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June 19, 2010

As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered this online question forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

You'll find the questions and Machaelle's answers below.

Okay, I've been slimed with the oil spill enough! Hope my answers helped you guys. I think your questions were good. I enjoyed them. Hope I didn't insult anyone with my answers. I look forward to hearing from you again next forum.  

– Machaelle

SLG = "soil-less garden"
MBP = "Microbial Balancing Program"
MBPs = "MBP Balancing Solutions"
Solutions = "MBP Balancing Solutions"
EoP = "Essence of Perelandra"
DDP = "definition, direction, purpose"

Scott's Question: I apologize. Re: Oil Spill. I missed #9 the first time through and now you have answered twice. I am relieved to know there is a process in place for the oil spill. Thank You and Nature.

Machaelle's Answer: You're very welcome. I've also added something on oil spills in Question 45 that might be of interest.
Rose's Question: Re: question #36 -- Good strong hurricanes in the gulf would devastate the living areas impacted by the storms and possibly make them uninhabitable. Maybe it's a question of 'highest good for all' in which case I defer, but as someone living in the area that wouldn't naturally be my first desire.

Machaelle's Answer: That's only if the hurricane hits land. If we can have good strong hurricanes that stay in the gulf, don't hit land, and provide manageable wave action we've got the best of all possible worlds. The point is hurricanes naturally break up oil pockets and make them manageable for microbial action. As a resident, it may not be your first desire. But this oil spill is so large, human beings, whether we live there or not, are going to have to suck it up and let nature do its job. You'll notice that nature's way of dealing with this crisis is far less toxic than the human response that's going on. So if you think the storms might adversely impact you, imagine what all the toxic dispersants they've been using and the effects of oil burning on the water will do to the shoreline environment.
Linda Young's Question: I see you have already answered questions re the spill. Thank you!! My commitment this Solstice is to deepen my connection to my own little lot so that we have a symbiotic relationship with each other.... that includes my son or whoever visits and my cats. That I feel helps heal the history we have of nature abuse. Agree? Thoughts?

Machaelle's Answer: Well, you might want to take up bike riding and change your light bulbs. That would help also. And in case you have a wandering axe murderer in the neighborhood, you may want to be more specific about "whoever visits."

Also, the solstice is to add energy to an already existing process in your yearly cycle. It is not for the purpose of providing a DDP to manipulate the solstice. You can make the commitment to yourself, but let the solstice do the work it was designed to do.
If you'd like to further understand the solstice and equinox cycle, you can read this excerpt from the Perelandra Garden Workbook.
Rona's Question: I've had an infestation of straw mites for 2 years driving me nuts, affecting my health — tried everything, help line, energy processes, asked them to leave, ordered them to leave etc. — any ideas please? Thanks for wonderful work

Machaelle's Answer: One thing I can suggest is that you shift your focus from the straw mites to the level of your own energy. Look for any necessary dietary changes, raising your immune system by taking MBP Solutions for the immune and lymphatic systems and strengthening your skin system with integumentary. In essence, change your focus from wanting straw mites to leave to making your body more balanced and therefore inhospitable to straw mites.
Diandra's Question: Hi Machaelle, I am preparing the ceremony for Summer Solstice. In the Perelandra Garden Workbook the Overlighting Deva of Perelandra says that it is most appropriate to include the individual's personal evolutionary cycle consciously because that which is inherent in the process of the personal cycle is precisely that which is being recognized, energized and released in the equinox and solstice cycle. This makes sense but how do I know what my personal evolutionary cycle is?

Machaelle's Answer: You don't need to know. And it's much better that you not try to figure it out because you'll end up getting in your own way. Your soul knows your evolutionary cycle, so stand back and let everybody do their job and don't interfere.
Linda Young's Question: Thank you for all you do!! Do you have a specific suggestion re healing the situation in the Gulf and all the other places that have/have had oil spills?

Machaelle's Answer: Look at the answer I just gave to Scott. (#40)
Scott's Question: Is there something we can do to help the Gulf?

Machaelle's Answer: I think the concern about the gulf situation is terrific. I think it provides us with an excellent opportunity to take how we respond to the planet up to the next level, and that next level is different for each of us. So many people refuse to move forward or change unless they are absolutely forced to through crisis. It's a real knock in the side of the head with a 2x4 for many people. But for specifics, I refer you to my answers to questions #36 and #9.
JoAnn's Question: A 2nd question re: raising baby chicks. Again, I'm new at these processes but not to raising birds. Had 27 turkey chicks arrive this week via mail a day LATE. I did telegraph ETS/Animals to them, tested for this 1st, took ETS/Humans myself to stop anxiety - they all arrived living. I gave each 1-2 drops of ETS/Animals upon arrival then water, vitamins, electrolytes & eventually food. They were very dehydrated & we lost 3. I think they are stabilized for now - 3 humans are caring for them. Maybe giving ETS Plus without actually giving it to them is the way to go? MBPs? I ordered soil-less ETS, book & DVD today. Again I'm a newbie but will be buying more birds via shipping. Thx for your amazing work & time today!

Machaelle's Answer: Next time, save time on your process and add the ETS Plus for Animals into the water to make sure they start hydrating right away. For the chicks, add 8 drops per quart of water. I don't think that giving the ETS Plus directly created a problem. But it's clear that you needed to save some time. For a newbie, I can see you're doing well with the Perelandra processes. Keep it up!
Linda Robins, MD's Question: I work co-creatively on a farm for several years, using many of your tools, conings energy cleanses Thank you and nature for all the amazing gifts and for your special offers. They have been a life saver in this economy. We have a new mother cow who is refusing to go into the barn (with her calf) to be milked. I opened a coning, deva of the cow and the deva of cow milking, Pan, White Brotherhood and my higher self. I followed the wisdom of my team, which mostly centered on ways to deal with her fears (ETS Plus for animals & humans for me, homeopathic remedy, reiki) and she still refused. In frustration, I said that you have no free will and you most work with me. Any suggestions on how to approach this issue?

Machaelle's Answer: She may not have free will but she has natural balance. If your approach does not strike a balance, she does not have to work with you. In her wisdom, she's not working with you. Your problem may not be her. In her natural assessment of the situation, the balanced response may be not to go into the barn. If her calf is nursing, I don't understand why she needs to be milked. Just let the two of them stay out in the field until you figure out what in you or in the barn might be the issue. Consider that she is your canary in the mine moment and look beyond her as the source of the problem. If you have more problems, remember to call the Question Hot Line!
Elizabeth's Question: DDP analysis paralysis: very interested in soil-less gardening - but frozen by fear of "doing it wrong" and messing up further already challenging situations. Do you have a page on your site that gives examples of DDP's you and other people have created? Have read the "Voices" contributions people have submitted for things like a move, refinancing homes, etc. and have found them very inspiring as those are areas I would not have thought to use SSG's. Would love to see even more examples to help me craft my own without generating disastrous results.

Machaelle's Answer: My suggestion is for you to first pick a simple, easy, fun project that is short-term and will not destroy in any way you, your family or the planet as your first SLG. Something you don't mind making a mistake with. Use it as your training. That way you'll get through the paralysis and you'll learn how to set up a good DDP. If you have any difficulties, call the Question Hot Line.
Josette Prevost's Question: Can you give us any hope, from nature's perspective re: the oil spill? What process, if any, can we do individually, to help?

Machaelle's Answer: Of course there is hope from nature's perspective. For one thing, you can hope for some good, strong hurricanes in the gulf this season because the hurricane action will break up the oil slicks into manageable pieces so that the microbes can process those smaller pieces more efficiently. It's not good to dump a s&#!load of oil into a body of water, but nature has provided the processing plant for it which is the microbial action. As individuals, I refer back to my initial comment about the oil spill today (question #9).
eit's Question: In question #7 you said, In general, any specific unit of thing that exists has to have a deva. Does the specific oak tree in my garden have its own deva or just the general deva of oak trees? It has an unusual form & a very strong energy.

Machaelle's Answer: It's the deva of oak trees. The deva refers to the oak trees as a unit. Your oak tree in your garden, however has an individualized connection with the nature spirit level that work with that tree.
Evie's Question: Hallo Machaelle, I have tried to do the Microbial Balancing Program in the past. I've even taken two weeks off work to focus on this full-time. However, even with telegraph testing I tested for so many processes (and balancers and essences) that the Program was totally unmanageable. Any suggestions on what I can do to find a way into the program? I don't suffer from any dread disease (not that I know of) or anything that would explain me testing positive for so many processes. BTW I have been taking almost all of the MBP Solutions for the past two years and I'm also using the Phase 1 Testing. The MBP Solutions are excellent, thank you very much.

Machaelle's Answer: Do the Phase 1 Testing periodically and take Essence of Perelandra daily for the next three months. After the three months, try the MBP Troubleshooting regular chart focusing on 'general balance' and see if your testing simplifies. If not, be sure to call us on the Question Hot Line so that we can figure out where to go next.
Margaret's Question: My dog has eye problems what essences should I use for him.

Machaelle's Answer: You have to test the essences if you use them. The MBP Solutions don't require testing. You could give him the Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Solutions once or twice daily depending on the severity of the eye problems.
NJoy's Question: Thank you all, been doing stuff with you since 1988 and I still am in awe at what I learn.

Machaelle's Answer: Wow — since 1988! You probably win the longevity award for the day. I'm impressed and pleased. So, thank you for your thank you.
Kathleen's Question: Me again :) I love this idea of asking Nature to inspirit our groceries. Any specific process for this Machaelle? Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: Just connect with Pan when you bring the groceries in the house. Before you unload them, just connect with Pan and ask that all of those groceries be revitalized as much as possible by nature. Wait 10 minutes and then put them away. But no matter what, you're still going to have to wash them.
Kathleen's Question: Hi Machaelle, A good friend of mine is going through a court case against her landlord. She does not know of your processes but is VERY open to them as I've been telling her about them. Can I help her with this case using your processes even though it's not my trial? (to make sure that all if fair and that justice prevails for all). Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: The easiest and best thing you can do in this circumstance is have your friend take Essence of Perelandra (EoP) twice daily throughout the trial so that she can participate in the process with balance. Anything else from you is not appropriate.
Katrin's Question: I have recently working with the Triangulation Concept you are referring to. And it seems to me as if I still having troubles to get "the point" - Would it be accurate to say that as long as one has not achieved balance on the horizontal level that there are distortions on the vertical level and no clear communication/receptiveness is possible?

Machaelle's Answer: I don't think this assumption is fair to say. I still think you need to call the Question Hot Line and talk this one out if you're interested in taking it further.
Karen Welter's Question: 1st year using Workbook I. First time ever losing Basil to slugs. Used ETS and EOP. Coning said start over. Advice on dealing with severe insect problems like slugs.

Machaelle's Answer: It's not uncommon when you start using co-creative gardening (Workbook I), that your garden environment is going to dramatically adjust and in its movement towards a stronger balance it's going to surface some problems that you didn't see before in order to flush 'em out. So, I counsel patience on this. And I suggest that if you want to address the insect problem directly, you'll need to include Workbook II and the Co-Creative Troubleshooting Process. But, if the idea of adding a second book during your first year is overwhelming, just trust that something's happening and let it just continue to work itself out. Consider adding Workbook II in your second year for the troubleshooting process. You may get a 'full flushing' if you don't interfere with anything this year and the problem will cease to exist next year.
Katrin's Question: I recently started to become familiar with the Triangulation Concept you are referring to. But I have troubles to get the "point". - Would it be accurate to say that as long as there is no balance on the horizontal level, there are distortions on the vertical level? - Thanks

Machaelle's Answer: I'm having difficulty understanding your question. I need you to clarify what you mean by 'point.' Because of the nuance of your question, we need to talk to you to understand exactly what you mean. Please plan to call the Question Hot Line this week.
Elizabeth's Question: Thanks for the rap upside the head! Whenever I go into old patterns of scarcity or what will people think, or other fears, I mess up. I've been trying to learn to live co-creatively for about 14 years and I am still not any good at it. I believe in it, so I will continue to work at it. And I will do as you suggest. Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: Keep at it and don't try so hard. It helps to get out of your own way. I'm sure things will smooth out for you, really.
Barbara B's Question: When I do the Essences Process in an SLG Troubleshooting or in an MBP chart and a dosage is required beyond the original test, do I need to open the coning with the SLG or MBP each time I take the essences in the following days? Or do I just open the coning for the Follow up? Thanks for everything, Machaelle!

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you need to open the coning for soil-less gardens dosages. See page 57 of the Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion. For the MBP, if the dosages are for you, you don't have to open the coning.
Jackie's Question: I had already packed my books - including the Perelandra books, so I did the calibration for the revised DDP by memory. Is it OK even if I didn't remember perfectly?

Machaelle's Answer: It will be okay. Nature will work with you, and help you through the process as best you can. This isn't ideal, but it will do in a pinch. When you do unpack those books — go through the official activation process again.
Dana's Question: My friend has asked me to do an Energy Cleansing and Battle Energy Release for her land. Is this OK for me to do that for her? Also, I am sharing a room in an office with another person (I use the whole room half of the week and he uses the whole room the other half of the week). Can I do the processes on the room that I am using with the consent of the person who I share it with?

Machaelle's Answer: Sure and sure! I tip my hat to you for remembering it's important to use these processes ethically and with care, Dana. Cheers!
Evie's Question: Hallo Machaelle, on the co-creative gardening forum on yahoo some people have stated that they transfer essences to themselves by shifting them energetically (instead of taking drops from the essence bottles). What is your view on this? Thx, E.

Machaelle's Answer: Usually people who do this kind of thing tend to be lazy and cheap. If you want full benefit, it's important to physically take the essences as directed from Perelandra (if you're taking it out of the bottle it's just one drop per dosage). If you want to half-ass your testing and waste your money, you can do what they're saying.
JoAnn's Question: I have just adopted a diabetic cat - Riley, and I am a beginner w/ your essences, Solutions, etc. I have ETS for Animals now. Any other essences or MBS (MBP Balancing Solutions) to give him? Or how to dose the ETS?

Machaelle's Answer: The dosage for ETS Plus for Animals is in the brochure.
To try to make this easy for you, just concentrate on giving Riley 2 doses of ETS Plus daily for the diabetes. And consider using the Nature Healing Coning for Animals. As you become more comfortable with the testing, add in the essences. If the cat is willing to take the MBPs, you can give him the Immune and Lymphatic Solutions.
Mary Lynn Laufer's Question: I can't get a yes/no with finger testing. Have tried all your instructions. Been trying for about twenty years. Would so like to use this tool. Any ideas how to unlock myself? Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: Wow — I'm impressed with your persistence!
1) You might be one of these people whose fingers don't separate for the no, so you're not physically seeing the response. But if you focus on a difference in the feeling that you have between your fingers, you might feel a distinct yet subtle change. And there's your yes and no. You just might happen to be overly subtle. That's okay, just as long as you pick up that difference.
2) Call the Question Hot Line and go through how you're doing the kinesiology to verify that you're working the fingers properly. Be sure to do this. I'll be disappointed if you don't.
Linda's Question: Thanks for the open house and the wonderful information. Listening to your Nature Workshop tape I heard you say to that if you can't grow your own veggies you can ask nature to inspirit your groceries. What does that do to the food?

Machaelle's Answer: It adds the balance that is supposed to be in your food back into your food to the degree possible. It doesn't eliminate the need to wash your food, but it gives a higher level of life energy back to the food.
Pamela Robin's Question: Can you recommend an essence to specifically calm the fight/flight response? I have been using Broccoli and Summer Squash, as well as Soul Essence #6, but am not sure if these are the best choices. I love your products and have many of them. Thank you for your help, and all the wonderful work you do.

Machaelle's Answer: You're wasting your money if you're not testing the products properly. What I tell people is that if you could correctly choose the essences you need using your intellect, you wouldn't have the problem to begin with. You've got this issue in large part because everything that relates to the issue is actually an intellectual mystery to you. You must test properly and allow your electrical system to navigate you through this grand mystery.
The one thing that you can do right at the moment you're having a fight/flight crisis is take ETS Plus for humans. But for the essences you're going to have to test!
Callie's Question: Does each disease have a deva? As well, does a process in the physical body have a deva, ie, regeneration?

Machaelle's Answer: The body has a deva and that covers all areas of the body and also all processes within the body. Each disease does have a deva, but when dealing with illness and disease I experience much better response and luck working with the Deva of the Body and/or the microbes behind the disease. Most diseases are the result of a microbial imbalance. You get much better results working directly with the microbes and readjusting their balance in the body. The devas of the microbes are much friendlier and nicer to deal with than the deva of herpes, cancer, tb, the plague, syphilis... they're kinda icky. ;-)
Just to clarify: When you are working with the Perelandra Processes, like MAP or Microbial Balancing Program, be sure to work with the Devas specified in the program.
Mary Lynn Laufer's Question: FYI : I've composed my question 4 times. Before I can send it, you send a response to someone else it kicks my draft off.

Machaelle's Answer: From the web folks: Sorry for the trouble, Mary Lynn. We recommend typing your question offline (like in Notepad) and when you're ready, copy it into the submission form and hit send.
Kimberly Winsor's Question: What would be the best way to work with Nature for the benefit of balancing a pack of dogs within one household that you may not be the owner of all of? For example dog-sitting over an extended time so that they co-exist peacefully and playfully? Additionally, if we get a second dog permanently, what would be the best way to bring this new member into our family co-creatively, including selection of said named pet? (I am familiar with most of your processes.) Sorry for the mouthful!

Machaelle's Answer: Probably the best way to work with nature for dogs when you're "pet sitting" is to give them ETS Plus for animals daily. But also give yourself ETS Plus for humans daily so that you support their balance and not play into their nervousness.
You can work with nature to choose a new dog by setting up a soil-less garden. Also, it sounds like you would benefit from reading what Cesar Milan (the Dog Whisperer) has to say about this. He gives good guidelines for choosing an animal and introducing it into the home. When you have a soil-less garden and you introduce information such as Cesar Milan's recommendations, you'll get the insight from the soil-less garden on what will work best for you. The soil-less garden personalizes the information.
Fiona's Question: While using your Soil Balancing Kit for the first time I was guided to include a test for Rock Dust (a Scottish quarried volcanic rock dust used in organic gardening). Living in Scotland I was not surprised that Corn Gluten Meal and Cottonseed both tested negative, as we do not grow corn or cotton here. Have you any thoughts on how the kit can be amended or supplemented for different countries around the world? Or do you feel that the kit should always be used as you produce it? (So far every test here has been negative for corn & cotton and positive for Rock Dust.) Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

Machaelle's Answer: The corn gluten meal and cottonseed meal in the kit have nothing to do with actual corn and cotton. They carry with them nutrients in ratio and proportion that are useful and effective worldwide. You are certainly welcome to add rock dust to your Soil Balancing Kit, but don't eliminate cottonseed meal and corn gluten meal. I suspect by understanding the original intent and value of these ingredients in a Soil Balancing Kit, you'll start to test positive for them from time to time. Just be sure that when you test positive for rock dust, you apply it according to the guidelines set up for the kit.
Gael's Question: There have been times when someone sick has asked me for help and they haven't tested positive for any flower essence. Is that my testing or are there times when the flower essences aren't the best course of action?

Machaelle's Answer: In this situation, go back and test yourself to make sure you're clear for surrogate telegraph testing. If the person still tests for nothing, give them a dose of ETS Plus for humans, then test. You should get a result at this point. The ETS Plus is eliminating the effects of some sort of trauma which is blocking the essences test.
krizten's Question: i've been fighting a LONG battle with candida... it started about 20 years ago when i moved out to seattle and started getting tinea versicolor outbreaks. it used to just show up during the warmer months, but now is more regular. i also have a vast array of food sensitivities, suffer from migraines and have battled thrush several times. i know of a woman who did your microbial balancing program and totally cured her herpes simplex. i was wondering if it might help my candida or if you have another suggestion? thanks & smiles!

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, of course it can help. Anyone with an infection problem — that's what the Microbial Balancing Program (MBP) addresses. Talk to your friend about the Program, and based on the information she gives you, you can decide if this is the program for you. I suspect that considering the amount of time that you've been dealing with everything, you're going to want to jump into the MBP and seize control of your medical problems!
Jackie's Question: My 82 year old Dad is moving to where I live and we are looking for a house to buy - not working. Ideal house sold to someone else. I just redid my SLG. Any other advice?

Machaelle's Answer: I think you're on the right track. I'll bet now that you just redid / further clarified your SLG things will move along more smoothly. If not, look at your SLG DDP (i.e., soil-less garden definition, direction and purpose) and clarify it again.
Phil's Question: Re: pendulum question; I struggle with kinesiology. My results are either whacky or I tend to influence them. Do you suggest trying the pendulum to see if that might work better for me? If not, any suggestions?

Machaelle's Answer: Here's where your perception is important. If you think the pendulum is going to work for you better than kinesiology, then the pendulum is probably the way to go. Then you get over your nervousness and you settle down and at some point you can start learning kinesiology again. Overall kinesiology is more reliable than pendulum. But in the short run, then pendulum may be the answer for you to get over the hump. If you need more help with kinesiology, call the Question Hot Line and they can talk to you longer about it.
Liz's Question: Hello Machaelle, thank you for opening up your garden for an open house. Question I had was about the BP oil spill. Any way a single person can help the area return to a positive balance?

Machaelle's Answer: I have already set up with nature to work with the oil spill and the environment involved as a larger picture. This kind of response is part of my job. Single individuals are going to have to make the decision to either go down and help with the cleaning and/or change their lifestyle so that their requiring even less oil based energy so that we can take the pressure off oil production in the future. You might also focus the essences and ETS Plus testing on yourself so that you are a participant in the solution and not in the problem.
Rose's Question: I did a post death process for a friend's dog. What came up was from Rose Kit 2 about the rhythm of the cranial bones. Which I assume were no longer moving once he had died. Was my testing obviously 'off'? I also did a shift for ETS+ to cover in case the testing was skewed.

Machaelle's Answer: You're testing was not off. The actual physical cranial bones in the dog's body were not moving. However, the electrical body reality was still very much up and operating. This is why the death process is so effective. You're working with the electrical reality of the animal or person, and not the physical body that has ceased to function. The soul and intelligence of the human or animal is still functioning through this electrical body.
Kathleen's Question: I'm a bit new at all this - and loving it! My question is about which devas exist... For example, if I'm preparing for a particular meeting, is there a deva for that meeting? Or a deva for meetings in general? Or no such deva?

Machaelle's Answer: There's a deva for each meeting. In general, any specific unit of thing that exists has to have a deva.
I'm glad to see you're so enthusiastic about working with nature!
Francine Kitchen's Question: Thank you! I've been connecting with the deva of my house or of a room to hear about re-arranging things and it's fun and useful. I have not been using a 4-point coning for this. This seems not to require a 4-point coning. What do you think?

Machaelle's Answer: You don't need a 4-point coning. Just connect with the deva. You might want to include Pan in the connection also because sometimes you can get the insights better by including the nature spirit level.
Phil 's Question: With MAP, I find it hard to find time and focus to do both calibration and MAP in same session. Is it OK to break up the calibration and WB session, say if both are done in the same day? My thanks to you for your work. Phil

Machaelle's Answer: It would be a lot better to do the Calibration within the MAP coning if you're doing a Calibration. You get more bang for your buck. But there's nothing stopping you from activating the MAP coning twice, one for your session and then later in the day one for your Calibration. At that point, your MAP team is observing and getting the information that they'll need for your next MAP session sometime with the next 72 hours.
E's Question: Bought a new home last year. Landscaping intention: in balance, strength/stability, support for fwd movement. Because I couldn't bring myself to discard the shrubs that came with the house, I made a bed along the south side of the garage & love the energy of it & now they are all blooming unlike before. Then we spent 1000s of $ on the rest of the landscaping. Looks nice but doesn't have great energy. Can't spend much more but will give away shrubs if I have to. Insight please on how balance relates or not to feel.

Machaelle's Answer: You've so got control of this situation and you so backed away from working co-creatively with nature, I don't know how to give you insight into this. Except to encourage you to stand back and look at how much you've controlled. Also, if you give away the shrubs at this time of season, you're going to kill them. So my suggestion is to do nothing for your landscaping right now, but focus on yourself, your own intention and your role in this if you wish to pursue co-creative landscaping.
Elizabeth's Question: I have one long-term SLG and my husband has his own SLG. We also have a short-term joint SLG. We each observe the solstice/equinox moment in our main SLG conings, separately, but we would like to get the benefit into the short-term SLG also. What's the best way to do that?

Machaelle's Answer: ( SLG = "soil-less garden" )
The night before the Summer Solstice, set up each soil-less garden for receiving the benefit of the solstice energy. And for the actual moment, you and your husband just focus on the moment personally and know that the energy of the solstice is automatically fusing with the SLGs.
Gael's Question: Thank you so much for the wonderful tools and the amazing specials you have given to us! They have made a great difference in my life! I was wondering if you have any opinion using a pendulum vs. your fingers to get kinesthetic information?

Machaelle's Answer: My feeling about this is if you're confident about your use of the pendulum, by all means continue to use the pendulum for your yes/no. If and when that starts to feel mushy, switch to your fingers. If you are just starting out and you have an equal choice between pendulum and fingers, choose fingers — it's more reliable.
Elizabeth's Question: Trying to understand about balance: Is something either in balance or not or are there gradations of balance?

Machaelle's Answer: As with everything else in life, balance evolves. And your personal sense of balance changes and evolves as you change and evolve. So you can't think of balance as a holy grail that you're reaching for and when you get there you "have balance." Because as you change in life, it's very important that you allow your sense of balance to change with you. Or catch up with you, whatever the case may be. Your old balance will not work with your new variables. It's one of those built in life games.