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March 27, 2010
As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered this online question forum with Machaelle answering your questions!
You'll find the questions and Machaelle's answers below.

That's it folks! Thanks for all the questions. It's always good to hear from you. Happy Spring!
~ Machaelle    

kay's Question: I have one other question. Is there something I can use for poor sleep? Lately I've been waking too early and not getting back to sleep.
Machaelle's Answer: Some people are taking a dose of Essence of Perelandra each night just before going to bed and telegraphing it to themselves for a good night's sleep. Lately, I've been using Wii Tennis. That pretty much knocks me out right away. Hope these suggestions help. (The Essence of Perelandra is cheaper!)
kay's Question: I am just completing a writing project which I am eager very soon to get out there. It's a very moving love story and while most of it is in place I feel I need to get to the heart of the emotion of it in some scenes. I'm trying to find that place in myself to get it on the page. Could Perelandra products help with this? Can I also use Perelandra materials to help get exposure for it?
Machaelle's Answer: It sounds like you're new to Perelandra. It would be best to call the Question Hot Line with these questions so we can help you with the best place to begin.
Martin K.'s Question: On DVD: Working With Nature In Soil-less Gardens you use the example of a staff member getting a great house... (We are all impressed and envious.) I need to find a new home and office just now: Is it OK to work with the Deva of My Housing Needs to find the ideal home/office for my next step. Or is it better to look for a place that feels right first. Any DDP or other tips for looking for the ideal new home. Places that are great I feel are outside of my reach... Is that limiting myself or being in touch with reality? THANK YOU!!!
Machaelle's Answer: You could use either method. Find the one that you like or construct a DDP from the beginning. Or have a DDP that includes finding a house that you like. Once you find the house you like, then work with your DDP to figure out how to buy it. And then let those options reveal themselves to you.
carolyn jayne's Question: Is there any Solution that can help me with perimenopausal stuff?
Machaelle's Answer: You mean like the Menopause Combo?!
This is what we recommend to start. For more suggestions, call the Question Hot Line.
Martin K.'s Question: Not a question but I want to congratulate you for campaign to help the US to get a decent health system. Good on you guys in the US! Real progress! About time you lot got civilized (this is Europe speaking here :-))
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Martin! Thanks for the pat. I happen to agree with you.
Michelle's Question: Thank you for all you do. All the Perelandra process are fantastic. My 6 month old nephew has severe excema, just about since birth. My sister isn't really into any of this. Are there any MBPS that would help? I think the Solutions might be all she could handle right now.
Machaelle's Answer: We suggest the Immune, Lymphatic, Integumentary and Nervous Systems Balancing Solutions.
Tess de haviland's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thanks for everything, I am enjoying but it is in the night over here, am I still able to read these questions and answers when the open house closes, that would be good.
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, this forum will remain posted along with all of my previous forums. Have a good night's sleep.
Anneli's Question: This is a follow-up question to my previous concern: Will changing my self image make it easier for new forms to reach me? Like, will I have a more natural focus for and attention on solutions coming from nature regarding my health, if I carry a strong image of myself as healthy rather than seeing myself (out of old habits) as constantly ill or unbalanced? Will I easier reach a healthy balance if I keep an image of myself as healthy? Would this be a balanced way to stay in touch with a DDP one is working on regarding for example a healthy body? (The same question goes for other areas in a self image, such as ones capability to be successful or attractive to friends etc). Thank you for being here for our questions!
Machaelle's Answer: You need to take these questions to MAP. But the best advice I can give you is to stop trying to manipulate yourself into what you think is better and to just be who you are.
kirsten sogge's Question: Hi Machaelle, Could you tell me if you lay out directions for making the more complex essences, not just flower essences, anywhere in your published works? I would like to make some plant essences here in the northwest, including other parts than flowers, and including the soil life which supports the plant and the mineral qualities of the soil. Do you have any guidance for me? I have been working with the gardening workbooks and other of your excellent processes for 20 years now, and have good clear guidance.
Machaelle's Answer: The only step-by-step instructions that I lay out are for making flower essences (in the books, Flower Essences and Workbook I). If you're getting good, clear guidance, then if it's an appropriate thing for you to do, you can work with nature to take it the next step.
Helka's Question: I have a small business of my own and been using EoP to promote my customer calls , which have gone very well thanks to it. Thanks to the two kinds of FSBSs, my family and I have remained well in spite of the swine flu that has raged all around us this winter. We all use MBP Solutions, too. I use ETS for humans every day, and flower essences daily. They, together with MAP and Calibration sessions, and soil-less gardening projects, have made a huge difference in all areas of my life, so thank you, Machaelle, from the bottom of my heart. Helka from Finland
Machaelle's Answer: Helka, I'm very touched and extremely pleased to see how well you are incorporating everything.
Dominique's Question: Hi Machaelle, I am new to your work. Reading Dancing and really enjoying it. Is there an MBP Solution for Parkinson's? thanks
Machaelle's Answer: The MBP Solutions are for strengthening specific systems in the body and do not address specific illnesses as such. Since you're new and you're brave enough to read Dancing, then I would suggest your starting point for working with Parkinson's is MAP. We suggest the MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Systems Balancing Solutions to help stabilize you. These are the three Solutions that address the systems connected with Parkinson's.
Kimberly King's Question: My 18 yr old son was hit in face hard and lots and for 15 days his entire right side of face does not move (and his eye does not shut). HE has been taking MBPs 2x day, and thank you we just got the EoP and ETS+, we are out of essences. Do we need these? We have been to many Drs. medical and naturopathic ones. I massage him and his face is still the same. What do yo suggest? Thank you, Kimberly
Machaelle's Answer: Actually, in this case, give him a dose of ETS Plus 2 or 3 times a day. Also, put ETS Plus in a small spray bottle and spray the right side of his face 2 or 3 times a day and let it air dry. See if this moves his face through the trauma. He may need essences beyond that to further repair any damage to electrical circuitry. But you're not going to know until after working with ETS Plus for seven days. Once he's completed the 7-day ETS Plus treatment, call our Question Hot Line to discuss the next best step.
Serena's Question: It's not a question and you don't have to publish it. I just want to say, thank you Machaelle for your answer and your work that continues to help so many. I appreciate you.
Machaelle's Answer: Cheers and carry on.
Mary F's Question: I have not been ill for over a year and I give credit to my daily testing of the flower essences and taking the MB Solutions daily. I also have regular MAP sessions. I send my thanks to you and your Nature Team almost daily as well. My question: Is there a waiting period between taking a flower essence solution and the MB Solutions? Thanks again.
Machaelle's Answer: I'm really pleased that your health is so strong. In the evening, take the essences first and then wait 15 minutes to take the the MBP Solutions. In the morning, take the MBP Solutions first and wait 15 minutes before taking the essences.
Emily's Question: Does nature or the White Brotherhood ever make "mistakes," or does the outcome of a plan of action depend on the changing circumstances of each moment? For example: nature told us that the H1N1 virus was turning into a Pandemic and we all got prepared. But the outcome of this break-out was rather mild and now nobody speaks of the "swine flu" anymore. Nature probably knows something we don't and maybe this virus is lying dormant ready to strike out?
Machaelle's Answer: Your issue is not whether nature or the White Brotherhood are making mistakes in this. Your issue is not understanding what the definition of pandemic means. A pandemic is a microbial (in this case viral) outbreak that occurs in more than three distinct areas around the planet simultaneously. If it is in one area, it is an epidemic. If it spreads in a more broad, global way it's a pandemic. Nobody lied to you, you just didn't understand the terminology. I didn't lie to you, the WHO didn't lie to you, the CDC didn't lie to you, the White Brotherhood didn't lie to you and nature did not lie to you. We can all just thank our lucky stars that this pandemic was so mild. That's something that could not be predicted ahead of time.
Elenor's Question: Where does God (universal intelligence) and we as Spirits fit into the co-creative work with nature? If we truly experienced ourselves as Spirits would we not be all-powerful and able to solve a lot of the issues we are addressing in soil-less-gardens and with the essences? I work with all the programs Perelandra offers, and while I think they are outstanding tools, I have been asking myself at what point do they become crutches/dependencies and a replacement for my own power? I shifted EoP to my noisy neighbours requesting quiet. Not knowing how long one shift would last for I asked that my energy field become so powerful that each time my neighbours crank up the music I just ask for quiet without needing to make an additional EoP shift. It seems to work, I am amazed. EoP as a conduit to our own power?
Machaelle's Answer: The fact that you're asking these questions about God, spirit and yourself says to me that you don't have a clear understanding of our co-creative relationship with nature and you need to think about that more. The various other questions you are asking are really questions only you can answer. It sounds like you're having a crisis of self-awareness that perhaps you might want to take to your MAP team. But the one thing I can say is using EoP to modify your neighbor's activity is manipulation. And you need to stop that before they figure it out, get pissed and come over and torch your house!!
Anneli's Question: I used EoP for my laptop the other day, I had squished it between my arm and body while carrying it, so the fan started sounding like a Crocodile Dundee-swirling stone. It hushed after one minute of receiving the drops! And my question: Will changing my self image manipulate nature in any way? Or is it only when you consciously chose to "tell nature what to create" as in affirmations, that you are in trouble when it comes to balance? I ask because I wish to change how I feel about myself and my possibilites (I chose an image of myself as healthy with a balanced body, and feel happy about it, like when kids pretend they are princesses or fairies). Where is the line drawn so that I don't start falling into manipulation of nature while "pretending"? My intention is not to give nature a DDP when doing this, but to feel comfortable about my own inner environment of images, thoughts and emotions about myself.
Machaelle's Answer: You are responsible for your own development and nature automatically adjusts to your changes. This is not manipulation, this is balance. Your question is are you manipulating yourself and only you can answer that.
Rose's Question: Darn! I thought I was missing something great! Re question #22 plastic and soil balancing. Thanks for everything!
Machaelle's Answer: Sometimes the small solution is the best solution.
D's Question: On the Perelandra SLG Troubleshooting Chart there is a slot for Workbook II and MBP Troubleshooting. Neither of these seem to be mandatory for the process. I've been skipping them since I don't have the Workbook or do the MBP Troubleshooting. I just wanted to check that these two items are still optional. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, they are. Those are for people who want to include these two options.
D's Question: I wondered if you have any comment/past experience of testing positive for the Miasm Process again (after going through the process once, successfully completing the follow up, and testing clear) for the same issue & associated symptoms? I've been doing an Organizing Process and the Miasm Process showed up in step 1 and again later in step 3. I've simply carried along, but wondered if the question's ever come up previously or if you had any comment. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: Whenever this kind of anomaly shows up, I encourage the person to do precisely what they're testing to do. The charm about testing for what you need is that what you need for a certain issue is the craziest thing you never in your dreams would have thought of. And testing allows for the crazy to come through. Oftentimes, that's the key to the success.
Kara's Question: What is the soul essence #1 best for?
Machaelle's Answer: Soul Ray Essence #1 is best for whatever you test positive for. You need to kinesiology test these essences rather than try to discern the definition and intellectually decide what you need. So as you test positive for needing #1, you will begin to learn what situation you're going through that you need it for.
Ruth's Question: Hi Machaelle - I'm having a great time learning how to use the EoP - laughing my backside off sometimes and shaking my head wondering how I made it through the day every now and then...dah! No question, just a big HI!
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Ruth, it's great hearing from you. Glad you're still laughing your backside off. Glad you're staying in touch.
marie's Question: I live in the southern hemisphere and have read that we guys living in this area of the world should expect a second wave of the flu. How do we start with the solutions if we want to begin to take it now.. Is it all right to start taking all those recommended at the same time or do we have to start gradually with the `immune - lymphatic adding another solution after 15 days.
Machaelle's Answer: I just read this morning that it looks like the second wave is beginning in the Southern Hemisphere now. There are cases of Swine Flu in New Zealand. Preparing for a pandemic is an exceptional situation and you can't waste time, so don't start the MBP Solutions gradually. Just start them all at one time. You may feel a little flighty for 2 or 3 days, but that will pass as your body adjusts. You're taking the 8 pandemic Solutions twice daily. By the way, in the Southern Hemisphere, they are beginning as of now to institute the pandemic procedures of social distancing, making sure everyone sneezes in their sleeve, keeping children home when they're sick, etc. So, you guys are gearing up for the second wave. And you didn't ask about this, but I recommend that you include FSBS+ twice daily. Good luck down there and let us know how it's going.
Judy's Question: Machaelle you are my favorite comedian. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents, and patience :) with the rest of us!
Machaelle's Answer: I have a strong Jewish heritage. I can't do anything else but be a comedian!
Janet Yancey's Question: I am new to all of this. My question is this: is there a Health Watch, Perelandra Paper (in the works) or MBP Solution that specifically addresses ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)?
Machaelle's Answer: Nothing specifically in the works for ALS. However, this is something to take to MAP and activate a team to work with ALS specifically. You're going to get a wider range of medical response this way. As far as Perelandra is concerned, this would be your best starting point for someone who's new.
Lorraine Stahrenberg's Question: Thanks for all the wonderful things...all of them! I want to enjoy the Open House process and it's magnificent outside & I want to be outside! Will these questions be available after the sun goes down??? I realize I will miss the actual Open House but NATURE CALLS!
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, I'm sorry, they melt after sundown. Just kidding. Yes, they will be available (past forums, too). And if I could be out, I'd be out too!
Serena's Question: I have a several year old 6' diameter pond. I want to keep it safe for animals to drink from and still be beautiful and clear. In the last years it has abundantly grown a slimy algae under the water. I feel overwhelmed with not knowing how to proceed and what processes to use to get this in balance. All I know how to do is Microbial balancings.
Machaelle's Answer: You're going to have to put it through the troubleshooting chart in Workbook II, and the subject line will be "elimination of algae." If you need a Microbial Balancing, it will come up on the troubleshooting chart. There are barley extracts and products that are safe for animals that help with algae control. You might consider asking nature if that's appropriate for your pond.
Michelle's Question: I have a SLG about improving an existing relationship. I try to focus on me and my part and for openness in both of us. Don't want to be manipulative. Do I need to explicitly say this in my DDP?
Machaelle's Answer: Having an SLG for a relationship is very tricky. It wouldn't hurt to include in your DDP that you don't want to be manipulative.
barbara's Question: Gut gardening. Everything below came through - Thanks to you but I seem to be short of money again ????? " ease financially be able to pay all my bills "benefit to my community and myself" To use every part of my intellectual self "To use my acting, storytelling writing" Be able to visit UK regularly" "To have wonderful roommates" "To decide if I want to start a non profit"
Machaelle's Answer: Is there a question here somewhere? I'm missing it.
Anita's Question: I just wanted to thank Machaelle for her work. It has helped me greatly in every facet of my life. Anita
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for the thank you. I'm really pleased to hear how well it's helping you.
Marie's Question: I just received an order of EoP and started to use it with much success. I would however like to know what I need to do with the essence remaining in a spoon after nature has shifted it to the project or object or goal? For the past year I have been using ETS for plants and soil in our small garden and the results are extraordinary. I am so eager to learn more. Thank you again
Machaelle's Answer: Just toss out the drops after the shift. Nature has removed the pattern during the shift and there is nothing but preservative in the spoon afterward. I am pleased to know you're doing so well and want to learn more.
Katie's Question: Are you still visiting the cottage and gaining new insights...often? another book about that?
Machaelle's Answer: Okay. This is the question that I rarely can understand. It always makes me want to ask the person my own question: After everything I went through to get to The Cottage, why in the world would I choose to not go? It's been over 27 years now. It's a normal part of my life. I do continue to get insights but not as often. It's similar to moving to a completely new country where there is a lot of intensity in the beginning but after you've been there 27 years, you probably know where to buy the milk and what the money looks like, and what side of the road you drive on. So things naturally settle down. I wrote The Mount Shasta Mission as a follow-up to Dancing. I haven't had an indication to write a follow-up to that.
Anita's Question: Are other people using the soil balancing and stabilizing processes to treat their plastic and styrofoam garbage so that it decomposes readily and safely?
Machaelle's Answer: It sounds like you're thinking that the Soil Balancing and Stabilizing Process is capable of changing plastic and styrofoam to some kind of biodegradable matter. It doesn't do that. You're really coming at this problem from the wrong angle. You need to address the source of the problem — humans who throw plastic and styrofoam into the garbage. The obvious answer of course, is choosing packaging that is biodegradable. Or recycling. You can't ask soil, no matter how much you balance it, to conduct itself in unnatural ways.
Diane's Question: I had read about EOP baths before, and tried it a couple of times. It does feel great but I do feel a little extravagant doing it! Just noticed today on the web site a mention of ETS+ baths. What would be your suggestion for the type of situation to use the different baths? (Of course one could muscle test to ask which kind, but when might one think about even using a bath to start with?) Thanks for all your fabulous work!!
Machaelle's Answer: Sometimes it's not easy to discern which would do the most good. When I hit that crossroads, I just test. And also, when you feel a bath might be helpful, you can simply ask that question, "Might a bath be helpful to this situation?" Or you might want to just pick ETS Plus or EoP, take a bath and feel extravagant and pampered just for the heck of it.
Niseema Agarwal's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you for your amazing contribution to my life! Ok, If I am emotionally really upset, and I dont have 70 minutes to do Calibration and MAP. Can I just do the calibration? Do I need to follow up with a MAP. If so, then is there a time period that is best. When does one know, in terms of emotions, whether they can just be handled through map or Calibration is better? Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: If you don't have time and you need help, do the Calibration. There are Calibration steps just to be done alone without MAP. At the end of the Calibration, before you close the coning, ask if you need to do a follow-up MAP session. Plan to do that within 24 hours after completing the Calibration. If you don't know whether MAP or Calibration would be better, open your MAP coning, ask the question, they'll do a very quick scan that'll take just a few seconds and then you can get your answer using kinesiology. If your MAP team says MAP is the best way to go, tell them if you have a time issue. For example, you only have 20 minutes to devote to this. Ask them to give you a 20-minute quickie and then follow up within 24 hours with a full 40-minute MAP session.
Jackie's Question: I live alone and sometimes there is work difficult to accomplish alone, like lifting the lawn mower into the truck. I've asked for help in a coning. Either it's the placebo effect or nature truly helps because the lawn mower is easy to lift. Is this type of request of nature "manipulation"? Can you clarify manipulation for dummies like moi? Thanks for your life's work, Machaelle
Machaelle's Answer: This is not manipulation. Manipulation is when you're sitting in a lawn chaise-lounge, drinking a Mint Julep and saying, "I need the lawn mower lifted into the truck nature. Go do it." If you need more clarification, call the Question Hot Line.
Helka's Question: Hi Machaelle, And thanks again for this opportinity to ask questions - and for the wonderful work you are doing! Linda's question made me think about dosage solutions and MB solutions. Is there a waiting period between taking them? Helka from Finland
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks for the thanks, and glad to hear from you again. It's 5 seconds between each Solution.
Mark Robertson's Question: Hi Machaelle I have a few questions to ask. 1. During the S.M.P. is your body in the sleep mode while your soul shifts into the other reality? 2. Have you encountered any one else who has achieved this process. 3. Do you think it is only possible if you have achieved a certain vibrational level? 4. Could you please get Natures perspective on Orbs . We are getting an increased amount showing up in digital photos in our house ! 5. And finally when are you going to sell the 'chewing through the restraints' T shirts. Thanks Mark.
Machaelle's Answer: 1. No, I'm awake and aware.
2. No, I've encountered people who have tried but they nearly blew themselves apart in the process because they weren't prepared properly.
3. No, I think you need a sound and strong foundation in working with nature because the split is a co-creative nature process.
4. No, you can get your own information on this. I'm not a secretary. Just set up and ask nature yourself.
5. I purchased that t-shirt from a little online company whose name I have thoroughly forgotten right now. But I'll have somebody get back to you on that by email. (They sell a lot of really neat t-shirts.)
Eve's Question: I am very new at gardening-in-soil and eager to learn to plant a vegetable garden in co-creation with nature. Last year I started a "gut garden" by planting seedlings from the local nursery in the Spring and Fall into my balcony pots. The plants re-grew only a bit after each harvest. This year I decided to grow vegetables from seed. They are sprouting now on my windowsill in their flats and I will plant them in the balcony pots once I get the go ahead from nature. I check my garden every day and connect with the Deva of my PGG to see what needs to be done. One flat of seedlings is not looking well and I find myself doing a lot of ETS+ Plants/Soil and EoP applications when requested (also in a troubleshooting chart) but I can't understand why the plants look so unwell. What is the balance between trusting my visual input and listening to nature?
Machaelle's Answer: If you're using a troubleshooting chart, you need to clearly define the problem. Go through the chart step by step. When you're working with a troubleshooting chart, you're not working with 'Gut Gardening.' So you need to apply the steps of the troubleshooting chart as they are outlined and not confuse it with 'Gut Gardening.' Put your problem plants through a straight troubleshooting chart and just follow the steps all the way through to find out what you need to do.
Eve's Question: I have three questions regarding the MBP solutions: 1. The instructions say to take one's MBP solutions last thing at night. Can one kiss after that (mixing microbes here) or should one take them afterwards? 2. Can the acidity in the vinegar solution negatively affect the teeth because it is left in the mouth all night? 3. Do you recommend we continue taking the 8 Pandemic solutions twice a day, and if so, any idea for how much longer?
Machaelle's Answer: 1. Yes, but try not to make it a saliva swap. If you're planning to screw and slather one another in spit, then you're going to need to take your MBP Solutions after you're finished. But we've had a lot of laughs with this question, so thanks.
2. The vinegar absorbs into the system very quickly and nothing is left in your mouth except saliva.
3. Go ahead and just take those Solutions right now once a day (unless you happen to be living in the Southern Hemisphere and you're preparing for the second wave to hit, then it's twice a day). Take them once a day until the WHO gives us the "all clear" and tells us that there will be no more waves. I'll send out an EarthSave email announcement when that happens. Should a third wave hit in the Northern Hemisphere, switch back to taking them twice a day.
Kitty's Question: Please tell me how I can play your 12 question game. And how do I see the answers to these questions? thanks
Machaelle's Answer: Beats the s*#% out of me. I don't know what the hell you're talking about. They just told me to show up at 1!
This is Beth, I can answer that — Just click on this link to the Perelandra Photo Quiz. Read through the questions and select your answer (a, b or c) for each. If you need help with any of the questions, see the 2009-2010 Garden Shots Photo Gallery. When you're ready, click the "How did I do?" button at the bottom. Your results will pop up in new window. If you're still having trouble, call the Order Line at 1-800-960-8806.
Wendy's Question: I wanted to thank you for all that you do. I have been using your essenses for a long time now and had a strange experience. I tested for all of the essenses starting with #8 and working backwards so that by the end had taken a drop of every essence -- It felt like some kind of amazing experience -- has anyone else had this happen?
Machaelle's Answer: No, Wendy, I think you're just dyslexic!! You can test your bottles in any order you like.
Kathleen's Question: I work as a psychologist in a center for emotionally disturbed children. Would ETS for Humans or EoP also be effective if sprayed into the air of my office (where I see kids) or into our "time-out room" after a tantrum?
Machaelle's Answer: I take it you're not going to be able to administer either of these Solutions orally without the state crashing down on your head. The next-best thing is to administer a dose of EoP using the NS shift just prior to each appointment. You're telling nature to telegraph it directly into the structure of the appointment. If they're in the time-out room, and it's ethically possible for you but they won't take the ETS Plus orally, use the same NS shift to telegraph ETS Plus directly to them.
chris's Question: We live in an area that can be visited by hurricanes. There are a few large trees surrounding the house. Is there a process to use to connect with the nature spirit of the trees to let us know when we need to take the trees out because they have become a danger to the house?
Machaelle's Answer: Working with nature doesn't eliminate the opportunity to use one's own common sense. Look at the trees periodically and carefully, and see if they show signs of stress caused by repeated hurricanes. When you see this, don't hesitate to remove them. You can use the tree removal process in Perelandra Garden Workbook I.
petra bucenieks's Question: I feel the presence of Nature in every bottle of Perelandra essences. As i also work with essences from other sources i was wondering if you could comment on what some people say about being able to get the vibration of any essence as a single number and then recreate it using radionics.
Machaelle's Answer: I have no opinion on this. For the Perelandra Essences, we promote what nature says is the best way to use these essences for the best results.
Cathie's Question: Thank you for the amazing contribution you have made to changing the way many people choose to live their lives all over the world. My question relates to free will. Nature says that before we can begin to understand nature intelligence we need to understand the difference between humans (who possess free will but not inherent balance) and animals (who possess inherent balance but not free will.) Some of us in the Yahoo cocreative discussion group are having difficulty understanding what Nature means by free will. Animals have will, and they have the ability to make choices. For example, in Dancing you refer to Elsa, one of the dogs at Perelandra, possibly /choosing/ to come to the Cottage level when she dies. (p. 384) And a fascinating article in the NYT — "Expressing our Individuality, the Way E.Coli do" discusses the apparent fact that even bacteria possess the ability to make choices. My question is: Does Nature have its own definition of free will? Many thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: Nature always makes the choice that's needed to establish balance. It's an automatic "decision." Elsa's choosing to come to The Cottage had to be in line with her particular balance. And obviously The Cottage was not a good choice for her. She's the mascot for one of the MAP teams working with children. She didn't weigh her decision, she went in the direction that enhanced her balance. And that's nature's relationship with balance. Free will for humans involves consciously making a choice. Consequently, you have to actually weigh different options. Nature doesn't need to do that. It automatically goes in the direction of the greatest balance when faced with multiple options. It's not nature's relationship with free will that is at issue here, but rather nature's relationship with balance.
AK Blackmore's Question: WEEDS. Why? How to live in harmony with them when they get out of control? What does Nature say about talking to the Deva of whatever species you want to exit your property - NOW? Is straw the only solution to organic veg garden weed control? What other methods have you tried that work? THANK YOU !!
Machaelle's Answer: Regarding weeds, your first question to nature isn't, "How do I get this species to exit my property now?" Your very first question ought to be, "Is it important for the balance of this property for this weed to be present?" If you get a "yes," then you're going to have to work with nature to determine how to balance the weed's presence so that you're happy and nature's happy. If it's "no," then work with nature to find out the best way to remove the variety from the property. It's probably going to require that you do something other than ask the Devas to go away. The straw on the Perelandra garden isn't there just for weed control. It's also there for conserving water and moisture. And I haven't tried anything else because this is what nature wants me to do for this garden. Each garden is different because each garden is located in a different spot with different variables and that's why it's important to work with nature directly and not accept some kind of global process for gardening.
Mary Sage's Question: Thank you for the surprise Virtual Open House today. My question is about the Essence Process on the SLG Troubleshooting Chart. On pg. 55 of the Companion - No. 1, you mention "I ask Pan to shift these essences to any area(s) that has been set up as the focus of this process. Where are the areas mentioned and what do they pertain to? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: The "areas" are of the SLG that you've focused the troubleshooting on. If it is unclear, you don't have to know precisely what area you are working with. All you have to do is say that sentence and Pan will shift it to the area in question.
Fiona's Question: Hi Machaelle Do you have any plans to write a follow up book to "Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon"? I'd love to read about how you are getting on at the Cottage level and how you have developed the garden there. Also is someone called Frances helping you there with the garden and the animals? I hope my question is not too intrusive. Kind regards, F
Machaelle's Answer: The follow-up book I wrote to Dancing was The Mount Shasta Mission. I don't presently have a garden or animals other than the skunk Petunia to care for, and won't until after I die and go to The Cottage full time. The focus for my nature work is Perelandra.
Josée's Question: There is a Perelandra Gut Gardening. Is it possible to use the same method as a SLG Gut Garden?
Machaelle's Answer: No. Follow the instructions in the Soil-less Garden Companion. Josie, you've got a lot of questions here, you need to call the Question Hot Line and discuss these things with Jeannette. Any question that you've submitted that I haven't answered so far, go ahead and ask Jeannette. The forum doesn't make for an easy format for an ongoing conversation.
The Question Hot Line is open today until 5 p.m.
Cathy Hohmeyer's Question: I own a small lakeside resort in the Adirondacks. What might one area be that I can work on with nature here for the best benefit of nature, my guests and my family that lives here. A plan would be ideal but where could I "start". Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: It's always best to start small, so start with your personal residence and work with nature to create a balance and then work out from there. If you're brand new to Perelandra, my answer isn't going to make a whole lot of sense to you, so call the Question Hot Line on Wednesday and you can discuss this. There are steps and there is a plan you can make.
Josée's Question: When I started my first SLG, I did not realize that I had to test the order of the processes of the Environmental Troubleshooting List. I realized it only after I completed all the steps in my first SLG Troubleshooting Chart (it is indicated with a * in the instructions, that is why I missed it twice — Lot of things to learn at the beginning, but I love it!). My question: Do I have to restart the whole SLG Troubleshooting Chart because of my mistake? In fact, everything seemed to go very well before I realized that I made a mistake (I got only one waiting period before the 2 last processes, everything was going smoothly).
Machaelle's Answer: I'm assuming that you finished your first chart. Open the coning for your SLG and ask, in light of this mistake that you've made, do you need to test the troubleshooting chart again for any kind of follow-up. If you get "no," then everything's fine. If you get "yes," then the second chart will be plugging holes for the mistakes in the first chart.
Josée's Question: In the MBP Manual page 82, 2nd paragraph, it is stated: In order to ensure your stability in the coning, test yourself for essences & My question: Could this part be replaced by taking one dose of ETS+ instead of testing for essences (as we do in MAP)?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, it can.
Linda's Question: Thanks for this great opportunity. Is there a waiting time between taking a morning dose of MBSs and EOP?
Machaelle's Answer: Just wait 10 or 15 seconds.