar (otherwise I almost automatically get caught in a negative expectation mood. Subtle but still there.) It is absolutely not meant as any kind of direct "order to manifest" anything for me, which I also tell them. (I ask nature to - if and whenever applicable in a coning - use my affirmations as guidelines to "where I am going" right now instead.) Will this difference be noticed by nature? I really have a big need to change my attitude towards life in general (victim and guilt oriented), and I wish to adjust it anytime during the day - if it is OK and not manipulative towards nature. I work with my MAP team in this matter, too. Thank you for being who you are!
Machaelle's Answer: Remove all of the affirmation stuff out of your coning work with nature. This will clean up your coning. Then take your desire to change your attitude toward life in general to MAP. Focus the issue with your MAP team solely.
Barbara's Question: Hello! We live in rural France and are renovating an old farmhouse. We are in the beginnings of considering the whole project as a Soil-less Garden, and recently had you send us the ETS. But my concern for the next few years is the chestnut groves: they are old and beautiful, but many (all over the Cevennes region) are dying of a fungus. Where to begin? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, hold on a second while I back away from the computer, find Jeannette and tie her to a chair so she doesn't jump up and run over to rural France and help you renovate your old farmhouse because you've just described her dream come true!
For the chestnut groves, you're going to have to work with the Perelandra Garden Workbooks and especially the troubleshooting process to get the individualized approach for your trees in your region (your property). I'm suspecting you will especially need ETS Plus for Plants and ETS Plus for Soil. But I urge you to work with the full troubleshooting chart for this kind of a problem.
Fern's Question: I have a painfully dysfunctional relationship with my father. Tried for decades to heal it, without success. I'd like cordial contact with him; failing that, to be at peace with the fact that he wishes no contact with me. He's 80, I'm 55. My mother and only sibling are both long dead. I greatly admire your strength in dealing with your paternal relationship; so far, it has turned out very differently for me and I want to change that, follow your example, gain strength from the life challenges he has provided rather than be defeated by them. Is it kosher to set up a SLG with a DDP of I want to have a cordial relationship with my father? Or is that unethical, because it involves him changing too? Should I instead say I wish to be at peace with the fact that my father does not love me? Sorry to be so unfestive, but this is greatly on my mind at this time of year. And thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: You can open an SLG with the DDP as you first stated. I want to point out that your wanting to have a cordial relationship with your father does not necessarily involve changing him too. It involves changing you. Also, you might want to change your DDP to, "I want to have the appropriate relationship with my father." Your appropriate relationship with him may be something other than cordial and you're not leaving yourself open to that possibility. For example, it may mean letting go. Also, you can get insight into your issues around this using MAP, the combined MAP/Calibration or just the Calibration Process alone. In reading what you've written, I'm thinking you may be limiting your options in this. It might be helpful to your process if you soften to the possibility of something different.
Dianna V.'s Question: You've said those taking MBP solutions can eat or drink "in the middle of the night." How much time should be allowed between evening MBP and later eating & drinking? And how much between eating & drinking and morning MBP? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: This instruction is only for those people who wake up around 2 in the morning and absolutely need to eat or drink something. They have taken their nightly MBPs hours before, and there are still hours before they need to take their morning MBPs. This instruction does not apply to someone who wants to take their nightly MBPs at 8 p.m. and then have a snack 2 hours later just before they go to bed. There needs to be about 5 between taking your nightly Solutions and having an emergency midnight snack. In the morning, you take your Solutions first and then wait 20 to 30 minutes before eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. And yes, we know this doesn't make any sense, but these are the instructions nature gives us.
Elenor's Question: As a teenager 30 years ago part of my spine was fused and a metal implant inserted to keep the spine from deviating more. Since starting MAP over two years ago this event and the ramifications of it have been my main focus. I imagine the MAP team can only work with what is and help me live with it. Because the team exists in a space that is beyond ours it sometimes gets confusing what is reasonable to ask help for and what not. Any request to them to reverse the surgery would go into the realm of magic? Apologies if this is a silly question.
Machaelle's Answer: I suspect that reversing this surgery would be detrimental to your health. This is the kind of surgery that is serious in the first place and the reasons for it would probably be considered irreversible. I suggest that you work with your MAP team to create the easiest, most efficient, pain-free life you can have in light of this spine condition. I suspect your quest for life's brass ring is going to be achieved not by reversing or avoiding your metal implant and spine fusion, but rather by becoming a master of it, and making it work for you and not against you. This is where MAP comes in. So talk to your team. Always explain your thoughts, fears, anxieties, anger, doubt and hesitations right at the beginning of each MAP session. This gives your team the roadmap on how you're proceeding through the situation and what they need to work with.
Dee C.'s Question: I know 2 little girls with skin problems. One is itchy and severe on hands and feet. The other is itchy at the joints. Would you suggest anything additional to MBP for skin? Love all that you bring to us. Thanks. Dee Calley
Machaelle's Answer: With the MBP Solutions, you always start with Immune and Lymphatic and add on from there. In this case, Integumentary. Depending on the state of the problems, you might consider adding Endocrine or Nervous. Because you're addressing a current condition, the girls would need to take these Solutions twice daily. You could also try weekly ETS Plus baths. You cannot have both little girls in the same bath, though.
Chris's Question: While realizing I am part of the collective consciousness, I'd like to use EOP to maintain balance with respect to the collective chaos, fears, etc. now happening. Just take drops with that intent, do n.s. application for it, both?
Machaelle's Answer: For maintaining balance when feeling the chaos and fears, take an Essence of Perelandra bath.
Remember, it's the human race that is creating the chaos and fear. So the nanosecond after you release drops, the massive group of people are just going to add back the chaos and fear. The best thing to do is focus on what you personally add to the collective consciousness and work on your personal sense of chaos and fear so that you change your personal input to the collective consciousness. The only way the collective consciousness changes is for everybody to take responsibility and change themselves individually.
Therese's Question: What would you suggest for a person who is just reconnecting with your work after being out of touch for a few years. So much work and new techniques and products have been developed (THANK YOU!). I'm overwhelmed about where to get back into the flow. I use MAP and the flower, garden and rose essences and have read Behaving, Dancing, Mt. Shasta and Co-Creative Science.
Machaelle's Answer: Well, welcome back Therese! See what happens when you go away? We just keep developing stuff! I would recommend that you call the Question Hot Line and talk about your circumstances and your situation and let them help you get started with the relevant new stuff. I think it would be more helpful to have this conversation on the Question Hot Line than for me to suggest something blind in the forum.
Leslie Anne P.'s Question: Hi Machaelle, I would like to know what you recommend for weight control and also for hunger control. I am aware of the usual answers about diet and exercise. Is there a Perelandra product specific to weight/hunger control? Thank you and happy holiday to you and your staff.
Machaelle's Answer: You may find the Health Watch Bulletin on Food Cravings and Stress helpful. In addition to that, if you work with MAP, you can address this issue with your MAP team.
Gale T.'s Question: Another V-O-H & TX Machaelle!. Did the fun Quiz — missed The Foot — oops! Viewed lovely Garden video — beautiful, soothing intro into Winter. Hope you're enjoying the snow; we're expecting a blizzard in Michigan. Q: Still need to take all 13 suggested MBS with the Seasonal Solution and FSBS+? What's your opinion re status so far and possible length of the Pandemic?
Machaelle's Answer: I am envious of your blizzard. But I'm happy for the snow we're expecting. It's actually 8 suggested MBPs (Immune, Lymphatic, Cell, Digestive, Endocrine, Nervous, Respiratory, Urinary) with the Seasonal Solution & FSBS+.
AS FOR THE PANDEMIC: The CDC just announced today that swine flu is still going strong in just 25 states. This virus is "conducting" itself exactly as a "normal" pandemic virus. It went nuts and infected many people, thus creating the second wave that we are just coming out of. Although you can never bet the mortgage on anything when discussing a virus, we need to consider that pandemics have historically consisted of THREE waves. So there is a real possibility that we have a third wave ahead of us. A pandemic isn't over until there are no more waves. I am urging everyone to continue taking FSBS+, Seasonal Balancing and the 8 MBP Solutions until we are completely out of waves and the pandemic is officially over. With a little luck, the H1N1 virus will not mutate and create a more difficult third wave. There are currently a few signs of mutation activity but, so far, they are isolated incidences and not tripping off another more serious wave. It is important that we keep being smart about this virus.
Liz K.'s Question: Machaelle, No question, Just gratitude to you. Thank you on behalf of all of us!!! Thank you for your work with Nature, developing these wonderful essences, MBP Solutions, books, news alerts, keeping us informed of flu information, and how to help ourselves, animals, land, loved ones, soil-less gardens, and anything we can think of, to prosper!!! Ongoing Thank You's to you, your staff, Perelandra, and all that comes forth! So good for all of us. Thank You Endlessly. Liz
Machaelle's Answer: Dear Liz, Thank you for your over-the-top, insanely kind, supportive words. I'm really glad to hear that you're receiving such benefit. That's just very nice of you. And I'll be sure to pass along your good wishes to the rest of the staff.
Chris's Question: MBPs, ETS+ etc. should not freeze. What about when they are shipped via airmail? Don't they freeze in the cargo departments? (My dilemma of sending to relatives in cold places!)
Machaelle's Answer: The bottles are well-insulated in their packing material and this is not usually a problem. It's actually not easy to freeze Solutions preserved in brandy. You have to be kind of close to the Arctic for that to be a problem. We have had a few reports (3 or 4) over the last decade of the vinegar preservative freezing on long overseas shipments (especially when they're going to the Arctic). So if you can convert all your relatives to the brandy preservative it will be just fine.
Rose's Question: Hooray another open house!!! Thanks Machaelle and staff! Please clarify what the optimum conditions are for taking flower essences, MBPs, ETS+ & EOP. How many minutes away from food, drink, brushing teeth for EACH of those? Can strong smells, i.e. essential oils, affect any of the above (f.e. etc.)?
Machaelle's Answer: Let me take the easy question first — strong smells and essential oils do not effect any of the above (as long as you are not using any of the essential oils orally). As for these other questions, the information is in the instructions. But I invite you to call the Question Hot Line today or give them a ring Wednesday and let them list this information out for you if needed.
Angel-Rose's Question: Hi Machaelle. Thanks so much for the amazing body of work you have accomplished and offered to the world. It has opened and clarified so many things for me. I was wondering if there were expanded definitions for the Rose II, Soul Ray, and Nature Program Essences published in any of your material. Sometimes the longer definitions in the Flower Essence book have just the right nugget of truth for me, and I was wondering if the other definitions were complete as they are or if they are a shortened version to complement the boxed set. Many Blessings to you on the cold, drizzly day in Florida. Angel-Rose
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, see the Perelandra Essences Guide for full definitions of each set. Thanks for your supportive words.
Donna's Question: I did a basic essence test for a miasm and when I did the follow up test the day following the completed dosage, I tested positive to add an additional essence to the initial combination and tested for an updated dosage. Is this common to add essences to a combination during a follow up test?
Machaelle's Answer: This is not unusual. Had you actually done the test, the essences that you had in your original solution would have tested positive, plus this one extra one. Instead you were given a nice, simplified, updated dosage.
MJ's Question: Hi Machaelle, I was first introduced to MAP 20 years ago when my husband died and the process was a great support for me. The book had sat on my shelf for the past 10 years although I asked help from the devas when planting my gardens. Recently, MAP has come back into my life and with some medical issues I've been coning and re-established contact with my MAP team. Last evening I was told to use the Nature Essences. I muscle tested for the others and was told just nature. I have never used the essences before and have used Bach for years. What are your thoughts on all of "this," thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: If I were in your shoes as you describe it, I would immediately start using the Nature Program Essences. Essences contain different types of patterns. And it looks like you're being told that the Nature Program Essences will give you something that the Bach essences will not. I'm pleased to hear that MAP has been helpful to you.
Kit M.'s Question: Top 5 questions from my "Fine Tuning" list: 1. do I need to transfer the balancers to the spoon without touching them? 2. on the TT list, if the Factor X heading tests positive, do I test it again as a unit? (it doesn't have ":unit" after it like the other headings) 3. Hypothetically (of course!), if one were say a "sloppy tester" from time to time, and an extra essence tested positive that really shouldn't be there, does it have an adverse effect, or is it just not "used"? 4. Often, about a nanosecond before I muscle test an essence, I have a strong yes or no impulse. I can't decide whether I am influencing the muscle test, or just verifying the result. 5. This is a nuisance question perhaps, but it will increase my quality of life (!): do you say "fun-GUY" or "fun-GEE" or what? I always find myself apologizing to this Deva for mispronunciation!
Machaelle's Answer: 1. If you're talking about vitamins, minerals and soil amendments — it doesn't matter if you touch them.
2. No, a Factor X does not require a unit test.
3. Dear Sloppy Tester, In the instructions, I have enough safety nets and trap doors that you should be able to pick up whether you've made a mistake before you complete the testing. But if you manage to circumvent all of these, pat yourself on the back, you're one hell of a sloppy tester! Should something slip by, it's possible that you are going to affect the combination.
4. As a person becomes more comfortable with kinesiology, they often get a sense of the yes or no before actually testing. At that point, you're using the physical kinesiology to verify your initial impulse. So you're actually using kinesiology to double-check yourself.
5. Well, you can always call this deva "Harry" and solve the problem. We say "fun' ji." I'm deeply impressed with how easy it is to improve your quality of life. So, enjoy!
Laurie's Question: What a nice surprise to have a holiday open house with such great specials! :-) I'm wondering when you (or me in this case) would take an ETS+ bath vs. an EoP bath. So far I've only done the ETS+ bath which was extremely helpful. Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: You could kinesiology test which one would be more helpful to you at that moment. Or, you could take a bath with one one night, and take a bath with the other the next night. Or, you could decide by asking yourself whether you feel like jumping off a cliff (ETS Plus) or you feel like spending time in the Perelandra garden balance (EoP).
Lawrie C.'s Question: I am thinking Marian might test for F1 and F2 for the Candida issue. Guess her MAP team would let her know that. Sorry to butt in.
Machaelle's Answer: No need to apologize. It'll be important for Marian to test for herself because everyone's needs are individual. I think her MAP team will do just fine with her.
Carol-Ann W.'s Question: Where did the "inspiration" for Rose II essences come from? What happened or what was communicated to you that caused the creation for Rose II? I haven't experienced someone's "sacrum expanding" so I suppose I must rely on kinesiology testing to determine the correct use and formula.
Machaelle's Answer: The "inspiration" for all my work occurs rather simply: nature simply tells me to do something. So after Rose I was produced, nature informed me there was a Rose II set to be produced. I then got the list of the roses that were to be involved from nature, and then nature gave me the definitions. I always recommend kinesiology testing to determine correct use and formula. So if you rely on this with your clients, I think you'll be doing fine.
Cathyann J.'s Question: Hi Machaelle, I am a 'newbie' and have been reading your workbook and books, working with kinesiology, and am re-designing my back lawn into a permaculture garden this next year. I am so excited to work with the Nature Intelligences -- just wondering if you could do a little coaching on "where to begin" to connect with them. Thanks. I love, love, love your work - thank you for who you are and for your work on the beautiful Planet.
Machaelle's Answer: You know what Cathyann, I think it would be really helpful to you if you called the Question Hot Line. They'll be happy to help you get started with your specific focus and project.

Holly B.'s Question: My question is about using EofP in a SLG Troubleshooting. I'd like to verify that I'm optimizing it's use — and if there is a better way to include EofP in the Troubleshooting Chart. I have been adding it to the list of Energy Processes as I test. Then I include 3 subcategories:
1. EofP for me, (and participants in the coning)
2. EofP for the Project
3. EofP for the Step 2 issue being addressed
I then check to see the order in which they need to be taken. Does this sound right? Is there a better refinement? Would you ever consider adding this process to the SLG Garden companion and updating the chart to include this? BTW, I love the troubleshooting chart! It's very effective (when I use it!). Holly
Machaelle's Answer: It looks like you've got it covered really well. You're in luck today. It's snowing and I'm in a good mood, so I won't be throwing a poison dart at you for suggesting that I update the SLG Companion and chart. Just hand-write "EoP" on your SLG Troubleshooting Chart.
Lawrie C.'s Question: Hi! Anything new coming up for 2010 you'd like to share with us? Books, essences, etc. Huge thanks to you and all of the Perelandra folks for the outstanding job you do!
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks for the compliments and support. And there isn't a damn thing I want to share with you about what might be coming up. I always keep that very private until I'm ready to offer it to you. The best thing is to pay attention to your EarthSave announcements for any new products or information.
Emily's Question: More of a sharing than a question: As children we have an animate connection to 'inanimate' objects and so we relate to things around us, especially our stuffies and dolls. I completely moved away from such a connection as I grew older, until in my late 20s I was gifted a stuffed bear. Once it started to talk to me I immediately noticed an improved connection to animals, plants and children. Even though in my daily life I am engaged with the world in 'normal' adult ways I wonder what is real and what is imagined in my connection to my companions (a few others joined). I tested that they are nature spirits. Whatever they are (maybe just a hidden part of me), they often surprise me with their wit, quick answers (I could never come up with what they bring) and their great teachings to me. And I know there are other people out there with similar experiences.
Machaelle's Answer: If you would like to get better feedback on whether or not you're hearing nature or just yourself, shift your focus off your stuffed bear and grow a small garden based on the things you hear from nature. This gets real simple. If you're talking to yourself things die and you get instant feedback. And if you're hearing nature, things thrive. So I would suggest you become more practical with this whole issue.
Karen's Question: How do you see global warming? How can we better participate with our gardens and plan in regard to the upcoming changes?
Machaelle's Answer: I see global warming as a fact. It's here folks, get used to it. If you are working in a conscious, co-creative partnership with nature as outlined in the Perelandra Garden Workbooks, you are going to be moving your garden right through these changes. I'm sure there will be adjustments as you go along, but you'll get that from nature. The main thing is that you develop the conscious partnership and not try to decide how you as the human think things should be done. Try to remember — we have global warming not because of nature but because of humans. And whenever you'd like to take over, remind yourself you're dealing with problems created by humans and you need nature to show you the way out.

Donna's Question: How would you recommend administering MBP Solutions to a budgie? I think trying to hold and put the required drops into his beak would be too stressful (for both of us) and placing it in his water bottle would be wasted since he wouldn't drink the entire amount daily. I've considered using a water bottle mister to spritz him...your thoughts? Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: You could try the spray around the back of his head, somewhere near his neck. If you can lift the feathers so that the solution does not roll off his back. Wait 5 or 10 seconds between spritzing each Solution. This isn't a guarantee, but it's certainly worth a shot.
Eva's Question: I trust everything Perelandra offers (love my brandy!) as well as the tone in which it offers it. When the swine flu first surfaced I adopted many of the suggested protocols: I did the three swine-flu preparation MAP sessions, I telegraph test a MBP chart every three weeks with a focus on the pandemic, I take the pandemic MBP solutions twice a day including the Seasonal Solution and FSBS+, and I do a general flower essence test every morning. Nothing could go wrong I thought& In October I caught the flu twice in a row, the second one definitely felt like the "swine flu". I got over each one within a week (fasting and wheezing) and experienced the miracle of telegraph testing charts (flower essence and MBP) work. Still, I was very surprised to be in that situation. I guess there are never any guarantees. Any ideas or suggestions what might have been going on? When taking the MBP solutions do I need to focus on the particular body system?
Machaelle's Answer: First, congratulations for doing all this! But secondly, there are over 10 different respiratory viruses going around that are making people sick, and that's not swine flu. If you weren't "officially" diagnosed with swine flu, you may have gotten one of those viruses. The good news is that with your swine flu support, you were able to get through those other viruses without serious symptoms. So I don't think you lost the benefit of your swine flu work. Should you become sick again, actually kinesiology test if you indeed have swine flu. If you don't, test essences, open MAP and do Microbial Balancing for whatever it is that you have. You can even call it a mystery virus, but take your focus off swine flu for this testing. The swine flu pandemic isn't over, so continue also shoring yourself up with the swine flu protocols.

Marian B.'s Question: Can one heal candida problems (dry crumbly lesions on facial skin, no itching or rash) with MBP Solutions? Do you know of a success? Background: I have used up one 2 oz bottle of each of following: Immune, Lymphatic, Integumentary, Digestive MBP. I had been on ThreeLac for nine months. My skin is only getting worse.
Machaelle's Answer: Continue taking the MBP Solutions twice daily. Sometimes when working with a specific condition, symptoms worsen before they improve. And that's because with this new support, your body is working the problem out of your system.
Do you know about MAP (Medical Assistance Program), Microbial Balancing Program and Eat Right 4 Your Type? All of those options could be helpful.
Carol-Ann W.'s Question: Please provide some background info on Rose Essences II. The terms used to describe the various patterns/formulas seem to refer to the craniosacral system. I am a massage therapist and have training in crainosacral therapy. Thank you for your reply.
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, they do refer to the cranial/sacral system. Beyond this, I don't know what you mean by "background info." If you could clear that up and resubmit your question, that would be great.
Shae B.'s Question: Hi Machaelle, I don't really have a question, but I just wanted to say that I hope all goes well today and thank you for doing this. I live in Charlottesville, VA and am loving the same snow that you are currently getting. Shae
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, isn't this just beautiful! We're expecting 4 to 6 inches. And personally I'm just thrilled! Thanks for the good wishes. Hope you bought your toilet paper, milk and snow shovel yesterday along with everybody else. (Isn't that weird that everybody needs to buy a snow shovel every time it snows? Do they not know that they're supposed to keep the shovel from snow to snow?! Life's such a mystery.)
Rebecca's Question: Telegraph testing for Miasms-are we telegraphing symptoms or are we telegraphing systems and the symptoms will get taken care of by the system testing?
Machaelle's Answer: You're telegraphing symptoms. If you'd like some assistance with this, call the Question Hot Line.